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You pick up the scroll labeled “empererpenguin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UGoJPsilver tins mate CBAdult (f)4,4905883
gYR0The Dragon Torch IAdult (m)3,0941,15832
RF94Flaming RaspberryAdult (m)3,4251,34345
TK1QTK1Q IAdult (m)1,80778216
tdlMtdlM 3GAdult (m)1,2646314
sDsMsDsM IAdult (m)1,5335723
J4n9j(J4n9j)Adult (m)4,8009651
aBmw9(aBmw9)Adult (m)4,8809492
9LDdo(9LDdo)Adult (m)4,8449101
A71u(A71u)Adult (m)1,6425251
81Q781Q7 IAdult (m)1,7527053
I6KGI6KG IAdult (m)1,7736182
9h2r9h2r IAdult (m)1,9076812
BCAuBCAu IAdult (m)1,8716572
1uWj1uWj IAdult (m)3,1986964
89Mg(89Mg)Adult (m)2,1216753
L2ZoL2Zo IAdult (m)2,2307484
IBjbIBjb IAdult (m)2,1436523
9XOOX(9XOOX)Adult (m)4,9218341
tSsW(tSsW)Adult (m)2,6287941
gf4cgf4c IAdult (m)2,6317871
U8ZDp(U8ZDp)Adult (m)5,6675790
oL1toL1t IAdult (m)2,2258161
8GIM(8GIM)Adult (m)2,5847753
66vaV(66vaV)Adult (m)4,4504962
UeJtRUeJtR IAdult (m)5,7377121
7xdm5(7xdm5)Adult (m)5,1958352
KQX5b(KQX5b)Adult (m)5,2418342
XWQrBXWQrB IAdult (m)4,8694941
cnaqicnaqi IAdult (m)5,2336742
kp6gP(kp6gP)Adult (m)5,4468801
dYIqN(dYIqN)Adult (m)4,6216872
qhTkb(qhTkb)Adult (m)5,6068213
ihC85ihC85 2GAdult (m)4,9238211
0T7jV0T7jV 4GAdult (m)5,0058180
yavZr(yavZr)Adult (m)5,6188691
cy6Cdcy6Cd 3GAdult (m)5,1618101
hMxwchMxwc 3GAdult (m)8,2297521
GrkwCGrkwC 2GAdult (m)8,3197422
bjte6bjte6 3GAdult (m)8,2077201
jsUIE(jsUIE)Adult (m)4,6018221
r3aoX(r3aoX)Adult (m)6,3158231
snxVw(snxVw)Adult (m)5,3368151
vc5WV(vc5WV)Adult (m)5,2048051
7plcO(7plcO)Adult (m)5,3857901
bP42j(bP42j)Adult (m)5,7598322
9C2vX(9C2vX)Adult (m)5,9788590
NMgiT(NMgiT)Adult (m)4,4437911
QXxye(QXxye)Adult (m)4,2447811
Z0BUd(Z0BUd)Adult (m)4,2547651
FFDZJFFDZJ 3GAdult (m)5,0017822
XDDHF(XDDHF)Adult (m)4,5448102
cIxNs(cIxNs)Adult (m)4,3438191
Xm1xS(Xm1xS)Adult (m)5,3668000
bKM87(bKM87)Adult (m)4,3618011
SLSVB(SLSVB)Adult (m)4,2798290
iJW5PiJW5P 2GAdult (m)4,5068561
IU4hIIU4hI DorkfaceAdult (m)4,4198380
fET7hfET7h 4GAdult (m)4,7188871
HjA0m(HjA0m)Adult (m)4,7278520
WTiFF(WTiFF)Adult (m)4,1957931
lMK3s(lMK3s)Adult (m)4,4408471
7rsSw7rsSw 5GAdult (m)4,5328362
1eCv0(1eCv0)Adult (m)4,2788091
PGXRXPGXRX 4GAdult (m)6,1396722
yNv2l(yNv2l)Adult (m)6,5557431
