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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wolfrunner,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
S6wx3(S6wx3)Adult (m)3,0635181
Nxp30CB AlcedineWyv JourneyAdult (m)2,7624844
skmwbCB AlcedineWyv TrotterAdult (f)2,7405191
4sT4BCB AlcedineWyv TravellerAdult (m)3,3735390
lSuYiCB AlcedineWyv OceanCrosserAdult (f)2,6714734
MxgchCB PargulusPyg CollectorAdult (m)2,4185044
FpuedCB PargulusPyg GathererAdult (m)3,0965393
gBmvtCB PargulusPyg CaretakerAdult (f)3,7254882
1DMoCCB SapoDraco BubbleAdult (f)2,6334754
2ESMCCB SapoDraco EsmAdult (m)3,1855131
rP94y(rP94y)Adult (m)2,6534681
UWtoCCB Cloudplume FeatherDanceAdult (f)3,5704371
YN5eTCB Cloudplume SnowWhiteAdult (f)3,2235014
ljXbuCB LabradoriteDraco StorytellerAdult (m)3,5485297
CJ63FCB LabradoriteDraco CaveDwellerAdult (f)3,1045002
W3oAGCB Sinomorph FusionAdult (m)
Op09wCB Sinomorph TransformerAdult (m)
Xb1aZCB Sinomorph BeaconOfHopeAdult (m)
cWtxSCB Zyumorph DactylAdult (f)7,4297713
1UMUyCB Zyumorph PteroAdult (m)7,9036001
DtJRdCB Zyumorph OrnithoAdult (m)7,5867113
p0RQmCB Zyumorph StrengthFromFireAdult (m)7,6449763
IRNm1CB Zyumorph TirannoAdult (f)6,2226882
L9wkp1G p Zyumorph SaurusAdult (f)5,7536774
iLCsJCB Zyumorph VenerateAdult (f)6,4757062
M1IiO(M1IiO)Adult (f)8,3645592
7KKf61G Zyumorph MyanAdult (m)8,5696381
G2ihFCB Zyumorph SharkFinAdult (f)8,2566613
RmL5hCB Zyumorph YellowTipAdult (f)7,2119693
8Eq6bCB Zyumorph TrikeAdult (m)7,3137082
ahMnKCB Zyumorph FromTheSkiesAdult (m)9,2306724
zXeMGCB Zyumorph LifelineAdult (f)7,0957272
Gkfgm1G p Zyumorph WithTheTideAdult (f)7,2905994
WzRjnCB Zyumorph LightWingAdult (m)6,8526922
l7hyWCB Zyumorph CloudShearAdult (f)8,5876393
it6ap1G p Zyumorph StormWindAdult (m)7,4206272
5Uvi3NatureGuardian SalvationAdult (f)7,5576658
5y0miNatureGuardian ShavariAdult (m)6,5025856
fNIYzCreationAvatar UtopiaAdult (m)7,3826786
KUYCw3G CreationAvatar BlissAdult (f)8,7776532
tnsFZ1G ChangeAvatar VortexAdult (f)8,8287005
xPFf82G ChangeAvatar FireflyAdult (m)6,6726240
XX4p92G ChangeAvatar ButterflyAdult (m)6,7077251
N6yiX3G ChangeAvatar IntoTheSkyAdult (m)6,6986732
gCt2r1G DestuctionAvatar VolatilaAdult (f)8,3856437
2eGf92G DestructionAvatar ChaosAdult (f)7,8346683
S4feh2G DestructionAvatar RagnarokAdult (m)7,3587611
SzfwNDestructionAvatar IvarAdult (m)6,6286270
ZDx7uDesctructionAvatar CinderedWingsAdult (m)9,4256564
u65WfCB DesipsisDraco FireStoneAdult (m)3,3585831
yzQR4CB DesipsisDraco AnacondaAdult (m)2,9115360
SxcFQ1G p DesipsisDraco DiamondbackAdult (m)3,8515172
l3CNCCB DesipsisDraco DevaAdult (f)1,9605651
3IOG41G DesipsisDraco CobraAdult (f)4,5718712
nRQKm1G DesipsisDraco MambaAdult (f)3,3734972
2lp3b1G DesipsisDraco PythonAdult (f)3,1244401
jS9hO1G Noxkin ShadowStalkerAdult (f)3,2724172
BcZBODark NoxSkin OnyxAdult (f)3,0377721
GgQenCB Noxskin NightcrawlerAdult (m)3,4954230
KIOYZCB Noxskin MoonlessAdult (m)4,0034892
augFtCB Noxskin NightflightAdult (m)4,0584302
aXNNCB Noxskin ToxinEyeAdult (f)1,52391213
