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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rahenna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sYLAvNightmare AriaAdult (f)4,7794331
E8L5lLuminous Moss CaveAdult (m)3,9713871
DZxXU(DZxXU)Adult (f)6,4926533
Z4APy(Z4APy)Adult (f)4,8338242
nb5JAnti-Soul Mysteries LabAdult4,5614872
BdJISUnholy VespersAdult4,4406404
CyvZYCastlevania ReincarnationAdult6,5797822
cuHQThe Trick ManorAdult (m)5,1685132
hc2eNarcissistic ReflectionAdult (f)3,3417223
T6EMBloodlines BequeathedAdult (f)4,30189239
XYRZ1The Lost PortraitAdult (m)6,7526132
AlxeWNelesarAdult (m)6,6646092
X0MivNelesar's ReflectionAdult (m)6,3025981
q1iHiAsteroid ElementsAdult (f)7,6895502
gGl5CCrooked CharmAdult (f)6,1616602
VD9eRSlipping FallingAdult (f)6,0551,1214
WMgo6Blazing Heart Gresipis IIIAdult (m)6,2406467
LPUoT(LPUoT)Adult (f)4,6397342
AuesC(AuesC)Adult (m)5,1436832
WvxxF(WvxxF)Adult (f)7,0886844
D7WKX(D7WKX)Adult (m)4,6966151
zD6tu(zD6tu)Adult (m)5,8315491
P8Exx(P8Exx)Adult (f)3,6626256
ZqFcb(ZqFcb)Adult (m)7,4255021
5UGsr(5UGsr)Adult (f)8,5407156
nbZjJCross of the DragonsAdult (m)10,1457142
kQYfpTankin Tinsel ThuwedAdult (f)10,4817154
tu1vXAnzu DalekAdult (m)9,1276743
ahlgDYzyoa YiuAdult (m)9,8607765
WmfjzGlorious EarthlightAdult (f)7,8159845
CbQNuTravelling AutobotAdult (f)10,00269010
ryfW7(ryfW7)Adult (f)7,0369792
CHrhL(CHrhL)Adult (m)7,2431,0302
82OPiHigh HeartstealerAdult (m)8,6058034
MC9fEdge of the SkyAdult (f)4,0526454
Vud7Dancing MansionAdult (m)6,6824530
qB2JF(qB2JF)Adult (f)5,4197541
7LgtWaltz of the Lazy Chair RoomAdult (m)4,2497057
cEDB5Bloodstained DemiseAdult (f)4,6764370
9n1ij(9n1ij)Adult (f)5,3446703
7IALBesieged VillageAdult (f)4,4394621
YtmoUArduous JourneyAdult (m)4,7204420
kubHcDoor of Holy SpiritsAdult (m)6,8714822
ae0P3The Curse of SorrowAdult (m)5,0957491
vc9JqBeating of Rough StringsAdult (f)4,1925822
TNjDmThe Power of VoidAdult (f)4,0467720
o5EijHill of Soul CalmingAdult (m)5,6557580
4ucz1(4ucz1)Adult (m)7,1246622
CXaLA Small PrayerAdult (f)4,0496160
usbuy(usbuy)Adult (m)6,7995301
1O38House of Sacred RemainsAdult (m)4,5944631
bJYIjPiercing SilenceAdult (f)3,4094761
hmnBCastle Keep EntranceAdult (f)3,8744331
WKfMNThe Discolored WallAdult (m)4,2553580
su0yc(su0yc)Adult (f)5,3736152
7ZqKZNew DeterminationAdult (m)5,9386311
tf323Rock-Paper-Scissors BatAdult (m)7,3705041
ElqWm(ElqWm)Adult (m)6,3715871
MCMg5(MCMg5)Adult (m)7,0955421
SKyfcLife TimerAdult (f)4,3871,0030
B4zN2Traces of Impure SoulsAdult (f)4,3511,0121
AnG2PDemon Castle Library StorehouseAdult (f)6,7045671
GcnaGI'm a Very Rich ManAdult (m)6,6636281
5nRh3Demon Castle Highest FloorAdult (m)7,3206462
nRR7Scarlet Battle SoulAdult (f)3,3487312
