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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sukisuzie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Qvnr6TurquoiseWatersAdult (f)1,7786982
QZkaATurquoiseRaindropsAdult (f)2,0927022
r1F8TTurquoiserainAdult (m)2,6628440
r1O2lTurquoiseWaterfallAdult (m)2,4258210
r2meMTurquoise AtlantisAdult (f)2,4367761
R9rclTurquoise StargateAdult (f)2,4937380
r5WfgTurquoise EggAdult (m)2,5377872
wAEeCTurquoise JuiceAdult (f)2,3186991
RbiUATurquoiseOneAdult (m)2,8018421
RD9fdTurquoise RaymondAdult (m)2,2427673
Re3TcTurquoiseDinnerAdult (f)2,4077601
r6bXYTurquoise Giving UpAdult (f)2,4476841
rhIU1Turquoise TianaAdult (f)4,5834660
WfridTurquoise AlmondAdult (m)1,4736681
XcG24Winner of TurquoiseAdult (f)2,4147103
rqV9pTurquoise MeAdult (f)1,8206640
ROhPvTurquoise InkAdult (m)2,2509002
rRwk1Turquoise YouAdult (m)2,2147510
ruXTzTurquoiseBearAdult (f)2,5577880
RY5ybTurquoise SpiritAdult (m)2,5129111
vU2g7Turquoise ToffeeAdult (m)2,0988000
rzEPETurquoiseGhostAdult (m)2,2567141
rznyHTurquoiseMarsAdult (f)2,4608400
VHJ3KTurquoise MemoryAdult (m)2,7736141
VfhDtTurquoise StuckAdult (m)2,5498151
VFpPnTurquoise WorksAdult (m)3,0236360
vAoTZTurquoise 36Adult (f)2,4668890
VzYaiTurquoise PearlsAdult (f)2,1777950
vYSTITurquoise Winter  LightsAdult (f)2,5346910
WA6a2TurquoiseTopazAdult (m)3,5918162
WDsvHTurquoise ClementineAdult (f)2,9558621
WfLjSTurquoise EveAdult (f)2,7827321
WkNXUTurquoise ComplaintAdult (m)2,9945860
wRovpTurquoiseCullenAdult (m)2,9965931
WNUPuTurquoiseGyaradosAdult (m)3,9608940
Wpr7uTurquoiseDragoniteAdult (f)2,6026961
WSyJuTurquoiseLyleAdult (m)2,8258064
WtU24Turquoise NookAdult (f)2,2347452
wWumcTurquoise JadeAdult (m)2,3118961
RqcGZTurquoise ZeroAdult (f)1,8045910
X66ZVTurquoise BlueGreenAdult (m)2,2228020
x6eR3Turquoise SilverAdult (m)3,2597931
x7iR8Turquoise GoldflakesAdult (m)2,2337501
xfevGToo many TurquoiseAdult (f)2,4787262
XfP9QMore TurquoiseAdult (f)2,6637561
s29JtTurquoise LumpyAdult (m)2,6018552
s06DnTurquoise TurfAdult (f)2,3818142
sAYZoTurquoise IndigoAdult (m)1,9578542
SCbWYTurquoise AnnoyAdult (m)1,9397961
s7AP8Turquoise CabbageAdult (m)2,3775810
SLF7DTurquoise barfAdult (m)3,2108692
sHVmCTurquoise SecondAdult (f)2,1327020
srxSyTurquoise RangerAdult (f)2,4076902
snKmJTurquoise illAdult (f)2,0437811
SNy2HTurquoise MaskAdult (m)2,7666491
StgnlTurquoise HyruleAdult (f)1,6905910
SXP91TurquoiseZeldaAdult (f)2,1366310
sUhybTeenageTurquoiseAdult (m)2,1606862
SwvfSTurquoise LinkAdult (m)2,8959462
T16OsTurquoiseNot ListeningAdult (m)2,5087700
TAHDxTurquoise300Adult (m)2,3237560
TdpLSTurquoiseFallsAdult (f)2,4747481
TE3FQTurquoise DecAdult (m)2,5667784
TKLCHTurquoiseTearAdult (f)3,3666061
TEhd6Turquoise007Adult (m)2,3771,0362
U7YySTurquoiseBradAdult (m)3,0254570
U8pAWTurquoiseWaffleAdult (m)2,3527431