uHhII1G p Noxskin ShadowDanceAdult (f)3,4104551
Vuqfz1G p Noxskin NightCloudAdult (f)6,4046332
DRu8x1G p Noxskin NightfallAdult (m)2,7673912
9rXvl1G p Noxskin NightshadeAdult (m)3,5494061
9rN8Q1G Noxkin TwilightShadowAdult (f)3,5334272
8RgHNoxskin NightwingAdult (m)2,7022336
2VqqNoxskin ThornBackAdult (m)2,0112843
0Z8VNoxskin SwifsFangAdult (f)2,8122514
AQlaNoxskin AdroitWingHatchling (f, F)3,1824643
Ps1lNoxskin SpryPawHatchling (F)1,0301861
FSeMNoxskin RazorClawAdult (m)2,9862413
akSgDoublehead LunaAdult (f)3,1173643
FO4bk1G p MelismorDraco SweetnoseAdult (f)3,3854440
7NZr1CB BlackMarrow BirdSkullAdult (f)3,2495401
zaxluCB BlackMarrow MagpieAdult (m)2,2095230
OJY2c4G p BlackMarrow RavenSkullAdult (f)4,0744915
qB2I71G p BlackMarrow SkeletalAdult (m)3,7484832
G9Yq81G BlackMarrow BoneAdult (m)4,2078884
BmdQzCB WitchLight EyesInTheDarkAdult (m)2,9454841
c5VolCB WitchLight HuntsFromTheDarkAdult (f)3,1795384
TdmubCB WitchLight LuresTheWeakAdult (f)2,9214852
251mY1G p Witchlight CovenAdult (f)3,1255481
R8C6gCB WitchLight SilentLureHatchling (f, F)2,8134881
a3CmqCB Brute BullRushAdult (m)2,7494413
oiqEV1G p Brute DevilAdult (f)4,1555051
1CHVrBrute LucrisAdult (m)3,3554172
n5fgFCB SpiritWard NexusAdult (m)4,0344531
TxeTs1G p SpiritWard NukaAdult (m)3,7934441
s5w381G SpiritWard ShadeAdult (f)3,2994342
YnmeYCB CaveLurker NivraAdult (m)2,1369051
qXRdJCB CaveLurker SombraAdult (f)2,1518762
8YLXH1G p CaveLurker DimitriAdult (m)3,0775780
1kLaf3G CaveLurker IntoTheDarkAdult (f)3,4454602
tLN0OCB Tatterdrake TareAdult (f)3,8654570
N0Rw0CB Tatterdrake RipAdult (m)3,9654520
nqOwHCB Tatterdrake TornAdult (m)3,9584500
AfFtdCB Luminox Wyv DarklightAdult (m)3,0574783
oBfEGCB Luminox Wyv CinderAdult (m)2,6054441
tT7eKCB Luminox Wyv WarmglowAdult (f)2,9504601
GwXTQ1G p HowlerDrake MothraAdult (m)3,1114491
D840q1G p HowlerDrake VocalAdult (f)4,2333901
rjElE2G p HowlerDrake TerrorVoiceAdult (m)3,4334551
uGoen2G HowlerDrake AshscaleAdult (f)2,3324352
JHlkxCB TruffleDraco UnearthedAdult (m)3,7343643
6KClsCB TruffleDraco ForestTreasureAdult (f)3,2887148
u4fEGCB TruffleDraco ScentAdult (f)4,3238571
egemU1G p TruffleDraco EarthlyScentAdult (f)3,4094612
SKjQU1G p TruffleDraco RarityAdult (m)4,2244382
vZ7IICB CaligeneDraco EgyptAdult (m)3,8535300
pvfkPCB CaligeneDraco SphinxAdult (f)3,9185440
kDwLU1G CaligeneDraco BwingAdult (m)4,2918493
HAD9L1G CaligeneDraco HadesAdult (f)2,9024682
co3JK1G CaligeneDraco TophAdult (f)3,4714593
Y1bcHCB ArcanaDraco WitchBoltAdult (f)2,5675150
eJMa7CB ArcanaDraco ManaTrickAdult (f)2,1425371
iDI5lCB ArcanaDraco SpellClawAdult (m)2,2805572
4OZw8CB ArcanaDraco HallowitchAdult (m)2,4185160
hMVEVampire NightLightAdult (m)2,2543234
RIG8Vampire BloodMoonAdult (f)2,8112843
SqSGeVampire LunaFangAdult (f)3,4273495
NGtH0Vampire LadyVladAdult (f)2,8744604
gZFWDCB GraveDraco CinderVoiceAdult (f)3,1585691
mA6xqCB GraveDraco FireSpiritAdult (m)3,2125952
R5GpA1G p GraveDraco DownInFlamesAdult (f)3,1184521
6XIv92G GraveDraco SpiritwingAdult (f)2,3694822
