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You pick up the scroll labeled “DesolthDima,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Pv6p(Pv6p)Adult (f)1,2293972
LaYC(LaYC)Adult (m)2,35667612
lSSj(lSSj)Adult (m)1,57760313
rpTB(rpTB)Adult (f)1,5046245
3aoH(3aoH)Adult (m)1,73969514
E4i2(E4i2)Adult (m)9665192
rqim(rqim)Adult (m)1,5526491
EMPP(EMPP)Adult (m)1,5526345
ju4G(ju4G)Adult (f)9715506
6D0P(6D0P)Adult (f)1,6496377
DtLaC(DtLaC)Adult (f)2,1426274
Rgdk(Rgdk)Adult (f)1,8727003
koEL(koEL)Adult (m)1,1265992
hQA7(hQA7)Adult (f)1,0955752
M6Cm(M6Cm)Adult (m)1,5246143
DYcF(DYcF)Adult (f)1,7847311
eG1O(eG1O)Adult (m)1,9247192
fp5n(fp5n)Adult (f)1,8526252
od9X0(od9X0)Adult (m)2,2245426
DQpX(DQpX)Adult (f)1,6666332
C9PIm(C9PIm)Hatchling (m, F)1,8166462
TyBA5(TyBA5)Adult (f)1,8576143
ABoo(ABoo)Adult (m)1,4826082
ggTY(ggTY)Adult (f)1,9756973
GDL1(GDL1)Adult (m)1,4235815
alDo(alDo)Adult (f)1,7367423
Uvtp3(Uvtp3)Hatchling (m, F)2,1446033
mUWd(mUWd)Adult (m)1,1616012
A1l3(A1l3)Adult (f)1,2414346
2C5C(2C5C)Adult (f)1,2807171
KhZj(KhZj)Adult (m)1,1725954
dW6S(dW6S)Adult (f)1,0226155
Pckf(Pckf)Adult (m)1,6438923
hYrk(hYrk)Adult (f)2,6256293
IGYu(IGYu)Adult (m)1,3285751
gQue(gQue)Adult (f)1,4427492
Schf(Schf)Adult (m)1,3216015
cO1C(cO1C)Adult (f)2,0098853
Zhfg(Zhfg)Adult (m)1,4006365
H2No(H2No)Adult (f)1,5857605
UcXP3(UcXP3)Adult (m)1,6576701
vMMc(vMMc)Adult (m)1,5417855
EESq(EESq)Adult (f)1,8239322
FJT8(FJT8)Adult (m)1,2417295
vduP(vduP)Adult (f)1,8249032
27dB(27dB)Adult (m)1,4997453
FPvn(FPvn)Adult (f)2,0821,0479
ZOI9(ZOI9)Adult (m)2,4121,0555
P8Gh(P8Gh)Adult (m)1,8759634
jd0a(jd0a)Adult (f)1,7278213
qkJD(qkJD)Adult (m)1,9039644
YS9f(YS9f)Adult (f)2,1921,1692
qdSj(qdSj)Adult (m)2,5679583
TGpM(TGpM)Adult (f)1,0816843
WpYc(WpYc)Adult (m)1,5939052
KsBd(KsBd)Adult (m)1,8837143
2MQ5(2MQ5)Adult (f)1,9311,0062
rLHmm(rLHmm)Hatchling (f, F)2,2105961
QOmB(QOmB)Adult (m)1,8389292
Pns1(Pns1)Adult (f)2,1048694
MRDs(MRDs)Adult (m)2,7831,0803
9G4B(9G4B)Adult (f)1,3316593
7K1Y(7K1Y)Adult (m)1,0485741
OgPr(OgPr)Adult (f)2,0846555
951I(951I)Adult (m)1,3127875
uJZKDD YouAreMySunshineAdult (m)5,3761,2947
AoKhDD MyOnlySunshineAdult (f)1,5376685
58OIDD You Make Me HappyAdult (m)2,0137775
53uuDD When Skies Are GreyAdult (f)1,5248654
d9e9DD You'll Never Know DearAdult (m)1,3085814
j0SODD StarLightStarBrightAdult (m)4,8891,2719
1WuIDD First StarISeeToniteAdult (f)2,6981,0214
IVtvDD I Wish I MayAdult (m)2,1629844
oZlgDD I Wish I MightAdult (f)2,0581,0438
VCYeDD HaveTheWishIWishToniteAdult (f)2,8551,0532
Fc5YDD Rashon BlueAdult (f)5,8689987
oRKeDD Rashon WhiteAdult (m)1,3256814
