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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Waldmensch,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8lBu9Teyrnas Y SerAdult (f)5,2231,1569
3EszJLady MagmariaAdult (f)5,2767213
kXTYhLady SeismaAdult (f)5,87871019
Dhx7MNunackel PyroHatchling (f, F)3,1877474
3V3exStrimialHatchling (F)6653151
cKxCcLord PuwaunAdult (m)3,2196621
9xYIcLord ParkaiAdult (m)4,3566591
nge7LMiski IslurAdult (m)1,7866611
djFHQLord KustraunuAdult (m)2,1896733
OsAjSLord OsajasAdult (m)1,6276751
jBUOlJabuolAdult (m)5,0338804
AsilnAsilunHatchling (m, F)1,6126281
3GLjaLady ElgjaAdult (f)3,8066882
aaDYhLady OthidraAdult (f)2,8688692
tFoAZLady TafoazAdult (f)5,1815501
66HACLady LirkulaAdult (f)1,6546951
rzYmeRazymieAdult (f)4,0807353
eVtrvSunbather StyleAdult (f)4,3828241
fJ7JBLady JooniiHatchling (f, F)2,6168545
w1wvKTiuwerkHatchling (F)6,2805751
pxkayLord PoxkayrAdult (m)7,1699492
WiNvDLord WinvodAdult (m)6,8368503
8MuKfLord HokremAdult (m)10,7737876
ggyClLord IborkAdult (m)8,3758022
xhc7wEbretanHatchling (m, F)8,1408493
b4DfcLady JehosaAdult (f)7,2919672
904sfLady CutrurAdult (f)6,4188436
vlFIzLady AshirkAdult (f)8,0337573
52GEHLady PuksaraAdult (f)7,2338671
tjrUWNalliruHatchling (f, F)8,0437964
V6NdvCriwiHatchling (F)5,2435141
SAYTDLord SaytadAdult (m)7,6009653
3JwaSLord LioceamAdult (m)6,0428862
H9Ti7Lord AheunoAdult (m)7,1291,1454
pDWFGCold MorphlingAdult (m)7,5238033
stZ5fLord IlehuAdult (m)8,3268111
OPdi5OpdissanHatchling (m, F)7,5318832
yFrcnLady YfracenneAdult (f)7,5589793
OAWTKLady AtiinaAdult (f)6,7068761
8jg8BLady AgitauAdult (f)7,1278333
d4M2ZLady MagaateAdult (f)9,4298652
o5bWCCabotausaHatchling (f, F)7,1029481
FxEQtJostroHatchling (F)5,9296443
n9IbxLord GhusaosAdult (m)7,0719603
U3McRLord GoyocroAdult (m)8,8678623
CyMwJLord UstehelAdult (m)7,9299524
hghVlLord AraichiAdult (m)9,2088745
Z6JEFLord ZabjephAdult (m)8,1368102
yym1jYymijHatchling (m, F)7,4818913
bRJNsLady BrajennasAdult (f)7,8229192
2as7fLady CadoshaAdult (f)8,4739382
litKwLady BehayeAdult (f)6,2481,1233
08YOaLady ObyoaAdult (f)8,5069652
rimapLady RimapAdult (f)6,9661,0126
1TK2MZojoimaHatchling (f, F)7,0779412
NVYqHAgriyowHatchling (F)7,0956013
mEIdMLord MeidemenAdult (m)6,9089462
JOmPELord JompeonAdult (m)7,0798124
d2m8sLord FocaroAdult (m)8,3929834
lsQACLord LasqacAdult (m)6,6528223
a5Tx4A' White MetalAdult (m)8,9187072
fVBIhHuraonHatchling (m, F)7,4049073
iQqF7Lady VaitilAdult (f)8,4509276
44fjCLady AsivemuAdult (f)8,1329672
eACWTLady EdreslaenaAdult (f)7,3238474
zandKLady ZandekaAdult (f)7,0968063
UEg9USuper LoverAdult (f)6,8638385
o8BmCAyeflaHatchling (f, F)7,0579573
QMKWtCiaghalHatchling (F)6,7235921
q2fjCLord GilletalAdult (m)7,8589335
jq2puLord IyasoanAdult (m)7,2448305
C3zewLord KithelacAdult (m)6,8118452
GWPHWLord VabrolAdult (m)7,6658343
