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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zywa5520,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iRkUERikue ShikiAdult (f)7,2071,0765
bPINC(bPINC)Adult (m)7,7801,0657
87V0oFaccen Thuwed ShikiAdult (m)4,5397488
P6ADRPeace Faccen ShikiAdult (f)4,6588035
lsq5(lsq5)Egg (F)
DKZCMarlene ShikiAdult (f)7,4741,4243
2tlJRitter ShikiAdult (m)7,6291,4954
WipWSUlrika ShikiAdult (f)6,4791,2462
H63PRLouis ShikiAdult (m)3,7168383
u8k41Olinda ShikiAdult (f)6,0149721
cQ9GuWarner ShikiAdult (m)8,0281,0164
hLA9tNorberta ShikiAdult (f)6,9549943
tut7DRita ShikiAdult (f)6,3719883
MAaKoAnita ShikiAdult (f)8,4561,4697
cSl1OSeiri ShikiAdult (f)8,1021,1975
HASt3Lendy ShikiAdult (f)7,4339266
LanbnLaiha ShikiAdult (f)5,5839774
gVFmIMiki ShikiAdult (f)4,8637183
cfb3eAmanda ShikiAdult (f)7,6991,0568
4FGFYWinny ShikiAdult (f)4,7236403
Q43X8Evelyn ShikiAdult (f)5,3001,2156
8Sa3NRichelle ShikiAdult (f)5,0927415
FvZKWRoland ShikiAdult (m)4,8508355
sRJm4Varick ShikiAdult (m)4,8167303
dSB8UVid ShikiAdult (m)4,8079396
YI5iUKellen ShikiAdult (m)5,1259867
449IUMerrill ShikiAdult (m)4,8844482
vvsJROdell ShikiAdult (m)3,6325812
NpW2vRaymond ShikiAdult (m)7,7158934
6HkdQLuther ShikiAdult (m)4,8589566
DUHTLVolker ShikiAdult (m)5,1661,0234
Qe23AYohann ShikiAdult (m)5,1071,0439
nf1BGUlbrecht ShikiAdult (m)4,3896214
U5LdNUlva ShikiAdult (f)5,78255110
nQ1MRAnton ShikiAdult (m)2,6656042
udhVWRosso ShikiAdult (m)3,7317722
ZKc90Ilona ShikiAdult (f)5,4057594
p0QmXKlaus ShikiAdult (m)6,0031,0321
1obWUAku ShikiAdult (m)3,4995043
etY63Kou ShikiAdult (f)2,7488011
j6UCbYaki ShikiAdult (f)2,6747881
l2U3BTouma ShikiAdult (m)3,3489423
wqBdjThomas ShikiAdult (m)3,1579222
KqcVjPeggy ShikiAdult (f)2,8978513
BuwxDKeno ShikiAdult (m)2,8888891
9inHoLyra ShikiAdult (f)3,3979731
rfRISLance ShikiAdult (m)3,3459740
LcN6ZLambda ShikiAdult (m)2,1856583
nE7UgTaro ShikiAdult (m)3,0668331
cl2xdBerty ShikiAdult (f)3,3607654
ubyUXAron ShikiAdult (m)3,3137762
Tudt1Wattson ShikiAdult (m)4,6471,0790
DPB6OShelly ShikiAdult (f)3,9781,0600
MDDdaRoxanne ShikiAdult (f)3,7361,2071
DwgiTFlannery ShikiAdult (f)4,4891,2720
aiuFfNorman ShikiAdult (m)4,5121,1261
O9tCbTate ShikiAdult (m)4,0551,2300
t5TAmWinona ShikiAdult (f)4,2011,2240
91dNOLiza ShikiAdult (f)2,3305780
