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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
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  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “xenolion,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5BX5j(5BX5j)Adult (f)5,7841,3612
AUrfOMy Two Headed DragonsAdult (f)5,4841,3034
etmmH(etmmH)Adult (f)6,0221,2562
g7pJoMori and Kuni cbAdult (m)4,7231,0535
CnRaTinsert name here cbAdult (f)4,6871,0933
mDlonTwin guys cbmAdult (m)3,2681,0222
BNkFFTwin gals cbAdult (f)2,0337213
709ptxeno's two headed CBAdult (f)2,8768181
IESgP(IESgP)Adult (f)3,4587411
kdF8g(kdF8g)Adult (m)3,7857310
Vy8wzxeno's blue opal cbAdult (f)2,7649322
f5AqIlucky blue opal cbAdult (m)2,6769592
xyeGOmy baby blues CBAdult (f)2,9091,07010
mATSnLucky MattAdult (f)2,5098172
oHMzh(oHMzh)Adult (m)2,7096141
0x1Yn(0x1Yn)Adult (f)2,8236140
bNk70(bNk70)Adult (f)3,1635841
o5iOQ(o5iOQ)Adult (m)2,9007780
4gZELxenos green opal cbAdult (m)2,5278593
sVaMVLucky green opal cbAdult (f)2,5278771
zGk6Nxeno's lindwurm CBAdult (m)1,4727453
xZaP0zapped Lindwurm CBAdult (f)2,8509794
YdMficave lindy CBAdult (f)1,9495822
XavWI(XavWI)Adult (f)2,6028863
8oWAbLivin in the 80'sAdult (m)2,7266408
lca32(lca32)Adult (m)2,8877153
MPtCW(MPtCW)Adult (f)3,5717950
Fb5og(Fb5og)Adult (f)2,9958292
zByRM(zByRM)Adult (f)4,4697060
PxAo4(PxAo4)Adult (m)3,8827141
Esuv2(Esuv2)Adult (f)4,1346701
8tGsr(8tGsr)Adult (m)2,5435843
kUCJH(kUCJH)Adult (f)3,8376671
60AyY(60AyY)Adult (m)3,2095583
mq45i(mq45i)Adult (m)5,4038262
KsezC(KsezC)Adult (m)3,1216341
sec4WAged HollyAdult (f)4,1678151
ZVOuHFloral DestinyAdult (f)4,0627733
hbRmJTrapped timeAdult (f)3,4707602
v4Ujp(v4Ujp)Adult (f)2,9898793
9VzVB(9VzVB)Adult (m)2,9368361
YJaNI(YJaNI)Adult (f)3,7547680
miLDa(miLDa)Adult (m)3,6277301
TKuRj(TKuRj)Adult (f)3,0486322
T1myG(T1myG)Adult (m)3,3176700
cVMuF(cVMuF)Adult (m)3,1406471
r6yLA(r6yLA)Adult (m)4,1448351
1wIr6(1wIr6)Adult (f)2,9668051
5g14y(5g14y)Adult (m)2,9447720
KDhnb(KDhnb)Adult (f)3,2006402
Rd4xo(Rd4xo)Adult (f)2,9237730
l9BXdWindstruck LoveAdult (m)3,5786971
G8zf2Song of  PhaorosAdult (m)2,7687201
TGPeKWyndy WingsAdult (f)3,1037321
TYIdSWindy thanksAdult (f)3,2006802
uJZ6kLovely BreezesAdult (m)4,4417745
GKGoq(GKGoq)Adult (m)2,6685322
n8cSW(n8cSW)Adult (m)2,8375143
6QIfvGusty JewelAdult (f)3,2957142
