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You pick up the scroll labeled “Swissalo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9HLBMPombas WissaloAdult (m)7,1291,4632
zk3YfZac WissaloAdult (m)4,6791,1211
X9nWNWinstead WissaloAdult (m)5,8251,3012
n5ugyNug WissaloAdult (m)5,3021,4240
HPm7HHarry Potter and the 7 HarrysAdult (m)7,8161,1834
sjdE8Logan WissaloAdult (m)4,9931,3183
PF5onAlto WissaloAdult (m)6,9321,3732
1QHI0Cori WissaloAdult (m)7,1671,48012
WOCaE(WOCaE)Adult (m)6,2111,3001
4w0jL(4w0jL)Adult (m)6,4091,2072
DaPt5(DaPt5)Adult (m)6,7351,3092
Q40YuEudialyte WissaloAdult (m)7,0701,3811
ydZJp(ydZJp)Adult (m)8,1501,4213
kp6Jg(kp6Jg)Adult (m)6,7481,1731
SJkfXSoap WissaloAdult (m)5,3531,2565
xvSYFVimeo WissaloAdult (m)4,8991,2660
WsRW7Carpo WissaloAdult (m)5,9851,2665
241J3Themisto WissaloAdult (m)5,9851,2164
ZLZEHHerse WissaloAdult (m)5,9461,2432
qYP2ZKore WissaloAdult (m)6,1811,3691
aGxhYMetis WissaloAdult (m)6,9851,2472
IFZ3fArche WissaloAdult (m)6,4221,3216
lw8GtSponde WissaloAdult (m)5,4661,2712
9bOKZAutonoe WissaloAdult (m)5,4011,2702
FQPT2Epimetheus WissaloAdult (m)5,4051,2202
eB72nJanus WissaloAdult (m)5,4371,2481
Zgu3xOberon WissaloAdult (m)5,8921,2662
1Zt4MAegaeon WissaloAdult (m)5,5251,2302
YYsHkDaphnis WissaloAdult (m)5,2501,2471
YY9XkEnceladus WissaloAdult (m)5,4921,2962
GvsOcTelesto WissaloAdult (m)5,9601,2551
dXSJ6Tarvos WissaloAdult (m)6,2671,1722
AcBfpPolydeuces WissaloAdult (m)6,6041,2611
jhsRyHyperion WissaloAdult (m)6,4851,2540
mSioxIapetus WissaloAdult (m)6,5441,2721
DpybPErriapus WissaloAdult (m)6,5711,2330
nLlblSkoll WissaloAdult (m)6,5821,2483
6qy8eAlbiorix WissaloAdult (m)4,6141,0762
dAIoFGreip WissaloAdult (m)6,6151,1853
GeWWSSetebos WissaloAdult (m)6,5491,2200
jDLdN(jDLdN)Adult (m)6,8511,2043
XdADHHatter WissaloAdult (m)4,8691,2492
STEInStein WissaloAdult (m)5,1291,2781
zd6wAZuday WissaloAdult (m)6,3761,1254
zjF7qFulger WissaloAdult (m)5,6671,1551
tZFkTFulmo WissaloAdult (m)5,6871,1522
qEIpjZibens WissaloAdult (m)5,5321,1613
F1XWU(F1XWU)Adult (m)6,2161,1936
QcUmo(QcUmo)Adult (m)9,8171,2865
JMK9hJameh WissaloAdult (m)7,3041,3883
qCMp7(qCMp7)Adult (m)6,6511,3301
Dw3Vg(Dw3Vg)Adult (m)7,2361,2212
JcTZm(JcTZm)Adult (m)7,1531,2381
2xGiwEwan WissaloAdult (m)7,0121,3661
T5BTX(T5BTX)Adult (m)8,0841,3272
nBOXO(nBOXO)Adult (m)7,7121,2783
ldkiz(ldkiz)Adult (m)7,3961,3562
iSN2wIsnew WissaloAdult (m)7,3421,4104
ReqRL(ReqRL)Adult (m)7,6471,2304
BrgjU(BrgjU)Adult (m)7,1691,2670
EqNntEquinox WissaloAdult (m)7,2131,3904
Ysk4f(Ysk4f)Adult (m)6,7651,2541
jkSgV(jkSgV)Adult (m)6,2521,2154
WxBxV(WxBxV)Adult (m)4,4858981
kHCZN(kHCZN)Adult (m)6,8131,1581
jXMzn(jXMzn)Adult (m)6,6621,2131
Gi8vzLepidarchus Adonis WissaloAdult (m)5,4241,19110
Wa2HArte WissaloAdult (m)3,0101,0764
91AZCaine WissaloAdult (m)1,7508075
X05FY(X05FY)Adult (m)6,3421,1551
sXJ5Dunyazade WissaloAdult (m)1,5048402
Bbc1OWhipcord WissaloAdult (m)4,8341,2462
hA1ynVan Halyn WissaloAdult (m)4,9831,2972