gd52r(gd52r)Adult (m)6,4907232
ZK0y3ZK0y3 3GAdult (m)4,2978252
wHz6xwHz6x 2GAdult (m)6,0708223
OKjO5(OKjO5)Adult (m)5,6068161
piRxL(piRxL)Adult (m)5,7748380
Sxn6D(Sxn6D)Adult (m)5,0568511
da6ur(da6ur)Adult (m)5,0998991
U3qdVermilion of Thuwed IAdult (f)4,3121,53261
VZtZVZtZ IAdult (f)1,4965434
sPpAFire Engine Thuwed IAdult (f)2,0768104
9f0Q9Thuwed PyromaniacAdult (f)5,0995341
YPoWY(YPoWY)Adult (f)4,0627851
6rg72(6rg72)Adult (f)3,8187731
IUMOQ(IUMOQ)Adult (f)4,2978080
qWtJp(qWtJp)Adult (f)3,4748521
HWjzO(HWjzO)Adult (f)3,3597871
KDVWI'm Coming Up On Infrared IAdult (f)1,54788421
Q9mZcQ9mZc 2GAdult (f)4,8259892
9IJ6c9IJ6c 3GAdult (f)4,9648293
een5Dorkface Like a House on FireAdult (f)2,1408386
dQFlFire Engine Of Dorkface IAdult (f)1,8786952
CNs8Ruby Scale Red IAdult (f)1,44786717
tn5VL(tn5VL)Adult (f)5,6358531
S9H4n(S9H4n)Adult (f)4,6376602
rGTLc(rGTLc)Adult (f)4,5386613
gZTWB(gZTWB)Adult (f)4,4886993
scCcH(scCcH)Adult (f)5,3258641
sCl2V(sCl2V)Adult (f)4,7008141
ocH1ocH1 IAdult (f)1,8958686
uQKpuQKp IAdult (f)1,8808106
aZGh(aZGh)Adult (f)2,7256457
CeedCeed IAdult (f)1,3644432
gJs9gJs9 IAdult (f)1,5075063
cBdYcBdY IAdult (f)1,2354061
vxE4kvxE4k 3GAdult (f)4,5138741
skkWa(skkWa)Adult (f)5,4408141
5e4yb(5e4yb)Adult (f)5,9838442
hmAeb(hmAeb)Adult (f)4,8327971
zygI2(zygI2)Adult (f)4,5238581
mqMkq(mqMkq)Adult (f)4,3088480
qFUYlqFUYl 3GAdult (f)4,4878382
9sbNt9sbNt 4GAdult (f)4,2758212
Q5GqQ5Gq IAdult (f)1,6236452
NgSYNgSY IAdult (f)1,8247402
uqJjuqJj IAdult (f)1,5986131
udvnudvn IAdult (f)1,6346173
EMT5EMT5 IAdult (f)1,7495942
3XJf3XJf IAdult (f)1,7435844
cKAR(cKAR)Adult (f)1,8656793
92MsV(92MsV)Adult (f)4,9508261
zRzbV(zRzbV)Adult (f)4,8968381
Qbc4J(Qbc4J)Adult (f)4,8928470
oVIhoVIh IAdult (f)2,2446622
9cdF9cdF IAdult (f)2,1476941
ptqL(ptqL)Adult (f)2,6227831
lYQLZ(lYQLZ)Adult (f)8,5007513
72Qt(72Qt)Adult (f)2,1378363
5n0F(5n0F)Adult (f)2,1878463
ZotaL(ZotaL)Adult (f)6,5287172
sHBCl(sHBCl)Adult (f)5,3478031
JJgjt(JJgjt)Adult (f)5,2958190
gQzTP(gQzTP)Adult (f)5,7498351
QEbkx(QEbkx)Adult (f)5,7508121
KlZfd(KlZfd)Adult (f)5,7558261
ARfk(ARfk)Adult (f)2,3347494
PMCl(PMCl)Adult (f)1,7356911
t8DTt8DT IAdult (f)2,4467406
FiG9KFiG9K IAdult (f)4,8374921
d0SFmd0SFm IAdult (f)3,1074121
