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You pick up the scroll labeled “DesolthDima,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7VTlDD Skye Purple FlyerAdult (f)2,4898962
HoXWDD Predictable Puff PassionAdult (m)2,2077486
oMe5DD YellowsparkerAdult (f)1,6477605
ZmQFtDD Sparking I AmHatchling (f, F)1,6746585
QrVDDD Skye-FlashAdult (m)1,7818127
nJeKDD Pure Drifting Nite DreamerAdult (f)4,6831,2046
vnPvDD Twilight DawnspriteAdult (m)1,97586610
pUprDD Yellowfire StormyAdult (f)4,1031,1684
fh67DD Steelfire Amber SpiritAdult (m)2,1048326
KNUqp(KNUqp)Adult (f)2,5236341
yh4ZN(yh4ZN)Adult (m)2,9206703
nlmODD Twilight StarflierAdult (f)3,8149845
EASgDD TwilightstalkerAdult (m)2,6771,05913
eu7bDD Starflier StalkerAdult (f)2,5129834
WTnpDD Nightdawn FlierAdult (m)2,3297892
36uU(36uU)Adult (f)2,3451,0293
Jj8D(Jj8D)Adult (m)2,0427788
FVPr(FVPr)Adult (f)1,9731,1082
345JDD Charbreath KarmaskyeAdult (f)2,1337985
vCTS(vCTS)Adult (m)2,6501,07810
Zs08DD Inferno Rasberry WhipAdult (f)2,6266596
a9Ze(a9Ze)Adult (m)1,7726682
OpQFDD Crimson FlareAdult (f)2,6629946
q44GDD Crimson Fire SteelskyeAdult (m)2,2127534
QXkA(QXkA)Adult (f)1,8657286
n0GX(n0GX)Adult (m)2,4157894
u4J4(u4J4)Adult (m)1,5536204
hiW4(hiW4)Adult (m)2,3991,1034
NYZ0DD Nite Time ForceAdult (m)2,2627706
Hn0oDD Indigo SkyeAdult (m)2,1047254
S52i1(S52i1)Adult (m)1,8985931
pgH9DD Dame' Golden CloudAdult (f)2,1578195
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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