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You pick up the scroll labeled “xx.tn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PEQ3h(PEQ3h)Egg (F)
NPZTw(NPZTw)Adult (f)3,9363913
R2Ceg(R2Ceg)Adult (f)2,8084882
GafoFlamingo Wyvern 1Adult (m)9435402
hRNcEFlamingo Wyvern 2Adult (m)3,1182562
G9PHYFlamingo Wyvern 3Adult (m)3,3984874
HARaCrimson Flare Pygmy 00004Adult (f)2,3486051
pn5WCrimson Flare Pygmy 00003Adult (f)1,8945411
d05O2Crimson Flare Pygmy 00005Adult (f)2,4075845
WmUQFCrimson Flare Pygmy 00006Adult (f)2,9675863
YFb7ACrimson Flare Pygmy 00001Adult (m)3,0375531
9U1DcCrimson Flare Pygmy 00002Adult (m)2,5045883
QMx7JRed-Finned Tidal Dragon 001Adult (m)3,7673993
PDjuNebula Dragon Red 01Adult (f)1,6114664
sJU5T(sJU5T)Adult (f)3,60757911
MnciVampire Dragon 001Adult (m)1,30874626
IurBVampire Dragon 002Adult (m)1,48473622
MjDfVampire Dragon 003Adult (m)1,4746634
ro8JVampire Dragon 004Adult (m)1,37160110
8usSVampire Dragon 005Adult (m)2,16692518
h9cFVampire Dragon 006Adult (m)1,1146272
ng52MVampire Dragon 007Adult (m)2,6925455
H7tI4Royal Crimson Dragon 001Adult (m)3,7783862
Y9Wax(Y9Wax)Adult (m)4,3013684
QIvjNight Glory Drake 01Adult (m)2,1324823
FJqo0Night Glory Drake 02Adult (m)2,5205204
S85U1Dino Red 1Adult3,4634326
s1UwV(s1UwV)Adult (m)4,5925668
9l4Ma(9l4Ma)Adult (m)4,5045946
0QEos(0QEos)Adult (m)4,6025925
L4B3vSunstone Dragon 2Adult (m)2,4566162
VtXdBSunstone Dragon 3Adult (f)2,2655911
X78uDSunstone Dragon 1Adult (m)2,2405471
kHICV(kHICV)Hatchling (f, F)2,2593562
gp7kUSpeckle-Throated Dragon 01Adult (f)4,0223862
6m2qHellfire Wyvern 00001Adult (m)1,0286742
tBTCHellfire Wyvern 00002Adult (m)9205502
BWoeHellfire Wyvern 00003Adult (m)1,7504222
4V3smHellfire Wyvern 00004BAdult (m)1,9665191
OLljStriped Dragon Red 1Adult (f)1,20869633
CTrYMagi Dragon 01Adult (m)6,5501,43029
ns8BMagi Dragon 06Adult (f)5,8541,19630
83QeMagi Dragon 07Adult (f)2,2211,20811
iATdMagi Dragon 02Adult (m)3,0891,4448
cBO5Magi Dragon 03Adult (m)1,8508064
HjlaMagi Dragon 08Adult (f)1,6428022
geUmdMagi Dragon 09Adult (f)2,0775283
LF8tSMagi Dragon 04Adult (m)3,6775097
dH7CcMagi Dragon 10Adult (f)4,1024313
jUOlYMagi Dragon 11Adult (f)3,2404066
PkYfuMagi Dragon 05Adult (m)3,8855026
8jvQsMagi Dragon 12Adult (f)3,6363737
4ktNqMagi Dragon 13Adult (f)2,1285163
HZu7Ember Dragon 006Adult (f)9965201
mbcUEmber Dragon 004Adult (f)1,0976311
EL3TEmber Dragon 005Adult (f)1,5155903
ZsPpEmber Dragon 007Adult (f)1,0566154
YtVIEmber Dragon 008Adult (f)8145116
YgJhVampire Dragon 009Adult (f)1,80081015
rFj1Vampire Dragon 010Adult (f)2,14899527
