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You pick up the scroll labeled “Swissalo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2Nw2iRoss Bay Os WissaloAdult (m)3,9621,1621
8W37NEucalypta WissaloAdult (f)4,6741,3171
5bESKObelisk WissaloAdult (m)5,6501,1572
ekcJeAia Od WissaloAdult (f)6,0161,1378
TP43SChilling Darkness Sis WissaloAdult (m)5,9921,2951
raxbELunar Underwing Od WissaloAdult (f)4,1091,1831
7Pwr5Pierre WissaloAdult (m)5,5671,4422
wT2AlFalling Creek Od WissaloAdult (f)4,8911,1771
H8U6pOphion Eross WissaloAdult (m)6,3861,3372
hoIg9I wanna play a gameAdult (f)4,8601,1691
rAhTXRanthor WissaloAdult (m)6,6691,1313
CC6dhPluto Doverd WissaloAdult (f)6,7261,3382
g91mAComet Lodge Os WissaloAdult (m)4,3401,0911
2jJLZCivil WissaloAdult (f)3,6199842
3NLFsAtlantes WissaloAdult (m)4,8131,3112
zbuvaZebua Od WissaloAdult (f)6,1311,2397
CEP8OKey Hill Os WissaloAdult (m)4,0711,1682
4LXb0Ghost Od WissaloAdult (f)3,9801,2062
O3rmUlises Madais WissaloAdult (m)2,2496121
VcsJtHe'll tear your soul apartAdult (f)4,8261,1511
BWEl3Beweis Os WissaloAdult (m)6,3541,1101
Vo8uGRose Hill Od WissaloAdult (f)4,1881,2492
Is1O2Great Hill Os WissaloAdult (m)4,4201,2781
PFTZ6Penifore WissaloAdult (f)3,7979741
Pv4sNMaugris WissaloAdult (m)4,6391,3374
D4Hq6Joskeleigh Od WissaloAdult (f)5,5821,4012
FXSZvFiskters WissaloAdult (m)7,1221,1732
EivsCIn space noone can hear u screamAdult (f)4,8881,1812
8GZUTEigzut WissaloAdult (m)7,7051,3233
wrg9lPine Grove Od WissaloAdult (f)4,3041,2632
PUL1fSilver Cliff Os WissaloAdult (m)4,5021,2762
7V6UPSevsiupa Gulitd WissaloAdult (f)6,7901,1481
V33lzDiamondback Os WissaloAdult (m)4,1341,1931
NdOtZNoteze WissaloAdult (f)5,9601,1662
yJ7ZFIn Space No One can Eat IcecreamAdult (m)3,9761,1921
PJqxTJaxa WissaloAdult (f)7,1961,1081
UaOYUArchimago WissaloAdult (m)4,7251,3171
pO8LyOak Hill Od WissaloAdult (f)4,7791,1381
TOIs6Stoney Hill Os WissaloAdult (m)5,9191,1062
qZCB4Flame Shoulder Od WissaloAdult (f)4,2901,1951
KiOmQSoulstone WissaloAdult (m)7,1811,1481
2He9kBoroondara Od WissaloAdult (f)5,6831,3611
6tzVGCaius WissaloAdult (m)6,8581,3540
Y1fXYArilar Od WissaloAdult (f)6,3581,2201
l3kA9Pleasant Green Os WissaloAdult (m)4,4451,0671
bh2LzXXFXX THE CHRISTMAS XXFXXAdult (f)6,0221,2031
6ZrekPrancer Wissalo BlitzensonHatchling (m, F)2,5059921
1hj8Silver Star of the EastHatchling (f, F)1,3186192
2pPQVesela KoledaHatchling (f, F)1,3236811
QSiO9Myrrh WissaloHatchling (m, F)1,5906602
YAg1kSanta I Didn't Do ItHatchling (m, F)2,1558622
wJpQpThe Christmas Can-CanHatchling (F)1,3824713
iY6BiEveryday is ChristmasHatchling (f, F)3,5221,01710
XXKRQuinine Maced WissaloAdult (f)2,0656062
HTNqDonner Os WissaloAdult (m)1,9317533
MdSDSilver MistletoeAdult (f)1,5707452
atzQMace Os WissaloAdult (m)3,1421,3733
kyJuGAristi Aluminumd WissaloAdult (f)4,8521,2502
P72dgThe Holly ShopAdult (m)3,6881,3961
hsvLSSaturnalia WissaloAdult (f)3,4151,2025
J9n8Magnus WissaloAdult (m)1,58091532
YW2d2Brumalia WissaloAdult (f)3,1981,1590
GWxhFArun WissaloAdult (m)4,4741,2343
