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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zSugAz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CEw3(CEw3)Adult (m)5,0141,31012
Rso5(Rso5)Adult (f)4,2991,1179
AMMH(AMMH)Adult (f)4,3091,12410
Gj7j(Gj7j)Adult (m)4,2771,1238
dzmD(dzmD)Adult (m)3,1089357
v3lk(v3lk)Adult (m)5,8219009
oAVv(oAVv)Adult (f)8,8811,3685
lzRo(lzRo)Adult (m)8,9431,3732
QUGz(QUGz)Adult (m)8,9431,3749
WgPC(WgPC)Adult (m)6,3106390
V7xp(V7xp)Adult (f)6,2626420
QXsz(QXsz)Adult (f)6,9071,0402
k7nz(k7nz)Adult (f)6,2876432
tkVq(tkVq)Adult (m)3,3147157
sZxD(sZxD)Adult (m)3,32371712
JqwG(JqwG)Adult (f)5,2841,58060
RKB2(RKB2)Adult (m)3,7687915
KeM3(KeM3)Adult (m)3,2437178
SAAy(SAAy)Adult (f)2,0837510
EQeE(EQeE)Adult (f)5,7381,04113
YSXp(YSXp)Adult (f)5,8931,07412
9q5C(9q5C)Adult (m)4,5579173
ICRU(ICRU)Adult (m)4,0028309
RT64(RT64)Adult (f)4,5049484
A1FG(A1FG)Adult (f)3,1177245
ABpX(ABpX)Adult (m)2,8566643
EQA7(EQA7)Adult (f)1,6745661
h5Gz(h5Gz)Adult (f)1,0853981
6ihe(6ihe)Adult (f)1,6125651
Nvyq(Nvyq)Adult (f)1,5564752
AF0T(AF0T)Adult (m)1,6564724
Ix4X(Ix4X)Adult (m)1,6537142
slr4(slr4)Adult (f)1,6357070
w4KS(w4KS)Adult (m)1,6727330
zqL1(zqL1)Adult (m)1,8328560
a4OT(a4OT)Adult (m)4,1602,4302
d0sn(d0sn)Adult (m)4,7632,6752
hDuj(hDuj)Adult (f)4,5572,6071
mf1C(mf1C)Adult (f)2,6631,5561
v8fi(v8fi)Adult (f)2,4211,8131
tjZH(tjZH)Adult (m)2,2361,6760
R9hW(R9hW)Adult (f)2,4531,8351
LUGP(LUGP)Adult (m)2,0481,4131
H62c(H62c)Adult (f)2,0181,3860
i8cq(i8cq)Adult (f)1,9331,3291
TPSG(TPSG)Adult (m)1,5527651
gRjJ(gRjJ)Adult (m)1,4467073
Bvbt(Bvbt)Adult (f)1,4246943
gmm2(gmm2)Adult (m)1,4276862
FS9S(FS9S)Adult (m)12,4172,58624
6nWI(6nWI)Adult (f)12,4492,58441
1Lr7(1Lr7)Adult (m)6,7781,20520
EfNG(EfNG)Adult (m)12,3972,59924
HmL9(HmL9)Adult (f)12,4162,58420
ylbd(ylbd)Adult (f)4,3871,13126
czby(czby)Adult (f)4,10599015
3bTX(3bTX)Adult (m)6,7681,20516
ysy9(ysy9)Adult (f)4,94087213
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