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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “yammano,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AomhaAomha Y LihanAdult (f)5,0717231
iYbksIssoa Y LihanAdult (m)3,1445330
AnJA1Annee Y LihanAdult (f)4,1455601
WecuaWequ Y LihanAdult (m)3,0796924
7cMtF(7cMtF)Hatchling (m, F)4,3271,0730
FXjzA(FXjzA)Adult (f)5,3048221
0ZEn0(0ZEn0)Adult (m)3,4254510
s6fCJDeborah Y LihanAdult (f)4,6431,0724
wEHnxAntonio Y LihanAdult (m)5,6421,3894
0pyf0Hodge A LihanAdult (m)2,9277451
3w99v(3w99v)Adult (m)5,3451,0221
Yupp6(Yupp6)Adult (f)5,7898573
ag4nW(ag4nW)Adult (f)3,0934322
fGjfRAllmachi Y LihanAdult (m)4,1631,0821
qPfb6Odlli Y LihanAdult (f)3,5307270
wnF8U(wnF8U)Adult (f)3,1855610
s7OqK(s7OqK)Adult (f)3,3985802
uQuqC(uQuqC)Adult (f)3,3405931
JrJA9(JrJA9)Adult (m)5,0488541
dSMbx(dSMbx)Adult (f)4,9579932
sPrm5(sPrm5)Adult (m)4,9249742
VKvE3(VKvE3)Adult (f)3,7174051
XEY1W(XEY1W)Adult (m)4,9897611
Z0Fg7(Z0Fg7)Adult (f)6,5707532
HgjWM(HgjWM)Adult (m)5,9639313
Q2uCD(Q2uCD)Adult (m)5,7457582
jDANB(jDANB)Adult (m)3,7175111
ipNOP(ipNOP)Adult (f)4,8005153
kwAw6(kwAw6)Adult (m)3,5284522
nPY4S(nPY4S)Adult (f)4,8778010
wz4on(wz4on)Adult (m)4,6108511
fjlGG(fjlGG)Adult (m)5,9538941
2BHXW(2BHXW)Adult (f)6,7677431
31XKm(31XKm)Adult (m)5,8249641
IpTrW(IpTrW)Adult (f)5,3228781
io6Vg(io6Vg)Adult (m)5,7017842
HnkhA(HnkhA)Adult (m)4,6386091
gsSmd(gsSmd)Adult (f)5,9539202
tVrvW(tVrvW)Adult (m)6,2559310
vwy8m(vwy8m)Adult (f)5,1344640
OENyF(OENyF)Adult (f)6,7777261
wXjJ9Laban Y LihanAdult (m)2,3606851
s20Jt(s20Jt)Adult (f)7,3259991
qdkV6(qdkV6)Adult (f)5,7689681
wSRTl(wSRTl)Adult (m)5,2511,5102
RI1hB(RI1hB)Adult (m)5,3049581
VZ58j(VZ58j)Adult (m)4,3561,1132
G5tre(G5tre)Adult (f)5,5467761
ltCkv(ltCkv)Adult (m)4,5475521
yyNEsUva Y LihanAdult (f)3,7111,0241
Gft28(Gft28)Adult (m)3,9628651
Af7qbJocelyn S LihanHatchling (f, F)2,0597541
UB2pa(UB2pa)Hatchling (m, F)2,9248461
tsE8g(tsE8g)Hatchling (F)2,9877862
6DAoGAchromatic Y LihanAdult (m)3,7451,0382
YBpgZlibrarian Y LihanAdult (f)1,6805630
LApfv(LApfv)Adult (f)5,3471,3751
woP5m(woP5m)Hatchling (m, F)2,8404813
EirW5Elation Y LihanAdult (m)3,5589931
tRXleGretchen Y LihanAdult (f)2,3978002
HHpLB(HHpLB)Adult (f)4,0541,1812
Lbdy7(Lbdy7)Adult (f)5,7421,3211
szgFx(szgFx)Adult (f)5,0721,0801
u2Cor(u2Cor)Adult (m)4,6019220
I6Z60Janet S LihanHatchling (f, F)1,5905561
