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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Waldmensch,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eQm9gLady Gycawoin KynoskaAdult (f)3,9298862
RMpBVLady Rastifrea AboefiskAdult (f)3,0708243
P0gS7Lady Iahufu EquowethHatchling (f, F)3,3686892
mHB5KGathaskHatchling (F)2,6131901
CurUbLord CurubanAdult (m)2,2756525
JVhfWLord BrutusAdult (m)2,4229434
ORm0kOrmok BehiklethAdult (m)1,7587144
IJYeOLord FihonerkAdult (m)2,4736801
Zk03XLord Dohar IdiarAdult (m)5,1668221
XKAAcViolent NatureAdult (m)3,1507102
ktT0rBephillorAdult (m)3,3116795
f2RuyTarnished DogAdult (m)5,4301,0634
s5r3XSir Sorex de PenthievreAdult (m)3,4737953
Y7hsTIdes of FebruaryAdult (m)3,4838812
bQjnJAroraonAdult (m)3,4858762
z662IJeorki EaucissusHatchling (m, F)2,5967382
TexADLady TexadaAdult (f)2,5526484
OqEDYLady OqedyaAdult (f)2,3859684
XstoSXystossaAdult (f)1,7086903
8y7uCLady BeauchaliAdult (f)2,7867721
M3aJ6Lady GacrykleAdult (f)2,4886381
VR6aTBrutal WitcherAdult (f)2,7859012
o9voZMalaj FuwairkHatchling (f, F)3,2708011
AsbJMGlistening CandleHatchling (F)3,6332782
b3sbfLord LeteceAdult (m)2,7147753
X20S0Lord MutyliAdult (m)3,0387431
VcZ4HLord TogusoAdult (m)3,5497072
0qvqPLord GajathavAdult (m)5,5257642
KCY3OEsedroHatchling (m, F)5,4746272
AAgG2Lady KerceAdult (f)3,4248064
mULo5Lady AuhaliAdult (f)2,3277863
hXRaALady LegremAdult (f)2,5587502
s9Tj9Lady GaankasiaAdult (f)4,7697921
BsQS4Lady LenideAdult (f)4,8577234
nETDpKerzenfalterAdult (f)3,7998263
fgKJCBuntglaslichtAdult (f)4,5737671
mdDB2ChandelionAdult (f)3,2087473
Qqa2HZuendelkisteHatchling (f, F)5,8266704
nf7MqPaaled Yuhyth AebraHatchling (F)5793061
SRQVYrkaupi Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,29561323
XsflFydi Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,54994322
EI8hSywato Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,58079228
JPDu0Kedreby Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,7821,0174
yPMn9Tojehi Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,4258214
gdKdmJacali Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,8837061
YgGBgPewath Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)2,0846902
yuO4fNavaka Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,9486351
QysamQysam Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)2,3506503
BQuYSPaunkis Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)2,8247021
WDNaNAlywej Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)2,7757181
dX1CUGryss Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)2,6247181
gQkdaTribesc Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,3448031
Dl7dUYstrugai Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,0391,4794
cYifZAdramoh Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,2641,1672
Kjj7Roeyin Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)1,55095818
2nOtBJoestri Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)5,3167094
M5Fx6Krissem Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,9746793
XTMFoAweliur Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,9807053
UYa0UKahaquu Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)5,0717272
q5FgNKoskuma Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,7407132
DDrMUSobean Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,6517131
vm3GtUquauno Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,5667002
gNXpCIlibrun Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,7647233
qNxuZJirkaru Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,5666731
w6IBfBroegren Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,3797722