UsYwgJiatanAdult (m)7,5038084
zudMOZudmoAdult (m)6,0608575
MvWLgCaceoshiHatchling (m, F)7,2449343
JYrqOLady JyrqonneAdult (f)6,3789072
7hHj3Lady PiamilehAdult (f)7,1188542
Ocl7YLady AneakeAdult (f)7,6859713
JCcU5Lady YkouhonaAdult (f)7,7658273
a9t1UThojacaAdult (f)7,3338924
NVVvONavvoHatchling (f, F)6,2959096
teB1xJiwaacHatchling (F)4,6228672
vpnonLord VapenonAdult (m)7,5671,0254
q0lrlLord QolarlAdult (m)9,7391,16818
8tmSeLord DaeralusAdult (m)8,1888603
mzcz7Lord GurydAdult (m)8,6439132
4ffQxXaropleoniAdult (m)7,1361,0063
WKpqWAfaijedHatchling (m, F)7,2419132
YUAbALady YuabaAdult (f)6,7109402
TXw6KLady GegethAdult (f)8,6839202
7ozLaLady YjibAdult (f)9,5209021
0vWTPLady AxygomeAdult (f)6,5928413
I4rfsRolling FlareAdult (f)7,2549152
Hwx3iDruwhiHatchling (f, F)7,5238651
52rfkSPECIAL NAME CAVEBORNSHatchling (F)2,3452411
diwgaHomines Fabula InitiumAdult (f)4,2355331
uDk41Rune KnightAdult (m)4,6437763
UQYVdZ-LordAdult (m)4,4637253
i6yVGVerkehrte WeltAdult (f)5,24235412
d4VamSPECIAL NAME LINEAGESHatchling (F)3,7003542
Jyw7JI - M - A - G - OHatchling (m, F)4,8317182
tjODGSpring came with awakeningAdult (m)2,6347437
hWDCICame with innocence and joyAdult (f)4,1806573
xoCx2Spring came with fascinationAdult (m)6,0479474
i2VqqAnd desire to deployAdult (f)5,4437794
q5HrbSummer came with restlessnessAdult (m)5,8061,2144
9nsgLAnd curiousityAdult (f)4,0676924
ZmwAuSummer came with longingAdult (m)4,5485211
QThc1For the things we could not beAdult (f)4,1907514
nIGXZTake me to the forestAdult (m)3,8627805
nGZE6Take me to the treesAdult (f)4,0718244
npBGjTake me  anywhereAdult (m)3,7567917
DGYegAs long as you take meAdult (f)3,8738093
TOkUTTake me to the oceanAdult (m)3,6407262
ZnTC4Take me  to the seaAdult (f)3,2577714
q6o0jTake me to the Breathe and BEAdult (m)3,1487462
eZ9JoAutumn came with knowledgeAdult (m)3,4837882
0k53DCame with ego came with prideAdult (f)6,2947892
Ioj2pAutumn came with shamefulnessAdult (m)3,5077984
Zr1qLFor the things we could not hideAdult (f)5,8837386
uCXOgWinter came with angerAdult (m)3,7347472
8nYJaAnd a bitter taste of fateAdult (f)6,4338336
tICVWWinter came with fearAdult (m)6,2677795
DrYKcFor the things we couldnt escapeAdult (f)3,9637965
daC34Teach me of the forestAdult (m)2,9957511
pyB4pTeach me of the treesAdult (f)3,9967782
Zz7jHTeach me anythingAdult (m)3,2727604
Yt4IlAs long as you teach meAdult (f)4,3147354
Ze9CsTeach me of the oceanAdult (m)3,3578363
Rnf2rTeach me of the seaAdult (f)3,3937433
rDqT8Teach me of the Breathe and BEAdult (m)3,5337532
TznkDSEE  MEAdult (m)5,0767383
FVqVSI am the one creationAdult (f)4,7977674
6Viq9HEAR ME --- I am all the loveAdult (m)3,3987464
uci3YThat came from AnimaeAdult (f)4,0817156
gsdOqKNOW  MEAdult (m)6,2857895
76Gs0I am the incarnationAdult (f)4,2187292
VpBa0FEAR ME --- I am all the powerAdult (m)3,3077221