DBmIrMire WissaloAdult (m)6,5851,1811
Dz667Dezzie WissaloAdult (m)6,4951,2014
ZHEJPhoenix WissaloAdult (m)3,2747354
Wg8qD(Wg8qD)Adult (f)6,7181,2841
blcyi(blcyi)Adult (m)6,3201,1760
WhiYMWilbur WissaloAdult (m)5,1991,2771
n3tmHNethem WissaloAdult (m)7,3461,1820
m2Bn1Mibner WissaloAdult (m)7,6761,1561
JWqRLady HecateAdult (f)2,3211,0438
rTvXNissa RavenaAdult (f)1,8027924
QkJeLady Anthea ErnchesterAdult (f)1,8988606
kgiOJezebel RedfernAdult (f)3,5689374
648CZoya BelikovaAdult (f)1,4006172
bsLZPMira FallegerosAdult (f)6,8801,3013
hnmPNikolas RavenaAdult (m)1,89278612
T9OEJGrandpa Walt MontgomeryAdult (m)6,2011,3555
QTk9gDuncan DrakeAdult (m)6,2351,2125
Rt4pFXerx MephistophelesAdult (m)5,6391,0353
LM9JHFaethor FerenczyAdult (m)6,2671,0934
EbbsLet There Be Rock WissaloAdult (f)3,7171,4834
6hmpCherub Rock WissaloHatchling (f, F)2,3479901
1AbIRaised on Rock WissaloHatchling (m, F)9094732
1krLRock Candy WissaloHatchling (f, F)1,1465372
GifURocks WissaloHatchling (m, F)2,0615492
2sujJungle Rock WissaloHatchling (f, F)1,8356992
Ci65AFor Those About to Rock WissaloHatchling (f, F)2,0236652
BirPuAre You Ready To Rock WissaloHatchling (m, F)2,3656953
WOBrnRock of Ages WissaloHatchling (F)3,7931,0505
gj1bLPunk Rock Girl WissaloHatchling (f, F)3,0628623
hBm6QRock Me Amadeus WissaloHatchling (m, F)5,8481,4123
ZPHYvRock Lobster WissaloHatchling (m, F)5,3591,2152
WumDmRock Around the Clock WissaloHatchling (f, F)4,9151,0033
zwQHPRock The Casbah WissaloHatchling (F)3,1426730
0lKVHit by a Rock WissaloAdult (m)2,9681,4686
WplgJRaylynn Jupiterd WissaloAdult (f)2,3826501
6a8JZJaziemae Jupiterd WissaloAdult (f)4,8571,4013
jlSeAJesea Jupiterd WissaloAdult (f)6,5771,3601
MMkZLMika Jupiterd WissaloAdult (f)6,6301,4051
cgYnXSelena Aurumd WissaloAdult (f)1,8375731
NElPQNeipela Aurumd WissaloAdult (f)3,9901,2663
rrqcCEssie Aurumd WissaloAdult (f)6,4171,6613
VJiPwVijoy Aurumd WissaloAdult (f)7,0031,2644
t7XjOTegan Feldspard WissaloAdult (f)4,5771,2622
4Hm51Areya Feldspard WissaloAdult (f)4,1051,1643
kwbJK(kwbJK)Adult (f)7,4291,1673
NgeYuNeYu Hephaestusd WissaloAdult (f)5,9301,4943
gm3NNGem Magnusd WissaloAdult (f)6,2741,6920
2w9dgPanreal Altand WissaloAdult (f)4,8941,4583
5WXvWWinny Altand WissaloAdult (f)6,2181,3052
WuVGHTaupe Altand WissaloAdult (f)5,4911,2822
9JPzRAlly Hectord WissaloAdult (f)6,0281,2521
r6X4WIlya Aurumd WissaloAdult (f)5,1401,2270
nbDxmMing Hectord WissaloAdult (f)5,9671,4045
pFVvLPervala Hectord WissaloAdult (f)7,2521,2711
njL4BNija Situationd WissaloAdult (f)5,6891,2072
He4V9Nova Blitzend WissaloAdult (f)6,0971,2182
tpP0D(tpP0D)Adult (f)6,5821,1702
hOpTo(hOpTo)Adult (f)7,1961,2153
KYKBt(KYKBt)Adult (f)8,5281,3033
NC74r(NC74r)Adult (f)7,5411,1781
FFINoFinn Aurums WissaloAdult (m)4,4771,2675
waScxWasic Aurums WissaloAdult (m)6,0701,1930
ucMpfJones Aurums WissaloAdult (m)6,2361,2824
DE1ZuBrock Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)2,3506042
6b0FoSev Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)4,6491,2442