in5cB(in5cB)Adult (m)3,2734606
0iA6ixeno's Albino CBAdult (f)5,9351,2474
lhiITstep gen 2Adult (f)2,7711,0323
HStV9step gen 3Adult (f)2,3468932
qjg5fstep gen 4Adult (f)2,3869765
WPSyv(WPSyv)Adult (f)2,7255322
NBIq2(NBIq2)Adult (f)3,2015702
ePGMW(ePGMW)Adult (f)4,5007332
Q0dWUOMG ChocoAdult (f)2,9727361
0x88K(0x88K)Adult (m)2,7026771
JTAK5Albino stagsAdult (m)3,4446891
aETcZAlbino ChocoAdult (f)3,2587323
ai2LJAlbin BlossomAdult (m)3,3877332
60gjl(60gjl)Adult (m)4,1348451
yd0ac(yd0ac)Adult (f)3,8618081
fUgg7(fUgg7)Adult (m)3,3088240
1Oqqc(1Oqqc)Adult (f)3,7768520
3AuZs(3AuZs)Adult (m)4,0587980
O6EqZ(O6EqZ)Adult (m)3,7767521
lboPU(lboPU)Adult (f)4,6657401
3QmwI(3QmwI)Adult (f)3,7538240
5Pt00(5Pt00)Adult (m)3,4068131
VMrRP(VMrRP)Adult (m)3,9108726
XQFvz(XQFvz)Adult (f)3,7699100
Hyng0(Hyng0)Adult (f)4,0258420
rS96z(rS96z)Adult (f)3,5047511
8SA5G(8SA5G)Adult (m)3,3247242
ITZpr(ITZpr)Adult (f)3,7157681
YO4rq(YO4rq)Adult (m)3,6637570
N2nWF(N2nWF)Adult (m)3,7237761
dW0Os(dW0Os)Adult (f)3,6637732
jYiB1(jYiB1)Adult (m)2,7305200
xlBAk(xlBAk)Adult (m)2,4934660
nf4us(nf4us)Adult (m)3,8377110
BAoze(BAoze)Adult (f)3,5406461
EqriH(EqriH)Adult (f)2,4725960
aYpIa(aYpIa)Adult (m)2,3495840
DBwGU(DBwGU)Adult (f)2,5636041
IVbi5(IVbi5)Adult (m)2,6095890
G6p3c(G6p3c)Adult (m)4,6351,0511
IqSjU(IqSjU)Adult (m)4,6421,0841
7TbUOAlmerald MysticAdult (m)2,9163834
okDnfAndrach of loveAdult (m)3,0226471
gcNFnAlmerald HulaAdult (m)5,2378591
rzkV9love of AlmeraldAdult (m)5,0708231
xt6a9Envious Green LoveAdult (m)4,0708741
9gVHGLovely GrynalexAdult (m)4,2168572
4VP6MDancing AlmeraldAdult (m)4,3869222
2m6maSecond xmasAdult (m)3,6647801
cONMaConned LoveAdult (m)4,2878262
JkS1NJacksin LoveAdult (m)4,6738154
5kxf5Curled LoverAdult (m)4,2548141
4KzpUCurly AlexAdult (m)4,2217941
1mdXxDance of AlmeraldsAdult (m)3,1097681
ywRyuWiigy HulaAdult (m)3,6218181
VBUpvKam loveAdult (m)2,7938101
1VVDvHeartly AlmeraldAdult (m)3,1277331
LTdUjLimited GarlandAdult (m)2,7447031
hsZj5(hsZj5)Adult (m)3,2457182
r3UioKissed AlmandAdult (m)3,6947222
wSEd0Aloha KihiAdult (m)3,2245722
IUZkNSmokn kissesAdult (m)3,0825412
LV4u8Sleeping AllieAdult (m)3,1187111
eGxHgAllie HeartAdult (m)3,3927721
yDWsFSadie DancerAdult (m)3,3816803
rN9UVGreen CovidAdult (m)3,8228032
TVBU3TV BusAdult (m)3,8128361
a0xUUViral LaserAdult (m)3,8127512
HKvyA(HKvyA)Adult (f)2,9627133
lxhoC(lxhoC)Adult (f)3,3946791
