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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zanbh123,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YW8RRYworr PB RheiAdult (m)6,3351,1717
FtJSqFtjsq PB RheiAdult (m)7,1359797
GNuY5Gnuys RheiAdult (m)6,4931,3044
OuBKvByna RheiAdult (f)6,3876592
tdX6PKoo CB RheiAdult (f)5,8988000
HYJCFValoria RheiAdult (f)4,23699121
IoTCgBrenor RheiAdult (m)4,0468432
Y1PIvYiplv CB RheiAdult (m)3,5287501
J872cJota CB RheiAdult (f)4,0571,0522
saPBgQester RheiAdult (m)5,1561,35510
jH57FFlaminoa RheiAdult (f)5,1373431
q5hIsBelly RheiAdult (m)5,3537791
SVDjvSved CB RheiAdult (f)2,4538540
YSxRvYsx CB RheiAdult (m)5,7555542
IRrWTIrrca RheiAdult (f)5,7346200
raUIdDevon RheiAdult (m)5,9866200
vS4uQKed RheiAdult (m)6,2178210
d6dxkDodda CB RheiAdult (f)5,3936891
CpmybCpmy CB RheiAdult (m)4,6357032
XfiX9Xfixo CB RheiAdult (m)4,9121,0303
VGtfTVgtft CB RheiAdult (m)4,1859311
gMDBOGmdbo CB RheiAdult (m)4,2878842
tCX9qTcxoq CB RheiAdult (f)3,1468951
drfH2Drafh CB RheiAdult (m)4,4137470
XSMJeXsme CB RheiAdult (m)4,8071,0161
3TOCpEtoca CB RheiAdult (f)5,4966881
ulurwUlurw CB RheiAdult (f)5,3361,0692
4ZPjHBaloony RheiAdult (f)6,2528957
dsYH3Balona RheiAdult (f)4,6477351
Vbek3Vbek CB RheiAdult (m)4,8699533
vrC7GFrancesca PB Rhei IAdult (f)5,95680210
j5stQJuanita Rhei IAdult (f)3,8173956
nb7h2Motusa RheiAdult (f)4,2313329
UY14QGrantoor RheiAdult (m)4,0233142
T8i8bLolita RheiAdult (f)5,3591,0943
mc8ShMcala PB RheiAdult (f)6,6527262
BitWYBitinjo CB RheiAdult (m)4,7387681
HUAbRHuardo RheiAdult (m)5,5497791
o7E1UMandor CB RheiAdult (m)6,4777200
EMs4yBon PB RheiAdult (m)6,6045771
n0uOjNouoj CB RheiAdult (m)5,1447550
W8QTRWeightora PB RheiAdult (f)7,0111,1553
C8gWPCogw CB RheiAdult (f)5,0457412
5HVRSShvrs PB RheiAdult (m)4,1591,0721
m8qjrAlforus RheiAdult (m)8,7021,2686
DFYfaParla RheiAdult (f)4,6237691
M053QMoseq RheiAdult (m)6,3997710
RsIGaRsiga CB RheiAdult (f)5,6761,1092
YIi2AMaco RheiAdult (m)4,7591,0481
OWC13Owcie RheiAdult (m)6,4537631
4Mx4yKevin RheiAdult (m)6,5916670
w7xKVLeena RheiAdult (f)6,4186863
Rl6QqDraco RheiAdult (m)5,9197391
HJnYgHjny CB RheiAdult (m)6,1346620
3gs8kGerry Rhei IIAdult (m)3,4691,1252
XBG8AGermy Rhei IAdult (m)4,1372771
RlO1ODoony RheiAdult (m)3,89544111
8iVaCJeroome RheiAdult (m)5,4453637
dfRT2Hord RheiAdult (m)4,9946762
NyVQ2Nyvo CB RheiAdult (m)4,4347551
53WWwSeww CB RheiAdult (f)6,1886530
mCE8uQumy RheiAdult (f)2,6938012
Z5dQmSpecles RheiAdult (f)8,5401,49111
pvvOgBrady RheiAdult (m)4,8928770
