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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “xForcibleFeeding,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BXpRP(BXpRP)Adult (m)4,5014583
S1zws(S1zws)Adult (f)4,3474362
Csj5U(Csj5U)Adult (m)3,7623993
NqYaX(NqYaX)Adult (f)4,3854533
vwgZ0(vwgZ0)Adult (f)4,2324423
2sppR(2sppR)Adult (m)4,2894293
c3qKg(c3qKg)Adult (f)3,4053613
ugPYW(ugPYW)Adult (f)3,6274023
Wmblf(Wmblf)Adult (f)3,5064184
a6yII(a6yII)Adult (m)3,0803712
pWjGN(pWjGN)Adult (m)3,1673792
0jlzT(0jlzT)Adult (m)3,3693975
1bLlH(1bLlH)Adult (f)2,9603574
yPuyB(yPuyB)Adult (m)3,4343992
rEENI(rEENI)Adult (f)3,4304164
7yCLW(7yCLW)Adult (m)2,9283683
zmv1bAlexios and DeimosAdult (m)3,1285684
vFwaM(vFwaM)Adult (f)2,5214734
yZNNn(yZNNn)Adult (f)2,5974853
3Xh3u(3Xh3u)Adult (m)2,6164922
L1Idc(L1Idc)Adult (f)2,7215032
dFN7j(dFN7j)Adult (f)2,5024593
UiPp1(UiPp1)Adult (m)2,6665143
9DbCI(9DbCI)Adult (m)2,4134842
rpOadRamsay's DesolationAdult (m)8,0036104
XQaoB(XQaoB)Adult (m)3,6893231
GVL1B(GVL1B)Adult (f)3,1472792
N7v3r(N7v3r)Adult (m)3,1802781
KdxWn(KdxWn)Adult (f)3,6263482
jEI5F(jEI5F)Adult (m)3,0232902
sMpAW(sMpAW)Adult (m)3,7633312
f93a4Henry of the OceanAdult (m)3,9363494
C82xk(C82xk)Adult (f)4,3523944
s7cGX(s7cGX)Adult (f)4,5503793
ltMxr(ltMxr)Adult (m)4,3363533
v3nWN(v3nWN)Adult (m)5,1214202
N0UBk(N0UBk)Adult (f)4,8254154
7Zl6p(7Zl6p)Adult (m)4,8664335
DUf59(DUf59)Adult (f)4,8634316
fXxqM(fXxqM)Adult (m)4,6513903
I6EJF(I6EJF)Adult (f)3,5233376
4CyG7(4CyG7)Adult (f)4,4713895
NI8xq(NI8xq)Adult (m)3,7063326
C0zof(C0zof)Adult (m)4,0463523
Vi0EGLenny's TreeEgg (F)
u0SCNToufikAdult (m)10,62073215
qMP4vCalleighAdult (f)9,45268118
jeAYNJeaynAdult (f)9,5926508
Sy9l4Guiscard TimeseerAdult (m)4,61531611
c6wPhHakim TimeseerAdult (m)4,17645412
hJRgXTalib TimeseerAdult (m)4,36045712
zOmCRZoom TimeseerAdult (m)4,7303687
Q2AIyAly TimeseerAdult (f)3,8774639
KeTapDana TimeseerAdult (f)4,4523468
SG57cIsmene TimeseerAdult (f)5,9685218
sIMgwMaiara TimeseerAdult (f)4,03337611
PtdXwAnil AetherAdult (m)2,9454813
VMTjREaston AetherAdult (m)3,4855362
5rzh3Samir AetherAdult (m)3,0903554
wTdYVWayra AetherAdult (m)3,5093882
dOQaaCiela AetherAdult (f)3,8014528
asEIPEteri AetherAdult (f)3,6634545
wcQNiMeltem AetherAdult (f)2,8294601
xWIPkNinlil AetherAdult (f)2,9364682
BzYhtDrogo AlbinoAdult (m)4,48230623
92OPAOregon BayAdult (m)4,16734618
u2kXLUlysses AlbinoAdult (m)3,66450016
