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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rahenna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hlRXX(hlRXX)Adult (f)5,4856961
Z6MkM(Z6MkM)Adult (f)6,4956001
YiLus(YiLus)Adult (f)7,0605921
ohHjT(ohHjT)Adult (f)5,0425581
tHpbk(tHpbk)Adult (f)4,5805741
vUOg2(vUOg2)Adult (m)6,5904532
PUqHA(PUqHA)Adult (f)4,3964071
TYgyuBattle for the ThroneAdult (m)7,3025181
l7HG8Glowing Grande Thuwed IVAdult (f)7,2156442
HMOl4(HMOl4)Adult (f)7,81255016
07rtEStrange Rumors of Great MonkeysAdult (m)4,6526492
1CC4vTime of DuskAdult (f)4,0527730
J4Vx3Tan Tan TangoAdult (m)5,6657520
bemCEsquisse of ViolenceAdult (f)4,2735743
TrtXdTrap RoomAdult (f)5,8937302
GgL2LGalamoth is ComingAdult (m)5,0289641
9yStdHighest Castle FloorAdult (f)4,9569640
PJaduGlacier MistAdult (m)6,5506801
IQ5Jz(IQ5Jz)Adult (m)4,8959202
ugkiy(ugkiy)Adult (m)4,5495812
gFwF8(gFwF8)Adult (f)4,5366202
MkQiO(MkQiO)Adult (f)4,5046362
scL5J(scL5J)Adult (f)4,3786572
3l5fT(3l5fT)Adult (f)5,1576930
AWcCOThe BatheadAdult (m)3,2326771
9RGcPPitch-Black AttackAdult (f)4,1936520
tAA6h(tAA6h)Adult (f)2,9034652
OuTnh(OuTnh)Adult (m)3,5405232
UpnhG(UpnhG)Egg (F)
sKJNw(sKJNw)Adult (f)3,8655132
yUp1j(yUp1j)Adult (f)3,0404361
K1vgl(K1vgl)Adult (m)3,6774422
Y5d9Mortavia FountainAdult (f)4,1034673
gi0fAqueduct of DragonsAdult (m)3,3416194
XPWbDark Palace of WaterfallsAdult (f)3,2656802
cMyIe(cMyIe)Adult (f)8,7067714
ofisi(ofisi)Adult (f)7,8918263
UMF0q(UMF0q)Adult (f)8,9716704
Qf1dUAfter ConfessionAdult (m)7,9955330
vHPGYWhen the Bletilla BloomsAdult (f)6,7654512
8CBFcThe Birth Cry of WarAdult (f)5,2238311
Q2a7XRobo-Robo TokkuriAdult (m)8,0206431
yCWFAPraying HandsAdult (m)4,4827553
DxfTUCha-Cha-Cha in the Great WatersAdult (m)6,3608323
rFSu3(rFSu3)Adult (m)5,3887795
fYEO3(fYEO3)Adult (m)5,4226111
I1QTvJail of JewelAdult (m)5,7306832
RPOpB(RPOpB)Adult (f)6,4754661
7MJcQPrison of SilenceAdult (m)4,1917582
mpbVQBattle with the Will to DieAdult (m)5,7516001
03ZV3Great Door of Dark CourageAdult (f)6,5395811
PoSum(PoSum)Adult (m)7,3926471
1k1EE(1k1EE)Adult (f)5,6826500
hrl4Dance of IllusionsAdult (f)1,40942910
mf67Forbidden FateAdult (m)3,8056626
HHF2Gate of the UnderworldAdult (f)2,8225561
RRNE4Amber SceneryAdult (f)4,1436891
urdLFRalph's CrisisAdult (f)6,0216903
CvIRG(CvIRG)Adult (f)5,1916961
0EkrRMagetelia ThuwedAdult (f)6,5036612
RQ7qb(RQ7qb)Adult (f)5,3856402
ASWbk(ASWbk)Adult (m)5,3146681
rhcv4(rhcv4)Adult (f)7,3646015
ITuYs(ITuYs)Adult (m)6,7176312
lDdgT(lDdgT)Adult (f)4,6597383
0SQXDemonic BanquetAdult (m)3,86966212
3qAxPDracula's FateAdult (f)5,4048951