u5ysGTurquoiseEggAdult (m)2,0087971
u9WkPTurquoiseDinoAdult (f)3,1445690
TOAMcTurquoiseLineAdult (m)2,5675900
uAyXKTurquoiseTitanAdult (m)2,7845500
uBpxjTurquoise IceAdult (m)2,5628322
UdYEVTurquoise BuzzAdult (f)4,0915532
UdNX2Turquoise TropicalAdult (f)2,2337980
UPxdmTurquoise VivaAdult (m)3,2366911
v2zH9TurquoiseHulkAdult (m)2,4797631
uGaZQTurquoise DigitalAdult (m)2,7447731
Uj9kPTurquoise TwistAdult (m)2,6767970
uRD46Turquoise SpareAdult (f)2,0987930
uRMYXTurquoise A TeamAdult (m)2,2935660
uVcBpBionic TurquoiseAdult (f)3,0677082
UzV3jTurquoise BatmanAdult (m)3,4258721
v4k8yTurquoise UnicornAdult (m)2,9007162
xmYQuLast Turquoise WinterAdult (m)8,2171,5899
xQzLCLast Turquoise to SkipAdult (f)2,9295701
xr4iBLast Turquoise to JumpAdult (f)2,1046081
xsctnLast Turquoise to WaltzAdult (f)2,9327990
XSxbALast Turquoise to JiveAdult (m)3,1968962
XSSbDLast Turquoise to RumbaAdult (m)1,8636002
Xyat1Last Turquoise to Cha Cha ChaAdult (m)2,1327060
y2lvtLast Turquoise to TangoAdult (f)2,1307761
Y8GRULast Turquoise of WinterAdult (m)2,4917830
YaEIkLast Turquoise FutureAdult (f)2,7068672
yBF4oLast Turquoise PresentAdult (f)2,6306902
ylUJiLast Turquoise PastAdult (f)2,3747141
YMQvZLast Turquoise of YesterdayAdult (f)2,1666022
YPJLxLast Turquoise for TomorrowAdult (f)2,0987413
YxSoULast Turquoise for NowAdult (f)2,0898031
YTNkzLast Turquoise for TodayAdult (f)2,9028882
XnW8dLast Turquoise to HopAdult (f)2,8277521
YZPmQLast Flames of TurquoiseAdult (m)3,3459253
z3g0rLast Fires of TurquoiseAdult (m)2,4357590
ZJnZHLast Windy TurquoiseAdult (f)1,9757620
zmajpLast Holly TurquoiseAdult (m)2,7968361
Z8ClpLast Frosty TurquoiseAdult (m)2,2677871
zNAlcLast Winter TurquoiseAdult (m)3,0487252
MWyqjTurquoise FinishedAdult (m)2,8197490
zuk5ULast TurquoiseAdult (f)2,0457671
WulQRCaramel SummerHatchling (F)75625519
uCfVwSpring CaramelAdult (f)2,3431,1082
8WgUySummer CaramelHatchling (f, F)3,1321,0740
3W5RGCaramel SpringAdult (m)3,9071,2714
POAZ0Summer Pyro GlassHatchling (f, F)3,3806973
OxJ2WPyroLightWyrmAdult (f)4,1167494
oyBQ5Pure Pyro  Wyrm GlassAdult (m)4,0327043
l1CvUDovahrekSummerAdult (m)6,0495182
LEIJSpearmint StripesHatchling (F)44431619
5RvsESummer Walnut WhipAdult (m)2,2956462
jrpnTWalnutWhipAdult (f)4,4533261
0wtZMint Choc ChipAdult (m)1,0949194
IpOmFall ShimmerHatchling (F)73324615
CILaAutumn Blossom ShimmerAdult (f)1,41251312
ZN67qPureAutumnLeavesAdult (m)6,7485890
C1LYiPureAmberAutumnAdult (m)7,5445340
Rv1dRPaisley MiniHatchling (F)2,2435312
2k5TBPaisley EveHatchling (f, F)6,0591,1036
VtBacPaisley StarAdult (m)3,8105621
Bv9LPaisley PaigeAdult (f)1,2465794
T9LHCDomnica  Flavius  AugustaAdult (f)5,7981,2523
iRjUAFreezing Summer Evening SkyHatchling (f, F)2,2139426
YgkcwBlue Flames of SummerAdult (f)2,4666043
q5FvEEvening Spring SkyAdult (f)4,6657210
lpLtJSpring Evening-SkyAdult (f)3,0779881