lhM1kWallace ShikiAdult (m)2,6846090
STZWCPhoebe ShikiAdult (f)3,5165211
TGFomJuan ShikiAdult (m)2,5685090
uyTMjLorelei ShikiAdult (f)4,7481,2190
kN3ZyLass ShikiAdult (f)4,8961,2200
OJ6oRMaxie ShikiAdult (m)4,1238821
shMnITabitha ShikiAdult (m)5,3548950
5RV7NArchie-ShikiAdult (m)4,7581,0570
Alh3rRio ShikiAdult (m)5,5371,0411
Xig0WRano ShikiAdult (m)2,4574881
CjdBUBooty ShikiAdult (f)2,0217080
2CdLgKuon ShikiAdult (f)5,7511,0321
UVppyRuti ShikiAdult (f)3,6061,1130
9XneUUkon ShikiAdult (m)4,0801,1000
HgBx1Atui ShikiAdult (f)4,9381,20129
XC372Satsu ShikiAdult (m)5,4391,1631
RqlIwMino ShikiAdult (f)4,3961,1233
oioSjBepo ShikiAdult (m)5,2501,2051
T2AmcPepo ShikiAdult (m)4,2371,1352
r0cTZDepo ShikiAdult (m)4,4751,1440
yf1WfMaru ShikiAdult (m)4,4951,1310
Wd4GrAntoine ShikiAdult (m)4,2961,1461
CYkVXAndre ShikiAdult (m)2,6266371
Lomy7Lin ShikiAdult (f)4,3388370
ZcMw8Linn ShikiAdult (f)4,5608541
rFywCAlphonse ShikiAdult (m)5,9636480
7znfBSaphie ShikiAdult (f)6,1836660
GyGQmGather ShikiAdult (m)6,1146881
Rrwh9Yummie ShikiAdult (f)4,3909611
YbNHsZutter ShikiAdult (m)4,1161,0173
amSqIYunnie ShikiAdult (f)3,7951,1464
eu2CRAlan ShikiAdult (m)4,0381,0711
avxfsRye ShikiAdult (m)3,9841,0932
5qfwTRii ShikiAdult (m)2,8605311
vuitbLe ShikiAdult (m)5,2721,0841
t9aO9Quark ShikiAdult (m)3,6171,1310
Hhx3JHah ShikiAdult (f)6,7459372
9vU5DUnd ShikiAdult (m)5,7191,0490
MYhMBMeh ShikiAdult (f)5,3351,1309
BxForFor ShikiAdult (m)5,7381,0762
Yot4KYot ShikiAdult (m)2,62350012
IZAjRIzanz ShikiAdult (f)5,2971,1724
ogjq2Go ShikiAdult (f)5,1241,1559
6cS3oCso ShikiAdult (m)3,4664052
lc7DQDiq ShikiAdult (f)5,6501,0483
wY0FVFoven ShikiAdult (f)5,7601,0551
paK3cPakk ShikiAdult (f)5,2551,0909
kzZsRZesr ShikiAdult (m)5,8471,1192
bgwEXWex ShikiAdult (m)5,6131,1121
3QjAtQat ShikiAdult (m)5,4411,1084
mWzT7Wizt ShikiAdult (m)5,7151,39312
8pITwPit ShikiAdult (m)5,7671,3935
PBmWGPeb ShikiAdult (f)5,6241,3967
2FnYnFun ShikiAdult (m)5,4471,1044
CbAtbCab ShikiAdult (m)5,5961,1182
ivvs5Vis ShikiAdult (m)1,7764251
ZhKsrKar ShikiAdult (f)1,7244191
IYSbiSib ShikiAdult (m)3,8945861
CDUjECub ShikiAdult (m)3,8164832
7gqh6Heg ShikiAdult (f)3,6665231
BiZvPBiz ShikiAdult (f)3,7754952
aID7uDai ShikiAdult (m)5,8151,1963
IGEJFGej ShikiAdult (f)3,9123990
I2rwcIrc ShikiAdult (m)4,1975281
