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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2018 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “wolfiedoesminecraft,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MX2E6BarksudiAdult (f)5,9531,01326
iYCyl(iYCyl)Adult (f)4,6808530
Ls7Qz(Ls7Qz)Adult (f)4,1028952
8XVHc(8XVHc)Adult (f)6,8421,2126
V1Ew0(V1Ew0)Adult (m)5,3429851
LZkzsBlack caps of allAdult (m)6,0171,77021
2Ttxj(2Ttxj)Adult (f)4,0691,1111
Ho13T(Ho13T)Hatchling (m, F)3,8568772
Q385y(Q385y)Adult (m)3,9541,2997
o0jpv(o0jpv)Adult (f)2,9354921
s7BfF(s7BfF)Adult (m)6,9711,2365
umPxp(umPxp)Adult (f)11,3541,5565
v28tM(v28tM)Adult (m)11,3241,5874
ls2NhGiant splashAdult (f)2,19764414
CTni1(CTni1)Adult (m)5,3861,0872
g2nPWclouds of wonderAdult (f)7,0771,5249
JSvlSMagesjtic scalesAdult (f)3,07368012
2ygnF(2ygnF)Adult (f)4,2509051
UZL0sOtis AmberAdult (m)3,7948275
tSwYT(tSwYT)Adult (f)2,5845612
qF02mPink wings of flameAdult (m)1,70070011
Qx5rv(Qx5rv)Adult (m)4,4519560
Rvbed(Rvbed)Adult (f)11,4301,6074
3vCYF(3vCYF)Adult (f)4,7391,3598
RwP7OArmored chestAdult (m)3,88280814
b7j2p(b7j2p)Adult (m)3,1297186
Th568(Th568)Adult (f)4,0848861
48qUq(48qUq)Adult (m)5,5731,3190
tXGcT(tXGcT)Adult (m)3,7357171
bohA8(bohA8)Adult (f)3,2757710
qd59VHooves of wonderAdult (f)9,3711,6327
g6EVI(g6EVI)Adult (m)5,2739490
IeVcm(IeVcm)Adult (m)4,0808720
GvUd8(GvUd8)Adult (f)5,3859452
kE1eh(kE1eh)Adult (f)11,2101,5812
tResw(tResw)Adult (m)11,3681,6252
hpDAK(hpDAK)Adult (m)6,9791,2254
VlqI4Orange clawsAdult (f)7,9821,7828
ZhyRG(ZhyRG)Adult (m)4,8371,0612
5vFbx(5vFbx)Adult (m)4,0141,0982
97JV5(97JV5)Adult (m)4,8049762
IVN9xMYNTVERKAdult (m)4,52753230
Bp4CE(Bp4CE)Adult (f)11,2861,5845
w5wvo(w5wvo)Adult (m)4,1818730
VO8Qp(VO8Qp)Adult (m)3,8558453
Apacp(Apacp)Hatchling (m, F)4,0997671
2ZnZA(2ZnZA)Adult (m)11,3421,5566
6tcmhPlava Siva NocAdult (f)5,4971,28314
CQVkoGul GodAdult (m)3,60685219
DbmIV(DbmIV)Adult (f)4,3229351
SCCMB(SCCMB)Adult (m)4,1591,1211
7IVdbFluffie pillos caseAdult (m)7,9882,00114
6sSgo(6sSgo)Adult (f)5,8011,1712
N6eQp(N6eQp)Adult (f)3,4047901
NlCzA(NlCzA)Adult (f)3,8078921
W7HRMEl ChorizitoAdult (m)3,5557792
7F2O1azul swirlsAdult (m)8,1731,80711
1p4b5(1p4b5)Adult (f)6,2341,0532
HLaMv(HLaMv)Adult (m)4,7519651
290DZFeathery WindAdult (f)2,9265930
ZuJg6(ZuJg6)Adult (f)3,6858051
rBixFazul stripesAdult (m)8,4191,5496
5Ma7mKing of oddsAdult (m)7,8691,69011
77hBa(77hBa)Adult (m)2,5185521
rBqydTumultueuxAdult (m)2,91465719
Jd3i3Gray drakeHatchling (F)2,45576511
Fzdg0(Fzdg0)Adult (f)3,7677182
2zz7l(2zz7l)Adult (f)4,0801,0970
vm86Tsunny the godAdult (m)3,44460040
6GVL5sutockAdult (m)2,19864514
2BBIU(2BBIU)Hatchling (m, F)2,8606901
zDvQ2(zDvQ2)Adult (m)3,6087701
21Pel(21Pel)Adult (f)4,0567951
0cfdYSonnenbadenAdult (f)6,08690522
ZAaHQ(ZAaHQ)Adult (f)5,2039471
oyTcW(oyTcW)Adult (m)3,6608021
cSkpqRoyal blood suckerAdult (f)6,6141,5809
ZeSMAPelik SatuAdult (m)4,22429523
mYfEOhealer of wonderAdult (f)8,0451,6018
mXwc3(mXwc3)Adult (m)11,3461,5564
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