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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “~Noctis~,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    YZmB(YZmB)Adult (m)1,88548531
    VCQV(VCQV)Adult (f)3,13064444
    v8N4(v8N4)Adult (m)2,61650324
    xMOr(xMOr)Adult (m)2,51247522
    HsDT(HsDT)Adult (f)2,37541716
    Ilak(Ilak)Adult (f)2,40943118
    IRET(IRET)Adult (f)2,09338621
    6VQz(6VQz)Adult (f)2,05239616
    wdIx(wdIx)Adult (f)2,04039318
    WDCL(WDCL)Adult (f)2,13438218
    WrIq(WrIq)Adult (m)2,02439421
    4Xii(4Xii)Adult (m)1,98384921
    mDmF(mDmF)Adult (m)1,57535529
    C3kk(C3kk)Adult (m)1,90336721
    cSHR(cSHR)Adult (f)2,28938420
    o1hk(o1hk)Adult (f)2,16534023
    b3MM(b3MM)Adult (f)3,10234920
    Bj9f(Bj9f)Adult (f)3,61737716
    zqVz(zqVz)Adult (m)3,60437815
    ZzY0(ZzY0)Adult (f)2,35138819
    X46J(X46J)Adult (m)2,27337514
    UEPK(UEPK)Adult (m)1,93936018
    BqN7(BqN7)Adult (m)1,99336819
    gCDh(gCDh)Adult (m)1,92642722
    4s2L(4s2L)Adult (m)1,55743328
    2kit(2kit)Adult (m)1,94035918
    cQPv(cQPv)Adult (m)1,50036023
    nn8E(nn8E)Adult (f)1,95935226
    5A1m(5A1m)Adult (f)1,50836719
    bH0W(bH0W)Adult (f)1,70137122
    EW5P(EW5P)Adult (m)1,73938123
    BPgs(BPgs)Adult (f)1,78437123
    HJlK(HJlK)Adult (f)1,27437934
    5Abl(5Abl)Adult (m)1,16238233
    QlU1(QlU1)Adult (m)1,17839825
    Idxj(Idxj)Adult (m)1,18740325
    E5dJ(E5dJ)Adult (m)1,91840226
    XXbX(XXbX)Adult (f)1,62233922
    OFY2(OFY2)Adult (f)1,59138315
    BX25(BX25)Adult (m)1,77138613
    YoFB(YoFB)Adult (m)1,45337312
    u3qJ(u3qJ)Adult (m)1,36936215
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