j1LMxTemeck Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,2927461
QuSzbYlus Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,2767063
Pwwx0Miborke Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)3,1637064
dcNj8Isrunkani Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,4667002
LfZxRCaavek Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,7217181
pCOJAPecoja Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)5,3517535
SB3FgRutak Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)5,0267821
PHBkNKimessu Yuhyth AebraAdult (m)4,8967404
jJg2Ygehir Yuhyth YrkaupiAdult (m)3,0896021
HA17sAjairu Yuhyth SywatoAdult (m)2,1405900
YzInfWadrysh Yuhyth TojehiAdult (m)2,1547406
hXrufCathur Yuhyth PewathAdult (m)2,4787101
qBDgKLijast Yuhyth QysamAdult (m)1,7946663
XHfBvSloari Yuhyth AlywejAdult (m)1,8356722
1F6ZxSivico Yuhyth TribescAdult (m)2,2576814
iqfHQSibral Yuhyth AdramohAdult (m)2,3876784
s4fyZLiolask Yuhyth YgehirAdult (m)2,6807185
XnacQKadroel Yuhyth LijastAdult (m)2,6077264
lB854Tiagrim Yuhyth WadryshAdult (m)2,1396561
VEFM3Asrethi Yuhyth SivicoAdult (m)4,0647405
EdhjIBedesk Yuhyth KadroelAdult (m)2,6959051
bJS2TRalahet Yuhyth LiolaskAdult (m)2,2967102
enqGiFeadur Yuhyth RalahetAdult (m)3,5758062
xZIYRAzylohi Yuhyth KadroelAdult (m)2,7326934
n0KkxIstrocai Yuhyth FeadurAdult (m)2,9447261
SCLssPallik Yuhyth ArislohAdult (m)3,5147703
qtUGwBaiskil Yuhyth JoestriAdult (m)3,7607541
LEtnVCaeligh Yuhyth AweliurAdult (m)3,5927313
nKDLfAserkeh Yuhyth KoskumaAdult (m)3,6277804
Eb7MrTemidai Yuhyth UquaunoAdult (m)3,2687641
lMJyqPuquej Yuhyth TemeckAdult (m)3,9207942
sSwCYIsotusk Yuhyth MiborkeAdult (m)3,8457823
TEpa6Pegaan Yuhyth CaavekAdult (m)3,7637892
foTJBParkaul Yuhyth JirkaruAdult (m)3,2817461
XHOIxSkoillaki Yuhyth BaiskilAdult (m)3,3977612
PrpaqJaquiscu Yuhyth AserkehAdult (m)3,2457812
d2eRjVoeghim Yuhyth IsotuskAdult (m)3,7367593
O1bEtObieth Yuhyth ParkaulAdult (m)3,9237851
vGHL0Nejostah Yuhyth SkoillakiAdult (m)4,0558181
opkdZPencovad Yuhyth ObiethAdult (m)4,0948471
Ot81HHunaumoi Yuhyth NejostahAdult (m)4,1987972
vL1bwIhenido Yuhyth NejostahAdult (m)5,9917793
L5jkWChesceol Yuhyth IstrocaiAdult (m)4,7477671
4DHiKoa Yuhyth FydiAdult (m)5,16087324
jvJXXTruegerisches BlattwerkAdult (m)3,3547932
Q7LY3Rising from the Canopy BedAdult (m)4,2096724
P2OeHChristmas HuesAdult (m)4,5587271
l0bOyArisloh Yuhyth AdramohAdult (m)3,3447231
fFDi5HaomulAdult (m)4,6527003
6UuTlTropical MercyAdult (m)5,6907732
8ijJaBijja BobbertAdult (m)4,0807194
mhJNLlopil Yuhyth AebraHatchling (m, F)1,72391624
mGa2Moana Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)1,2215239
sZBnNgaire Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)1,23971230
SpinSpinelli Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,1556011
igIApInuki Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)1,7006483
DpOIGZavet Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,8855262
2UYaUUya'ul Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)1,8756884
NgQnKPeshila Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,2866911
JxodEAhessi Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,2146651
3mqDIReghyvi Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,4696772
erZF3Paocha Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,9797691
naEwNNa'ewna Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,0437321
cCCjBIquasa Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,7257181
Pc92OCirubel Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,0937513
eSOdPDavasheh Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,8391,2081
IAPdgMiskale Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,5505423
