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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “xenryusho,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kWC3Little Kittens NyaAdult (f)4,9491,05910
pA3ZLittle Chicks CheepAdult (m)2,59577913
zqgBhLil VetAdult (f)4,6741,0944
aq5CEOgre EssenceAdult (f)4,3621,1341
CJYrTranslucent TorrentAdult (f)4,2451,0633
A4R8XCoolgreendudeAdult (m)5,8661,5201
YOvtoLupe's need for speedAdult (m)4,3711,1750
3DD0M(3DD0M)Adult (m)6,8601,3532
W7i0Inflation TorrentAdult (m)6,9721,4162
WLsrQFloaty Puff LuckAdult (m)3,7651,0511
mrCBDarkness TorrentAdult (f)7,9161,0756
2s6MBNights Dark TorrentAdult (f)7,0401,1705
DgoCFEternal Night TorrentAdult (m)3,9038494
9rIFeGo see great clown PagliacciAdult (m)7,9141,1212
8lSNEHipstarrAdult (f)3,0189096
EjriMAcnologia the ApocalypseAdult (m)11,1161,81915
XBYiiBerrymyHighNoonAdult (f)5,5421,3362
8r6kfAraAraAraAdult (f)3,9731,5210
vSk3TChilly McButterAdult (f)4,6741,0781
o89NKFrustration and HatredAdult (m)5,4021,1170
eumqnCutieSugarPieAdult (m)2,9941,0142
jb0p2BurningSunsetAdult (m)5,7441,6312
KTnV8HimepandaAdult (m)8,4631,4706
dA9WTwo-Finned TorrentAdult (m)5,2071,59114
Dw0F9Blusang BeautifulAdult (m)4,6441,0524
oYX8JBed TorrentAdult (m)5,3431,1724
K0mCBright TorrentAdult (m)2,7381,2166
dipdiDetective Bobby FullbrightAdult (f)4,6811,5500
Un5eCGrimmstoneAdult (m)7,8171,2704
5kPvNNo GillsAdult (m)5,0659643
qWTbDSchwwwinngAdult (m)6,9761,31512
IkQy9Sadness and AngerAdult (f)5,7681,1471
rnNERSelf Loathing and ResentAdult (m)5,7381,1522
ih4WMClose to the nightAdult (f)5,9201,4472
n1HwYRimtimtimtimAdult (m)6,8101,29914
L5llCamo TorrentAdult (m)7,5531,5175
0DUOVPistachio the turtleAdult (m)5,9731,4752
yteGCSticky FeetsAdult (m)5,0779342
hvIqTSticky WhoovesAdult (f)4,8619481
4Qh6nToki Toki PanicAdult (f)6,0821,2073
WV7VDToki Tori PanicAdult (m)5,3311,1971
68E25Close to the demonsAdult (f)5,5351,4580
fb0rUGiraffe thing from SenyuAdult (m)8,7231,4535
CF2VM(CF2VM)Adult (f)6,9211,4969
8ApfSwiss TorrentAdult3,9301,0067
oOGVCheddar TorrentAdult5,0751,1005
DLjIRawr Im a dragonAdult (f)4,1009897
2WuyCHolly Jolly TorrentAdult (f)4,3601,4847
TkgehIt is a Wonderful LifeAdult (m)7,8981,7675
ZDlfdZeno's Advent CalendarAdult (f)7,8291,7753
ShSu5Bristling Wings of LightAdult (f)8,5641,9274
XOVAASnowbunny LeBlancAdult (f)8,3601,9453
TIm4PHoliday TorrentAdult (m)5,2711,3961
1LqpeMiracle TorrentAdult (m)4,7051,3841
gkxCkDerpmeisterAdult (m)4,1901,4831
Qpi5gHerpmeisterAdult (m)5,3201,4231
ijVE6Pretty little torrentAdult (f)4,3571,5211
FFTowDouble you beeAdult (f)4,4011,5101
i5KgRHorsinAroundAdult (f)6,3521,3824
cToW8MrPeanutButtersHouseAdult (f)6,5341,3797
5gZVe(5gZVe)Adult (m)4,6571,1611
cWQsO(cWQsO)Adult (m)4,6661,1872
EdbiRiptide TorrentAdult (m)5,5231,1742
1K8jSLittle Doll YinAdult (m)3,5411,0321
Nn8oDButter and CrackersAdult (m)4,7581,0791