NdwQEHeld by Animae --- MEAdult (f)5,2816845
jybgMGive me of the forestAdult (m)3,8797885
ooPVfGive me of the treesAdult (f)3,6127662
3zmAsGive me anythingAdult (m)3,7697964
KlKZOAs long as it's for meAdult (f)3,7307605
ddnFCGive me of the oceanAdult (m)3,1707683
YRxZ4Give me of the seaAdult (f)3,6887702
MZL4xGive me of the Breathe and BEAdult (f)2,9026791
mwnunGive me all the forestsAdult (m)3,2137574
TO4ZFGive me all the treesAdult (f)3,6727963
gLoieGive me  everythingAdult (m)3,0037491
7ZxmuAs long as it's for freeAdult (f)3,5967301
QPchJGive me all the oceansAdult (m)3,4757493
jl6FpGive me all the seasAdult (f)3,3867751
kswpEGive me all the breathing BEAdult (f)2,5837011
GgnJYI M A G OAdult (m)4,8187752
4v0dXHomines PartusAdult (f)4,3545951
37CasPain of Salvation's IMAGOAdult (m)3,8567782
qLkFUFalling around meAdult (m)3,8978261
kiRrmLay parts of my lifeAdult (f)3,9318122
Qkn9FI'm leaving them all behindAdult (m)3,8798471
bRZQrWe leave with the nightAdult (f)3,4838652
eO3zsLiving in strange waysAdult (m)4,0278531
SKofTHas cast me asideAdult (f)4,1208382
cb0rjI cry in another world nowAdult (m)3,8108232
UgGLuI must search forAdult (f)3,9248241
1zEr7All my days gone byAdult (m)3,7577202
M6WO0Voices that call to meAdult (f)3,5997291
6OysZLay silent to hideAdult (m)4,2807631
ZfiGgSoon I will hold them closeAdult (f)3,9347101
IGn9sWith words from my eyesAdult (m)3,1687153
GxKMJLiving in hope of youAdult (f)5,2478823
r1CJjYou are my waking thoughtsAdult (m)3,6178232
aXCZvI lay with youAdult (f)4,3918103
grSwEIn my sleeping hoursAdult (m)4,2277921
WwCNgA deep reflectionAdult (f)3,9758171
6jbOtHeld in my soul as a childAdult (m)5,2628321
Hy8APLong forgotten tearsAdult (f)3,9907272
NZqbpFlood your eyes in a momentAdult (m)2,7567163
aEPT7To feel your touchAdult (m)4,2417681
ESQzRAcross my mindAdult (f)4,9578891
UBlvSFills me onlyAdult (m)5,0667442
bcGXvDreamer lead me ever closerAdult (m)4,6498143
09lgwPain of Salvation's ANIMAEHatchling (F)3,1442433
x9fMSI - ANIMAE PARTUSAdult (m)2,8697853
SQ55Cx I am xAdult (f)4,7587703
8Bad8x I was not xAdult (m)5,4367998
on9crx then I came to be xAdult (f)4,4535216
NVLHBx I cannot remember NOT being xAdult (m)3,5887753
6zMCEx but I may have traveled far xAdult (f)5,4038481
n7lNZx very far xAdult (m)5,02495213
N8eN9x to get here xAdult (f)2,9617954
VhQWBx maybe I was formed xAdult (m)3,8797543
dZXF0x in this silent darkness xAdult (f)5,2127872
3WBMYx from this silent darkness xAdult (m)6,2229944
N01D3x BY this silent darkness xAdult (f)4,9897734
kthkzx to become is just like xAdult (m)3,2397572
gaglPx falling asleep xAdult (f)5,6908372
Znqkcx you never know exactly xAdult (m)5,2318394
kA0jMx when it happens xAdult (f)3,1997204
szb0Hx the transition xAdult (m)4,4427642
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