VPJUSerenade of the HearthAdult (m)4,0387701
K1S3QHeilige OvertureAdult (f)3,9634170
d6dqyThe Wolf RevealedAdult (m)7,0845021
kwczYScarlet of the HearthAdult (m)6,7475571
ZHaOfBallad for a Gorgeous HeroineAdult (f)6,7046322
5CXzQSerenade of BattleAdult (f)7,5825111
fFMmIHearth of BattleAdult (f)7,5025821
YTMr6Ballad for a Gorgeous WolfAdult (m)7,1796011
WvCWIBabbling RedAdult (f)6,0706703
ff509Meltdown FirebenderAdult (m)4,1826772
4vD8cFirelit RibbonsAdult (m)5,9206842
C5NIrThe Wolf BalladAdult (m)5,5158771
B1yMAMeltdown RedAdult (m)5,0717961
mIvSlDaicellaAdult (f)6,1556791
pS7TgTiet ArddraAdult (m)7,1546761
I2PKI(I2PKI)Adult (m)6,0217172
YrlzN(YrlzN)Adult (f)6,0446841
HvPcy(HvPcy)Adult (f)6,3051,1183
beKnu(beKnu)Adult (m)6,8067262
SjeS0(SjeS0)Adult (f)6,4058441
hUixg(hUixg)Adult (f)6,2028171
Z3x3o(Z3x3o)Adult (m)6,6656101
2gKSP(2gKSP)Adult (m)6,7326101
KuMug(KuMug)Adult (f)4,9496271
Gq7fB(Gq7fB)Adult (m)5,8415812
OJODPoison MindAdult (m)3,9005310
VqQYqMy-Pace PeddlerAdult (f)4,2778001
3tZLDemon Castle PinnacleAdult (f)3,3367793
NmbRHail from the PastAdult (m)2,8405611
A05M7Phantom PalaceAdult (m)4,6864450
rdJXeInvitation to the Demon CastleAdult (f)4,3013440
MxiTRNo More Turning BackAdult (f)4,8433440
nUrAxBlocked HeartAdult (m)3,1038341
rF5IjMalak's LabyrinthAdult (m)4,7057511
7QdtWCordova TownAdult (f)4,4636570
82aEA(82aEA)Adult (f)5,5957562
Yi2wA(Yi2wA)Adult (m)4,9908011
0Fgp7(0Fgp7)Adult (f)5,1257221
c2CuY(c2CuY)Adult (f)4,6667641
B18ERipe SeedsAdult (f)4,1908565
a7m4vPhase ClusterAdult (m)5,4556850
iZ7I5(iZ7I5)Adult (m)5,9376582
RfNSS(RfNSS)Adult (f)5,5966351
oipzU(oipzU)Adult (f)6,0358301
TcQww(TcQww)Adult (f)6,3168041
CjLtDivine BloodlinesAdult (m)3,8638065
b9ZiArmory ArabesqueAdult (m)4,0927965
IosmAn Empty TomeAdult (f)3,8614392
rjIoCatacombs of Grief and SadnessAdult (m)3,7024872
QLHXDemon Castle StudyAdult (m)3,4735381
ugGMBehind the GazeAdult (f)3,3995233
iXRsThe Looming ThreatAdult (m)4,5724892
dC1AClockwork Winter ThuwedAdult (f)4,8816661
HpIA6Palace of the Dim MoonAdult (f)7,4725607
4NifEEquipment TalkAdult (m)7,3965092
40AmcWalking on the EdgeAdult (m)3,0108070
siTNNThe Cave of JigramuntAdult (f)2,2663732
smYjW(smYjW)Adult (f)5,5276751
tGB2CChaos FireAdult (m)6,9776023
WyYz4Silver ThreatAdult (m)7,5245104
07MU4Angelic Aria LightAdult (f)6,1188374
LLEOPLiquid SilveriaAdult (f)6,7261,1806
q40nIllusionary SongAdult (f)3,8064205
CpFHCross of the Blue MoonAdult (f)2,9935711
8RNNw(8RNNw)Adult (m)5,8246531
VUF6J(VUF6J)Adult (f)5,8535062
lJf8GHealing ReposeAdult (f)7,6185413
LQm22Mysterious AdviceAdult (f)3,5529860
RXx4VA Stranger Met by the WindAdult (m)4,9088961
6ZuWPGabriel's FarewellAdult (m)4,8567871
NbSYmPale Grave MarkerAdult (m)5,2447572
