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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wrenchwench,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sXiBp(sXiBp)Hatchling (m)3,41385317
egtfvTww Agamemnon CBAdult (m)3,61680117
JlWvaTww Star SightAdult (f)2,5576111
h4EDXTww Wibbly Wobbly CBAdult (m)3,69276715
MgWvNTww Menestheus CBAdult (m)3,2946461
30ClVTww Pythia CBAdult (f)5,66889114
IX9ftTww Freaky TimesAdult (f)2,8327471
4cB3KTww Der Holle Rache CBAdult (f)3,5541,0158
OxMusTww OxMus CBAdult (m)3,42690813
KDGhITww Pour mon ame CBAdult (f)3,3499187
x8zFnTww O Mio Babbino Caro CBAdult (m)3,43290218
wKbXuTww Nessun Dorma CBAdult (f)3,61495623
8cAcWTww Wings of Glory CBAdult (m)4,23393317
1B58gTww O Sole MioAdult (m)2,27065114
YuPXGTww Che gelida maninaAdult (m)3,55682221
251zrTww Deh vieni non tardar CBAdult (f)3,10384526
kREGOTww La donna e mobile CBAdult (m)4,8811,37620
y8OKkTww Casta Diva CBAdult (f)4,8641,07628
i4YFSTww Largo al Factotum CBAdult (m)2,9816559
AGjn4Tww Saffir CBAdult (f)3,75890223
qxt8ATww Fuji Whara CBAdult (f)3,87092615
SfKF4(SfKF4)Adult (f)3,87093731
2c7Hf(2c7Hf)Adult (f)4,52490419
bN85eTww Gone with the Wind CBAdult (f)4,0111,17430
pFuNeTww Funny CBAdult (m)5,8161,06027
08roTTww Rot it forgot itAdult (f)2,62377324
hB0GnTww Hobgoblin CBAdult (m)2,7977542
acvU2Tww Frankly My Dear CBAdult (m)4,51897514
r80ssTww Miss Ross CBAdult (f)3,64193624
u3pdj(u3pdj)Adult (f)3,50274111
fk01M(fk01M)Adult (m)3,3987905
RriTv(RriTv)Adult (f)3,80991536
fbOdw(fbOdw)Hatchling (F)3,2537061
82GwTww Tyton Alba CBAdult (m)3,0161,55458
Z4YQTww Otus Sunia CBAdult (m)4,65163612
4B1iTww Otus Umbra CBAdult (f)2,8284806
QoDBTww Strix Varia CBAdult (f)4,1341,0705
CbBSuTww Tyto Aurantia CBAdult (m)1,4376484
MkOkrTww Otus Asio CBAdult (m)1,4336333
6ETHTww Glaucidium BolivianumHatchling (m, F)3,7061,0866
JVNUTww Glaucidium MinutissimumHatchling (F)1,0128914
NKIGv(NKIGv)Hatchling (f, F)2,0247801
qjTnP(qjTnP)Adult (f)3,8141,00125
TFpLS(TFpLS)Adult (m)4,54789637
eRrCN(eRrCN)Adult (f)4,49186539
Sbae4(Sbae4)Adult (f)2,78273919
VV80g(VV80g)Adult (m)4,42392021
2vPzN(2vPzN)Adult (m)5,1231,11623
N5S4W(N5S4W)Adult (f)3,5801,07624
ddqTT(ddqTT)Adult (f)3,8671,01123
4i3hA(4i3hA)Adult (f)8,9761,09318
irm3uTww Bonwit CBAdult (f)3,5358778
a1X80Tww Wernick CBAdult (f)3,5328829
euJymTww Mr Reynolds CBAdult (m)3,62481123
jNAwQTww Thermotropic Tickles CBAdult (f)3,6827141
vlUWhTww Freaky MoodsAdult (m)3,4967621
S3fbSTww Sundowner CBAdult (m)3,79277326
6veC1Tww Euthymia CBAdult (f)3,2248112
yuNwP(yuNwP)Adult (f)4,14895023
e4ggm(e4ggm)Adult (m)5,0461,07332
mfnjk(mfnjk)Adult (m)4,81296128
eoR9P(eoR9P)Adult (f)3,97686026
ZDaon(ZDaon)Adult (f)3,20984118