vrfC8Counting Sheep TorrentAdult (f)5,3201,1460
3GjDWSleepy TorrentAdult (m)5,3221,1370
OMDb4(OMDb4)Adult (f)7,0401,3185
yyMtoCuGuyAdult (f)3,6461,4291
YOepACris Cros CopAdult (f)5,4898001
ZDi6VMany GillsAdult (m)4,6369400
YetjsCopperMidnightAdult (f)3,9011,4651
SJBcyCopper went down to georgiaAdult (f)5,6878141
ELXbrCoppersAndRobbersAdult (f)4,5101,3862
2iuyJPretty little coppersAdult (m)5,6598080
YT86PMonster Musume PanicAdult (f)6,1361,2041
fXSUEntwining ivy of fateAdult (f)5,3991,5249
MITuDay by Day and Night by NightAdult (m)9,7231,4513
Y4mCOvergrowth TorrentAdult (m)5,26393019
VdIpBig MacinvineAdult (m)8,8581,2812
vRFJKazuki of the VinesAdult (m)9,2501,1701
gDbpMourning WillowAdult (f)9,8851,6552
Xhr5Remorseless WillowAdult (f)9,9361,6562
cbkfBMelodramatic WillowAdult (m)7,0421,2675
Mdhc0Destitute WillowAdult (f)6,8271,3161
UzXc5FernandohohohohhAdult (m)4,1681,1520
ap0caGrowing GloryAdult (f)6,8221,3317
8F7UPassing TorrentAdult (m)3,9931,0349
bdP2VJelly TorrentAdult (m)3,3719631
HI13Deepsea TorrentAdult (f)3,4519626
O7Yd4Scales of RiceAdult (f)3,3521,0861
DfQQAPeanutbutter TorrentAdult (f)3,3649151
J3JFbWine and BrineAdult (m)3,6199790
OnMrMWine and TrineAdult (f)3,4199712
msE3eLittle Doll LillyAdult (m)3,6121,0001
jGTBlBloo and Cheese and CrackersAdult (m)4,5841,0670
7FHoBishop D-4Adult (m)2,0821,13918
vvN40Super Banana ManAdult (m)5,8501,2102
oe5moxXLegolasxXxReaverXxAdult (m)5,2401,1640
J3js4Banana ReaverAdult (f)5,0821,1082
vmR5kNot a Banana at allAdult (f)5,2341,1741
EHvkKnight D-4Adult (f)2,1241,12215
kNiiNTeam rocket double troubleAdult (m)4,1381,1580
mTBBqBig trouble capture pikachuAdult (f)4,1581,1452
v04WfDancing Brilliant CutenessAdult (f)4,6561,1960
aZoEuTaraStrongWasInLloydInSpaceAdult (m)6,5071,2551
JW0RSparking TorrentAdult (f)4,6461,50510
1T8BDPittapattapattapattaAdult (f)6,7151,31811
4BY4Molten TorrentAdult (f)5,7311,2355
AhG4KClose to the cindersAdult (m)5,6181,4761
5WMCGPrincess thing from SenyuAdult (m)8,6551,40312
jnXUpIsThisOneEvenNewAdult (m)4,2571,2511
jWd2dFear and AnguishAdult (f)5,6211,1131
7cTPtClose to the forestAdult (m)5,8961,4190
mZYvShichibukai DonquixoteAdult (m)4,9361,1161
gbFLpCutieMolassesPieAdult (f)3,4871,0011
BJiwRCutieZettaPiAdult (f)3,6319671
qvXxsCutieBlindPieAdult (f)3,2859611
RutdxCutieMutePieAdult (f)3,5549754
l5MyqScales of EggAdult (m)3,0621,0801
rWRTESeanutbutter TorrentAdult (m)3,5429701
v9HIBIDunEvenKnowAnymoreAdult (m)5,0131,1910
ANiCAHowAboutThisOneOmgAdult (m)4,2531,2441
CPNVFClose to the skyAdult (m)5,5651,4580
SabvsRossXAlbaAdult (f)8,8471,4346
kKfIMFraemAdult (f)6,7541,1983
aPpRQuartz TorrentAdult (f)8,9631,33514
3a4qLCrazyCatLadyButWithEggsAdult (f)5,0631,1930
CYhI8CreaXShionAdult (m)8,4891,4487
m8QJNights DemiseAdult (m)3,9521,43216
MEBLDays DemiseAdult (f)5,2951,68918
4J2dShining TorrentAdult (f)4,1171,40911
tKhvbI can show you true powerAdult (m)6,5061,2935
