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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “zombiedood,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lUOON(lUOON)Adult (f)3,4071,06818
VUBXk(VUBXk)Adult (m)3,02979914
FvUcE(FvUcE)Adult (m)3,94578711
oVKG8(oVKG8)Adult (m)3,91680412
S74JO(S74JO)Adult (f)5,40270410
7kiaK(7kiaK)Adult (f)4,3867257
PUqQK(PUqQK)Adult (f)2,9237487
QFhAU(QFhAU)Adult (m)3,8357289
ujfHh(ujfHh)Adult (f)3,8957519
VFYfF(VFYfF)Adult (m)4,23173011
rqS3i(rqS3i)Adult (f)4,28977211
qNB5c(qNB5c)Adult (m)4,7939317
8BsDt(8BsDt)Adult (m)4,6139958
JbQ2s(JbQ2s)Adult (m)3,57668510
AuS2L(AuS2L)Adult (f)3,5257047
qZIKn(qZIKn)Adult (f)3,5527144
rk3EF(rk3EF)Adult (m)3,5337806
I77Vj(I77Vj)Adult (m)2,5076974
3u2ed(3u2ed)Adult (m)3,2047691
ZjtKW(ZjtKW)Adult (m)3,1857665
YUC9u(YUC9u)Adult (f)2,4136501
uJ7E5(uJ7E5)Adult (m)2,5306573
iTORl(iTORl)Adult (m)2,3816261
6eHTY(6eHTY)Adult (m)2,4366495
WZEnN(WZEnN)Adult (f)3,2818253
gnthI(gnthI)Adult (f)3,0567152
9c59p(9c59p)Adult (m)3,2027442
29l8A(29l8A)Adult (f)3,2047682
9ScP2(9ScP2)Adult (m)2,7966842
MFUJG(MFUJG)Adult (m)2,7806942
QlpWS(QlpWS)Adult (m)3,2789261
ShbTM(ShbTM)Adult (m)2,2196541
ZYCGq(ZYCGq)Adult (m)1,3626330
CWTuT(CWTuT)Adult (m)3,3149162
9uNAX(9uNAX)Adult (m)3,3054250
TVuZl(TVuZl)Adult (f)1,7396680
BU04t(BU04t)Adult (m)2,5648971
5gLT3(5gLT3)Adult (f)1,8346960
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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