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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zantarg,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4upo(4upo)Adult (f)2,48664025
6ecsTBM's CB F Guardian 1Adult (f)2,72266026
8bOk(8bOk)Adult (m)2,6771,29728
SUug(SUug)Adult (m)1,9001,31520
rsCv(rsCv)Adult (m)2,5161,14743
Shfz(Shfz)Adult (m)1,28278329
7VWMITBM's CB F Guardian 2Adult (f)2,2915230
7FlT(7FlT)Hatchling (m, F)1,36560536
DOh6s(DOh6s)Hatchling (F)1,0273220
jnQY(jnQY)Adult (f)2,51564127
9cvP(9cvP)Adult (m)1,5119711
brvg(brvg)Adult (f)3,2457514
VA46VTBM's CB F Green 1Adult (f)2,1225040
1XnbBTBM's CB F Green 2Adult (f)2,8114890
GfG6gTBM's CB M Green 1Adult (m)2,0345030
Icq9NTBM's CB F Green 3Adult (f)2,8335032
46KCfTBM's CB M Green 2Adult (m)2,7424980
Ospo(Ospo)Hatchling (m, F)5,3575056
KeVqr(KeVqr)Hatchling (F)9713270
XV66TBM's CB F Magi 1Adult (f)2,52763828
Xj1H(Xj1H)Adult (m)9235787
IT9K(IT9K)Adult (f)1,6756682
vGOIY(vGOIY)Adult (m)3,6864852
7ohjV(7ohjV)Adult (m)3,7654452
llUzx(llUzx)Adult (m)3,9773961
buyXh(buyXh)Adult (f)3,1365062
1dzUc(1dzUc)Adult (m)3,0535040
O2JeTBM's CB M Red 1Adult (m)3,3231,01522
a87c(a87c)Adult (f)2,0571,09327
9WNc(9WNc)Adult (f)75257315
SXzc(SXzc)Adult (m)2,5951,52512
oXl7(oXl7)Adult (m)1,28878641
MKa8(MKa8)Adult (m)1,5086507
Z00c(Z00c)Adult (m)2,2637591
inQm(inQm)Adult (f)7,2201,0436
Ff4V(Ff4V)Adult (f)9,6451,29615
4YMj(4YMj)Adult (f)3,30567022
trDk(trDk)Adult (m)1,28879616
jf0r(jf0r)Adult (f)1,32579624
ndhM(ndhM)Adult (f)8415181
0qtZ(0qtZ)Adult (f)9885831
CAmj(CAmj)Adult (f)1,7814514
6WKM(6WKM)Adult (m)1,3096241
812nk(812nk)Adult (m)3,8434232
cp7nv(cp7nv)Adult (f)3,9594031
uv4li(uv4li)Adult (m)2,4784401
Ird2f(Ird2f)Adult (f)2,6744403
FcOrk(FcOrk)Adult (f)3,5294561
2aYx(2aYx)Hatchling (f, F)88065611
VW1STBM's CB Bright PinkAdult (f)3,3211,01423
dflO(dflO)Adult (f)1,27077721
gu7P(gu7P)Adult (f)1,01449142
aWDX(aWDX)Adult (m)3,34184213
8nEn(8nEn)Adult (m)1,7104894
kcBE(kcBE)Adult (f)1,0435982
kFnu(kFnu)Adult (m)9845752
61bZ1(61bZ1)Adult (f)3,5754621
OhFRW(OhFRW)Adult (f)3,6764521
ZgQq(ZgQq)Adult (m)3,3241,02027
OdUH(OdUH)Adult (f)2,9801,40329
MgIW(MgIW)Adult (f)2,0681,02518
6r9M(6r9M)Adult (f)2,5201,14650
HbIY(HbIY)Adult (m)3,00459324
1rC7(1rC7)Adult (f)1,76380116
UABR(UABR)Adult (m)1,29753714
bGwol(bGwol)Adult (f)3,2714211