IJgXnLita RheiAdult (f)5,9916841
u3V8dLoolita RheiAdult (f)9,2491,70613
2DFd3Buccy RheiAdult (m)5,1909713
e4FgFMaryoona RheiAdult (f)2,6649700
5NxDaMeronur RheiAdult (m)10,8461,44813
xhV61Xhvoi CB RheiAdult (m)5,2097530
E79CELeafty RheiAdult (m)7,6311,7312
eV0A8Leavy RheiAdult (m)6,4497751
Vr0vDBeasty RheiAdult (f)4,8661,1084
jJ55TBeck RheiAdult (m)6,7007430
BtrdGCassiopeia RheiAdult (f)4,4247560
eK6kCOrion RheiAdult (m)3,2597420
bXP5UCheeky Rhei IAdult6,5141,4058
6u02KBertha RheiAdult (f)3,73272612
eVrqKPaula UlrukAdult (f)9,9491,55012
rn9eKGoolor RheiAdult (m)3,8683722
tIkanWayard RheiAdult (m)3,1348822
DdpIv(DdpIv)Adult (m)3,6261,0082
HEiHZValionna RheiAdult (f)5,3483911
1hdd4Speiala RheiAdult (f)4,7243881
YfmVEKlea RheiAdult (f)3,6588863
uSme9(uSme9)Adult (f)3,5439882
NgdSpGroudy RheiAdult (m)2,3636261
AEDGgSprity RheiAdult (m)4,1743260
SctlWMegotros RheiAdult (m)5,4383632
wWUOP(wWUOP)Adult (f)3,7811,0312
QxvmJ(QxvmJ)Adult (f)3,6319941
umKFhGaros RheiAdult (m)2,6008521
HMZGZMekos CB RheiAdult (m)2,6038531
SsVGISsvgi CB RheiAdult (m)3,1086960
vi3agVitriag CB RheiAdult (m)3,0857020
tWJgE(tWJgE)Adult (m)3,5679552
vtUWt(vtUWt)Adult (m)3,6299792
EUbtjEuto RheiAdult (m)2,8418500
dV2l1Dvisii CB RheiAdult (m)4,7861,0162
JH2a2Lona RheiAdult (f)5,8411,4416
hLcNDBreena RheiAdult (f)4,1501,1452
5BaFzVon RheiAdult (m)5,5708711
AIbeYAlbey RheiAdult (m)2,9312,4832
vpqIlGryvia RheiAdult (f)6,1206202
20G6FJack RheiAdult (m)6,0166463
6Mc2hVynny RheiAdult (f)5,9377172
1mVIbImvib RheiAdult (f)5,9756763
7LseuPlantwilly RheiAdult (m)4,9081,0364
AHc1HGrohos RheiAdult (f)4,8548782
Ig3EZBlaudousa RheiAdult (f)6,3731,2174
UBRMuWalond RheiAdult (m)4,1283310
6PaBZBoog RheiAdult (m)4,9527471
88lPTNorr RheiAdult (m)5,4887760
08IUILod RheiAdult (m)6,2586861
NIeODNieod CB RheiAdult (m)5,2927455
HPoUOMandrake RheiAdult (f)5,5737652
ksPRJDreamee Rhei IAdult (m)5,0518652
THsmLDreamon RheiAdult (m)5,6417290
pju97Bluewater RheiAdult (f)3,6131,0040
VxMOMVxmom CB RheiAdult (f)2,4498431
4q4cZAqacz CB RheiAdult (f)5,5126210
IpSXyIpsxy CB RheiAdult (f)8,4901,6081
bWwxHBwwxh CB RheiAdult (f)4,8808842
GQktXGqktx CB RheiAdult (f)4,7031,0302
D5KR9Duolina RheiAdult (f)2,6369360
gPLnqLoopor RheiAdult (m)9,1611,3385
oboGrIssa RheiAdult (f)3,6157771
9COTlTunder Rhei IAdult (m)3,1321,0474
9gc0MThundy Rhei IAdult (m)4,4083830
cGjGUHuliood RheiAdult (m)8,0941,7083
RCSN8Redlight Rhei IAdult (f)10,2101,63414
et4jXLaatros RheiAdult (m)5,1361,1213
CGAqBLuke RheiAdult (m)6,4546570
Eabs7Eabs RheiAdult (f)3,9721,1222
