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You pick up the scroll labeled “empererpenguin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SsXNu(SsXNu)Adult (m)6,0864971
qY1jO(qY1jO)Adult (m)6,0045221
10hrv(10hrv)Adult (m)6,5425461
1DsJz(1DsJz)Adult (m)5,1565981
4kKHD(4kKHD)Adult (m)4,9336162
FyQHW(FyQHW)Adult (m)5,1566171
f3MVb(f3MVb)Adult (m)4,6005692
6dzTy(6dzTy)Adult (m)4,6835852
kgdQa(kgdQa)Adult (m)4,5445851
vXYKVvXYKV 2GAdult (m)5,7295122
vUAd1vUAd1 2GAdult (m)5,3505041
lPWkClPWkC 2GAdult (m)5,7915222
s7Lb4s7Lb4 2GAdult (m)5,8745151
9I63ODanielle Thuwed IAdult (f)4,9815011
TMlJKTMlJK IAdult (f)5,5955341
xR0zSRosalind H Thuwed IAdult (f)6,1404851
LRn1JLRn1J IAdult (f)6,1434882
sVjR3(sVjR3)Adult (f)6,0814941
YjoAU(YjoAU)Adult (f)6,1915190
gAs6d(gAs6d)Adult (f)4,9954931
TVyl0(TVyl0)Adult (f)5,1414771
FKPLP(FKPLP)Adult (f)6,2105351
eo5cs(eo5cs)Adult (f)6,0594941
SZrbw(SZrbw)Adult (f)5,3505882
LWsJg(LWsJg)Adult (f)5,4815911
b8jHj(b8jHj)Adult (f)4,5646012
PyzTS(PyzTS)Adult (f)4,7995771
ccRic(ccRic)Adult (f)5,9605261
b7jNLavender of Dorkface IAdult (f)1,8778333
VP8qIdiophone IAdult (f)2,8911,15734
gsVagsVa IAdult (f)2,4556154
b1LPb1LP IAdult (f)2,3185571
E16sE16s 2GAdult (f)2,1496202
qD4e(qD4e)Adult (f)1,9446471
UjK7(UjK7)Adult (f)2,1157192
Ytl6Ytl6 IAdult (f)2,0966871
3JGp3JGp IAdult (f)2,3637352
9YN2(9YN2)Adult (f)2,6766413
QaUQQaUQ IAdult (f)2,3167515
vAaAvAaA 2GAdult (f)2,1877143
PIGHPIGH IAdult (f)2,3267352
MCn7MCn7 IAdult (f)1,4245511
H5jfH5jf 2GAdult (f)1,8928072
ueVO(ueVO)Adult (f)1,6305591
8AIr8AIr IAdult (f)1,9168122
ploDploD IAdult (m)1,3875391
4Qov4Qov 2GAdult (m)2,9066653
27EZ(27EZ)Adult (m)2,1346042
Kqo4(Kqo4)Adult (m)1,8756391
a52Ja52J IAdult (m)2,0786903
TeUGTeUG IAdult (m)2,1446892
9Gr3(9Gr3)Adult (m)2,1046543
aUpjaUpj IAdult (m)2,0138425
rNlFrNlF IAdult (m)1,9218502
jcBmApricot Glow BugAdult (f)2,03994340
INAvCarrot CarrotAdult (f)2,33990712
4VFJ6TeraportAdult (f)7,4275911
W3b8iW3b8i 2GAdult (f)7,2605941
TasIF(TasIF)Adult (f)7,4975981
S4Ahp(S4Ahp)Adult (f)4,7468912
WdC0YWdC0Y CBAdult (f)5,0354981
3OhxM(3OhxM)Adult (f)6,0836640
0fcyr0fcyr 2GAdult (f)6,0026750
vYZJvYZJ IAdult (m)1,71055218
cqU4cqU4 IAdult (m)1,2845661
