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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “wyvern0,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MjnGY(MjnGY)Dead Egg174951
xapNC(xapNC)Dead Egg1971001
pkt7d(pkt7d)Dead Egg1981011
qBytQwyvern0Adult (f)2,4724613
fFVJZFlameBlast - 0Adult (m)1,7134761
CifqhBlood Moon - 0Adult (m)1,7324833
DDs0yTiny Red Flame - 0Adult (f)1,8465152
pZAOKZasha - 0Adult (f)2,3635018
97c6UGuardian Angel - 0Adult (m)2,5425224
I4gQrNight 'N Galeo - 0Adult (f)2,5065753
oF6fjPink Wing - 0Adult (f)1,7315601
AaSBGSun Stone - 0Adult (m)1,7175572
gEtXaMonica - 0Adult (f)1,6685531
t9eE3Pillow Fluff - 0Adult (f)1,6265501
LjyhgTiny Wing - 0Adult (f)1,6355702
YJMHaLittle One - 0Adult (f)2,0636042
DJzvXScyther - 0Adult (m)1,7095691
sbbzcSunset - 0Adult (f)2,5136034
KhYlgParacell - 0Adult (f)1,5015470
Tg4AoFallen Ice Felm - 0Adult (f)1,6535311
v30UVGalaxy - 0Adult (f)2,0215701
oJYkkGreen Vile - 0Adult (m)2,3795750
Zh4pMLitten - 0Adult (m)1,9975300
BiIMpRosalia - 0Adult (m)1,9096041
dZGDqNeptune - 0Adult (m)1,7955031
YbNkXWind Breaker - 0Adult (m)2,9571,0453
GWMMiVapor - 0Adult (m)2,4175343
X3dR7Glory - 0Adult (m)1,6735522
96OW3Dark Ocean - 0Adult (m)1,5505251
NMXfbTyphoon - 0Adult (m)2,0825552
MVKSLCloud Diver - 0Adult (m)1,8795511
HfRyaCargo and Cia - 0Adult (m)2,0316861
IUudZLavender - 0Adult (m)2,0775870
qPJf0Wiplash - 0Adult (f)2,0134893
2NYzUTermont - 0Adult (m)2,7585795
VSqC7Lilian - 0Adult (m)1,9354882
gcjKdZooloo - 0Adult (m)2,1766827
4uwl4Ziggy - 0Adult (m)2,3235113
zNoxNSpit Fire - 0Adult (f)2,3505132
KG5FSSandstorm - 0Adult (m)2,2955041
jUtm7Opacity - 0Adult (f)2,0795892
JrsANSacramento - 0Adult (m)2,2145392
SjpqkFlaming Water - 0Adult (m)2,7135340
ZBlSzInflammation - 0Adult (f)1,8515391
KbfKRBlack Sparrow - 0Adult (f)1,8225371
go13JMoon Stone - 0Adult (m)1,9424663
al63WGalactica - 0Adult (m)2,1284521
07VgpRed Rocket - 0Adult (f)1,4854381
y9MwkTea Tree - 0Adult (m)1,4674291
cKcw1Rainbow Rock - 0Adult (m)1,5494541
LxuSqMadusa - 0Adult (f)1,7944842
3K1E8Mini Mint - 0Hatchling (F)1,2073551
MtBxpPeddle - 0Hatchling (F)2,0313821
XnBmHStrake - 0Adult (m)2,2785571
4SRv7Strife - 0Adult (m)2,2445512
azgKJDeadLife - 0Adult (f)2,9555213
CxqnaFire Storm - 0Adult (f)2,9055060
J5wwoJade - 0Adult (m)2,7104731
5YOXZMysteria - 0Adult (m)1,8534341
I43QfSealia - 0Adult (m)2,1974051
Ynt89Skulker - 0Adult (f)2,9245881
Z5Dj8Doge - 0Hatchling (F)2,3934243
SzbZgRiptide - 0Adult (f)1,7724720
QLAGWRidge - 0Adult (f)2,2154671
FMbknBooloon - 0Adult (f)1,6224610