5jyOPadme WissaloAdult (f)2,4611,1572
Qu3FBlitzen Os WissaloAdult (m)2,0648203
9rSZMeri KirihimeteAdult (f)1,3756922
HoWfZeus WissaloAdult (m)1,8007944
FU2Y5Fury WissaloAdult (f)2,4886533
VGuCXSanta I can ExplainAdult (m)2,8781,0903
1P0KgMistletoe HugsAdult (f)4,6141,3235
sJtHbWarm Candy KissesAdult (m)7,4471,2713
4Ag7mThe Holly InnAdult (f)5,0271,2658
bOqpPXeon Knights WissaloAdult (m)7,4721,2584
aG9jkWinter-een-mas Magnusd WissaloAdult (f)5,6041,2321
1yU7ZUzik Os WissaloAdult (m)5,9421,0223
OkpV1The Holly DollAdult (f)4,9441,2693
71QN1Silver Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)5,2461,3500
JgXHIJinga WissaloAdult (f)4,7141,1162
FNqXKThe Holly GardenAdult (m)4,5921,3114
mdzd3Aitne WissaloAdult (f)6,5781,2902
kLgeyJack Frost WissaloAdult (m)5,1671,2571
uIzRVNepeta Od WissaloAdult (f)3,8171,1841
9nwngThe Holly BushAdult (m)4,9271,3262
QRIyeLohri Bartlettd WissaloAdult (f)5,1491,2340
DTyVwNidhogg Os WissaloAdult (m)5,3441,1894
zMIRXZemira Altand WissaloAdult (f)5,1071,2762
BdAkuThe Holly SituationAdult (m)5,0211,3224
1aArsSadeh Od WissaloAdult (f)4,9131,1162
Bg3TBMofly Os WissaloAdult (m)7,4021,1452
Pd6UtBittersweet SingerAdult (f)7,2101,3554
28hoQThe Holly SpringAdult (m)4,4621,3124
npOUsChalica Od WissaloAdult (f)5,1761,4856
3yeFNFriars Os WissaloAdult (m)7,3281,4108
fVnkvSoyal Od WissaloAdult (f)4,8171,4237
Cs2fPAther Os WissaloAdult (m)6,4461,0994
v6Ol9The Holly ExpressAdult (f)4,6461,2969
cw2W9Yukor Os WissaloAdult (m)5,4611,4254
rbhVEPure WissaloAdult (f)5,9131,5401
wr6ALThe Holly RunAdult (m)5,4141,4986
8zoBYSigillaria Magnusd WissaloAdult (f)4,6371,27111
n6snYPacific WissaloAdult (m)5,8291,2474
i5wswSilver Gem of the SoutheastAdult (f)5,0741,2680
As652Asgop Os WissaloAdult (m)6,5931,2492
G8Gu4Festivus Arund WissaloAdult (f)5,5871,4068
cl63SCraven WissaloAdult (m)7,3581,2915
Azs6nBittersweet TeamAdult (f)6,6911,1323
MlpG7The Holly BookAdult (m)3,7861,1121
rscTPCharity Od WissaloAdult (f)3,8209872
JnsZ2Frankincense WissaloAdult (m)2,0916522
kmqnZLeyla Camuked WissaloAdult (f)4,1481,2464
ZCSj6The Holly BerryAdult (m)4,1581,3038
Ty6j0Silver Angel of YuleAdult (f)5,3511,6342
2nXYDXolotl WissaloAdult (m)7,3431,3302
lmMEDBlame it on the MistletoeAdult (f)4,7801,2963
L3tjYGuivre WissaloAdult (m)7,3391,0762
pTNMDLuna WissaloAdult (f)4,7231,2285
Wz3rOThe Holly PrinceAdult (m)4,5201,2211
adQLvErinome WissaloAdult (f)6,3721,1641
mpLhTNamahage WissaloAdult (m)4,8201,3084
7HMwLBittersweet FeelsAdult (f)6,9611,2221
OltneThe Holly MemoriesAdult (m)4,5221,2374
3nXmaEleonora WissaloAdult (f)4,1411,2440
ICbukBelsnickel WissaloAdult (m)4,8521,3171
o6QgxThe Holly TaleAdult (f)4,9271,3782
MqOUZBittersweet CrushAdult (m)6,8731,4022
lOsueDongzhi Atherd WissaloAdult (f)4,6581,2681
o2fIBSapphire Jordans WissaloAdult (m)6,3791,4993
2ApK4Mako Mandod WissaloAdult (f)7,2171,1073
i2pMAGingerbread HugsAdult (m)5,4491,1593
eESxjThe Holly RoseAdult (f)3,7091,1041
FUy98Funyon WissaloAdult (m)5,0911,2571
rMecNWintersday Friarsd WissaloAdult (f)5,5251,1333
ER9KYZiern Os WissaloAdult (m)4,6641,1793