22IbG22IbG 2GAdult (m)7,6366061
4alt1(4alt1)Adult (m)7,8076432
mUtVn(mUtVn)Adult (m)4,7575071
XB2vc(XB2vc)Adult (m)5,8225501
KW2qeKW2qe 3GAdult (m)7,1795901
9S0fPebble Pebble Duck CBAdult (m)2,5771,11038
Fn3SYGrrr My Ham Hands Off IAdult (m)7,0146251
RtFY1RtFY1 2GAdult (m)5,5555101
tEbWEtEbWE IAdult (m)5,6055371
qvdoZqvdoZ IAdult (m)5,8945422
cEOpgcEOpg IAdult (m)6,3565251
hsWCdhsWCd 2GAdult (m)6,1255102
IHj87IHj87 IAdult (m)6,0465171
kB31NkB31N IAdult (m)6,0565052
29ARA29ARA 3GAdult (m)5,8215071
gKVcqgKVcq CBAdult (m)7,3606851
tFU4atFU4a CBAdult (m)3,5392792
ilCWQFault Line Dorkface IAdult (f)4,6835811
9BML9(9BML9)Adult (f)5,5455331
778Q1778Q1 2GAdult (f)6,2255882
s2ACcs2ACc 2GAdult (f)6,3545712
ijOMPebble Quake IAdult (f)1,6127329
K9Ck2K9Ck2 IAdult (f)6,1205291
gAvL9(gAvL9)Adult (f)5,9335222
pTHvNpTHvN CBAdult (f)7,4306882
DOaAf(DOaAf)Adult (f)4,9155751
EPL1I Once Was A HorseAdult (f)2,13399232
JPP4VumpireAdult (f)1,68483942
mim4Trapped In An Invisible BoxAdult (f)2,06485210
5rNO(5rNO)Adult (f)2,5929678
HJ41(HJ41)Adult (f)2,4159189
vOfd(vOfd)Adult (f)3,2206665
Xl5L(Xl5L)Adult (f)1,2405170
AbqO(AbqO)Adult (m)1,81870419
FAcY(FAcY)Adult (m)2,4871,27325
n7ZS(n7ZS)Adult (m)1,9146424
iuNV(iuNV)Adult (m)1,7456544
qBHi(qBHi)Adult (m)1,8146234
9PEH(9PEH)Adult (m)3,1656212
1dAoI(1dAoI)Adult (m)4,9203280
Kg3l7(Kg3l7)Adult (m)2,2614803
oaOgg(oaOgg)Adult (m)3,2915294
cJOfR(cJOfR)Adult (m)5,7156302
L9TFA(L9TFA)Adult (m)5,1164972
4Z4Jc(4Z4Jc)Adult (m)5,8945064
Q7THX(Q7THX)Adult (m)5,6605974
NJkZl(NJkZl)Adult (m)4,9664070
fHcUf(fHcUf)Adult (m)5,9804402
aq0S3(aq0S3)Adult (m)6,6294420
0G0oe(0G0oe)Adult (m)4,7194399
Moggd(Moggd)Adult (m)6,3974270
cAkV5(cAkV5)Adult (m)6,1357454
6hbnP(6hbnP)Adult (m)6,5045161
ansRw(ansRw)Adult (m)5,0923637
Gq4I0(Gq4I0)Adult (m)9,1836835
r3V69(r3V69)Adult (m)6,4286124
L6Jnc(L6Jnc)Adult (f)5,9285411
FtB46(FtB46)Adult (f)6,2854190
74aQG(74aQG)Adult (f)6,2504613
49RHO(49RHO)Adult (f)6,5694381
eSFDQ(eSFDQ)Adult (f)6,5284362
mNSIj(mNSIj)Adult (f)5,6683780
iiRSV(iiRSV)Adult (f)5,0474000
mHPHT(mHPHT)Adult (f)3,5654795
l55po(l55po)Adult (f)6,6155300
URGRqURGRq DorkfaceAdult (f)4,9434216
0IgP(0IgP)Adult (m)1,3566204
vvJNW(vvJNW)Adult (m)5,2225182
