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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Askal,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    OBE2(OBE2)Adult (f)1,17247820
    aL5g(aL5g)Adult (m)1,70856411
    PDEh(PDEh)Adult (f)1,4714099
    Tjep(Tjep)Adult (m)1,14943519
    pxbA(pxbA)Adult (m)1,4476339
    2iNz(2iNz)Adult (m)1,5609022
    tGdU(tGdU)Adult (m)1,5254118
    Smg6(Smg6)Adult (m)99642021
    PjTR(PjTR)Adult (f)1,63954811
    Ye2u(Ye2u)Adult (f)1,4494954
    zHpF(zHpF)Adult (m)1,60353710
    9Cp3(9Cp3)Hatchling (m, F)94738313
    nKiw(nKiw)Hatchling (f, F)95138611
    fSQO(fSQO)Adult (m)95337710
    tC27(tC27)Adult (m)1,4288242
    RWUM(RWUM)Adult (m)1,65757914
    4rNU(4rNU)Adult (f)1,66952610
    BZVL(BZVL)Adult (f)1,74954021
    TElI(TElI)Adult (m)1,35352717
    idWX(idWX)Adult (f)1,20345930
    yqSp(yqSp)Adult (m)1,66952514
    T2Qp(T2Qp)Adult (f)1,99056315
    iPPg(iPPg)Adult (m)1,94061814
    Ty9T(Ty9T)Adult (m)1,67657610
    3rAL(3rAL)Adult (m)1,19252910
    1J2b(1J2b)Adult (f)1,47350618
    1DLQ(1DLQ)Adult (m)1,8394369
    Fw2b(Fw2b)Adult (f)1,8049685
    drRA(drRA)Adult (m)2,04044410
    SvGX(SvGX)Adult (m)99341416
    SRoR(SRoR)Adult (m)99941316
    lq4R(lq4R)Adult (m)1,34252617
    vayG(vayG)Adult (m)1,61757614
    znDD(znDD)Adult (m)1,75859343
    okG3(okG3)Adult (f)1,28747512
    sXnx(sXnx)Adult (f)1,43363014
    pBaY(pBaY)Adult (f)1,42663413
    p748(p748)Adult (f)1,42463511
    Jx4F(Jx4F)Adult (f)1,79959512
    Fcn1(Fcn1)Adult (f)1,43854225
    l3a3(l3a3)Adult (m)1,55065654
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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