gfUqVon MichaudAdult (m)1,2686032
wcMcfAlabama BayAdult (f)4,3342951
J9FNHJonelle AlbinoAdult (f)4,0763209
o5X1LabolinaAdult (f)1,4727181
6OyEPArrow BayAdult (f)2,95642010
kDZPBGhost White ChocolateAdult (f)3,8014189
TjK7KChocolat CeriseAdult (f)4,5803229
fFHc1AllabanHatchling (m, F)2,9713068
Z54XBAlbadoraHatchling (f, F)4,5343551
xedgNAlbeigeHatchling (F)1,7681251
pgxmmIskandar MoodyAdult (m)4,07633313
nafIoNafio MoodyAdult (m)3,60045810
5bQ67Phineas MoodyAdult (m)3,28643218
l68K8Terrance MoodyAdult (m)4,15744512
tbMoOAineias MoodyAdult (m)3,0744496
F4fOGAmicus MoodyAdult (m)3,20436929
CXPEnEsmeralda MoodyAdult (f)4,52545813
3HrZfSatine MoodyAdult (f)3,31243515
oBhqDTanith MoodyAdult (f)3,97645311
ycqmvYasemin MoodyAdult (f)4,07845218
1oEWWSir EwoutAdult (m)3,73840817
E5eOSSir EzraelAdult (m)4,9503461
5vaIlSir FavallAdult (m)3,5763834
sRTY9Sir RutherfordAdult (m)3,58542616
5UCnLInfernal MickAdult (m)5,2243531
9AtzDSir FlorianAdult (m)4,2273042
tfUIdSir AngeloAdult (m)3,54130816
YeDp3Sir RhysAdult (m)3,49835529
ssQZoSir MorrisonAdult (m)2,1004212
Hp1A6Lady HenriettaAdult (f)4,9343611
QjyRhLady IsmaAdult (f)3,7563712
k8S3hLady LovisAdult (f)5,29536015
umoQ2Lady UnityAdult (f)4,6143276
OaQksLady FlorindaAdult (f)3,6983115
oOt7qLady PrunettaAdult (f)4,29529818
JtDevLady RowinaAdult (f)2,6734609
B7DwFLady EzgiAdult (f)5,0613532
VH8zuLady MorrganAdult (f)4,2082932
8sDkhSir IvarHatchling (m, F)4,4323641
Rd4o5Dougal MysterioAdult (m)4,5203704
pG3GIGaston MysterioAdult (m)4,9373393
JhIdpJairus MysterioAdult (m)4,26346815
mL5G5Winston MysterioAdult (m)4,90836618
khtRaKeith RaaAdult (m)4,40631413
fBFAdMargh MysterioAdult (m)4,6643418
6IfIhWilson MysterioAdult (m)4,33430018
8IRk1Alodia MysteriaAdult (f)4,4103494
2RdkbEleanor MysteriaAdult (f)4,6503494
lZc6YLaraine MysteriaAdult (f)3,32740611
ANBMaBelenos AriaAdult (m)3,37753011
vvm0JLeudoberct AriaAdult (m)4,75344315
ulK4NPrasad AriaAdult (m)3,37648117
FSCP0Savio AriaAdult (m)4,64741619
sygvAAlbrecht AriaAdult (m)2,5894578
KU2sBDragan AriaAdult (m)2,82949713
ccIWKHikaru AriaAdult (f)5,03934115
c30WJNatela AriaAdult (f)3,7284576
ld7iePhaedra AriaAdult (f)2,44548216
PE5tzShirley AriaAdult (f)4,41829715
7KKhJMerlina AriaAdult (f)4,7203409
2DeTVCloud AshAdult (m)4,0433775
cAw0fCrow AshAdult (m)3,4853605
OUdJRMurphy AshAdult (m)3,4593444
YaQZNQyzen AshAdult (m)3,9913801
BVgfzBeata AshAdult (f)3,2523243
5u4aREmori AshAdult (f)4,4624311
Ohm1fMarlis AshAdult (f)2,9423294
