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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “xxxDoortjexxx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6H56O(6H56O)Dead Egg111
orhjDoranda's Dykrenare 6IBAdult (m)5,2646807
IStfDoranda's Bi Buru 8IBAdult (f)4,4402966
vMHbDoranda's Dvoglavi 9IBAdult (f)6,1334570
VEFBDoranda's Edes 7PBAdult (m)5,6383762
JfU10Doranda's Estrita CBAdult (f)2,1007542
KlUOdDoranda's Tveir CBAdult (f)2,0406931
QxNlmDoranda's Twee Hoofden 2PBAdult (m)1,4856051
BQx2MDoranda's Dva Siel CBAdult (m)2,6458710
g1I0QDoranda's Kahe Peaga CBAdult (f)2,0577372
HwmrUDoranda's Dwa Heady CBAdult (m)2,2416922
eL534Doranda's Duosunt Capita CBAdult (f)2,1816572
BhKPPDoranda's Split 2Adult (m)2,8105681
VZ52CDoranda's Supuritto 2Adult (m)3,1325552
gDmZDoranda's Dua Menuju 9IBHatchling (f, F)4,8453232
gIvCDoranda's Tumuju 9IBHatchling (m, F)4,0555732
bhUtDoranda's Dvoglavim 9IBHatchling (F)4,5253181
X3BhzDoranda's Rindowamu 6IBAdult (m)1,8996631
AxRQaDoranda's LinidiwirimiThuwed 90MAdult (m)6,6991,3311
XLiTCDoranda's Stuha CBAdult (f)2,9376592
ny6M3Doranda's Lindworm 2PBAdult (m)1,7656100
i2YrbDoranda's Linda Oyairma 2PBAdult (f)5,4871,2044
uG9pTDoranda's Mzinda wa Lind CBAdult (f)2,7816835
v4JdhDoranda's Keelgassen CBAdult (f)4,4038873
g5YKy(g5YKy)Adult (m)2,7626912
U5PQE(U5PQE)Adult (m)4,2388451
t6JYPDoranda's Eteri CBAdult (m)2,4036303
WK9siDoranda's Ether CBAdult (m)3,7038422
bdsC8(bdsC8)Adult (f)3,3118222
ZTKwL(ZTKwL)Adult (m)4,8137943
M1Nr5(M1Nr5)Adult (f)4,2618352
5QJhL(5QJhL)Adult (m)3,5098131
9OefDoranda's Albi 17IBAdult (m)4,5131,1206
hNvCDoranda's Kuqe Sy CBAdult (f)5,1493442
YVa8Doranda's Liab CBAdult (m)5,0253352
2M1tDoranda's Coch CBAdult (m)4,8003202
nPSg6Doranda's Qirmizi Goz CBAdult (m)2,7286391
7mw53Doranda's Pupa Oju CBAdult (f)2,5756372
oR8eDoranda's Roodoog 18IBHatchling (m, F)5,1953522
FxIbY(FxIbY)Adult (m)3,9408256
GuUdC(GuUdC)Adult (m)3,4298152
BHqK3(BHqK3)Adult (f)4,4358142
VKWzA(VKWzA)Adult (f)3,8097284
29sUY(29sUY)Adult (m)3,8107943
AT3p7(AT3p7)Adult (f)3,3688102
dbAHq(dbAHq)Adult (f)3,6728381
v3utB(v3utB)Adult (f)3,6247114
0KDuKDoranda's Koskematon 4Adult (m)4,3269394
CqAlj(CqAlj)Adult (f)3,7918161
DJiruDoranda's Lassig CBAdult (m)3,4733778
P7pO0Doranda's I Bute 2Adult (m)3,5247511
5JtzFDoranda's Rustige 2Adult (m)2,8606601
C4ci8Doranda's Lengvabudiskas 3STAdult (m)2,9637021
xhVxPDoranda's Gemakzuchtig 2Adult (m)2,2835800
FB3TCDoranda's Eishat Raghida 2Adult (m)2,3225881
Vw116Doranda's Lasseg 2PBAdult (f)2,9715511
zzzBhDoranda's Olu Olu 4Adult (f)2,6275343
giaMPDoranda's Efkolo CBAdult (f)2,2345703
ANKNmDoranda's Simple 2Adult (f)2,5656401
JX5x5Doranda's Sbacchanda 2PBAdult (m)3,1875611
ba03ADoranda's Lagano CBAdult (m)3,6756121
