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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “wvni,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j2n70Ww Eggs and Hatchlings wWHatchling (F)9512621
E9HT4(E9HT4)Adult (f)5,1608361
VHk3u(VHk3u)Adult (f)5,1028543
XT2ev(XT2ev)Adult (m)4,9018412
Ks7eF(Ks7eF)Adult (f)5,0878352
c3DLG(c3DLG)Adult (m)5,2978485
8yTdW(8yTdW)Adult (f)5,4828672
WoaNX(WoaNX)Adult (f)4,6128573
8IxnM(8IxnM)Adult (f)5,7511,0031
np7gM(np7gM)Adult (f)5,6781,0094
NZeC9(NZeC9)Adult (f)5,7081,0102
VqwL0(VqwL0)Adult (m)5,7751,0052
qA9I0(qA9I0)Adult (m)4,7608842
AjLfk(AjLfk)Adult (m)5,4818144
7E3VY(7E3VY)Adult (f)5,5409605
XXJwO(XXJwO)Adult (f)6,0879842
wx4e7(wx4e7)Adult (m)6,1459630
Jg28m(Jg28m)Adult (m)6,0209910
7kliK(7kliK)Adult (f)5,0688334
nfsVw(nfsVw)Adult (f)5,5718762
hNtDd(hNtDd)Adult (f)6,0599422
KSklS(KSklS)Adult (f)5,9479542
TLOYW(TLOYW)Adult (f)5,8639382
CYhVR(CYhVR)Adult (m)5,4899131
dKpzm(dKpzm)Adult (m)5,3219141
NEh7h(NEh7h)Adult (m)5,2749322
2phiCThe Fallen LordAdult (f)5,1718652
Gwy9qThe Tea GroomAdult (m)5,2528372
C9dJtThe Bright Pink SignAdult (m)5,3528691
p0tYNWw All Non-Project Dragons wWHatchling (F)1,2022622
27ljQThe White Striped LordAdult (m)2,5177475
OhvWDThe White Striped ClairvoyantAdult (f)5,4758471
UoQ81The White Striped LadyAdult (f)1,6243718
qCYR8The White Striped FrostbiteAdult (f)3,8797061
OyEpUThe White BlossomAdult (m)3,0726522
9GxyIThe White GardenAdult (m)3,1836872
C5iOQThe White BrambleAdult (m)4,0007271
oyzxtThe White BeeAdult (f)3,0256973
7IWEXThe Pristine EloquenceAdult (f)4,2068772
CSl0nThe Pristine BlossomAdult (f)5,2157865
AbJubThe Pristine GlowAdult (f)3,7637062
WLBOPThe Capped FlowerAdult (m)2,2096492
LukfTThe Capped StormAdult (f)5,9388091
YQpdJThe Capped WavesAdult (m)5,9047953
zZrJfThe Capped OceanAdult (f)5,1067471
6Q7lQThe Climbing EagleAdult (m)5,2878470
KQzRxThe Climbing HawkAdult (m)5,1818002
vfbUzThe Climbing FalconAdult (f)5,2578092
8qkszThe Climbing OspreyAdult (m)4,8038056
JQMA1The Quail TerpaiAdult (m)4,3816993
iTa1XThe Quail IslandAdult (m)3,6316263
Sox34The Quail SwordsmanAdult (m)3,6156862
nIYKGThe Quail StoneAdult (m)3,9966523
X0PIiThe Quail DancerAdult (m)4,0457932
70mRMThe Pink BlossomAdult (f)6,0738861
XddbpThe Pink BreederAdult (f)2,0125723
XB1uYThe Pink CourierAdult (m)4,0737672
0DBpAThe Ridged StoneAdult (m)3,8418292
55So4The Flamingo GaurdAdult (m)2,5513934
ZkDCrThe Flamingo MageAdult (f)3,3977342
d0ZzAThe Flamingo SpriteAdult (f)3,4487693
k7f8TThe Tea BlossomAdult (m)5,7978972
GJ4vSThe Tea LeopardAdult (m)4,0905871
ptZKTThe Tea GuardAdult (m)2,7445922
2Dx7JThe Tea CommitteeAdult (m)5,1028432
ObjeOThe Tea BearerAdult (f)1,9424102
sPDEgThe Glistening GuideAdult (f)6,4739642
UAg4bThe Bright Pink CityAdult (m)5,1477410