BZnkxSenta AshAdult (f)3,6053574
qHn3WGrant GlacewingAdult (m)4,2454442
BrpvwMikkel GlacewingAdult (m)4,46246413
8vw0mTrevor GlacewingAdult (m)4,2533022
uwSloVibol GlacewingAdult (m)4,4004898
lP1Q7Edda GlacewingAdult (f)5,0813563
RwameGormlaith GlacewingAdult (f)3,4103048
9Z8sPMaura GlacewingAdult (f)4,0825238
c1Y3vNicole GlacewingAdult (f)4,3823043
BCJiBalloon McFloatAdult (m)2,1151,0308
n79w6Garson McFloatAdult (m)4,08044223
PJyUnPJ McFloatAdult (m)4,36638320
TIG6gAiress McFloatAdult (f)4,32543114
cyOKAFunda McFloatAdult (f)3,71629434
LhuALLala McFloatAdult (f)3,89639831
C7wKcDudda McFloatHatchling (m, F)2,1984712
hpY28Balbina McFloatHatchling (f, F)4,5303503
m95A1Mini McFloatHatchling (F)81224913
sl7CMBob AditiAdult (m)2,1049532
OAdHlCarlton AditiAdult (m)3,40237817
MVdPdDror AditiAdult (m)4,24432612
EnsMtEnsio AditiAdult (m)4,57535019
YrEnpCarolyn AditiAdult (f)3,33444823
Yt6GgLiberty AditiAdult (f)2,0049673
fGA56Saoirse AditiAdult (f)4,90434014
KkJ3XUlrika AditiAdult (f)3,69846423
KxNyRLiberto AditiHatchling (m, F)4,6803121
mFT88Bobbie AditiHatchling (f, F)4,1593303
51Q0RDon MarlyAdult (m)4,0104515
12fUCIsaac Dan der GrimnebulinAdult (m)4,16933717
E9vokKing MelanthiosAdult (m)3,7953013
TzbyzLord FeardorchaAdult (m)4,4543141
mqtV9Nakmor DrackAdult (m)5,14836814
2FADPrince LotharAdult (m)2,2191,0878
pOC8oThe Dark BaronAdult (m)3,8743681
l8yshThe Man in the SuitAdult (m)3,93632519
YoSswDon MarluxiaAdult (m)3,9912681
9kv22Kaveh DarkAdult (m)3,07538221
5xnbLNakmor LeslieAdult (m)3,45733313
SxpO2Prince MelchorAdult (m)4,5633051
qJqCMDon NamuAdult (m)3,78130616
iiM8lDubhgastAdult (m)5,0893842
9LRXYNakmor LyleAdult (m)3,46931311
uAeCuBirgir LotharsonAdult (m)5,2373611
MKnUMK UrbanAdult (m)1,6291,02518
IGT19Donna MarionettaAdult (f)4,8124022
YP55rLexi T'PerroAdult (f)4,21232214
c2LbnLin the ArtistAdult (f)4,73831823
hmGe9Miss AmeliaAdult (f)3,2823444
DYfxpMistress RajaniAdult (f)3,9103461
pKOjUQueen MelanieAdult (f)4,5413762
Mwr0NThe Dark BaronessAdult (f)5,1543924
uM8I1The Little Black DressAdult (f)4,42829910
T0MbCDressy SuitAdult (f)4,3203468
g2JVZIsaalyn the ArtistAdult (f)3,5173894
7a0vMMissy FierceAdult (f)3,3663221
70us2NamineiaAdult (f)2,9834273
GEADtThe Dark SeamstressAdult (f)4,29929420
Z6cYcDressed in the DarkAdult (f)4,76033015
zlvQvMiss MelaraAdult (f)3,76431315
CDJqMiss OpheliaAdult (f)1,2824893
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