0Qg8STria - 0Adult (f)1,6154600
kifPZGrian - 0Adult (m)1,7824910
1FxQiSafire - 0Adult (f)2,4034811
9DmcOGeo - 0Adult (f)3,2705402
PNLP1Electric Wave - 0Adult (f)3,0404890
Kv3lYExhail - 0Adult (m)2,8235281
e1MpGBlue Angle - 0Adult (f)3,1455422
GzcqgSerial - 0Adult (f)1,8125050
l63yOTooth and Claw - 0Adult (m)1,8785220
3jTD0Sinthia - 0Adult (f)2,2425100
rej2NSandalar - 0Adult (f)1,9894630
Jza0NSalt Lick - 0Adult (m)1,6094590
8GuF9Lil - 0Adult (m)1,6504640
HRQjoMissy - 0Adult (m)1,7124851
r4dEkHowal - 0Adult (m)1,4364070
DcJelEncore - 0Adult (f)4,7851,0361
oYntqExcallabor - 0Adult (f)4,1949662
fSrNkStrap - 0Adult (f)4,7151,0191
vifXMRed Day - 0Adult (m)4,2879513
RhDBRFrez - 0Adult (m)4,4091,0911
8MwsZCotton Candy - 0Adult (f)4,5651,0724
bFDnzStone Galiath - 0Adult (f)4,5589981
VVtMSOtamis - 0Adult (f)4,8451,0140
bUwinDina - 0Hatchling (F)3,0778301
vt8dKFever Few - 0Adult (m)5,0761,0501
3sEGwEarl Grey - 0Adult (f)5,1239900
ogBBURings - 0Adult (f)5,3099703
Mkb4sNino - 0Adult (f)4,8131,1434
RacKnRasin - 0Adult (m)5,6051,0772
ZZDJUCreatility - 0Adult (f)5,8701,1662
dMY0PTerpanti - 0Adult (f)3,2479650
wiq1cSummer Sunshine - 0Adult (m)3,4619000
tTP1cQuake - 0Adult (f)3,9938570
Gz8nkSal - 0Hatchling (F)2,1687221
cl6PqMagikarp - 0Adult (m)3,6178971
9h2yTLepurr - 0Adult (f)4,0628460
ipv1xOpal - 0Adult (m)4,2798861
lXWDyNebulan - 0Adult (f)3,3509752
vGmprElectrik Ocean - 0Adult (m)3,5779430
kw4vHProtectorate - 0Adult (f)4,0351,0270
Gg56VWillow - 0Adult (m)4,9149960
M4TelSasilia - 0Adult (f)4,5439110
kfLQtTetniss - 0Adult (f)4,4409011
MVkV8Snap - 0Adult (f)4,6008971
43KmVAcrobatic - 0Adult (m)4,2669961
za596Drakod - 0Adult (m)4,5691,0660
52caMBlack Drag - 0Hatchling (F)1,7091970
JM2HzAtumnuss - 0Adult (m)3,5091,1761
ZjqYGSunrise Joy - 0Adult (m)4,7799232
6MsUlBlue Flare - 0Adult (m)3,7081,1150
bo5E8Blood Ruby - 0Adult (f)3,7741,2050
5zLCxGrin - 0Adult (f)3,3941,1311
MjaqbMist Ache - 0Adult (f)2,5089352
sPdtjMr Jack - 0Adult (m)4,2689855
SdPskPlumpkin - 0Adult (f)2,3901,0330
WNqbSMarrow Wock - 0Adult (f)2,3931,0370
3gaNDDugless - 0Adult (f)4,0841,1512
vHLBKFin for the Win - 0Adult (m)4,1951,1233
28qNJHells' Eyes - 0Adult (m)4,2441,1153
3avW8Piller - 0Adult (m)4,1571,1422
ebj8SForgotten - 0Adult (m)5,1158902
VS8OcRose Red - 0Adult (m)5,1708840
bLkU3Blonka - 0Adult (f)5,2819382
tzk5SClouded Vision - 0Adult (m)5,0158691
ZXZaBNokyl - 0Adult (f)5,1949350
SbzmfPerhemp - 0Adult (f)4,8098971
oZvJDCassa - 0Adult (m)4,8119072
fF6zAObscene - 0Adult (m)4,5997914