5LbII(5LbII)Adult (f)2,70573720
Y4TxI(Y4TxI)Adult (m)2,77972316
Lw8I1(Lw8I1)Hatchling (m, F)4,28184631
57JGBTww Kel Tamasna CBAdult (f)3,2389472
GIK1UTww Kel Tagama CBAdult (f)3,1868871
s92ZKTww Kel Azawagh CBAdult (m)3,2668801
2cF3jTww Kel Tibesti CBAdult (f)3,3428813
W5ceMTww Kel Damargu CBAdult (m)4,1849144
oUO5zTww Kel Igharghar CBAdult (m)4,0719391
EOrtVTww Kel Kalansho CBAdult (f)3,5718342
ZIMcc(ZIMcc)Hatchling (f, F)3,2886683
3l84PTww Bella Del Sol CBAdult (f)4,0577901
igezlTww Beso Del Sol CBAdult (m)4,1398051
z9SJlTww Corazon Del Sol CBAdult (m)3,1407442
ofCaWTww Calor Del Sol CBAdult (f)3,8708402
kFKnlTww Sombra Del Sol CBAdult (m)3,0146701
BlKNW(BlKNW)Hatchling (f, F)3,5536572
uEXCVTww Terpios CBAdult (f)2,8557831
WiMxwTww Favia CBAdult (f)2,8567692
Ja7BCTww Porites CBAdult (m)2,9287341
x6JIrTww Stylophora CBAdult (m)3,8958752
4QzmPTww Sun CoralAdult (f)3,8817382
VvgmoTww Vigmo CBAdult (f)3,6359571
OKEep(OKEep)Adult (f)3,6788482
nrQxY(nrQxY)Adult (f)3,4188291
1PEWv(1PEWv)Adult (f)4,52290127
H4SC0(H4SC0)Adult (f)4,9631,08419
qQ94L(qQ94L)Hatchling (f, F)2,6047371
atPpR(atPpR)Adult (f)3,60383723
AsNWA(AsNWA)Adult (f)3,33676118
VYcCb(VYcCb)Adult (f)4,27787015
114U4(114U4)Adult (f)3,20680631
aNv7B(aNv7B)Adult (f)3,73183817
XWDfb(XWDfb)Adult (m)3,75383926
CNEjrTww Hufflepuff CBAdult (f)4,2291,28018
UbaCJTww Ravenclaw CBAdult (m)4,1871,27925
CElydTww N E W T CBAdult (f)3,7161,14217
AWe2TTww Gryffindor CBAdult (m)2,60691611
pzogg(pzogg)Adult (m)5,1001,24016
Ax7uP(Ax7uP)Adult (m)3,4999496
FupMK(FupMK)Adult (f)2,92783410
yJLsa(yJLsa)Adult (f)3,50496410
AHqdm(AHqdm)Adult (f)5,5081,29819
RxmnTww Rizzo CBAdult (f)5,5731,31142
iTgcTww Dainty Pink ThuwedAdult (f)4,8601,47064
KGNFrTww Lyric Lad CBAdult (m)3,8879592
nYSaFTww Lilting Lyrical Lady CBAdult (f)3,3518532
s4LYmTww Ariana CBAdult (f)4,1606431
0qYqTTww Canata CBAdult (m)4,1638381
fyZVpTww Vissi D Arte CBAdult (m)2,9177391
54ZQdTww Celeste Aida CBAdult (f)3,8647860
NVyY0(NVyY0)Adult (f)3,3348311
Q9Jfc(Q9Jfc)Adult (f)4,0064206
hjpBp(hjpBp)Adult (f)4,16379410
v6B7Tww Pink PlaytoyHatchling (f, F)4,0567858
fgNhRTww Sweet Hidden Tenderness CBAdult (f)1,6647093
sSQ9VTww Heart of GoldAdult (f)3,1431,0968
xW5qfTww Wrapped in LoveAdult (f)3,7437851
kSBhUTww Wrapped with LoveAdult (f)4,0531,0031
OaAkNTww Love as Deep as the SeaAdult (f)3,3816821
FeNNMTww Girl CrushAdult (f)3,5206830
vwXsR(vwXsR)Adult (f)3,49783116
SrP1m(SrP1m)Hatchling (f, F)1,7596943
95rdu(95rdu)Adult (m)3,16777125
kIWW2(kIWW2)Adult (m)3,57182029
eRXBu(eRXBu)Adult (f)5,3391,05223
Fhk59(Fhk59)Adult (m)4,96999415
l2Bqa(l2Bqa)Adult (m)3,6666991
f0CmF(f0CmF)Adult (f)3,07182119
91ff5(91ff5)Adult (f)4,85674725
DZmkM(DZmkM)Adult (f)4,82473222