zgYA(zgYA)Adult (f)1,8961,30935
s02T(s02T)Adult (m)1,0276535
J1D9(J1D9)Hatchling (f, F)1,21252828
jAJjTBM's CB F Water 1Adult (f)4,1861,28254
mLlL(mLlL)Adult (f)1,0266042
s6y3v(s6y3v)Adult (f)3,4834090
tGQzU(tGQzU)Adult (f)4,3514401
JSZG(JSZG)Hatchling (f, F)2,0711,20517
l3UjTBM's CB M Storm 1Adult (m)4,1851,28847
34WE(34WE)Adult (m)1,4371,01519
tpTs(tpTs)Adult (f)7605463
y26h(y26h)Hatchling (m, F)2,6951,10034
Q0lu(Q0lu)Hatchling (f, F)1,21061310
pCqb(pCqb)Hatchling (F)8711493
f6nxTBM's CB Purple 1Adult (f)4,1841,28851
Hk2Q2(Hk2Q2)Adult (m)4,1704484
SBwrA(SBwrA)Adult (m)2,8024851
kHdQ(kHdQ)Hatchling (f, F)1,9101,30723
cNhq(cNhq)Adult (m)3,7981,34636
Oj2J(Oj2J)Adult (f)2,0551,09329
gNsU(gNsU)Adult (f)76956513
Gz3g(Gz3g)Adult (m)2,07463622
UNXZ(UNXZ)Adult (f)1,0436161
SQfT(SQfT)Hatchling (f, F)87865510
XKVJTBM's CB F White 1Adult (f)3,7941,35141
1top(1top)Adult (m)1,4291,01118
8p2N(8p2N)Adult (m)2,5041,13039
soUC(soUC)Adult (f)2,04462213
f0iP(f0iP)Adult (f)2,2797436
QZRr(QZRr)Adult (m)2,6698873
Zhq9(Zhq9)Adult (m)6,3618076
oSXu(oSXu)Hatchling (f, F)1,7117053
g82cTBM's CB F Mint 1Adult (f)2,6081,08033
tk9e(tk9e)Adult (m)1,4361,01421
zxXC(zxXC)Adult (m)2,5151,13940
6j07(6j07)Hatchling (f, F)2,14948710
7NKUTBM's CB M Dark Green 1Adult (m)2,6111,07835
k9l3(k9l3)Adult (m)2,0211,01716
ULOo(ULOo)Adult (m)3,0711,25457
YqZZ(YqZZ)Adult (f)1,28578929
XChm(XChm)Adult (f)1,6205425
JLLq(JLLq)Adult (f)1,4401,01919
dolc(dolc)Hatchling (f, F)2,7686748
2L4m(2L4m)Adult (f)3,1261,54326
7i8d(7i8d)Adult (f)1,99864120
JJq8(JJq8)Hatchling (f, F)1,9501,05619
ZYXSTBM's CB F Autumn 1Adult (f)1,0927753
fH9Nj(fH9Nj)Adult (m)3,9264213
X2vB(X2vB)Adult (m)1,5059664
BDIl(BDIl)Adult (m)1,0706962
uN7c(uN7c)Adult (m)4,31089237
jFsT(jFsT)Hatchling (f, F)1,24854125
gIoI(gIoI)Adult (f)13,2531,3534
Bk8pTBM's CB F Balloon 1Adult (f)4,31887736
bYP1TBM's CB M Whiptail 1Adult (m)2,06053125
sNDhTBM's CB F Whiptail 1Adult (f)1,3025431
ftNMpTBM's Arrow M1Adult (m)2,7474930
31AGRTBM's Arrow M2Adult (m)2,6624301
YiV4ETBM's Arrow F1Adult (f)3,7554034
J2kFnTBM's Arrow F2Adult (f)3,4624582
PFOATBM's CB FrilledAdult (f)4,0741,04331
50k7(50k7)Adult (f)3,2767635
9mPT(9mPT)Adult (f)2,2647314
brgg(brgg)Adult (m)2,0621,18425
Pt4h(Pt4h)Adult (m)1,10072523
GtHK(GtHK)Adult (f)1,60984429
GOkc(GOkc)Adult (m)2,3127773