1pXCHGabrielle Y LihanAdult (f)3,1725741
5Xs0N(5Xs0N)Adult (m)3,9349352
GZ1Xi(GZ1Xi)Adult (f)3,5861,0082
iPylP(iPylP)Adult (m)5,1701,0342
Hxabk(Hxabk)Hatchling (m, F)3,1001,0792
PDwdS(PDwdS)Hatchling (f, F)3,5019441
csVf5(csVf5)Adult (f)4,2817383
etVRl(etVRl)Adult (m)4,8905090
b1HnRLottie A LihanAdult (f)3,6788684
Spe5ZTeito A LihanAdult (m)4,1417032
NKI0rRumy A LihanAdult (f)2,6255320
KbG2SKaqun T LihanAdult (m)3,2275391
PI5NNManis T LihanAdult (m)4,5747720
yotfS(yotfS)Adult (f)4,0778921
513CE(513CE)Adult (f)6,5448961
z7OhP(z7OhP)Adult (f)4,4598441
6S53f(6S53f)Adult (m)4,0924620
enauHJudia Y LihanAdult (f)4,4218131
NIDd9Pillo Y LihanAdult (m)3,3117020
ntnmNKaite Y LihanAdult (f)2,9476081
fZGAuLaurie Y LihanAdult (f)4,9217290
ITAGgHans Y LihanAdult (m)3,8529551
p7INCNellie Y LihanAdult (m)4,1701,2652
RfD8IElias Y LihanAdult (m)4,2031,2461
az927Ted Y LihanAdult (m)4,2351,2820
OCW4kSaul Y LihanAdult (m)4,3131,2681
yFtNdInez Y LihanAdult (f)4,8591,1101
Kfj47(Kfj47)Adult (f)4,9371,0412
QFYc3(QFYc3)Adult (m)2,1605933
60p71(60p71)Hatchling (m, F)4,1291,2381
Cznu8(Cznu8)Hatchling (f, F)4,0951,2191
M9CdW(M9CdW)Hatchling (F)1,8935671
4B5m9(4B5m9)Adult (m)6,4709020
Nsebr(Nsebr)Adult (f)6,4588321
U759h(U759h)Adult (m)5,8979381
aLyAy(aLyAy)Adult (f)5,4131,0373
dr029(dr029)Adult (m)5,9067672
rjffoRiffio Y LihanAdult (m)3,5527951
Mp6WMNipipo Y LihanAdult (f)4,7868721
ZcPUpUolly Y LihanAdult (f)2,8485811
xq0Ba(xq0Ba)Adult (f)4,9408040
CSf0t(CSf0t)Adult (f)2,2666551
XT5po(XT5po)Adult (m)3,8187122
bumqH(bumqH)Adult (f)5,9878700
0Dzc5(0Dzc5)Adult (m)2,2286501
CxkJQ(CxkJQ)Adult (f)3,8187161
vIYUz(vIYUz)Adult (f)4,8527910
4zlrB(4zlrB)Adult (m)5,2348130
vRSfp(vRSfp)Adult (f)4,0914722
6Hr5b(6Hr5b)Adult (m)5,3061,0212
LJEVS(LJEVS)Adult (f)5,6848563
U3NkT(U3NkT)Adult (m)3,3694570
rcYcEClice Y LihanAdult (m)3,6196682
1BNNWMillice Y LihanAdult (m)3,7756453
cn8qy(cn8qy)Adult (f)5,0437693
kJwzr(kJwzr)Adult (m)4,7487623
zfgNx(zfgNx)Adult (m)4,4716772
VKRTikamo Y LihanAdult (m)2,7747733
Pe5MrPegma Y LihanAdult (f)3,1639225
EIVZOMary A LihanAdult (f)4,0758672
ZlSPSXido Y LihanAdult (m)3,3585631
hZLoPBrora Y LihanAdult (f)2,6894752
YibQh(YibQh)Adult (m)3,1954560
O0Kaw(O0Kaw)Hatchling (m, F)3,8371,2791
tJ4Jg(tJ4Jg)Hatchling (m, F)4,8059981
ltr6D(ltr6D)Hatchling (f, F)6,4421,1043
gTfKYCandy T LihanAdult (f)1,9526292
o5lsUBlang Y LihanAdult (m)2,8544412
38cI8Rara Y LihanAdult (f)2,0715541
