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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sukisuzie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZJ65XGarnet Azure FireAdult (f)7,3706621
mkg4WGarnetAzureFireHatchling (f, F)6,8327043
0YMG9Willon ClosbudAdult (f)7,6485841
nLxzaGoldenRubyBlueAdult (m)7,3166342
lLdIsBlue Flames of NowAdult (m)6,9465601
UKyJeGarnet Fire AzureAdult (m)6,3106301
o9WwGSpring Ashes to EmbersHatchling (F)3,1274782
1BeQ8Cordial SpiceHatchling (m, F)2,98345814
gb5GaAshes of SpringAdult (m)2,8547940
wInO3Spring AshesAdult (m)3,5059051
OOlYgDrodjino AshesAdult (m)2,2528182
3gGLAshes and EmbersAdult (m)9155763
LOAjAshes to AshesAdult (m)1,1106540
ZzgVbMottledBirthdaysAdult (m)3,4897711
IQHlfMottledBirthdayAdult (f)3,6607640
uqHmqEmbers and Ashes AutumnHatchling (m, F)1,7967001
RpvwQEmbers and Ashes  SpringAdult (m)2,8247950
isQAuSpring CopperAdult (m)3,3637852
iqOZOSummer ConfettiHatchling (m, F)2,2826571
7undOSpeckled ConfettiAdult (f)4,3343681
RX4U4Speckled SprinklesAdult (f)2,5773741
BuCzeSpeckled OrghlaithAdult (f)4,1753651
y8ADBSpeckled SummerAdult (m)2,6379102
NYRNcSpeckled ZerglingAdult (m)4,6743241
XRK77Confetti SprinklesAdult (m)4,0683622
KqGDUSpeckleSummerSunAdult (m)5,9988260
VmfzStrawberry Ripple SundaeHatchling (m, F)65246421
cY4x4LilyIceSundaeAdult (f)4,5535891
dpfRzBerriLicious Sundae SwirlAdult (f)4,7788393
BE4MP(BE4MP)Adult (m)6,4145182
kJLsgSundae SundayAdult (f)3,9543532
77RhGPure Cherry SundaeAdult (f)4,8721,05511
O5nEsJelly SundaeAdult (f)4,3323071
el70ISundae LimeAdult (f)4,4333842
lICZRHope Spring SunlightAdult (f)4,6901,3142
MZueTHope Springs ForeverAdult (f)3,7793603
1QqARMighty Pink AutumnAdult (f)6,2361,3522
H50MLSpring Pink SongAdult (m)5,6868821
yDuRQSpring Lily SilverAdult (m)4,4176030
deLyPHope Spring SunshineAdult (m)3,4119146
0siFdHarry Pure SpringsAdult (m)3,0506112
2UvPgPure Sunshine SpringAdult (m)3,0464182
mgJ8tPure Spring SunshineAdult (m)3,5496425
MJIeVSundae SwapAdult (m)2,1006963
bKRGRaspberry Ripple SundaeAdult (m)1,13980027
9f1FCherry SwirlsAdult (m)53138321
GaAKIBerri SwirlsAdult (m)4,4933541
15kG9Spring Thalassas Wyrm GlassHatchling (F)2,6803251
GFJ9ZDetectiveQuirkHatchling (f, F)5,2286452
bVazaSpring halassas Wyrm GlassAdult (m)5,6135801
soTkFPure Thalassas Wyrm GlassAdult (f)4,1807062
v4wbWSummer Thalassas Wyrm GlassAdult (m)5,9616351
eikgXAutumn Thalassas Wyrm GlassAdult (m)4,1148671
z2g9q(z2g9q)Adult (f)5,9194670
ur7oEKestfiShikuguAdult (f)8,5526203
AWoGSunstreaked SummerHatchling (m, F)75854419
bIttnThuwed Streaks of Burning EmbersAdult (m)5,4377554
hx7TSunstreaked SkyAdult (m)80856326
wLYCmGlimmersofSkyAdult (m)5,5495230
JGvoSunrise SummerAdult (m)68448824
AcwYRoobarb and CustardHatchling (F)2772356
bJFmXShallotBunionHatchling (f, F)5,6374841
