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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zhfldk414,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
grnb(grnb)Hatchling (F)59023321
bKaQ(bKaQ)Adult (m)3,1771,11423
twLJ(twLJ)Adult (f)2,8431,01622
8sBF(8sBF)Adult (m)2,25591715
z4zn(z4zn)Adult (f)3,2791,09817
BQ8T(BQ8T)Adult (m)2,54781919
NBwW(NBwW)Adult (f)2,82487722
QDyq(QDyq)Adult (f)1,88764214
XlIG(XlIG)Adult (m)1,6324888
vZqj(vZqj)Adult (m)1,6344877
HNsG(HNsG)Adult (m)1,66448310
6f9u(6f9u)Adult (f)1,4244176
EGtn(EGtn)Adult (m)1,3854388
oMPo(oMPo)Adult (f)1,2813897
VEgP(VEgP)Adult (f)1,27738811
aiVS(aiVS)Adult (m)1,43626323
0yPF(0yPF)Adult (f)2,36129834
Fdsj(Fdsj)Adult (f)1,26233821
GnnX(GnnX)Adult (m)8703357
HHNX(HHNX)Adult (f)1,36234318
DPXh(DPXh)Adult (m)1,20233117
ZTzU(ZTzU)Adult (m)2,50233316
bCOG(bCOG)Adult (f)2,35433220
R29b(R29b)Adult (f)1,53239111
DvZb(DvZb)Adult (f)1,5685029
emEm(emEm)Adult (f)1,60251011
TWEx(TWEx)Adult (f)1,6295178
1j9F(1j9F)Adult (f)1,80657214
R2dO(R2dO)Adult (m)1,4715038
2x3D(2x3D)Adult (m)1,3844719
M7j7(M7j7)Adult (m)1,71744914
SB6C(SB6C)Adult (m)1,1304945
S7Ey(S7Ey)Adult (f)1,3464796
K6rK(K6rK)Adult (f)1,83746310
qiCu(qiCu)Adult (f)1,6194923
acQX(acQX)Adult (m)1,3554742
Nh02(Nh02)Adult (m)1,5184893
H0xJ(H0xJ)Adult (m)1,2874564
YRBo(YRBo)Adult (m)1,4914908
i4TX(i4TX)Adult (f)1,2424485
nKCU(nKCU)Adult (m)1,1804261
1uop(1uop)Adult (m)1,3074553
7S2R(7S2R)Adult (m)2,16835710
xvhT(xvhT)Adult (f)1,3063796
SPa1(SPa1)Adult (m)1,3623974
RqPc(RqPc)Adult (f)1,5695706
K5Kj(K5Kj)Adult (f)1,6325992
cyee(cyee)Adult (f)1,6525645
MFRb(MFRb)Adult (f)1,3803914
GDJL(GDJL)Adult (m)1,4773993
jsfQ(jsfQ)Adult (f)1,1883495
49gt(49gt)Adult (f)1,39233812
912P(912P)Adult (f)1,40034012
hZtO(hZtO)Adult (m)1,7686184
1GCA(1GCA)Adult (f)1,8536712
DA0E(DA0E)Adult (f)1,6056043
2vQI(2vQI)Adult (m)1,8873658
XrQT(XrQT)Adult (f)1,9173419
1UXN(1UXN)Adult (f)2,0343529
YGSI(YGSI)Adult (m)1,8523278
juQn(juQn)Adult (f)1,0923287
qoYN(qoYN)Adult (f)1,6335764
5UDT(5UDT)Adult (f)1,5335772
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