7sHqcTsh CB RheiAdult (f)5,2136700
gRdsUGrdsu CB RheiAdult (m)6,4671,0875
spuVWGlaroita CB RheiAdult (f)3,4178102
NRt7bBoltros RheiAdult (m)3,4678744
AOkbXBillobas RheiAdult (m)6,5989594
hKsCYUgrus CB RheiAdult (m)5,4551,1525
UVaIcUsitra CB RheiAdult (f)2,6709541
n7ZAWNtzaw CB RheiAdult (m)5,1917220
0kJpVSyndd CB RheiAdult (f)5,9521,2202
CuIVqCulvq CB RheiAdult (m)3,0399604
yuNSuYunsu CB RheiAdult (m)4,4598712
EgfGYJasper CB RheiAdult (m)6,2826302
vQQlwQuandor CB RheiAdult (m)3,3291,0351
hPj2TRedor CB RheiAdult (m)6,8195301
SQLz4Sqlza CB RheiAdult (f)6,3685101
A2OXAGari CB RheiAdult (m)6,1631,4451
tS8iJPippa CB RheiAdult (f)6,7617463
vKbm9Nolor PB RheiAdult (m)6,8425740
nT0KkNtokk PB RheiAdult (f)5,8886640
pajobPajob CB RheiAdult (f)4,7327410
hmIWrWavess RheiAdult (m)5,4463643
LRjhvCombia RheiAdult (f)5,1313431
EOAIwValonia CB RheiAdult (f)6,3167740
qwYsvQwysv CB RheiAdult (m)6,6486202
vdWCcVdwcc CB RheiAdult (m)6,1106641
qLhZ1Charming PB RheiAdult (m)3,6541,0114
F1ezKShio CB RheiAdult (m)5,0577611
IV45qEleganty PB RheiAdult (f)7,6331,5442
A3Qn8Elegantee RheiAdult (m)5,6249319
lWuboKitshita RheiAdult (f)6,57496110
kHjhdGoldstein RheiAdult (m)4,30273815
vIJN1Goldiestein RheiAdult (f)4,8045978
MJdCdMissiona RheiAdult (f)6,2504495
M0H3vBart RheiAdult (m)6,5301,4605
04Cz0Oscar RheiAdult (m)5,3237855
JVXD7Jvxdt RheiAdult (m)4,1868992
pntVhWaterfrog RheiAdult (m)4,7831,0873
V7pr0Waterfrogy RheiAdult (f)5,3548392
FpMGFSplashFroggy RheiAdult (f)5,7999626
EIa1ABooda UlrukAdult (f)5,2318104
ps8boGodita UlrukAdult (f)3,9638092
lRSD0Kuk UlrukAdult (m)3,5067750
Gw8lhMelor UlrukAdult (m)3,5187810
ueKjXI like to shake the world UlrukAdult (m)5,1658426
jOmXkJomx UlrukAdult (f)6,8377352
g82TcDozy Ulruk IAdult (f)6,0381,2922
Ld2a6Guinnies UlrukAdult (m)3,4671,0924
4FuOaSnitchia UlrukAdult (f)5,3259077
Q1VZWGoldster Ulruk IAdult (m)4,6193815
cWr2hBelonia UlrukAdult (f)4,4487652
peIDlPeidi PB RheiAdult (m)2,6276312
vu4N4Vuana PB RheiAdult (f)2,6876202
srSOoPumpter Ulruk IAdult (m)4,4746342
1iv91Holicca UlrukAdult (f)4,4656273
01JZDMellira UlrukAdult (f)4,7815732
a9rKtShadowana UlrukAdult (f)4,4696271
SW3TnNigourda UlrukAdult (f)2,8104821
v2TkvNumorua UlrukAdult (f)3,2224820
qTAcnGhardos UlrukAdult (m)3,2934750
EWtHITowanos UlrukAdult (m)3,6674840
ihUtj(ihUtj)Adult (f)2,2496911
MBolhHelga RheiAdult (f)4,9126891
Oc0wQ(Oc0wQ)Adult (f)4,4757492
4WZNv(4WZNv)Adult (m)6,2231,1702
6KHPnRyno Ulruk IAdult (m)6,8671,6334
Z1GpXFleemar UlrukAdult (m)3,9008131
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