itk2(itk2)Adult (f)1,7187163
YSDBx(YSDBx)Adult (m)2,2016950
CbfFDD White Calming SkyeAdult (f)1,0745148
nHEoDD Skye of Calming WhiteAdult (m)3,4838456
DnM7DD Temper - TemperAdult (f)1,2917092
XqejDD Satanic StormnightAdult (m)2,6421,0142
KnUbDD CanNotControlMyselfAdult (f)2,0101,03728
0UMsDD YesYouCanTryHarderAdult (m)2,0888894
mDvbDD Twilight RainbowAdult (f)1,1806321
09p7DD Rainbow TwilightemberAdult (m)1,2887222
e1kfDD Rainbow TimeskyeAdult (f)1,3417114
JGvGDD Timeskye TwilightAdult (m)1,6118361
7uksDD Twilighttail TimeskyeAdult (f)1,0735634
nkkQDD Star Shard Secret StormAdult (f)4,9461,3123
VuRFDD Secret Storm SerpentAdult (m)2,2749785
6MQaDD Sapphire FlashAdult (f)1,2947594
pjtXDD Rainstorm SerpentAdult (m)2,0201,20824
pNsaDD Silent Sea StormAdult (f)1,6447496
mu4hDD Rainstorm BluefireAdult (m)1,6796253
eC5LDD Bluefire StormAdult (f)2,0676161
QvSrFSilent RainstormAdult (m)1,7123264
shP6DD Up Up And AwayAdult (f)5,1431,3317
daa8DD I Am Right Behind YouAdult (m)1,9765214
9rEaDD Silent Sky SerpentAdult (f)3,3949984
1eKaDD Stormy Nite IcerAdult (f)2,1528068
KS8PDD Silent Blue StormyAdult (m)2,4358659
bMM1DD Inferno WarlordAdult (m)1,1546548
BU8SDD To Hot To Trot OnAdult (f)3,9889698
DFp3DD ShockingAren'tWeAdult (f)1,8886555
EPifDD Mountain ThunderlighteningAdult (m)1,2917287
uS9bDD My Bloody ValentineAdult (f)2,6477992
HL9SDD Come Let Me Bite YouAdult (m)2,9918007
15fADD Twilight Pale MistyAdult (f)1,4665066
HvWrDD Misty Pale TwilightAdult (m)3,3261,0832
dhsLDD Pale Misty TwilightAdult (f)3,5391,1833
e0G6DD Hazy TwilightAdult (m)2,5839764
itgTDD Misty Twilight HazeAdult (f)4,5241,2905
W1ijDD Misty Smoky TwilightAdult (m)3,4608155
hd5ODD Twilight of HazinessAdult (f)2,3941,1217
uB8RDD Smoky Twilight MistAdult (m)3,9499312
j7shDD Pale Twilight HazeAdult (f)1,8067526
mIeMDD Twilight Smoky MistAdult (m)4,7891,40642
mKOpDD Little Amber MistAdult (f)2,9689189
A5drDD Misty AmberHatchling (f, F)1,2745596
hmsADD Misty MintyAdult (m)1,9741,1968
V2d8Z(V2d8Z)Adult (f)4,5299937
1A0oc(1A0oc)Adult (f)2,0277231
VmHO3(VmHO3)Adult (f)2,1246491
q4G0d(q4G0d)Adult (f)2,1596601
GTtoDD My New Valentine SurpriseAdult (f)1,6367791
fRYiG(fRYiG)Hatchling (m, F)1,9236791
YCNMDD Valentine SurpriseAdult (m)4,1251,15410
1qq5DD WOW  Beautiful I AmAdult (f)1,9801,0202
SNqRo(SNqRo)Adult (m)4,05698510
c9oFT(c9oFT)Adult (f)2,0657304
op41DD I Am Double Dipped 2Adult (m)3,7419916
vIWBR(vIWBR)Adult (f)2,0687244
0SQ5DD TwoHeadsAreBetterThanOneAdult (f)3,3718412
rEW2DD MyTwoHeadsAreBetterThanYoursAdult (m)3,4428435
IP7aDD ICanSeeInTwoDirectionsAtOnceAdult (f)2,5299941