s4q14(s4q14)Adult (m)5,0168871
VqbLs(VqbLs)Adult (m)
sDiS5(sDiS5)Adult (f)3,2134392
PiiCl(PiiCl)Adult (m)2,6334801
dfx7v(dfx7v)Adult (m)2,3346480
jOrHGloomy MemoriesAdult (m)4,1074692
ODDhTNight is Washed AwayAdult (f)5,6027425
773qJHammer's Trading CompanyAdult (f)4,1247591
cdappJudgment of DarknessAdult (m)5,4457741
np9r3Pitch Black IntrusionAdult (m)4,7534201
LXJfeDoor of DestinyAdult (f)4,8867262
GzbBX(GzbBX)Adult (f)5,0041,0012
8QsAt(8QsAt)Adult (f)5,9455571
wcPOYHard Won NobilityAdult (f)3,7777521
n8poAGallery of LabyrinthAdult (m)3,8877962
u3iEU(u3iEU)Adult (f)6,1006161
maqYA Vision of Dark SecretsAdult (m)3,1677264
dVJfGaze Up at the DarknessAdult (f)2,38697313
bJA5A Vision of DarknessAdult (f)2,7455484
K6jgRequiem of Star-Crossed NightsAdult (m)4,5874921
v2ZLDoor to DarknessAdult (f)2,8537623
ZsJmtGaze Up at Dark SecretsAdult (f)3,5223611
b7V6aTower of SorceryAdult (m)5,0433931
TZVonTower of DarknessAdult (f)4,2253291
RwkMwA Lullaby Sent to the DevilsAdult (f)3,7839670
z5KZPRequiem of a Starlit NightAdult (f)5,7306872
IcBNBDungeon of SilenceAdult (m)7,7245321
T6Gk9(T6Gk9)Adult (m)5,6526383
W1RUX(W1RUX)Adult (f)5,4876453
ornox(ornox)Adult (m)5,7928742
uecXPrologue to the Black AbyssAdult (f)5,7504202
dI3GChapel Hidden in SmokeAdult (f)5,1065272
kUtU1Dark Secret GazeAdult (m)4,2516083
5CJ1iStairway to the CloudsAdult (f)3,5483510
E4gJ9Forest of JigramuntAdult (m)3,6874431
TAGXsTwilight StigmataAdult (f)5,3946801
4eYLJ(4eYLJ)Adult (f)6,3325192
QD0BIllusionary DanceAdult (m)1,71534821
8eB7tIndigo Sorrow RhapsodyAdult (m)4,6897302
vcG1pNoble VariationAdult (f)5,1397521
OWbXPath of the DepartedAdult (m)4,6747103
7Xa6Statue Enchanted by the DarknessAdult (f)5,4134274
LWlCCalling from HeavenAdult (m)3,6877076
sYLAvNightmare AriaAdult (f)4,7794331
E8L5lLuminous Moss CaveAdult (m)3,9713871
DZxXU(DZxXU)Adult (f)6,4926533
Z4APy(Z4APy)Adult (f)4,8338242
nb5JAnti-Soul Mysteries LabAdult4,5614872
BdJISUnholy VespersAdult4,4406404
CyvZYCastlevania ReincarnationAdult6,5797822
cuHQThe Trick ManorAdult (m)5,1685132
hc2eNarcissistic ReflectionAdult (f)3,3417223
T6EMBloodlines BequeathedAdult (f)4,30189239
XYRZ1The Lost PortraitAdult (m)6,7526132
AlxeWNelesarAdult (m)6,6646092
X0MivNelesar's ReflectionAdult (m)6,3025981
q1iHiAsteroid ElementsAdult (f)7,6895502
gGl5CCrooked CharmAdult (f)6,1616602
VD9eRSlipping FallingAdult (f)6,0551,1214
WMgo6Blazing Heart Gresipis IIIAdult (m)6,2406467
LPUoT(LPUoT)Adult (f)4,6397342
AuesC(AuesC)Adult (m)5,1436832
WvxxF(WvxxF)Adult (f)7,0886844
D7WKX(D7WKX)Adult (m)4,6966151
zD6tu(zD6tu)Adult (m)5,8315491
P8Exx(P8Exx)Adult (f)3,6626256
