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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Laid on:Sep 25, 2008
  • Hatched on:Sep 29, 2008
  • Grew up on:Oct 02, 2008
  • Overall views: 6,391
  • Unique views: 1,694
  • Clicks:87
  • Gender:Female

It was previously believed that purple dragons were exclusively female, but this is not the case. Recent environmental shifts have revealed the existence of both genders of this breed. Female behavior is well known; they are primarily herbivores but will eat meat during mating season. On the other hand, very little is known about the behavior and habits of male purple dragons.

Dragons are highly-intelligent reptilian creatures that—from a human perspective, at least—appear to live forever. Many different varieties of dragon exist, each with their own unique qualities, habitats, and behavior. Adolescence in dragons is usually marked by the growth of a hatchling’s wings, although not all breeds of dragons grow wings and some breeds have other traits that indicate the beginning of maturation. In Galsreim, dragons and humans coexist peacefully.

User Description

Jikun resides in the southwestern fields of the Kyokos Vale. She is a graceful dragon with a bubbling, well-practiced laugh. Loving nothing better than sharing her joy and affection with others, Jikun has taken on the duty of looking after any hatchlings with inattentive or absent parents. Highly energetic and unable to sit still for long, Jikun usually bounds and bounces through the fields like an overgrown hatchling herself, a string of her charges gamboling beside her as they discover new secrets and adventures. Despite her childish behavior, Jikun takes her responsibility towards the children seriously. It may look like she's playing, but she always has an eye on her charges, and she won't allow any harm to come to them. If a threat emerges, Jikun will become still and cold, her piecing blue eyes promising swift death to anyone foolish enough to oppose her.

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