ud9VVampire Dragon 008Adult (f)1,2206394
6NkqSVampire Dragon 011Adult (f)2,5855141
rIArSSeragamma Wyvern 00001Adult (f)4,2613722
pSWVlCassare Dragon 01Adult (m)4,0353711
ktVdAutumn Dragon 005Adult (f)1,1714913
SdSoAutumn Dragon 003Adult (f)9495262
UKcBAutumn Dragon 004Adult (f)1,0825333
P1HR7(P1HR7)Adult (m)3,2655532
Akuja(Akuja)Adult (m)2,7375581
Ozt2N(Ozt2N)Adult (m)2,9135366
w7NlWhiptail Dragon 01Adult (m)4,6841,47326
Y4xUWhiptail Dragon 02Adult (m)2,5041,3187
EK0wWhiptail Dragon 03Adult (m)2,1541,1965
9hqVWhiptail Dragon 04Adult (f)1,9159836
992YAutumn Dragon 001Adult (m)1,5675253
DG7JBAutumn Dragon 002Adult (m)2,6476289
pfjd6(pfjd6)Adult (f)4,1463822
A7CVrMagma Dragon 01Adult (f)3,3715536
TmDtrMagma Dragon 02Adult (f)2,3524961
af3CgTinsel Dragon Bronze 07Adult (f)7,98993726
tXCSoTinsel Dragon Bronze 08Adult (f)7,1205839
HH0JaTinsel Dragon Bronze 01Adult (m)7,1386483
U7FSnTinsel Dragon Bronze 09Adult (f)6,80651912
FZMo1Tinsel Dragon Bronze 10Adult (f)4,0639476
MUQkBTinsel Dragon Bronze 11Adult (f)5,8199073
j8ajmTinsel Dragon Bronze 02Adult (m)5,2348463
aAbkQTinsel Dragon Bronze 12Adult (f)4,4688676
XjQ7cTinsel Dragon Bronze 13Adult (f)5,3401,0215
ZAaF2Tinsel Dragon Bronze 14Adult (f)8,7208587
PY1v1Tinsel Dragon Bronze 04Adult (m)7,0709545
n56UTTinsel Dragon Bronze 05Adult (m)6,5729455
DRuEhTinsel Dragon Bronze 06Adult (m)7,1939755
E51RNTinsel Dragon Bronze 03Adult (m)5,1869811
tkLbXTinsel Dragon Bronze 15Adult (f)5,4279873
UVApShallow Water Dragon 4Adult (f)1,0706958
GgnkShallow Water Dragon 5Adult (f)1,1365352
V56ZShallow Water Dragon 6Adult (f)1,1676982
Oclnk(Oclnk)Adult (f)3,7735076
riDhShallow Water Dragon 1Adult (m)1,0456862
pPqRShallow Water Dragon 2Adult (m)9326112
Ykm7Shallow Water Dragon 3Adult (m)1,1076133
QpyDStriped Dragon White 2Adult (f)2,3231,59120
0T5mAlbino Dragon 002Adult (m)1,80542610
ZfAdAlbino Dragon 001Adult (m)1,23465311
1R3kAlbino Dragon 003Adult (m)2,63339312
XkGJAlbino Dragon 004Adult (f)1,0764832
QXP0Q(QXP0Q)Adult (m)4,2914595
P0ddQGolden Wyvern 00001Adult (m)2,3165262
Ti0MOTinsel Dragon Gold 01Adult (f)4,9877246
tH0qPygmy 0075Adult (f)1,86679228
WmZqPygmy 0076Adult (f)1,5115994
KVUsPygmy 0077Adult (f)1,9228492
MS2BPygmy 0078Adult (f)1,4725553
XlrIPygmy 0079Adult (f)1,0776072
v1jXPygmy 0080Adult (f)9686016
qcIQPygmy 0081Adult (f)1,0516532
PKiAPygmy 0082Adult (f)9035312
WjIbPygmy 0083Adult (f)1,1346702
fqKsPygmy 0084Adult (f)9505753
CEP4Pygmy 0085Adult (f)1,0004891
1nUiPygmy 0086Adult (f)8935113
onIJPygmy 0087Adult (f)1,0145283
vX2rPygmy 0088Adult (f)1,9114851
h5O5Pygmy 0089Adult (f)1,8844802