eRSGSMalko A LihanAdult (m)3,5769202
uld6KRuke P LihanAdult (m)4,2269002
tUhbSSamuel Y LihanAdult (m)3,7148543
J98NCBeatrice Y LihanAdult (f)3,5557881
kUqmVViro T AsheraAdult (m)3,4914081
Dm6tGSadan T AsheraAdult (m)3,4104371
mNXovDoen T AsheraAdult (m)3,4844242
lcgnUWendy Y LihanAdult (f)4,4908281
FcsPgAlberta Y LihanAdult (f)4,4826810
ev8r8Dominik Y LihanAdult (m)3,7047740
3pQPCSalome Y LihanAdult (f)3,7867641
0ABnZLucretia Y LihanAdult (f)2,9686241
5N5FRShirley Y LihanAdult (f)3,3076890
la6tsKlemens Y LihanAdult (m)2,9474833
IpSnbAbigail Y LihanAdult (f)3,6185480
3R7WD(3R7WD)Adult (m)4,2711,1682
zy9qS(zy9qS)Adult (m)3,4544731
fVRKn(fVRKn)Adult (m)4,3667230
8KjBqChiki Y LihanAdult (m)3,9561,0621
H6n5nHermen Y LihanAdult (f)3,8709041
rBe7URobert A LihanAdult (m)3,6248322
6Pe1tNiky Y LihanAdult (f)3,6647980
AFcve(AFcve)Adult (f)4,1134071
VYJpP(VYJpP)Adult (m)3,6807301
IMfAk(IMfAk)Adult (f)4,2057000
mcLaI(mcLaI)Adult (f)4,3477021
Sna0e(Sna0e)Adult (m)4,4117272
Av4Vl(Av4Vl)Adult (f)4,4407301
8iIX0(8iIX0)Adult (m)3,4435050
fJmBS(fJmBS)Adult (f)3,5725410
IYN2Q(IYN2Q)Adult (m)3,6975170
S59U4(S59U4)Adult (f)4,5365700
GAF6B(GAF6B)Adult (f)4,4995321
OPA13Colin Y LihanAdult (m)3,1627090
7XCGw(7XCGw)Adult (m)4,7021,0572
K4a54(K4a54)Adult (f)5,0009432
admOCJeff S LihanHatchling (m, F)2,3627882
vt2eXGaro Y LihanAdult (m)3,5905182
6l4CGAruso Y LihanAdult (m)1,5645281
lmjTANian Y LihanAdult (f)4,4761,0911
tAQOBDanyang Y LihanAdult (f)3,4068552
ihCp8Iching A LihanAdult (m)3,9528113
s0GGBSuino Y LihanAdult (f)2,1745851
kCA4sTaya T LihanAdult (m)2,9559083
C6Kn1Rezo Y LihanAdult (m)1,9537452
g3qhARilla T LihanAdult (f)3,3348731
XOSk7Oxsyanya A LihanAdult (f)4,2309613
smkhFVictoria Y LihanAdult (f)3,6498873
cihekPatricia Y LihanAdult (f)3,5877812
qXHg8Daniel A LihanAdult (m)4,1078663
6X7hHRed Y LihanAdult (m)4,5789674
tKTY1Rachel A LihanAdult (f)4,7598522
LMm0YLeah Y LihanAdult (f)4,5247681
FoAHZTeresa Y LihanAdult (f)4,0838750
ktJ7M(ktJ7M)Adult (f)4,0308753
FpRXD(FpRXD)Adult (m)6,2301,7065
yd9p9(yd9p9)Adult (m)5,3341,5163
EonlT(EonlT)Adult (f)5,0121,0112
KLcsV(KLcsV)Adult (f)4,8301,0462
hnvlx(hnvlx)Adult (m)5,8351,4094
yCccb(yCccb)Adult (m)4,4431,1861
pC49K(pC49K)Adult (m)4,6921,1960
GTix2(GTix2)Adult (m)4,4651,2011
pXuUP(pXuUP)Adult (f)4,6205050
3INUn(3INUn)Adult (f)5,2218201
EqOMq(EqOMq)Adult (f)4,0264372
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