qP5qpDoranda's Liohki 6Adult (m)3,8497210
D3N3ZDoranda's Arreghtsvats 4Adult (f)3,3035871
nspqzDoranda's Zahadka 2Adult (f)3,3195551
PeHStDoranda's Antarese CBAdult (m)4,3338771
LrxMC(LrxMC)Adult (f)2,8137444
yE5un(yE5un)Adult (m)2,7496851
7G2OR(7G2OR)Adult (f)3,4367312
2d5QLDoranda's Akwalis CBAdult (m)4,3068331
hKZT6(hKZT6)Adult (f)3,0747291
KdrHu(KdrHu)Adult (m)4,8238134
95Avp(95Avp)Adult (m)4,2438502
9WwHhDoranda's Levendig CBAdult (f)3,1447343
b6D7vDoranda's Vilkas 2Adult (m)4,4269372
cbeJc(cbeJc)Adult (m)5,2671,0872
zw9EuDoranda's Fel Roze CBAdult (f)3,8326750
5SRb1Doranda's Kirkkaan Pinkki CBAdult (m)3,9066850
B79SlDoranda's Helder Pienk CBAdult (f)3,5635340
WEh7jDoranda's Azayakana CBAdult (m)3,3395440
7OxrfDoranda's Rose Vif CBAdult (f)4,5327960
3Y9TxDoranda's Arrosa Bizia CBAdult (f)4,4697700
WkAeD(WkAeD)Adult (f)3,5708012
oANe4(oANe4)Adult (m)3,7907962
SQOBo(SQOBo)Adult (f)3,4417701
p0DjC(p0DjC)Adult (f)3,4198262
c3Z6Q(c3Z6Q)Adult (f)3,1877782
BtC4L(BtC4L)Adult (f)3,3398412
Eg8EX(Eg8EX)Adult (m)3,3948211
zTkDJ(zTkDJ)Adult (f)3,6168221
U9Fxl(U9Fxl)Adult (f)4,7598083
Gv5oO(Gv5oO)Adult (f)3,5797473
WsYbw(WsYbw)Adult (m)3,6428172
mxFXL(mxFXL)Adult (m)4,1818461
iNa7M(iNa7M)Adult (f)4,0427873
f94hN(f94hN)Adult (m)3,2707753
Barnl(Barnl)Adult (f)3,1808251
4KZ0I(4KZ0I)Adult (f)3,2888132
OEBTt(OEBTt)Adult (f)3,7267881
ukEZs(ukEZs)Adult (f)3,9288383
LbKG4(LbKG4)Adult (m)3,4438362
OqeGO(OqeGO)Adult (m)3,3918263
Nmg9n(Nmg9n)Adult (f)3,4477822
mCCVDoranda's Ballon CBAdult (m)4,6573114
9NQXDoranda's Ohupall 14IBAdult (f)4,7973201
Jo2TBDoranda's Balana CBAdult (m)1,8566690
Qz3RLDoranda's Buzzieqa 2PBAdult (f)3,5935182
S6u8Doranda's Ilmapallo 11MHatchling (m, F)6,2324943
4fmzfDoranda's Baluu 4EGHatchling (F)2,4253923
fi5VDoranda's Musta 10MAdult (f)3,9922664
UpAmCDoranda's Schwarz 7MAdult (f)3,3961,0074
UvAkoDoranda's Zwart 7MAdult (f)1,9666791
jF3ZSDoranda's Noir 11MAdult (m)2,0306611
bMvn3Doranda's Siyah 6SP-SFAdult (f)4,7388643
f21DTDoranda's Nigrum 5C-TFAdult (m)2,3326010
R2Fy2Doranda's Zatemnit 2Adult (f)3,5547916
f4Pi3Doranda's Itim 5EGAdult (m)2,1707652
rtbMtDoranda's Black CBAdult (f)2,2096571
EQjlBDoranda's Mnyama 3CHAdult (f)2,0136463
0LBXhDoranda's Du 15IBAdult (m)1,8806352
cBiVyDoranda's Ond 2PBAdult (m)2,2707783
BppQZDoranda's Dyster CBAdult (f)3,5846722
i3nDM(i3nDM)Adult (f)3,5025781
XAVMW(XAVMW)Adult (m)3,4467552
9wOduDoranda's Czarny 9IBHatchling (F)1,7245862
LrB1QDoranda's Svart 4CHatchling (f, F)1,7806231
M33ffDoranda's Dudu 4CHatchling (m, F)1,7806453
2dDWDoranda's Fekete 6CAdult (m)3,8442574
XNNSGDoranda's Dubh 8MAdult (m)2,2768693
Sjh6UDoranda's Nigra Teo 2Adult (f)2,3907866
IF4JJDoranda's Zwarte Thee CBAdult (f)1,9357090
O9mlADoranda's Itim Na Tsaa CBAdult (f)2,8741,0441