jqV1ESpring Scale - 0Adult (f)5,4239550
8sU6OFighn - 0Adult (m)4,2481,0070
b52f1Aryan - 0Hatchling (m, F)3,9429571
84K29Scorch - 0Adult (m)4,2321,0211
I46HsLickatang - 0Adult (f)4,2831,0153
W2GTUPink Panter - 0Adult (f)1,6844740
u6OkFRustaknot - 0Adult (m)1,6674374
wZYhHCorporal - 0Adult (f)1,5464341
MsjhIIncubus - 0Adult (m)1,8385071
G077mSpiralality - 0Adult (m)3,4787554
WHuGVWhild - 0Adult (f)3,5469382
UyBbr(UyBbr)Adult (f)3,5549291
RFa4C(RFa4C)Adult (m)3,5869481
oHErwHenry - 0Adult (f)3,9921,0140
bGhkT(bGhkT)Hatchling (f, F)3,4056251
XFBx0Shrieking Hawk - 0Adult (m)3,8927162
qdavM(qdavM)Hatchling (f, F)3,2116391
BRmtZ(BRmtZ)Adult (f)3,6406463
AGSJkThe Darkness Rains DownAdult (m)3,1166384
LurR3The Silence in the NightAdult (f)3,4958372
ssdxU(ssdxU)Adult (f)3,5678400
GYNHg(GYNHg)Adult (f)4,5147431
R77q5(R77q5)Adult (m)4,5047511
kI87uViolent BlueAdult (f)3,9497851
Um0sb(Um0sb)Adult (m)3,6837671
H2fPv(H2fPv)Adult (f)3,5967652
12UUsRed Rum - 0Adult (f)3,5317801
nQ85S(nQ85S)Adult (f)3,6707751
Hv52iThe Monster in the NightAdult (m)4,1628191
MJGtdMid Night WingAdult (m)4,1057302
e3FHz(e3FHz)Adult (f)4,3117512
SdZaHThe Crowned King - 0Adult (m)4,6457492
wgRE4Sun Kissed Stone - 0Adult (f)4,4857502
VG66yBleeding Jewel - 0Adult (m)5,0037061
hW1GE(hW1GE)Adult (m)4,7988681
DJhJ3(DJhJ3)Adult (m)4,3488172
efxrG(efxrG)Adult (f)4,4488063
OFkznOmlet - 0Adult (m)4,8157232
I4QW5Sun Stained - 0Adult (m)4,9956990
COGTl(COGTl)Adult (f)4,9087203
WUiwoThe Songs of the DamnedAdult (f)4,5507374
FvLpQMega X - 0Adult (m)6,0108474
5YN1WWyn - 0Adult (m)4,8336972
efLLJLove Day - 0Adult (f)4,8486983
qxcrOThe Celestial DreamAdult (f)4,9217502
cbEDGThere's Fire in the WaterAdult (f)4,8727552
2XTEwHamlet - 0Adult (f)4,9227552
ksZBQWhat Does it Mean to LoveAdult (f)4,4647221
LBV8jCorporate Pain - 0Adult (f)4,5367183
ITw7FLash - 0Adult (f)4,0868762
4zQ3O(4zQ3O)Adult (m)4,3617760
TIEDo(TIEDo)Adult (m)5,0847323
j94UNWhen the Snow CollapsesAdult (f)5,0626733
wUe8oThe Protector of YoungAdult (m)4,8617052
zW96rSinacit - 0Adult (f)5,1097252
bZeWjSinai - 0Adult (m)5,3847352
qsD9wSpitter QuitterAdult (m)5,2037551
RpRvg(RpRvg)Adult (m)3,4608683
Rpg7USereneBeautyAdult (m)3,4438634
XBFXb(XBFXb)Adult (m)3,8327051
2vObFThunderousRageAdult (f)4,1127913
TTlsoFertility - 0Adult (f)4,0998012
kIbNRThe Dance of an AngelAdult (f)4,1607980
zJKC5(zJKC5)Adult (f)4,2557352
XgkEP(XgkEP)Adult (m)4,5848000
MPeRlThe Krowned QueenAdult (f)4,4058070
pnPsm(pnPsm)Adult (f)4,5077995
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