9CgYQ2G GraveDraco VoiceOfDeathAdult (m)3,4908023
54GWO2G GraveDraco DeathByFireAdult (m)2,8344312
mh9zACB OmenWyrm HellfireAdult (f)2,6375490
hkA9vCB OmenWyrm CursedToRunAdult (f)2,4445450
BSmoDCB OmenWyrm OneEscapeAdult (m)2,6295562
JRBckCB ShadowWalker SpiritAdult (f)2,5745390
PdBINCB ShadowWalker MistyStepAdult (m)2,3255320
KW01BCB ShadowWalker WhiteWalkerAdult (m)2,3265300
CVsXXCB AshDraco SmokeAdult (m)2,9965112
upqqfCB AshDraco SmotheredAdult (f)3,5765062
OVWpmCB AshDraco FlintAdult (f)3,0664941
p6IwU1G Gargouille MazaAdult (m)3,4754210
7ICDGargouille RexAdult (m)2,8413289
e1qRGargouille KronoAdult (m)3,7662522
98Sm5CB NocturneDraco WeepingAdult (f)3,9884690
2oUd6(2oUd6)Hatchling (m, F)1,3284137
zv07qCB Sandwaste Draco ZavroAdult (m)3,3183942
PI5dyCB Sandwaste Draco PedroAdult (m)3,1384051
1ybxCCB Sandwaste Draco YbyxAdult (m)3,7964492
HohaRCB Sandwaste Draco HoharAdult (f)3,2574573
9PO4T1G p Sandwaste Draco PetraAdult (f)2,6404060
C5qF7CB MonarchDraco DarkflightAdult (m)3,7434251
GBr2cCB MonarchDraco ButterflyAdult (f)3,7183802
kiRxQCB MonarchDraco JourneyAdult (f)3,8193761
DjTD6CB RazorcrestWyv AmicableAdult (f)2,8325362
2HSZNCB RazorcrestWyv MazeAdult (m)3,8624582
LmC1FCB RazorcrestWyv WitAdult (m)2,8185181
64slwCB Kohraki WendigoAdult (m)2,5925231
oXz4YCB Kohraki MistStalkerAdult (f)2,1675180
WxEPdCB Seragamma TalonAdult (f)3,5254120
ND980CB Seragamma RevnantAdult (m)3,3744132
OZyzQCopperDraco RustAdult (m)2,4214483
7c1Z51G p CopperDraco IronHideAdult (f)3,0174737
13ENTCB CopperDraco RustyAdult (f)4,5853512
zq4drCopperDraco CorrosionAdult (f)4,9589671
QNiqf1G p CopperDraco MetallicaAdult (m)3,4764448
oZDjpCB TriHornWyv MerisAdult (m)3,3374562
JNFzV1G TriHornWyv CinterAdult (f)2,9413880
Pn69R5G TriHornWyv RigaAdult (f)3,4274191
wYdob2G p SpinelWyv BlueStripeAdult (m)3,7124730
C4JIX1G SpinelWyv FlorishAdult (m)4,0994131
5mOPQ1G SpinelWyv IguanaAdult (f)3,5324361
i5JxcCB SpinelWyv CresentSkinAdult (f)4,1204263
1T1qSCB SpinelWyv BlackTipAdult (f)4,8424443
ecT5aCB SpinelWyv BloodWingAdult (m)4,7624392
2PCoMCB SpinelWyv DevilsTailAdult (m)4,6784552
phBoRCB AeonWyv CompassAdult (f)3,0295132
gop6J1G p AeonWyv AvarriAdult (m)5,1057613
e0Ty01G p AeonWyv HeartAdult (f)4,9367643
CPpLI2G p AeonWyv DropletAdult (m)2,7054182
DZeRS2G p AeonWyv TimeGlowAdult (m)2,9104360
VWN7WCB GalvanicWyv StrengthAdult (m)2,7285132
HTE8lCB GalvanicWyv PowerAdult (f)2,9015041
E6piCB Nebula StarsetAdult (m)2,96687211
o93BCB Nebula FarsunAdult (m)2,6242973
X4wj7CB Nebula NightSkyAdult (m)3,4844160
mp0lQ1G Nebula DarkskyAdult (m)2,0157805
3CaJi(3CaJi)Adult (m)4,5813701
aipMvCB Nebula StarClusterAdult (f)5,0997813
qR40L1G Nebula SkystarAdult (f)4,0924890
zRIRk3G Nebula BluestarAdult (f)3,6474180
nptYNebula IcewingAdult (f)2,3441941
gqxc04G Nebula AcidcloudAdult (m)4,7374052
m47Ty1G p Nebula FireFormationAdult (f)3,8384491
9bTiT1G NebulaDraco StarBlazeAdult (f)3,4504712
IQRNT2G Nebula FirestarAdult (f)2,8084371
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