mheuPNikos Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)5,8711,2792
T0WsWTowkin Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)7,4541,5276
l90uPGoup Magnuss WissaloAdult (m)4,5431,2013
ou1ixLixor Magnuss WissaloAdult (m)3,1281,1521
CY6D6Cyrus Magnuss WissaloAdult (m)6,5501,5033
C1l26CJ Magnuss WissaloAdult (m)6,7261,33619
nvxrkNuvok Jupiters WissaloAdult (m)4,4381,2393
r8HDkRei Jupiters WissaloAdult (m)5,9881,3511
5I3D7Kiba Jupiters WissaloAdult (m)5,4411,2861
Dh3x0Dilburt Montgomerys WissaloAdult (m)6,1171,5461
2Z8aUMarx Altans WissaloAdult (m)6,4951,5480
DDrUeDru Altans WissaloAdult (m)4,2329361
N1wr9Rio Altans WissaloAdult (m)4,7831,3082
2pTgwRizer Altans WissaloAdult (m)7,4721,5504
LHwe0Lehow Altans WissaloAdult (m)6,0811,2513
aqH2uAquil Wissalo ArgentumsonAdult (m)5,5071,3562
g8PwuPew Aurums WissaloAdult (m)6,7281,1270
Fslc3False Feldspars WissaloAdult (m)6,5711,1692
VCLr9(VCLr9)Adult (m)4,5979813
IrMZz(IrMZz)Adult (m)4,6781,0701
6d9G9(6d9G9)Adult (m)7,2651,2374
fcHp2(fcHp2)Adult (m)7,2331,2351
TkRJV(TkRJV)Adult (m)6,2941,3090
HdDpd(HdDpd)Adult (m)6,3121,2710
ZggmZZiggy Corkyd WissaloAdult (f)7,3821,0834
sptyVSpethy Quild WissaloAdult (f)6,5631,1402
jpi09Vulpecula Scorpiusd WissaloAdult (f)3,6658742
1GKyxGalactic Lufezs WissaloAdult (m)5,4301,3273
ETLWxEtoli Ladons WissaloAdult (m)6,2311,3202
6FKtwFlec Ladonson WissaloAdult (m)4,7211,3204
nNs6rCaptain Cinnamon WhoodottirAdult (f)7,4541,6222
rwAfFCaptain Batavia WhippitdottirAdult (f)8,8611,6983
8hM25Captain Shazam QuackdottirAdult (f)4,9871,0764
KIf0YCaptain Kelfly JacedottirAdult (f)5,0511,1294
Q3I5cCaptain Lily PotterdottirAdult (f)4,9961,1293
xYU3FCaptain Swan FrancisdottirAdult (f)5,3661,1326
yqrfuCaptain Jane TuvokdottirAdult (f)5,5601,1716
bk2KoCaptain Nissa ZenondottirAdult (f)6,0071,2404
IspXECaptain Alice LightwooddottirAdult (f)6,0881,2942
PzLILCaptain Lil LyncdottirAdult (f)6,2501,2415
qDe2zCaptain Pur JackmandottirAdult (f)5,8991,1771
T03bfCaptain Janeway MubicdottirAdult (f)5,9381,1695
WifJZCaptain Metra SleezdottirAdult (f)6,3921,2141
cQ183Captain Levia TruffdottirAdult (f)6,3111,1801
cWM5GCaptain Brita FerydottirAdult (f)6,3011,1920
AQdznCaptain Aquifera BibdottirAdult (f)6,4201,1723
6aivXCaptain Axiga PelldottirAdult (f)6,2901,1944
cT33HCommander Chet RebryndottirAdult (f)7,8591,7273
jZ3RzCaptain Jayree DobbssonAdult (m)4,8251,3592
NwPKDCaptain Liam ViktorsonAdult (m)8,0711,7042
Mgjv2Captain Metro MisdirectsonAdult (m)4,7441,0774
CVM4FCaptain Grey DoriansonAdult (m)5,0011,0973
7F6w8Captain Tree ValsonAdult (m)4,8971,1113
mbmYACaptain Mamba FazonesonAdult (m)5,2581,1265
blNOBCaptain Binary WazzosonAdult (m)5,3291,1485
GZlCjCaptain Puck OshiesonAdult (m)5,9001,1736
SkZTqCaptain Perez WaylandsonAdult (m)6,1351,1944
xjkK7Captain Birch MontysonAdult (m)6,1471,1733
hNPNDCaptain Hyphen QuarksonAdult (m)6,0821,1875
9JoM1Captain Subs JuniorwigsonAdult (m)6,0031,1492
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