L0Hyc(L0Hyc)Adult (m)5,6037231
92ZYBanquet of MadnessAdult (m)5,4608985
7KSHThe Power of a HunterAdult (f)4,4006751
d3JMDevil ForgingAdult (m)3,2715251
bezJaWandering CourageAdult (f)5,2237817
oTgDNElemental WavesAdult (m)5,1208263
8LBKClockwork ThuwedAdult (m)3,5216485
fHJEClockwork Lightning ThuwedAdult (m)3,5794501
mXfbwGrazia DanceAdult (f)5,7109071
CCSvmWedding March of TragedyAdult (f)4,6971,0121
rC2sr(rC2sr)Adult (f)5,5397332
yIAkH(yIAkH)Adult (f)5,0487403
etaPS(etaPS)Adult (m)6,0588392
p41gkEncounter with a Certain WitchAdult (m)5,6765672
bIQKf(bIQKf)Adult (f)8,6765942
0LOfClockwork Seed ThuwedAdult (f)5,1894353
EAxSJ(EAxSJ)Adult (f)8,8276012
ult9PTachismistic ConstructionAdult (m)5,5965822
ineqe(ineqe)Adult (m)8,8376051
6N6sWBrotherhood AssaultAdult (f)5,8126161
exNPtThe Night is Washed AwayAdult (m)4,2858021
bX8R2Waterfalls of AghartaAdult (m)3,6701,0000
84I7uCandle RushAdult (f)4,9077281
dSqlLand of BenedictionAdult (m)3,9215341
hE5QPortal to Dark BraveryAdult (f)3,3955481
BSlfRuined Castle CorridorAdult (m)5,6484620
MJXriGreat Gate of DarknessAdult (f)6,3015301
20TEChromatische PhantasieAdult (f)2,5167002
SYGXRequiem of the GodsAdult (m)2,6946678
BKXtThe Prayer of a Tragic QueenAdult (f)3,3595381
KuhPAScarlet FineAdult (m)4,5026062
NPPaPAfter the Good FightAdult (f)3,4454191
JnlaRUnderground MelodiesAdult (f)3,9214481
qRYYZPoetic DeathAdult (f)4,9954020
qohoThe Horde's FestivalAdult (m)6,6667243
k5dHpA Formidable Foe AppearsAdult (f)4,5374381
QOc86Baljhet MountainsAdult (m)5,2225161
r40NBFate to DespairAdult (f)4,9693651
D5d4g(D5d4g)Adult (f)5,9048421
SXRaf(SXRaf)Adult (m)6,4207952
rUcQThe Approach of DeploreAdult (f)2,5147117
s0c0Moon FightAdult (m)3,4956491
vI4Q2Minotaurus BattleAdult (f)5,6589011
Rr7L6Holy Cross Obsessed by the MoonAdult (m)6,8838961
9TDnH(9TDnH)Adult (f)8,0547102
vAHTpChaotic BattleAdult (f)3,7277561
GTAgZephyr's LightningAdult (f)2,92271417
Kg53Zephyr's BanquetAdult (f)5,3981,2646
b1DNoCavern of Dark SpawnAdult (f)4,7504201
GvGf8Something LoopyAdult (f)4,9293311
I4QGX(I4QGX)Adult (m)4,9797761
JcrtoBravura of DaybreakAdult (m)4,2759641
YJAO3Mournful NocturneAdult (f)3,8089250
pPRIrSharp White Fighting SpiritAdult (f)3,7851,0251
qk10DDeep Translucent Moonlit NightAdult (m)4,6219921
3fLCTRoad of EnemyAdult (f)4,7613512
om4vGWarning of Sweeping ConquestAdult (m)5,1873470
TDuwkFollowers of DarknessAdult (f)3,9099161
pn2VrMarch of the RighteousAdult (f)5,1453430
vg0IjMessage of DarknessAdult (f)4,7413761
m2YLXThe Hidden CurseAdult (m)4,4957920
xc1GtSoleiyu's RoomAdult (f)5,1857530
qFuRJ(qFuRJ)Adult (m)6,8137363
pyHspCity in FlamesAdult (f)4,8401,0352
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