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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “yamhana,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KPAp(KPAp)Adult (f)3,5519624
r1dq(r1dq)Hatchling (f, F)4,3169621
jHdS(jHdS)Adult (m)4,8959733
2thPd4Gen DragonsAdult3,1908271
X0XHS(X0XHS)Adult (m)2,4447731
hAEHq(hAEHq)Adult (f)2,4908181
jjO0(jjO0)Adult (m)4,9121,2864
gXt7(gXt7)Adult (f)4,9809792
nWCu(nWCu)Hatchling (m, F)3,5217585
MkCO1Special DragonsAdult2,3917672
pI0om(pI0om)Adult (f)2,8517513
KGMXr(KGMXr)Adult (m)2,1557522
t7Ku5(t7Ku5)Adult (f)2,1037613
rjcu(rjcu)Adult (f)3,3189335
ccqk5Naughty DragonsAdult2,1238846
7naF3Kogane Hatsuhi SetsunaAdult (m)5,9461,2767
bWcjfGin Nozomu SetsunaAdult (m)7,06696243
9LRhvSeidou Nozomi SetsunaAdult (f)6,10089736
G7GFuSeidou Nozomu SetsunaAdult (m)6,9481,05110
20NSGolden Stripe SetsunaAdult (f)1,5146122
C5Rm4(C5Rm4)Adult (m)2,1476095
qbt4(qbt4)Adult (m)5,1271,0283
395i(395i)Adult (f)1,88370512
66GC5(66GC5)Adult (m)2,2327812
Q6DNj(Q6DNj)Adult (f)2,1677840
KJKd(KJKd)Adult (f)5,0351,0723
VevP(VevP)Adult (m)3,5768223
EGoFF(EGoFF)Adult (m)3,7947701
enL9m(enL9m)Adult (m)1,5937551
MoCGAine Siochain SetsunaAdult (f)4,8541,10112
jWQI(jWQI)Adult (m)7,0778078
KhUYs(KhUYs)Adult (f)2,5607670
1u8j4(1u8j4)Adult (m)2,0637023
oaS6Midori Seiun SetsunaAdult (m)5,2051,17412
B2Vi3(B2Vi3)Adult (m)1,7226212
kajNKajn SetsunaAdult (m)6,4481,3875
kJAhAkai Seiun SetsunaAdult (f)4,6451,1823
pfPK(pfPK)Adult (f)4,0758941
Pbr3h(Pbr3h)Hatchling (f, F)2,3267460
Cj0F5(Cj0F5)Hatchling (m, F)3,0165774
vsqun(vsqun)Adult (m)2,1077261
C0QnHichan no SetsunaAdult (m)4,0991,2267
7Yi7(7Yi7)Adult (f)3,1918072
V6M9c(V6M9c)Adult (m)2,4317492
DIMe(DIMe)Adult (f)3,4921,0005
37QUD(37QUD)Adult (f)2,1277533
qfmP(qfmP)Adult (f)2,2274614
H1tXH(H1tXH)Adult (m)9,9268219
noEVAillenAdult (m)4,5841,1103
hbeF(hbeF)Adult (f)6,4121,1025
tjurKay'vruckAdult (m)4,6551,1352
bmE3(bmE3)Adult (f)2,0584342
f7eqq(f7eqq)Adult (f)2,5507820
3spXI(3spXI)Adult (m)2,2927661
0IUah(0IUah)Adult (m)3,0128060
0XhmAndhartaAdult (f)5,4041,1454
blJ7(blJ7)Adult (m)3,3118143
kEVV(kEVV)Adult (m)4,9421,32519
kfBh(kfBh)Adult (f)5,0371,0052
EERZ(EERZ)Adult (m)5,6821,1797
rNfT(rNfT)Adult (f)3,4997582
QHfcq(QHfcq)Adult (f)2,1516960
mrG1A(mrG1A)Adult (f)1,6007150
ApB3(ApB3)Adult (f)3,0148142
EGg5g(EGg5g)Adult (m)2,1588081
dFFG(dFFG)Adult (m)2,2996820
Kmkc(Kmkc)Adult (f)2,5117284
Wtjn(Wtjn)Adult (m)4,2071,1403
AhG3(AhG3)Adult (f)3,6441,0692
GhsP(GhsP)Adult (m)2,9017711
9K12(9K12)Adult (f)4,9191,0594
Tr9s(Tr9s)Adult (m)2,8607623
pMmAn(pMmAn)Adult (m)3,2406222
5Al98(5Al98)Adult (f)2,3797822
L9pit(L9pit)Adult (f)1,7387300
8XXR(8XXR)Adult (m)5,5031,1777
caoJ(caoJ)Adult (f)2,3927010
2cWN(2cWN)Adult (m)3,7818412
er6q(er6q)Adult (m)6,0861,2497
vL9Tj(vL9Tj)Adult (m)2,2778963
EpIQA(EpIQA)Adult (f)2,0627012
fhhB1(fhhB1)Adult (m)1,9806511
Om3QG(Om3QG)Adult (m)2,0146620
eq8E8(eq8E8)Adult (m)2,4538120
tjNvE(tjNvE)Adult (f)1,8357012
2PLKS(2PLKS)Adult (f)1,8366960
XuB3Rosmerta SetsunaAdult (f)4,7791,1014
eSpTd(eSpTd)Adult (m)1,8007833
ZgHv3(ZgHv3)Adult (m)2,5517783
IDqdP(IDqdP)Adult (m)1,7916850
oT2q(oT2q)Adult (m)3,0767643
L9l8(L9l8)Adult (m)2,5549423
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