batJSummer Evening-SkyAdult (f)1,2075651
TyteXSpring Blue FlamesHatchling (f, F)2,3267051
f8rZ1Blue Flames of SpringAdult (f)2,2541,1842
7X8lcFieryPonyAdult (f)6,3446174
2tfsIBlue Flames ofSummerAdult (f)6,1564870
o9GVUOak SpikesHatchling (m, F)3,4916395
Ds8K6Okey Ronnta BlenntenHatchling (F)1,8512421
ZjaPjCoffee SwirlsAdult (m)3,2374223
NrajuZehel KronosAdult (m)4,2733352
ihefEFrom Acorn to OakAdult (m)4,0033283
EyDOrCaramel TarAdult (m)6,4515300
3lbJeCoffee annd CreamAdult (m)4,5173401
dNlDbOaky PokeyAdult (m)4,2226926
lbxFHCaramelAutumnHatchling (F)4,2916067
3aIStCaramel SimmiAdult (m)5,0257861
djIt3Ca R A MelAdult (f)5,7845681
jiZUVCar a MelAdult (f)5,5545740
2YoiSCara Mel SummerAdult (f)5,4265770
Y3EoMC AR A M E LAdult (f)6,7285510
OUJEHCaramelSummerAdult (f)5,7315721
BXvqEScreaming Spring SnowHatchling (F)1,7011721
1FwEoJune ScreamHatchling (f, F)3,7019410
gJSPpScreamingSummerHatchling (f, F)4,5986211
VxJeYScream Spring TooHatchling (m, F)3,7468900
mFfBcApril Scream SpringAdult (f)2,8821,0680
uZRyaJames T Priceline III FreakyAdult (m)5,4435391
C6Y7nScream Spring YellsAdult (m)3,6049500
o1ZRTScream SpringAdult (m)4,2249630
lP2saFallenTerraAdult (f)3,8505810
W8iOQFallenEarthAdult (m)4,4775990
VI9zVWinter FarthingAdult (m)4,0299431
1lzvoSpring PennyAdult (m)1,8951,0164
rbDCDVPure MoonShadowGlowAdult (f)4,3307991
7J95GPurple Ridges in SummerHatchling (f, F)2,0276892
C9QNEIhalkatu TanAdult (f)3,9323982
DQgijTagnik'zurAdult (f)2,9208282
NOm7lTagnik'zur TooAdult (f)2,5186035
dL954T A N WAdult (f)4,6015192
vrp1dRidges in SummerHatchling (F)1,4964742
AhjXtKendex ColdHatchling (m, F)1,7787361
zPQI0Winter Al Pine PureAdult (m)4,4391,2291
g0AiWTagnik'zur MistletoeAdult (m)5,0964792
SefGqSummer Tan RidgeAdult (m)2,7185955
LQdboMisty Morning Sun LiteHatchling (F)4,0502700
0C6t6Misty Morning Sun-LightHatchling (m, F)2,8817922
wfKkKMisty Morning AutumnHatchling (m, F)2,5907613
tU3R4MistyMorningAutumnAdult (m)5,5277150
hzG2EMorningMistyAdult (f)7,3435300
qvkpMMisty Morning WinterAdult (f)4,8891,2841
MxKkYMisty Summer MorningAdult (f)4,8086970
XuMChMisty Morning SunlightAdult (m)6,7514510
MVNt4Summer MistsAdult (m)3,4777721
4vp5fSunlight ElementAdult (m)6,6934471
X1iyZWhisperingGoodForAllAdult (f)8,7997473
3DWSOSherzano AvinciAdult (f)4,7484063
kTpTNTurquoise Misty SkyAdult (f)5,0268404
ZbP6sTurquoise BlossomAdult (f)4,5044002
1AMknOstumeno FiloraAdult (m)4,9283991
np4XlBiortine LiathAdult (m)5,0063345
hGXHMarble Moondust GlimmerHatchling (F)74832112
MHftIMarble Moondust SpringAdult (f)2,1959672
h97SMarble MoondustAdult (m)3,8171,82442
pbcslVonzyStarStoneScaleAdult (m)7,4235682
JjfOQSpring Stone CloudHatchling (F)2,0153250
BeQaThundercloud SilverHatchling (m, F)67455321
k3QpIAutumninBedrockAdult (f)5,6076460
BltPYSnow Spring StoneAdult (f)5,4486291
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