FumYo(FumYo)Adult (f)2,5156672
Vf7Mk(Vf7Mk)Adult (f)2,0594171
tTu0N(tTu0N)Adult (f)2,8375300
ff0ybff0yb IAdult (f)7,5188690
DqywlDqywl 2GAdult (f)5,2458831
zPAd5(zPAd5)Adult (f)5,2728062
gkmw0(gkmw0)Adult (f)5,1198184
2hUgi2hUgi 2GAdult (f)4,5407633
lhU6ilhU6i 4GAdult (f)5,0068123
pyENc(pyENc)Adult (f)5,3138192
VrgTC(VrgTC)Adult (f)5,1438051
bnfdD(bnfdD)Adult (f)5,8378323
xf81vxf81v 3GAdult (f)5,2638710
cB2ZM(cB2ZM)Adult (f)5,6258511
I7j6H(I7j6H)Adult (f)5,2258412
Lwwkq(Lwwkq)Adult (f)5,1178593
EXvgDon't Do It Again That Hurt IAdult (f)1,19469423
WnXDDragon Dragon Pink 2GAdult (f)1,52086114
mgQkmgQk 2GAdult (f)1,9529369
4Eme4Eme 2GAdult (f)1,8136914
ImT4(ImT4)Adult (f)2,7086013
EAXk(EAXk)Adult (f)1,6375591
XSuh(XSuh)Adult (f)1,8936582
uWB3uWB3 IAdult (f)1,9807102
J2QfJ2Qf 3GAdult (f)2,1476851
j0S3j0S3 IAdult (f)2,5247141
mYHt(mYHt)Adult (f)2,1957682
MXut(MXut)Adult (f)2,1797788
75dn(75dn)Adult (f)2,2488042
hRkchRkc IAdult (f)2,2597702
9R0C(9R0C)Adult (f)1,7777063
urfTCarrot Cake and Pink Frosting IAdult (f)4,6006413
AkdL(AkdL)Adult (f)4,5926375
8QRb8QRb IAdult (f)7,8127053
fiN6fiN6 IAdult (f)7,4127062
7W5rx7W5rx 5GAdult (f)4,8938262
p7Ea0(p7Ea0)Adult (f)5,3755931
INNoTries To Take Over The World CBAdult (f)2,14598829
IThqHas Yet To Succeed 2GAdult (m)2,3531,03336
9BoVPanther In Dragons Clothing 2GAdult (m)1,63395117
E9FW(E9FW)Adult (m)1,69489214
qNhQ(qNhQ)Adult (m)1,3636053
A8abA8ab 2GAdult (m)2,9426592
6h3e6h3e 2GAdult (m)2,4075903
aan8aan8 3GAdult (m)2,2706136
bBBE(bBBE)Adult (m)1,6976861
piMX(piMX)Adult (m)3,5626702
OOMjI don't want to be a Carrot 3GAdult (m)5,8338191
1Tjd1Tjd IAdult (m)7,8716945
mUYQE(mUYQE)Adult (m)5,0845901
sLWsBsLWsB IAdult (m)5,2295952
buDWpbuDWp IAdult (m)4,9555731
lfYV6(lfYV6)Adult (m)4,9565921
F7X5P(F7X5P)Adult (m)5,2826021
qQfMJ(qQfMJ)Adult (m)5,0025702
Zpolu(Zpolu)Adult (m)5,3555942
rQTp6Feathers DorkfaceAdult (f)6,2076396
k11XAcrumpled papers mate 4GAdult (f)6,6965761
jXPvpjXPvp 3GAdult (f)7,6618433
7Afe6(7Afe6)Adult (f)4,4636575
7jtRF(7jtRF)Adult (f)4,4636542
MvzIPMvzIP 4GAdult (f)4,4406624
1XGdp1XGdp 6GAdult (f)6,6247362
PcJTFPcJTF 3GAdult (f)6,3497042
PYqN5(PYqN5)Adult (f)7,2935342
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