S5QXMagicfish TorrentAdult (m)4,6421,4774
1CCY2Splash TorrentAdult (f)6,5471,5451
XTKF1Splashy TorrentAdult (m)5,1999952
0hC4HCheatyface TorrentAdult (m)3,3381,0221
N9E6HOne hundred divided by five daysAdult (m)6,8331,2113
d5ASFoggy TorrentAdult (f)4,9421,0936
9GiUbDisguisey the turtleAdult (f)5,9941,4484
eZs0EReckulatonAdult (f)6,4151,2145
D6nyA(D6nyA)Adult (f)7,1481,3491
6020Quaking TorrentAdult (f)4,6411,4723
uAtBSCrazy Quakin TorrentAdult (f)8,5621,2961
lvrjZShakin Quakin TorrentAdult (m)8,6111,2572
m1BpGRumble and Trouble TorrentAdult (f)8,7881,3510
7Qg9DGround ShakerAdult (f)8,2391,2800
X9ej1Five Earthquakes andAdult (f)8,8071,3921
J0Q4BFour Deaths no HatchesAdult (m)9,7561,3751
U7sEhNew HatchieAdult (m)7,4401,3062
aj41tNewer HatchieAdult (m)7,2971,2501
DmkcZI like lots of greensAdult (m)9,1901,4752
UAAOXGreens are coolAdult (m)9,2051,5003
7BMDRBut nowhere near as cool as herAdult (f)9,5291,4815
AJiRJHope I can dieAdult (f)9,1741,4781
l4tQ5Henrietta the ChickenAdult (f)7,5991,0211
5qTWQHenrietta the CowAdult (f)7,9481,0561
vhZA3Henrietta the JackalopeAdult (f)7,2041,0004
QjHsvFrank WeastAdult (m)2,6258744
nlEI2Chuck GrenAdult (f)4,0248471
b9OVfCoolgreenguyAdult (m)5,8711,5391
QKQIfBlack Stalker TorrentAdult (f)4,0436260
PUqWDFreckles the turtleAdult (f)5,9501,4151
7aPQDre'sertAdult (f)3,2622,72913
l55ZTGoldenscale TorrentAdult (f)5,1081,4081
JH7hYummy Pie TorrentAdult (m)5,2141,6522
76d7Spinechiller DarksoulAdult (m)5,7071,5026
rpFTuGatecrasherAdult (f)7,4661,5382
V2mg0The Dragon with the SparkAdult (m)7,6821,5502
TpECWPlanes WalkerAdult (f)8,2291,3824
APo8DBonebitterAdult (m)2,9901,0393
dLXthAshbitterAdult (f)2,8291,0082
G8SWrRustbitterAdult (m)3,0761,0331
skh3tGlassbitterAdult (f)3,4409954
LDBeWScary Godmother 1Adult (f)2,4399140
Rna4xSpookly the Square PumpkinAdult (f)2,4649250
vCqpVCaspers Scare SchoolAdult (f)2,4448900
46sXVHaunted Pumpkin from Slpy HollowAdult (f)2,4699150
HoCv1Ed Edd and Eddys Boo Haw HawAdult (f)2,3899190
WkDwzScary Godmother 2Adult (f)2,3118920
CrrhDThe New RonAdult (f)5,3871,3991
3LFXBBueno NachoAdult (f)5,7901,3450
4ycU1Attack of the Killer BebesAdult (f)5,5271,3842
4pzFeCoach PossibleAdult (f)5,3021,4220
UvEqcMonkey Fist StrikesAdult (f)5,3611,4043
Wio3ZOctober31stAdult (m)5,4201,4552
WT71Bountiful TorrentAdult (f)5,7461,1942
7KGtHailfire TorrentAdult (m)2,9261,22716
EHb0Halffire TorrentAdult (f)4,1691,3987
FQMzKSoul on fire DuskAdult (m)3,8711,4632
t6YgNPotatoesGonnaPotateAdult (f)4,8009832
RxpCWDebertakenAdult (m)6,6451,1564
CI3hC(CI3hC)Adult (f)6,9601,3383
3EsHStamping JusticeAdult (m)4,3871,0923
rP3QSGobba go faassttAdult (f)4,0631,1621
da9lnNeed to go slowAdult (f)4,0341,1923
i7soIStampy Stamp StampAdult (f)5,0589491
Qk4DHLamps and OilAdult (f)5,0439352
Iz3vxChemists BananaAdult (f)6,0791,2491
fyvYNSodium is NaAdult (m)5,7341,1800
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