lrvQPygmy 0090Adult (f)8864701
KbH2Pygmy 0091Adult (f)9795163
gSdWPygmy 0092Adult (f)1,1136261
5dPJPygmy 0094Adult (f)1,1004591
kvRQPygmy 0093Adult (f)1,2374932
LUP4Pygmy 0095Adult (f)1,0185161
aEe0Pygmy 0096Adult (f)1,0665593
oS2oPygmy 0097Adult (f)1,0904991
MKKmPygmy 0098Adult (f)1,1296343
32YfPygmy 0099Adult (f)1,0646134
7BgnPygmy 0100Adult (f)7944792
WOrOPygmy 0101Adult (f)1,4734182
B4bVPygmy 0102Adult (f)1,6584051
XAfWPygmy 0104Adult (f)1,4053881
XIgrPygmy 0103Adult (f)1,3643803
29WBPygmy 0105Adult (f)3,0045344
3ifdPygmy 0106Adult (f)2,5945492
DNdQPygmy 0107Adult (f)2,6605866
sTdnPygmy 0108Adult (f)2,4295424
XfI3uPygmy 0109Adult (f)2,1755752
aBMfRPygmy 0110Adult (f)2,3075993
iRlOVPygmy 0111Adult (f)2,8145071
ZaRCVPygmy 0112Adult (f)2,6284761
QFB6cPygmy 0113Adult (f)1,9544781
YrisqPygmy 0114Adult (f)1,9714871
ek7fUPygmy 0115Adult (f)1,9154932
n0M6fPygmy 0116Adult (f)1,9545003
BNchBPygmy 0118Adult (f)2,4975712
o6gZOPygmy 0117Adult (f)2,1194992
QVriZPygmy 0119Adult (f)1,8884734
KP5tgPygmy 0120Adult (f)2,0485354
7vvgUPygmy 0121Adult (f)2,4255614
k3pmvPygmy 0122Adult (f)2,2625663
4sYKAPygmy 0123Adult (f)2,2535413
jDv7EPygmy 0124Adult (f)2,2955642
NbkZTPygmy 0126Adult (f)2,2735434
Y1KtTPygmy 0127Adult (f)2,0885234
bnhAkPygmy 0128Adult (f)2,6075814
Fn4RVPygmy 0125Adult (f)2,0994953
p0V0JPygmy 0129Adult (f)2,3904871
rHJIYPygmy 0130Adult (f)2,7785172
3YamLPygmy 0131Adult (f)2,2665262
bvqJVPygmy 0132Adult (f)2,5505513
TonYQPygmy 0133Adult (f)2,3674991
RER38Pygmy 0134Adult (f)2,1605611
nUhTSPygmy 0135Adult (f)1,9224622
g9XCPygmy 0001Adult (m)1,30267313
WtY2Pygmy 0006Adult (m)1,1205668
QZhWPygmy 0002Adult (m)8425329
ml8jPygmy 0004Adult (m)1,91085410
Cu0pPygmy 0007Adult (m)1,4296216
fpVWPygmy 0005Adult (m)1,9669427
7rYCPygmy 0003Adult (m)2,0799777
4LVmPygmy 0008Adult (m)1,4984732
cWT4Pygmy 0009Adult (m)1,5595351
3qYZPygmy 0010Adult (m)1,9218774
g08iPygmy 0011Adult (m)1,0845942
WVjjPygmy 0012Adult (m)1,1636425
SHpOPygmy 0013Adult (m)1,0076683
IkhsPygmy 0014Adult (m)9386153
7hYePygmy 0015Adult (m)9115552
ejFWPygmy 0016Adult (m)1,1736633
qDRbPygmy 0017Adult (m)8265453
5XbXPygmy 0018Adult (m)9015522
2GEiPygmy 0019Adult (m)9305601
6Bk5Pygmy 0020Adult (m)9495133
OIgIPygmy 0021Adult (m)9915262
Sa1aPygmy 0022Adult (m)9555793
Jei9Pygmy 0023Adult (m)8044841
q1onPygmy 0024Adult (m)1,2235472
vIjtPygmy 0025Adult (m)1,0604923
sq8kPygmy 0026Adult (m)1,0025112
prpPPygmy 0027Adult (m)7855052
MrpZPygmy 0028Adult (m)1,2036352
fXJqPygmy 0029Adult (m)9605211
2kWjPygmy 0030Adult (m)8984943
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