ZqFcb(ZqFcb)Adult (m)7,4255021
5UGsr(5UGsr)Adult (f)8,5407156
nbZjJCross of the DragonsAdult (m)10,1457142
kQYfpTankin Tinsel ThuwedAdult (f)10,4817154
tu1vXAnzu DalekAdult (m)9,1276743
ahlgDYzyoa YiuAdult (m)9,8607765
WmfjzGlorious EarthlightAdult (f)7,8159845
CbQNuTravelling AutobotAdult (f)10,00269010
ryfW7(ryfW7)Adult (f)7,0369792
CHrhL(CHrhL)Adult (m)7,2431,0302
82OPiHigh HeartstealerAdult (m)8,6058034
MC9fEdge of the SkyAdult (f)4,0526454
Vud7Dancing MansionAdult (m)6,6824530
qB2JF(qB2JF)Adult (f)5,4197541
7LgtWaltz of the Lazy Chair RoomAdult (m)4,2497057
cEDB5Bloodstained DemiseAdult (f)4,6764370
9n1ij(9n1ij)Adult (f)5,3446703
ubvEr(ubvEr)Adult (m)5,6835531
7IALBesieged VillageAdult (f)4,4394621
YtmoUArduous JourneyAdult (m)4,7204420
kubHcDoor of Holy SpiritsAdult (m)6,8714822
Fwsvb(Fwsvb)Adult (f)5,3115371
ae0P3The Curse of SorrowAdult (m)5,0957491
vc9JqBeating of Rough StringsAdult (f)4,1925822
TNjDmThe Power of VoidAdult (f)4,0467720
o5EijHill of Soul CalmingAdult (m)5,6557580
4ucz1(4ucz1)Adult (m)7,1246622
3GRQc(3GRQc)Adult (m)4,7256631
oQfSo(oQfSo)Adult (m)3,4284781
EdSaq(EdSaq)Adult (f)3,4595000
Svo9z(Svo9z)Adult (f)2,9646291
oH1BS(oH1BS)Adult (f)4,2314882
CXaLA Small PrayerAdult (f)4,0496160
usbuy(usbuy)Adult (m)6,7995301
1O38House of Sacred RemainsAdult (m)4,5944631
bJYIjPiercing SilenceAdult (f)3,4094761
JIQKM(JIQKM)Adult (f)5,9735771
QhaE3(QhaE3)Adult (f)3,3734012
jeEAo(jeEAo)Adult (f)3,2884840
hmnBCastle Keep EntranceAdult (f)3,8744331
WKfMNThe Discolored WallAdult (m)4,2553580
su0yc(su0yc)Adult (f)5,3736152
7ZqKZNew DeterminationAdult (m)5,9386311
tf323Rock-Paper-Scissors BatAdult (m)7,3705041
ElqWm(ElqWm)Adult (m)6,3715871
MCMg5(MCMg5)Adult (m)7,0955421
SKyfcLife TimerAdult (f)4,3871,0030
B4zN2Traces of Impure SoulsAdult (f)4,3511,0121
AnG2PDemon Castle Library StorehouseAdult (f)6,7045671
OhI7u(OhI7u)Adult (m)5,7815421
GcnaGI'm a Very Rich ManAdult (m)6,6636281
5nRh3Demon Castle Highest FloorAdult (m)7,3206462
DeYfd(DeYfd)Adult (f)3,2514661
szaNx(szaNx)Adult (f)3,8014710
8jG9d(8jG9d)Adult (m)3,6104731
YlbXg(YlbXg)Adult (f)3,3264641
pJ8vv(pJ8vv)Adult (m)3,7974613
lxACU(lxACU)Adult (f)3,1194651
nRR7Scarlet Battle SoulAdult (f)3,3487312
VPJUSerenade of the HearthAdult (m)4,0387701
K1S3QHeilige OvertureAdult (f)3,9634170
d6dqyThe Wolf RevealedAdult (m)7,0845021
kwczYScarlet of the HearthAdult (m)6,7475571
ZHaOfBallad for a Gorgeous HeroineAdult (f)6,7046322
5CXzQSerenade of BattleAdult (f)7,5825111
fFMmIHearth of BattleAdult (f)7,5025821
YTMr6Ballad for a Gorgeous WolfAdult (m)7,1796011
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