Sflf(Sflf)Adult (m)1,1435881
viKF(viKF)Adult (m)1,7076832
BqayA(BqayA)Adult (m)3,4335061
Rzrfp(Rzrfp)Adult (f)3,2024942
QZJ2(QZJ2)Adult (m)1,49979041
ywfsh(ywfsh)Adult (m)3,8514171
Gh40(Gh40)Adult (m)1,48179327
0aOl(0aOl)Adult (m)84548840
3Wj9TBM's CB F Albino 1Adult (f)97948939
4Vgv(4Vgv)Adult (m)12,1761,2975
3MmlTBM's CB F Waterhorse 1Adult (f)2,2557931
J0EFTBM's CB F Neotropical 1Adult (f)2,9439914
l9WI(l9WI)Adult (f)1,9027482
AKcpTBM's CB F Deep Sea 1Adult (f)2,21659913
lJPoTBM's CB F Horse 1Adult (f)1,7236922
tHYOTBM's CB F Horse 2Adult (f)1,2665282
TYskF(TYskF)Adult (m)3,6014251
PB3wp(PB3wp)Adult (m)3,5584271
WkNP(WkNP)Adult (m)2,2027434
x5d3f(x5d3f)Adult (m)2,6574673
eCn8TBM's CB F Sunset 1Adult (f)13,7621,1874
nhau(nhau)Adult (f)1,6516882
RjX5(RjX5)Adult (f)1,6515497
KqJjZ(KqJjZ)Adult (f)4,2084342
OW66(OW66)Adult (f)8,2429106
70lU(70lU)Adult (f)1,0235472
AaRp(AaRp)Adult (f)9985902
gmPrbTBM's CB M Nocturne 1Adult (m)2,0284790
55RnK(55RnK)Hatchling (F)1,3244130
T8hY(T8hY)Adult (f)12,9711,3087
EuIi(EuIi)Adult (m)1,67446514
S9eu(S9eu)Adult (f)14,7371,5156
6ebETBM's CB Blue Nebula 1Adult (f)3,14692425
0bts(0bts)Adult (f)8625941
ge7on(ge7on)Adult (f)3,7234191
cRzWi(cRzWi)Adult (f)3,4874392
jd4C(jd4C)Adult (m)9726072
NvPSF(NvPSF)Adult (m)3,2674030
rAF0A(rAF0A)Adult (m)2,9534451
UkIKu(UkIKu)Adult (m)3,4194102
SoVpQ(SoVpQ)Adult (m)2,6794793
BZbTZ(BZbTZ)Adult (f)3,0234480
8O0DA(8O0DA)Adult (f)2,6844321
afmCn(afmCn)Adult (f)3,1314550
bc2e(bc2e)Adult (m)2,1751,16323
nqTf(nqTf)Adult (m)1,3373575
vmr1(vmr1)Adult (f)9465993
cCeo4(cCeo4)Adult (f)2,7824704
gQ2m(gQ2m)Adult (f)1,0306434
n1r0F(n1r0F)Adult (m)3,9894726
8jdL(8jdL)Adult (m)1,47682822
r9WYTBM's CB F Vampire 1Adult (f)1,0815852
cMSP(cMSP)Adult (f)1,2705204
3D0FTBM's CB F BBW 1Adult (f)1,7964941
8WLtLTBM's CB F BBW 2Adult (f)3,0344974
2ttJ(2ttJ)Adult (m)1,0766073
8nJc9TBM's CB F Sunsong 1Adult (f)5,06899810
QXik(QXik)Adult (m)1,0886253
JGQSTBM's CB M Terrae 1Adult (m)9496074
CedCTBM's CB F Terrae 1Adult (f)8986012
eaYU9TBM's CB F Terrae 2Adult (f)1,7905410
6XXV(6XXV)Adult (m)8934992
qGV18TBM's CB F Spitfire 1Adult (f)2,1785460
1NKf(1NKf)Adult (m)8605392
qRhjqTBM's CB M Hellfire 1Adult (m)1,6914831
aFnFo(aFnFo)Adult (m)4,4254390
oLnUM(oLnUM)Adult (m)3,6204652
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