bHZflAlabhaya Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,3704802
TtvkpElesse Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,8996812
4yqOtEckoa Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,8386812
N14zWLophia Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,6306683
AR37hYhatha Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,7377101
3J2CEEwessi Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,6516871
fCjsHHebola Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,8547183
kJnRjMuvil Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)2,7626615
XTa4SEdili Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,3406881
Qt7pOVijalla Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,8147091
7iOubAsheacki Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,5726373
7b1hzAnellma Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,2818063
YNhBnJuca Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,1728415
9adarPavaiga Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,3837323
O5QP1Drosa Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,1377624
zU725Ceajam Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,7987302
gtNhzKrisin Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,3957023
mC6E7Isloma Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,6966853
rWBa8Prazana Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,8137262
wsUQgOniuk Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)5,0367152
u9814Dyvuh Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)4,0477415
HUhFDSteski Yuhyth AebraAdult (f)3,7747587
lKaqSalebra Yuhyth FydiAdult (f)72649620
dNrXGAusaki Yuhyth KedrebyAdult (f)2,0737182
rKpagNephasra Yuhyth JacaliAdult (f)2,6567122
DSCKSMoasla Yuhyth NavakaAdult (f)3,1036984
puRGSPurgisa Yuhyth PaunkisAdult (f)2,4767436
Fh1SOFhisonta Yuhyth GryssAdult (f)2,2566954
L8w3zTonai Yuhyth YstrugaiAdult (f)2,3726992
NrzO1Ceslah Yuhyth RoeyinAdult (f)2,3266871
iWEX3Tascetta Yuhyth CathurAdult (f)2,8577194
yjmHEBrikia Yuhyth SloariAdult (f)2,7867234
lRxfyLachaoska Yuhyth AjairuAdult (f)2,1945961
qZnLZThatiuna Yuhyth SibralAdult (f)3,4736661
U5n0mEnehmi Yuhyth TiagrimAdult (f)2,5606812
7hMeuKivemo Yuhyth AsrethiAdult (f)3,5707542
e0EkECilliun Yuhyth AzylohiAdult (f)2,6477632
qwVZTLecusa Yuhyth KrissemAdult (f)3,0717493
zmnMuElybriuth Yuhyth SobeanAdult (f)3,6057702
5KBSHLaami Yuhyth IlibrunAdult (f)3,4227411
bpgHMSula Yuhyth YlusAdult (f)3,8048082
wtmCAAiquaria Yuhyth IsrunkaniAdult (f)3,8557922
CV08VOciami Yuhyth KahaquuAdult (f)3,2777492
8kkHhAibromea Yuhyth BroegrenAdult (f)3,3957322
Nrn2DApriovel Yuhyth PuquejAdult (f)3,3897733
S9ZqYEtrice Yuhyth PecojaAdult (f)3,6167912
5FeQXKutaja Yuhyth CaelighAdult (f)4,0628242
VD9PAAbriini Yuhyth PegaanAdult (f)3,9928703
H9fiyZunesca Yuhyth TemidaiAdult (f)3,9827591
g9nJAEdihen Yuhyth PencovadAdult (f)3,7737862
o2CfXEmavaed Yuhyth IhenidoAdult (f)4,0027701
qiDXElwa Yuhyth FydiAdult (f)90859119
hfFuNuguwe Yuhyth DarbyAdult (f)1,24274329
Od7RKin Yuhyth NizetimAdult (f)1,08168520
0ia5Nohara Yuhyth MalumusAdult (f)2,76492128
q0JloSolar JadeAdult (f)4,5177483
WYXfzMulethe Yuhyth JaquiscuAdult (f)4,1578301
54wHVIjeecri Yuhyth VoeghimAdult (f)4,0188361
jEjSKiwibra Yuhyth AebraHatchling (f, F)1,09670028
IBJSjVehivHatchling (F)1,9734911
B79UbBelzebub of BugenhagenAdult (m)3,6417962
2s6IwJudeav of SoloAdult (m)2,9837774
O1IxBPelael of NveltAdult (m)2,7187781
cB2dONasethe of TallioAdult (m)3,0517511
ESh3sAdrossoiviHatchling (m, F)3,9478241
mawBUMawbu of PhoetraAdult (f)3,7847992
tujzhTujzha of EolireAdult (f)3,4607883
0hzqKOkirith of ImethAdult (f)2,8097701
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