Eh8mw(Eh8mw)Adult (m)1,8376961
sq2jS(sq2jS)Adult (f)2,4836891
E2bC7(E2bC7)Adult (f)3,8691,1642
ggfaR(ggfaR)Adult (m)1,8716852
UN03A(UN03A)Adult (m)3,0576642
6fZxl(6fZxl)Adult (f)2,8587544
Pwcsv(Pwcsv)Adult (m)2,1536304
3Syui(3Syui)Adult (f)3,3764980
D9f85(D9f85)Adult (f)2,5075560
BWwE8(BWwE8)Adult (m)2,5605560
Tdfhb(Tdfhb)Adult (m)2,7855550
T2tFt(T2tFt)Adult (m)2,8886262
O2CGl(O2CGl)Adult (f)4,5198990
BmdjyDoranda's Czarna Herbata 2Hatchling (f, F)3,6797636
kctGy(kctGy)Hatchling (F)1,5925451
hen8MDoranda's Zwartetip CBAdult (f)2,7388621
25RT8Doranda's Schwarzer Spitze 2Adult (f)2,9469480
mRgNuDoranda's Cerna Spicka 2Adult (f)2,0586701
DSyAWDoranda's Musta Karki CBAdult (m)2,2876480
BNX0GDoranda's Apice Nigris 3EGAdult (m)1,8066771
PwM27Doranda's Pointe Noire CBAdult (m)2,8218271
VKjLY(VKjLY)Adult (m)5,5478263
5DllF(5DllF)Adult (m)3,0435692
kPyoG(kPyoG)Adult (m)2,8555321
NL43F(NL43F)Adult (f)9,9931,4216
ZqUtN(ZqUtN)Adult (f)3,3348201
RsvNCDoranda's Blutungen Mond CBAdult (m)2,2517811
teSlGDoranda's Bloedende Maan CBAdult (m)2,7219241
WrY9dDoranda's Saignements Lune CBAdult (f)2,3078122
aGCSgDoranda's Gjakderdhje Hene 2Adult (f)2,9569251
cEiksDoranda's Krvaceni Mesic 2Adult (f)2,7429133
403SWDoranda's Ay Kanama CBAdult (f)5,2381,4071
iQFGZDoranda's Qanaxma Ay 2Hatchling (f, F)2,5158492
5EkNN(5EkNN)Adult (m)2,9426131
5dzJa(5dzJa)Adult (f)4,2157632
xxZ08(xxZ08)Adult (f)3,1067174
OFYSN(OFYSN)Adult (f)2,0247370
KtBAE(KtBAE)Adult (f)2,0317572
yG74z(yG74z)Adult (m)2,1244681
hZJ6v(hZJ6v)Adult (m)2,9296641
lA9A0(lA9A0)Adult (m)2,7065871
vdD1E(vdD1E)Adult (m)2,9405732
7OYLO(7OYLO)Adult (m)3,0545822
AZHsI(AZHsI)Adult (f)3,2865781
JKhTi(JKhTi)Adult (m)3,1255442
7bxrX(7bxrX)Adult (f)3,5496900
95IPe(95IPe)Adult (m)4,3017960
sILnT(sILnT)Adult (f)3,3778310
aWcRDoranda's Zweirippen 12MAdult (m)4,3914048
SY5BDoranda's Deux Ailettes 13IBAdult (f)6,7327257
BYoqDoranda's Twee Vinnen 13IBAdult (m)2,6475463
gM92Doranda's Kaks Uimed 13MAdult (f)9,1668275
UHRsaDoranda's To Finner 12MAdult (m)2,0987701
7CxPuDoranda's TO FREEjghZEAdult (f)2,2236611
rWv7TDoranda's Blauwezang 4EGAdult (f)2,3246252
FEmDF(FEmDF)Adult (f)3,4977913
VegcS(VegcS)Adult (f)3,4957962
RESms(RESms)Adult (f)3,3287691
AWf5y(AWf5y)Adult (m)3,2307953
MvtKl(MvtKl)Adult (m)3,2728311
h92RDoranda's Svetly Oblek 10MAdult (m)3,8252553
NTuODoranda's Ndritshme Zogjte 11IBAdult (f)5,4946084
nJWaDoranda's Kirkas CBAdult (m)5,4923681
0JAbUDoranda's Lumineux Poitrine 2Adult (f)2,3098371
b0vg4Doranda's Sviesus Krutinemis CBAdult (f)2,6398351
HBv15Doranda's Heldere Borst CBAdult (f)2,5366432
1rij3Doranda's Helle Einreiher 5SCAdult (m)2,1976082
mKD0i(mKD0i)Adult (m)3,5733688
6dovF(6dovF)Adult (m)2,4725382
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