SVEHu(SVEHu)Adult (m)1,8796338
U8UKq(U8UKq)Adult (m)4,3983890
AOA7v(AOA7v)Adult (m)5,5723932
nZsQT(nZsQT)Adult (m)5,1663552
YL1Uv(YL1Uv)Adult (m)4,8914050
agOcR(agOcR)Adult (m)3,4495923
0Io2j(0Io2j)Adult (m)1,1094863
jD5oIjD5oI 3GAdult (m)6,3666064
I0ru(I0ru)Adult (f)1,9501,00126
7MjVH(7MjVH)Adult (f)5,6295790
LugTq(LugTq)Adult (f)5,5645033
nT1oL(nT1oL)Adult (f)5,0104383
LDLiN(LDLiN)Adult (f)5,8725162
sLjS2(sLjS2)Adult (f)5,2305790
icaMl(icaMl)Adult (f)5,7294030
l2suN(l2suN)Adult (f)4,9803692
EX6W1EX6W1 5GAdult (f)6,3455521
9WIPs(9WIPs)Adult (f)5,8574434
ki5pJki5pJ DorkfaceAdult (f)5,6624683
AGwiE(AGwiE)Adult (f)5,7264683
5a8nU5a8nU 4GAdult (f)8,7506515
uU4SSuU4SS 5GAdult (m)9,1597084
il00til00t IAdult (m)7,2611,0683
ZUZgK(ZUZgK)Adult (m)7,3675462
UHo5KUHo5K 5GAdult (m)7,6269451
zQbE0zQbE0 IAdult (f)6,7621,0244
1swO81swO8 5GAdult (f)6,3111,0563
do94edo94e  IAdult (f)7,1491,0444
Brekz(Brekz)Adult (f)8,8416047
T24pG(T24pG)Adult (f)6,5469546
u7R4k(u7R4k)Adult (f)5,4586674
98AAu98AAu IAdult (f)8,9855992
rXb6b(rXb6b)Adult (f)8,8948194
4nffK(4nffK)Adult (f)9,7536516
CvyV3(CvyV3)Adult (f)10,3546955
qk6kMSilver Sparklers ThuwedAdult (m)10,1116964
pm5bOpm5bO IAdult (m)9,0316763
gRxq8gRxq8 IAdult (m)10,5887361
vA3bq(vA3bq)Adult (m)7,9065625
6q2d46q2d4 IAdult (m)8,5815734
UoQLrUoQLr IAdult (m)6,2219498
GEjzI(GEjzI)Adult (m)7,3541,0202
y7gGn(y7gGn)Adult (m)10,0078630
lLCJ3lLCJ3 ThuwedAdult (m)9,6757261
BfDRY(BfDRY)Adult (m)5,3269105
k9oET(k9oET)Adult (m)7,0409184
G9ELx(G9ELx)Adult (m)6,9888311
8UTbF(8UTbF)Adult (m)8,5826336
oRba6(oRba6)Adult (f)7,8126872
qetJ2(qetJ2)Adult (f)5,1179294
8ZSEh8ZSEh Dorkface IAdult (f)6,42680710
pJari(pJari)Adult (f)5,96280210
eHSqy(eHSqy)Adult (f)7,6645702
7oJML(7oJML)Adult (m)4,8601,2894
JaSgX(JaSgX)Adult (m)6,3619801
IGjaa(IGjaa)Adult (m)6,6339862
RQWq6(RQWq6)Adult (m)8,3876642
U61Yk(U61Yk)Adult (m)8,8027063
lDDTa(lDDTa)Adult (f)4,5131,2092
X02p3(X02p3)Adult (f)8,5148833
KUQ4M(KUQ4M)Adult (f)6,6439622
Va2HV(Va2HV)Adult (f)6,6559791
TJb1H(TJb1H)Adult (f)8,6047282
RH9jm(RH9jm)Adult (f)9,2847142
fFxcAfFxcA 4GAdult (m)9,7926862
tEYw3(tEYw3)Adult (m)8,9286932
qPeHQ(qPeHQ)Adult (m)8,9927905
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