QU3ZsMinkyPinkyHatchling (m, F)5,3625285
F6TGnInkyPinkyAdult (m)5,8195371
DqSvJZenobia Brazen FuchsiaAdult (m)5,6845681
BubelBubBirthdayAdult (m)3,7057451
j2MBpSurprise I'm  PinkAdult (m)5,2585281
0bf1LPinky andtheBrainAdult (m)5,7105181
UgdD7More Pink than PinkAdult (m)6,5964511
AzPUYPinkyAzAdult (m)6,9315261
B6iXA(B6iXA)Adult (m)5,9905840
aOtArPinkyStinkyAdult (f)6,0665281
AxiouAnixous PinkAdult (f)6,7985071
p4gMGinerva LilyAdult (f)4,4001,95062
B61urSqueal its PinkAdult (f)5,1574742
P98J4Oh so P I N KAdult (f)6,2065221
30wfqSweetFuschiaMayAdult (f)3,1827240
06ji2SummerPrettyinPinkAdult (f)4,0196450
1cJKWMinervaPinkAdult (f)7,3565541
BeQ0JLicorice DippedHatchling (F)2,5343050
vTspLicorice Lace TipHatchling (f, F)5873581
ejg98Licorice Strawberry LacesHatchling (m, F)4,0417374
LO6J6LicoriceSpringAdult (f)7,4007432
JzijTLicoriceSpringSunAdult (f)6,1496842
wngxsLicoriceSpringtimeAdult (f)7,5301,1441
POm9qLicoriceSpringRainAdult (m)6,1306801
KCahzLicoriceSpringWindAdult (m)6,0926861
ABdpkLicorice SummerAdult (m)3,4286561
4wR01Licorice AllsortAdult (m)4,1614231
JqBqLicorice TipsAdult (m)1,2585360
0D4ELicorice TipAdult (m)1,4765745
Vvd7sLicorice Dipped TipAdult (m)2,6276625
Y5I9lLicorice BingoAdult (m)5,3843761
xc69mAniseed LicoriceAdult (f)2,0456193
I8lLhFlamingo Lingo LicoriceAdult (f)4,5615764
BJLZNLicorice DuoAdult (f)3,4195743
dn2aXFlamingoBingoAdult (f)6,0991,1985
BJCQuLicorice AllsortsAdult (f)6,1184932
4kPouSweet Licorice TipsAdult (f)4,4313130
wnnoxHerbal TeeHatchling (F)1,3985032
ZaFvMPurrfect to a THatchling (m, F)2,3847491
cDkunPurrfectPGTipsAdult (m)5,5777404
mumVhPurrfect Winter TAdult (f)6,3186483
GmtysPurrfect Konig TAdult (f)4,2891,0551
02xxdPurrfect TAdult (f)3,8181,0172
QjNqMSpring Purrfect TeaAdult (f)4,0329942
gaLTdPurrfect SpringAdult (m)1,7629103
RM93sPurrfect AutumnAdult (m)3,4569972
kmYABaby Hot AirHatchling (F)1,3052739
PhqX5Far Far Far Away Up HighHatchling (F)1,5462301
8bheBobbing-alongHatchling (m, F)4,7954381
thxiAPuffy AwayAdult (f)3,7823472
pCcDWay Up Up and AwayAdult (m)5,5205201
D0HqoUpUpandAwayinAutumnAdult (m)4,9436761
gCYfRaspberry BreezeAdult (f)1,2261,0184
B0abRaspberry SkyAdult (m)1,2681,0565
XIP26Dine SummerHatchling (m, F)6,3095623
oV5W5EviaryAAdult (f)6,6455983
C1mGlAlmandine WinterAdult (m)6,1969846
27hdTAutumn Almandine PinkAdult (m)5,3597994
JgXiTRhett III FreakyAdult (m)6,3766242
Cm7vbAlmandine AutumnAdult (f)5,0071,0091
knwgADiaWingsAdult (f)6,6845861
6Y87WD N O M I A D D I AAdult (f)6,0278151
C0uhwPinkDia-MondAdult (f)4,7275860
3HvBODnomaidAdult (m)4,0036280
mU3tCEclipseofRubyAdult (f)7,1804942
89PG3LinusWHatchling (m, F)4,2745583
r4ZZNLinneaWAdult (f)5,7726042
dS6IDLenipsWAdult (m)6,0035471
J3TtULionelWAdult (m)5,5685980
zR8VlLinWHatchling (f, F)4,2895480
d6rycLinHallowsAdult (m)6,9835401