5CWliSilver Heart of the WestAdult (f)4,6221,2521
hIF2mThor Odinson WissaloAdult (m)4,9651,4351
8FPICYalda Pacificd WissaloAdult (f)4,6121,2742
OkW3nHerman Franklins WissaloAdult (m)6,9941,1233
XNE3rSilver Crystal of the SouthAdult (f)4,7391,2740
HcdNPHydro Os WissaloAdult (m)6,4981,1781
bJGBWThe Holly HollowAdult (f)5,5891,2074
tfLJpComstock Os WissaloAdult (m)6,0739534
7R9WzAlvis Magnusd WissaloAdult (f)5,5481,1423
Gq6MsLoki Odinson WissaloAdult (m)6,9311,3464
R6meAThe Holly DreamAdult (f)5,2041,1342
63OdBKinzer WissaloAdult (m)4,8781,2612
skBBWInti Raymi Cravend WissaloAdult (f)4,6401,2762
gAlocStanley WissaloAdult (m)5,3291,3343
Fcj6ePurebell WissaloAdult (f)6,9921,3681
yIHrIThe Holly VictoryAdult (m)5,6271,1742
3BeJoCatalpa WissaloAdult (f)4,7671,3363
hLx8qComet Os WissaloAdult (m)4,1741,1732
ksFOCWinter Veil Arund WissaloAdult (f)5,2971,1154
PWBYgBartlett Magnuss WissaloAdult (m)6,5711,1574
k1JHGThe Holly DawnAdult (f)4,5711,2301
A4TDnAnton Mercurials WissaloAdult (m)4,2551,2803
dP0OjThe Holly FestivalAdult (f)4,3991,1971
N2KhxModraniht Od WissaloAdult (f)4,8581,3011
dQ5PLJoker Bens WissaloAdult (m)6,4621,3385
NUuPlSean Marquises WissaloAdult (m)5,3801,1560
BrP2tThe Holly BellAdult (f)4,7171,3172
GxsiESummit Mergers WissaloAdult (m)7,2231,2471
IwMeUSilver Snowfall of the NorthAdult (f)4,7091,2923
z7Q5TDark Light WissaloAdult (m)6,5941,2151
9jjzmLeeha Gentlemand WissaloAdult (f)5,2191,2790
sAcpHThe Holly PrayerAdult (m)5,0271,2971
es7JuMalkh Od WissaloAdult (f)5,1011,2900
idIw2Errax WissaloAdult (m)9,5901,5346
ciUJrNaomi Feldspard WissaloAdult (f)4,3841,2203
XsC6zThe Holly SoulAdult (m)4,8881,2881
SX9fNLemongold Od WissaloAdult (f)6,6101,0985
VkqqFCupid Os WissaloAdult (m)4,2351,2142
xP5wcEukleia Hephaestusd WissaloAdult (f)6,6871,3281
VPLYGFrostivus Od WissaloAdult (f)4,9531,1283
me8VoGorokan WissaloAdult (m)5,7041,3974
0O8D8The Holly BreedAdult (m)4,4321,1601
fNsn3Zora Belsnickeld WissaloAdult (f)6,4521,2334
CjLvnCool Yule Od WissaloAdult (m)4,5731,2011
4A7XgWincanton Od WissaloAdult (f)4,9711,1334
5a92YAbsolute Sin Os WissaloAdult (m)6,7551,1762
XYW9kThe Holly FlowerAdult (f)5,5121,2251
deKI1Derek WissaloAdult (m)6,0021,4001
g33z0Bittersweet TimeAdult (f)6,5971,1282
ll9hPThe Holly BarnAdult (m)3,7981,1121
73VJKMidge Odind WissaloAdult (f)4,2341,3031
lEBMJSinterklaas Namahages WissaloAdult (m)5,5321,2060
gKcKOGecko WissaloAdult (f)2,0988942
CcyfcThe Holly GazeAdult (m)5,0211,1462
0fy0mSilver Snow of the EastAdult (f)4,2711,2013
v8zprAlthvey Os WissaloAdult (m)6,9301,1736
OxiQEMaghi Stanleyd WissaloAdult (f)5,1521,2560
GtefLGetzle WissaloAdult (m)5,3421,3184
CWo08Winnie WissaloAdult (f)5,7811,1871
SO4ZGThe Holly JarAdult (m)5,7711,2082
NNBkGSilver Dream of the NorthwestAdult (f)4,0951,1591
vTUTqThantos Jordans WissaloAdult (m)6,3221,3943
yZcPTWarm Candy HugsAdult (f)4,0911,2071
2trkyTurkey Argos WissaloAdult (m)5,7291,3084
yanlNYule Lokid WissaloAdult (f)5,2731,3004
HoZYCLiars Glow Os WissaloAdult (m)9,8291,0274
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