Vl5vBThe Bright Pink LeopardAdult (m)2,9135541
uEfw9The Bright Pink FlowerAdult (m)2,6818351
nqtNaThe Pink Garnet DemonAdult (m)5,5478162
SpRiRThe Blimp BellyAdult (f)2,4795143
cb7IZThe Blimp FlowerAdult (f)3,2895653
FDMnuThe Blimp Bounce HouseAdult (m)2,9266783
UWpWDThe Fishing PoisonAdult (f)7,5421,1751
hpoawThe Fishing ToxinAdult (f)5,0008561
B9MEqThe Red Gem LakeAdult (f)4,6575781
OcYT2The Fuchsia TrumpetAdult (f)4,4905221
bLILvThe Fuchsia LeaderAdult (f)4,5038023
nR8O3The Fuchsia FlowerAdult (f)2,6627091
QVmB0The Warming Ghost ThuwedAdult (f)3,2226503
h0YB6The Warming InnkeeperAdult (f)4,6875712
FyLncThe Warming HostAdult (f)3,1657611
pmMlaThe Warming SpiritAdult (f)2,8955082
21kQ6The Red Dorsal BloodAdult (m)2,0476302
YLt20The Hooked FightersAdult (m)3,4618861
oOJNjThe Crimson MagistrateAdult (m)3,2806312
fQw3tThe Red Garnet TongueAdult (m)4,1746928
Pa7l0The Red Galaxy FlowerAdult (f)6,9711,1113
A0V8QThe Red Galaxy TerpaiAdult (f)3,3747174
PzAr5The Amber HornAdult (m)2,3362962
93Zf2The Amber TailAdult (f)1,6835141
TpGcfThe Reflective DesertAdult (m)2,6826852
QGijwThe Reflective SkyAdult (f)2,5597072
B4810The Candle FollowerAdult (m)2,6118243
M8RwWThe Nexus FlowerAdult (f)2,6388482
md3EOThe Shady DiggerAdult (m)4,5498325
dWhNRThe Shady WizardAdult (m)2,4117722
YQba0The Lake FlipperAdult (m)1,9425703
SilMLThe Magic SwordsmithAdult (m)3,5311,1803
7X13UThe Magic WizardAdult (m)2,5266892
oFbamThe Magic SwallowAdult (m)3,4395382
otGioThe Magma StoneAdult (f)4,13274521
tMQl1The Freckled GoldAdult (m)5,0608701
NCE9qThe Furry Suit - Lion KingAdult (m)4,6958156
3apDaThe Lion HunterAdult (f)5,4888693
RRZp9The Harvest DragonAdult (f)3,4398732
yz7n9The Harvest StripesAdult (m)1,6294861
rkCRQThe Harvest GeckoAdult (m)3,1225962
fHdmTThe Burrowing SerpentAdult (m)6,9461,0893
5IleBThe Burrowing MinkAdult (m)6,9549711
07vH4The Burrowing SnakeAdult (f)5,3778391
iSMLkThe Volcanic GeyserAdult (f)2,8618031
v7pQXThe Daydream DancerAdult (m)3,8828172
fWGp9The Sulfur GuideAdult (f)3,4847001
L9ZfiThe Lightless FiendAdult (f)2,8405451
9rWqvThe Lightless GrottoAdult (f)6,2008472
ubgcMThe Lightless GiantAdult (f)6,1028271
geHkRThe Sandy GuideAdult (m)1,5634971
jjEu3The Duke Jirtoloo MedeisAdult (m)3,4205995
QLdpNThe Soft WarriorAdult (m)3,3607493
E0DeHDuke Evortia MedeisAdult (m)2,8517613
ikxf5The Soft PillowAdult (f)5,5381,4753
2zfmTThe Soft FluffAdult (f)4,1061,25020
3Jxr9The Soft BearAdult (f)2,9457965
JQO5qThe Soft TrumpetAdult (f)3,6827599
JkziBThe Soft BatAdult (f)3,9156676
ONoZ9The Duchess Oclerta MedeisAdult (f)3,2025963
3as7gThe Soft GuideAdult (f)2,9428751
raqVgThe Soft DreamerAdult (f)3,2178222
KVAIWThe Soft SquirrelAdult (f)3,7885652
UeJEZThe Soft OwlAdult (f)4,0777361
pB2C7The Spotted CrestAdult (m)2,1715562
EifD5The Spotted PrancerAdult (m)2,7935725