vCgok(vCgok)Adult (m)4,86494812
Wwbdu(Wwbdu)Adult (m)3,20473810
wwuZl(wwuZl)Hatchling (f, F)4,6018424
D9PeO(D9PeO)Adult (m)4,03888319
puZXx(puZXx)Adult (f)4,10092020
g4cBp(g4cBp)Adult (m)4,28593011
O1IBw(O1IBw)Adult (f)3,97885816
xyPZq(xyPZq)Adult (m)4,34793320
ULcmv(ULcmv)Adult (f)4,33593512
OpWIF(OpWIF)Adult (m)4,31990728
i4D1PTww More than meets the Eye CBAdult (m)2,4786941
vx9BoTww Bane of the Scrat CBAdult (m)2,4896681
UEGoKTww Tip of the Matter CBAdult (f)2,6836530
3qPP5Tww Titanic Bane CBAdult (f)2,7646541
jyp5FTww Ilulissat CBAdult (f)4,5058598
RY2xL(RY2xL)Adult (f)2,96170020
SGtM4(SGtM4)Hatchling (m, F)3,4457101
CymOuTww Ka i a o ka hohonu CBAdult (f)4,2968762
oEPRsTww O ka wahine lawai a CBAdult (f)4,0958262
oZO1wTww Ho okena wikiwiki CBAdult (m)4,1838211
CY3wPTww pali hohonu CBAdult (f)4,6558620
8rFNBTww e imi maika i CBAdult (f)4,8557137
05BFY(05BFY)Adult (f)3,1308061
CTRc9(CTRc9)Adult (f)4,02876720
WLQ52Tww O ka mea au au au au CBAdult (f)4,6708390
DxVMt(DxVMt)Adult (m)4,35894622
7yeoTww Bubble Gum CBAdult (m)1,7427956
mKDlTww Methania CBAdult (m)2,1056156
2nw0Tww Blowing Bubbles CBAdult (f)2,2199796
rePKTww Flying DjZinnAdult (f)2,3557795
cuJ6Tww Floating FreeAdult (m)1,6845475
1JeEOTww Afloat on Silver LiningsAdult (m)1,4016191
9gnaB(9gnaB)Adult (f)2,68372330
xbHcTww Little Orange BalloonHatchling (m, F)1,71055029
Fsf3(Fsf3)Hatchling (F)1,03135411
1tNjM(1tNjM)Adult (m)4,18969513
WwUiKTww Baroque CBAdult (m)4,14368619
x21TOTww Gilt CBAdult (m)4,1171,13412
Am5iVTww Faberge CBAdult (f)3,28078730
dbTcWTww Fretwork CBAdult (m)3,82485112
h2TcE(h2TcE)Adult (m)2,9297021
XWyeM(XWyeM)Adult (f)3,5847532
AlcCt(AlcCt)Adult (f)4,35887620
a2sdfTww G'day to You CBAdult (m)2,4419952
paEaETww Peace be with You CBAdult (f)2,7946281
BtLGnTww Blessings be to You CBAdult (m)4,6813383
FVNzbTww Fine Day for It Eh  CBAdult (f)3,3969373
bguOPTww Bright Day to You CBAdult (f)2,7297281
TA7CKTww Tally Ho My Dear CBAdult (f)2,5787749
GI1kSTww Tip of the CapAdult (f)2,8397783
KCPQMTww Keep Smiling CBAdult (f)2,1506982
Hwv1cTww How Do You Do CBAdult (f)2,0817501
wECygTww Wishing You a Happy Day CBAdult (m)3,62580013
Ux1iTww Mythical DarknessAdult (m)6,9661,80840
g8Q4Tww Ebon StormAdult (f)4,6951,16623
lr8CTww Dark RevelsAdult (m)5,8591,68431
2lniTww Dark TempestAdult (f)2,9021,32613
QZDLTww Saint Joan of LoveAdult (f)2,7861,04920
EfF1oTww Night before ChristmasAdult (f)1,5006931
aPYCHTww Greedy RevolutionAdult (m)1,2276132
sUHL3Tww Pure Darkness CBAdult (m)1,9996493
dC0NdTww Dark Contender CBAdult (f)2,5258071
1coyNTww Nix the Coy CBAdult (f)6,2851,4313
ed70oTww Dark Warrior CBAdult (m)2,9317733
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