dkUSR(dkUSR)Adult (m)3,1956643
FDB9h(FDB9h)Adult (f)3,4547043
Z3XFs(Z3XFs)Adult (m)3,2406722
x7RM0(x7RM0)Adult (f)3,9528561
Ue3fY(Ue3fY)Adult (m)3,8988260
myM8I(myM8I)Adult (f)3,4976461
ZBRz8(ZBRz8)Adult (m)3,7046651
z9dLV(z9dLV)Adult (m)3,6896561
etKaa(etKaa)Adult (f)3,3638104
pAdsM(pAdsM)Adult (f)3,2726624
wAwkdawkward CBAdult (m)3,5557394
qJ7gG(qJ7gG)Adult (f)3,4626882
numFS(numFS)Adult (m)3,1486626
inyaG(inyaG)Adult (f)3,3556533
1vacf(1vacf)Adult (m)2,2007392
GJXDG(GJXDG)Adult (f)2,0897421
hKqTn(hKqTn)Adult (m)2,0196690
vErn1(vErn1)Adult (m)2,0467372
2tF8J(2tF8J)Adult (m)2,0046711
LkLJf(LkLJf)Adult (m)4,4591,1428
p0ZJZ(p0ZJZ)Adult (f)4,4231,2076
mAzeaamazingly CBAdult (m)4,1781,1856
p02hC(p02hC)Adult (m)1,8556050
RzLdQ(RzLdQ)Adult (f)2,1156051
bhHVW(bhHVW)Adult (m)2,7216270
K5ATwRegal CaliAdult (f)3,4466535
yfqVy(yfqVy)Adult (f)3,2097181
1kaKB(1kaKB)Adult (f)3,1776970
GKhGz(GKhGz)Adult (f)3,4376941
VfgG6(VfgG6)Adult (m)3,5297180
OiVuq(OiVuq)Adult (f)2,6586160
wmxC8(wmxC8)Adult (f)2,7386270
goeq5(goeq5)Adult (f)5,8018900
Y6vjO(Y6vjO)Adult (m)5,5888591
LkvmF(LkvmF)Adult (m)2,7996340
Q07eM(Q07eM)Adult (m)2,7196440
Ea1tY(Ea1tY)Adult (f)4,3976652
fSKOQ(fSKOQ)Adult (f)5,2736402
PhNos(PhNos)Adult (m)3,7946921
ZtDsK(ZtDsK)Adult (m)4,2486501
2OnUl(2OnUl)Adult (m)4,0076321
mYzTZFestive AntareanAdult (f)3,8537973
iwtFpAngelic FayAdult (f)2,9577201
9ppQ0Antarean IngelAdult (f)2,8356732
ynfAY(ynfAY)Adult (m)3,0028281
ZFytf(ZFytf)Adult (f)3,1728521
2zmga(2zmga)Adult (m)3,1878191
jxej2(jxej2)Adult (f)3,2298200
e6GBV(e6GBV)Adult (f)3,5637101
AQw63(AQw63)Adult (f)3,7277424
57WT3Song of AqualisAdult (m)2,8127002
MbsMYMine MaybeAdult (m)3,1326481
cTgWxSweetie AquaAdult (f)3,4227301
ntYbk(ntYbk)Adult (m)3,8126923
52Wjw(52Wjw)Adult (f)3,6966982
DilsI(DilsI)Adult (m)3,5576980
r0Wxr(r0Wxr)Adult (f)3,2287021
K0YIbKoy GirlAdult (f)3,7767962
jLVCYLucy HeartsAdult (f)3,8508092
pnmFEStayHomeAdult (f)3,3917743
ZDg8a(ZDg8a)Adult (f)3,0255922
aLSyy(aLSyy)Adult (m)2,7625481
HlwZI(HlwZI)Adult (f)4,7457722
rliRn(rliRn)Adult (f)4,1937212
02zo8(02zo8)Adult (m)3,6948545
JYS9i(JYS9i)Adult (f)2,6537160
eUTeF(eUTeF)Adult (m)2,7787200
2INyESweet Ar'yaAdult (f)4,2898622
swrVMAria loveAdult (f)4,2508262
YXiaHInlaid CelisAdult (m)3,4967332
vq9L8Game on bucksAdult (f)3,0847212
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