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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “109emy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
subc(subc)Adult (m)2,2184422
KJW8(KJW8)Adult (f)1,1855675
DB0t(DB0t)Adult (f)8004784
raHK(raHK)Adult (f)1,0426155
1sTc(1sTc)Adult (f)1,8386485
BYhn(BYhn)Adult (m)1,3484653
kfRp(kfRp)Adult (m)7304490
Qb9U(Qb9U)Adult (f)1,1885913
e2DX(e2DX)Adult (f)8445152
BSRc(BSRc)Adult (m)1,5077282
gUOI(gUOI)Adult (f)1,2036811
Z71V(Z71V)Adult (m)1,6505295
TJVa(TJVa)Adult (f)1,1364533
6p7g(6p7g)Adult (f)1,2585152
1Q4W(1Q4W)Adult (f)1,8376613
XSPU(XSPU)Adult (m)2,1748786
JIoA(JIoA)Adult (f)1,0205884
TmVV(TmVV)Adult (m)1,0055794
pXPk(pXPk)Adult (f)1,2694485
nWfK(nWfK)Adult (m)1,8906633
ARs4(ARs4)Adult (m)1,2044962
7iTk(7iTk)Adult (f)1,6995603
PVrO(PVrO)Adult (f)1,0685678
j6EQ(j6EQ)Adult (m)1,0656091
RDCf(RDCf)Adult (m)1,6525242
DTgl(DTgl)Adult (f)1,0805412
cfmu(cfmu)Adult (f)1,8236454
Eieq(Eieq)Adult (f)1,1725002
Hfef(Hfef)Adult (m)1,7695735
Pp5i(Pp5i)Adult (f)1,6665265
IHgD(IHgD)Adult (m)1,3284654
hXfD(hXfD)Adult (f)1,0486041
18Ip(18Ip)Adult (f)3,9691,1873
akCb(akCb)Adult (f)1,7235804
il04(il04)Adult (f)3,7171,2393
jois(jois)Adult (f)1,3284633
QcS6(QcS6)Adult (f)1,3226393
bTum(bTum)Adult (f)1,6227383
ar0m(ar0m)Adult (m)9865741
pQ73(pQ73)Adult (f)1,6395554
HdVn(HdVn)Adult (m)1,6855312
MrBd(MrBd)Adult (f)1,7155143
8Q3Y(8Q3Y)Adult (m)4,2071,2606
UTmi(UTmi)Adult (m)1,2146871
hec4(hec4)Adult (f)1,8756754
KqQV(KqQV)Adult (f)7034901
ObuP(ObuP)Adult (f)1,6384953
TEkG(TEkG)Adult (f)1,6875654
JOji(JOji)Adult (f)1,1095483
24Qt(24Qt)Adult (f)3,3351,0013
CsDi(CsDi)Adult (f)1,5584902
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