StF8bThe Spotted LizardAdult (f)3,4138851
vERmEThe Earth DeerAdult (f)2,5684722
27zFNThe Earth BanditAdult (f)6,7469283
x4j3JThe Earth MammothAdult (m)2,6087839
Siwy1The Brilliant SnakeAdult (m)5,4888712
Sdp5wThe Brilliant GardenAdult (m)3,4097592
zcQMAThe Brilliant FlowerAdult (m)3,0776292
1ejCNThe Brilliant ChestAdult (f)2,1565591
I3i4sThe Spring FlowersAdult (m)1,4303708
GXYvsThe Spring PetalsAdult (m)2,5254642
2huoHThe Fruity OrangeAdult (m)5,4018581
VtQxhThe Fruity Dorkface ThuwedAdult (m)2,2385763
p6ObGThe Fruity LemurAdult (f)3,7008101
Xkk7ZThe Fruity FalconAdult (f)2,5535764
i4ivVThe Striped SirenAdult (m)6,2489294
DrkePThe Striped IslandAdult (m)4,1271,25714
0vx3tThe Striped LeopardAdult (m)2,9617411
u0FM1The Striped LeafAdult (f)2,8788052
7cBatThe Striped FluffAdult (f)2,06154610
EolmUThe Striped BatAdult (f)3,0108202
KYT24The Canopy PilotAdult (m)4,1436021
c9ilBThe Canopy DancerAdult (f)2,7575573
bI3k2The Canopy FloristAdult (f)4,0585792
mbvkLThe Canopy BlossomAdult (f)4,0727651
8hdgwThe Confetti RulerAdult (m)5,4378541
3mPN1The Confetti DancerAdult (m)2,6447321
S99NcThe Confetti GuideAdult (f)3,4607075
8zy04The Confetti WarriorAdult (f)3,3767025
lNaOXThe Confetti DreamerAdult (f)3,8355263
WfeinThe Confetti BurglarAdult (f)2,8837731
LzNSgThe Green Galaxy DorkfaceAdult (m)2,6825011
LvyyKThe Shaking FatherAdult (m)1,8815862
gctEnThe Green Striped LizardAdult (f)3,50770511
STc5HThe Olive GeckoAdult (f)2,4785573
AbkfEThe Olive SheepAdult (m)1,6284891
QFMQSThe Vine NecromancerAdult (m)4,5187193
OoSoHThe Vine QueenAdult (f)4,2451,5174
6WxoGThe Vine GuideAdult (m)2,5195751
Qlx6eThe Vine GuardAdult (m)2,4055314
0zBSqThe Vine KnightAdult (m)3,6696721
Sc0TMThe Frilled SpiritAdult (f)2,6748311
hHSeHThe Frilled LizardAdult (f)2,5887011
fyWQjThe Frilled GiantAdult (m)2,5325822
aPae6The Green Gem SkyAdult (f)2,5306732
eHmoaThe Leopard ElkAdult (f)5,4487783
WvOUDThe Leopard GrassesAdult (m)3,5769311
PSphJThe Leopard HornsAdult (m)3,8757091
FpM4gThe Scaled GuardAdult (m)2,9847611
SpCqFThe Spiked LizardAdult (f)2,0135482
uclZlThe Mint GuideAdult (f)1,8525460
e1tFZThe Mint SweetAdult (m)2,9897084
4AcMHThe Mint SpiritAdult (f)3,0716731
8zCDQThe Peaceful LilyAdult (m)3,4978861
ewVN6The Peaceful RiverAdult (f)3,1456801
OZ9hxThe Peaceful ReedsAdult (f)2,0275504
ENh9HThe Smaragdine MoodAdult (m)4,0335932
EClveThe Spiritual PondAdult (f)2,9047920
qmqavThe Spiritual WavesAdult (m)2,9437433
mD6JkThe River WishAdult (m)2,6937422
2r98WThe Cavernous SerpentAdult (m)7,1239860
GVeHJThe Cavernous ToxinAdult (f)5,7509073
Ex564The Glowing CaveAdult (m)2,7255521
yX0UvThe Glowing GraniteAdult (m)5,3021,0849
jiiU4The Glowing DogAdult (m)4,9438136
VKa7DThe Shimmering SpaceAdult (f)3,2868481
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