0joxqQox ShikiAdult (m)3,6825961
EK4G5Keg ShikiAdult (m)4,0355820
dACNhDac ShikiAdult (f)3,7325810
NRMrYNur ShikiAdult (f)7,2148936
MwjfIMuf ShikiAdult (f)5,8761,1503
TP5dFTip ShikiAdult (f)5,5181,1324
TdQO9Tod ShikiAdult (f)4,9877061
ogVebVeb ShikiAdult (f)1,3104151
qvLcpCip ShikiAdult (f)1,2563942
I3BWQBaq ShikiAdult (f)3,1794320
kWHBQHib ShikiAdult (m)3,1124341
buVKgBuk ShikiAdult (f)2,7994760
rz42nRoz ShikiAdult (m)2,9394901
du8NCDun ShikiAdult (m)3,4264294
oj3q9Jof ShikiAdult (f)3,1334791
Q2r4eReq ShikiAdult (m)3,7853991
UEORURoe ShikiAdult (f)3,8303880
OO4CZCoz ShikiAdult (f)6,2381,1582
tP3TaTap ShikiAdult (f)4,3038084
bdSSCBound ShikiAdult (m)5,4367361
kr95cKars ShikiAdult (m)5,3377401
bDHDxDeh ShikiAdult (f)4,2649462
eDJW3Jew ShikiAdult (f)6,3778551
LRAAZLarz ShikiAdult (f)5,2558071
1epDSDeps ShikiAdult (f)1,6203951
djofiDofi ShikiAdult (m)1,6673991
IkmRjRee ShikiAdult (f)7,0621,0267
fzOsnOsen ShikiAdult (m)6,9089922
TSrnz(TSrnz)Adult (m)4,1628211
pUmad(pUmad)Adult (m)4,1018281
yu8of(yu8of)Adult (m)6,7098700
r6f5X(r6f5X)Adult (f)5,4928121
euuF7(euuF7)Adult (m)5,5818551
ANzc4(ANzc4)Adult (m)4,4467970
sZNu5(sZNu5)Adult (m)6,0688371
NihxTNina ShikiAdult (f)6,1909402
ibn6V(ibn6V)Adult (m)6,1507820
hT0fi(hT0fi)Adult (m)5,0419370
sIIW5(sIIW5)Adult (m)4,6086960
yYbSe(yYbSe)Adult (m)4,2868020
KjwSB(KjwSB)Adult (m)4,5818721
PNbgv(PNbgv)Adult (m)4,3434630
6ZSa4Miela ShikiAdult (f)4,5766260
a95RA(a95RA)Adult (f)4,9696451
9vsVM(9vsVM)Adult (m)4,8286281
ePZOC(ePZOC)Adult (f)4,2697330
zGX6f(zGX6f)Adult (m)3,4925291
LZUSe(LZUSe)Adult (f)5,3078062
PnXaj(PnXaj)Adult (m)6,7628164
YtahYYale ShikiAdult (m)7,0428021
sicFP(sicFP)Adult (f)5,3029223
Vcnf5Victem ShikiAdult (m)5,1629341
Y0wjKYumir ShikiAdult (f)5,2349960
J0x1Y(J0x1Y)Adult (m)2,9735581
Y8vgC(Y8vgC)Adult (f)5,4037251
wqSsa(wqSsa)Adult (m)6,2797483
pZ04A(pZ04A)Adult (f)4,6881,0923
QI1sV(QI1sV)Adult (m)4,6276590
7t1sGGrasern ShikiAdult (m)4,5276570
ASxNU(ASxNU)Adult (f)4,9186751
acm7nAldom ShikiAdult (m)5,4996411
0tvmg(0tvmg)Adult (f)4,4617591
KlP18(KlP18)Adult (f)3,9957664
tRcU4Rodrigo ShikiAdult (m)5,3135791
KQuwh(KQuwh)Adult (f)5,4575681
vV97w(vV97w)Adult (f)6,9837754
LDMW2(LDMW2)Adult (m)6,9357704
zQY2y(zQY2y)Adult (m)7,0528201
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