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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rahenna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
S0NbvLeon's BeliefAdult (m)5,2416572
M8LIpCandy and WhipAdult (m)5,0746841
Ok1SMaze GardensHatchling (m, F)4,2017241
zWvejMina's ThemeHatchling (F)2,5213151
B0sUWood Carving PartitaAdult (f)4,8238131
329V1The Lair of the GorgonAdult (f)4,9891,2061
o9QO5SyphaAdult (f)4,4091,0744
tcpxIValentine's SecretsAdult (f)5,0726782
AbyRBJail of the GorgonAdult (f)3,5707411
RXbCMeeting of DestinyHatchling (f, F)3,8087372
60SeDThe Man Who Destroyed DraculaAdult (m)3,9104120
Q9XJGAiolon RuinsAdult (m)4,2814111
az86VQuiet MadnessAdult (m)4,9561,2102
iux7TToy Maker's HeartAdult (f)4,9501,0851
Z5qgTSubmerged CityAdult (f)3,6397222
in2s6The Cross of FateAdult (f)3,8345761
K18dlReturn to the CastleAdult (m)4,9431,0601
swYLsValentine FrostsAdult (m)3,3307870
nzuRvLyre of MoondustAdult (m)4,6796711
qnjJcA Man Who Knows Too MuchAdult (m)3,6327212
rlJHFNightmare FireflyAdult (f)4,3431,0971
AfDfUDestructive God from the PastAdult (f)3,7395801
4pnJBFalling to the BottomAdult (m)4,4441,0682
jcWe0The Visitor in the Silk HatAdult (m)4,5421,0811
mnsiVNobleman of the Water PrisonAdult (m)4,8801,0164
z0A7TThe Visitor at the BottomAdult (m)3,7287172
8wmwVConcerto of Midnight SunAdult (f)4,4146821
2s5L9Death Flower SuccubusAdult (f)3,6407262
k444Requiem for the Dark SoulsAdult (m)3,4375873
IslDSecret CoffinAdult (m)3,6084605
SQutPlatinum MoonlightAdult (m)2,8025572
Zu0gDying for a Drop of BloodAdult (m)4,1105704
g2UHThe Vampire's StomachAdult (m)2,9797453
Kw0mrRinaldo's CabinAdult (f)6,6255013
Eu03y(Eu03y)Adult (f)5,0997444
j3AEPhantom of FearAdult (m)3,2864610
eg2rFinal ToccataAdult (m)3,7754232
drGh7The Dead BogAdult (f)4,0473871
ZGPbSarabande of HealingAdult (m)3,7746483
3TYvWaltz of PearlsAdult (m)4,5744601
PaUvFMournful SerenadeAdult (f)3,0293981
DPcvY(DPcvY)Adult (m)7,0756702
6kHfM(6kHfM)Adult (m)6,3145482
Me93RSearch for the Crystal DiamondAdult (m)5,1526421
D19gCJoachim of the Clear Blue LakeAdult (m)5,6176556
U8BRm(U8BRm)Adult (f)5,1518163
39H0N(39H0N)Adult (f)5,4566321
YqtO9Castle WargAdult (f)7,3666431
ysNUWNew MessiahAdult (m)7,0574961
VHgonCrucifix Held CloseAdult (f)6,0305824
ZPBKcAkumajo DraculaAdult (m)7,6175701
k1fJABanquet HallAdult (f)7,7595522
AwvY9Void PowerAdult (m)2,5509332
IwS5d(IwS5d)Adult (f)6,6497753
2xyBxThe WargAdult (f)5,6635681
NYem4Treasure RoomAdult (m)5,1248403
j3DqzCollection SpaceAdult (m)6,2555791
3i7V9The Attendants' RoomsAdult (f)7,9455401
VDe1V(VDe1V)Adult (m)5,5898385
NLeXlFinale ToccataAdult4,2224781
dcLBWRear GardenAdult4,8989572
g4sXChaotic PlaygroundAdult3,3674632
C7aLBirth of WarAdult4,5803371
qCEUDSkeleton DenAdult4,1483581
jVy6eBizarre RoomAdult6,4966801
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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