AbRRaAbbraWAdult (f)5,9445470
7mEybLionelMoonGAdult (m)6,6535581
pCLuORubyGems inSummer JewelsHatchling (f, F)4,0135760
bC8p9Pure Ruby in SummerAdult (m)5,7316170
N69VgPure Ruby Spring JewelAdult (f)5,8787121
1zhhgAnia Ruby Spring JewelAdult (f)6,1407582
qdtQUScatter as Fast as You canHatchling (f, F)4,3296770
NwKrvCarmina Dovahrek Summer ScatterAdult (f)5,4445682
j4bnsScatter NowAdult (f)4,3728023
t9ciOScatter FastAdult (f)3,1289991
zW6erScatter QuickAdult (m)2,6529512
KNLpPeeka boo booHatchling (f, F)5,1344740
hgKhHerb TaragonHatchling (m, F)1,22939025
YtZruSummer SpearMintAdult (m)6,9066211
fhfN1Minty Polo SummerAdult (m)2,7047322
YehaTaragon EmeraldAdult (f)2,82567751
G2YXgMinty Too FreshAdult (f)4,2253562
I8gsMoss PatchesHatchling (F)6584182
HQv9mMossy NaviHatchling (f, F)9,5296532
8htfyMossy SummerHatchling (m, F)2,0467804
o3YM4Mossy PatchyAdult (f)6,9534641
4LckPatches MossAdult (f)9905983
vE0rAMoss in SummerAdult (m)4,9588336
CTNL0Yewspring MossAdult (m)6,0704062
w6ORSSpring MossAdult (m)5,5733730
sWZL7Lime DashHatchling (F)2,6002800
8ZKTWCitrus SummerHatchling (m, F)3,1011,0590
q0rfGCitrus SpringAdult (f)4,8091,0450
9jSxbCitrus Fire  SplashAdult (m)2,3926403
ePvfZCitrus Autumn SplashAdult (m)3,0728641
IKv6NCitrus MangoAdult (m)5,3895893
BjPQrCitrus DreamAdult (m)3,0916033
boRQOAmber StripeAdult (m)4,4843693
eodAgSummer LimesHatchling (F)9444110
W6RzhSummer SourHatchling (m, F)2,0257090
seCFxSunshineBearAdult (f)6,0165271
9747yPure Lemon and LimeAdult (f)4,9087251
PC13sSummer Lime TwistAdult (f)2,7564891
dnUyIAutumnTwistofLemonAdult (f)6,2366661
GLQNYAutumnLimeAdult (f)6,2208508
1awWTwist of LemonAdult (f)1,21995410
lk3mPPureLemonLimeAdult (m)7,5926710
u0mHLemon and LimeAdult (m)1,1548979
wsMwYPure Summer Citrus BreezeAdult (m)5,4566310
jQjVDSpring Lime  BlossomHatchling (F)3,0633640
SVpheSpring Rose BlossomHatchling (f, F)3,3245641
RTbCDSpringPureAdult (f)4,5585830
g75S1CherrySpringAdult (m)3,6721,0751
gP4k3CheeryCherrySpringAdult (m)3,7181,0984
t1FBJSpring Cherrie BlossomAdult (m)4,7613191
uqEYCherry Petal BlossomAdult (m)1,2721,0454
j6RoLCherry Summer LimeAdult (f)3,0786132
fYhPkCherry  Green SpringAdult (m)4,0613222
Qp1sECherry Lime SpringAdult (f)5,0213383
vMAiMCherry Rose SpringAdult (f)4,4904123
u81VCherry Blossom PetalsAdult (f)8606663
htBpFFlaming Spring BudsHatchling (F)1,2501801
ZjEtLeaf BudHatchling (F)7272336
goeQFlamin' BudsHatchling (f, F)67448527
t8E7Flamin' BudHatchling (m, F)7134350
Qp01SSummer Leaf BudAdult (f)3,2273951
UeZjFlamin' LeavesAdult (f)72950422
wuSiMSpring Leaf BudsAdult (f)4,0495880
ghCGfFlaming Buds of SummerAdult (f)1,8456090
TWT0Emerald TualangAdult (f)2,6732993
aUP8uArchie Emerald TualangAdult (m)6,1545731
R0x1yDelicateSpringHatchling (F)1,6931611
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