tQGbDD Nore StormnightAdult (f)3,8669505
dXFeDD Grayfrye NyteloreAdult (m)1,1136246
5MCBd(5MCBd)Adult (f)1,8197051
6g2TDD Stone Cold HeartedAdult (m)3,2961,1023
5if5DD Heart of StoneAdult (f)1,0826855
t7XK(t7XK)Adult (f)2,0299372
8oHe(8oHe)Adult (m)1,9951,0736
FAL7DD  Dawnnight Talon 7Adult (f)2,2738884
JKMpNightToDawn Talon 8Adult (m)1,4976401
rN9IDD Spring WildwoodAdult (f)1,0896645
LsPJDD Springtime RainbowAdult (m)2,3071,26111
i5LbDD Spring's RainbowAdult (f)1,1525965
SgQ9DD Summers' DewAdult (f)1,0626334
4HE5DD Summer SunsetAdult (m)2,1761,0533
8RrYDD Summer SunriseAdult (f)2,1509673
rPPeDD Summer's RainbowAdult (m)2,7771,0482
k2LoDD Summer's StormingAdult (f)2,6185573
qsTBDD Sunrise RainbowAdult (m)1,3265997
FuFsDD Autumn Color'sAdult (f)1,9247134
TnPPDD Autumn's RainbowAdult (m)1,7686674
X23uDD Storm of AutumnAdult (f)1,1686382
91cpDD Autumn LeavesAdult (m)1,5135891
R2HD(R2HD)Adult (f)1,8186992
YKWEDD Winter's ChillAdult (f)4,2751,2184
SJ9BDD Forever ChillyHatchling (f, F)1,7076952
qI8ZDD Winter BlizzardAdult (m)1,9869253
8v9GDD My Christmas of GivingAdult (f)1,7697304
mpoSDD My Christmas SpriteAdult (f)1,7787441
i86KDD My Christmas SurpriseAdult (f)1,7307204
7meY(7meY)Adult (f)2,5111,0215
ZAp2DD Zappy 2 KoolbuckAdult (m)1,8057576
q89L(q89L)Adult (m)2,0789274
lWJVDD Greenstriped GliderAdult (f)3,4449085
QZCEDD Striped GreengliderAdult (m)2,5209775
asAWb(asAWb)Adult (f)1,6035681
OciFDD Paleflight  DashAdult (m)3,9401,0024
O7N8DD Dawn TwilightrivenAdult (f)2,2669274
D7sU(D7sU)Adult (f)1,2884692
mFiA(mFiA)Adult (f)2,0305065
ljAvDD Inferno FlareAdult (f)2,6941,0254
G1WEDD Magi FlareAdult (m)1,9417344
sQsV(sQsV)Adult (m)2,2911,0165
NsvW(NsvW)Adult (m)2,4557802
c93X(c93X)Adult (f)1,8607111
LvNSDD Goldenflye FlareUpAdult (m)1,8997501
ZnIZ(ZnIZ)Adult (f)1,6776572
StQBDD Flare GoldenflyeAdult (m)2,3891,3306
oPMFDD Flamboyant GoldshellAdult (f)3,3328585
3Q4DDD Archimedis Dust StormAdult (m)5,0321,4926
Gns1DD Azure Lore MistAdult (f)2,1007886
0KhKDD Purple ShadowflightAdult (m)1,0615674
gubHDD Shadowflight LoreAdult (f)1,5145921
r305(r305)Adult (m)1,5785821
YpkPDD Guardian Blue SpineAdult (f)2,3931,35011
T61KDD Azure-Lair GuardianAdult (m)4,2811,0745
rSWG(rSWG)Adult (f)1,9936882
RPiZDD Green CometskyeAdult (f)1,0386543
gCUEDD Comet EarthfatherAdult (m)2,2669466
5nHmDD Glacia EarthmotherAdult (f)1,84376310
LIIKDD Freilan Summer LikkerAdult (f)1,6066672
U4LbDD Summer Solaris ShadowAdult (m)3,3971,1444
52qEDD Purple Skye FlyerAdult (f)2,5641,1294
lVrbDD Dawn of Purple SkyAdult (m)1,9967617
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