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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “whovian,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zJKqu(zJKqu)Hatchling (f)5,1201,0441
Rry3m(Rry3m)Hatchling (m)4,5239621
hqQHAClairvoyant KingAdult (m)2,7317072
UksTfPsicheeAdult (f)2,9687041
PxpqkPsychic KingAdult (m)3,3277131
zGblDProphet of Winter IIAdult (m)6,4451,0791
5VG1YMagical Seer IIAdult (f)6,3271,0783
PVQJhProphet of Hyrule IIIAdult (f)6,4671,0771
2TElJWinter Seer IIIAdult (f)6,4251,0702
siIkHClairvoyant QueenAdult (f)5,7059813
rKXSyFuture  SeerAdult (m)5,0658723
iiHY9Predictor QueenAdult (f)6,9891,1592
HdPzOPredictor KingAdult (m)5,6831,0523
f05AI(f05AI)Adult (f)5,6121,0462
tpcCNSpace Alien KingAdult (m)3,8471,0494
eSRftSpace Alien QueenAdult (f)4,0721,0850
YcNYQSpace Alien PrinceAdult (m)4,1541,1090
6ENLbSpace Alien PrincessAdult (f)3,1445221
OpdamSpace Alien LordAdult (m)2,6224970
vggFJSpace Alien WizardAdult (m)3,0645170
W3NmmSpace Alien LadyAdult (f)4,9357922
mEqX9Windy  QueenAdult (f)4,9361,1682
Wc97rWindy PrincessAdult (f)4,9941,1492
hCKVeWindy KingAdult (m)4,9051,1663
RwYOdWindy PrinceAdult (m)4,9971,1772
KBDFTWindy WizardAdult (f)4,7519561
hxVWyWindy  SorcererAdult (m)4,4048930
iBCxwZombie Aether XXAdult (m)5,2951,0692
rYF4Foul Play QueenAdult (f)86757036
FfDFFoul Play KingAdult (m)1,40877128
lLJB5Geirrod FrostAdult (m)3,8321,15214
P4C8KAlbino Dragon QueenAdult (f)3,0509055
rrSDhFoul Play LadyAdult (f)4,3959707
BpqPsFoul Play LordAdult (m)3,6449927
6kCbfFoul Play WizardAdult (m)8,7571,0951
537QjFoul Play WarlockAdult (m)8,7191,1212
2yzLgFoul Play SorceressAdult (f)8,5271,0712
CP9pTFoul Play HunterAdult (m)4,2309904
QC1PFoul Play PrincessHatchling (f, F)75341643
I7AUh(I7AUh)Adult (m)3,4555296
3UvWZ(3UvWZ)Adult (f)3,5757961
16zsP(16zsP)Adult (m)2,8515162
amRqr(amRqr)Adult (f)4,8559861
L5rUg(L5rUg)Adult (m)4,7077592
WueLC(WueLC)Adult (f)5,6669662
h2th7(h2th7)Adult (m)4,5369861
Z0hewCrafty CourierAdult (f)4,8389223
3qlyE(3qlyE)Adult (m)4,5011,0201
9t9QP(9t9QP)Adult (f)5,9959802
KGdPa(KGdPa)Adult (m)5,3359004
kVpLH(kVpLH)Adult (f)5,1469011
MdA9KEmerald Isle KingAdult (m)2,7127191
cU3oZEmerald Isle QueenAdult (f)2,6427241
Zjjx9Amerald IsleAdult (m)3,5217031
I5B2S(I5B2S)Adult (f)3,4587101
ScKgB(ScKgB)Adult (m)5,1458563
i3f3Y(i3f3Y)Adult (f)5,0829002
NWsgx(NWsgx)Adult (f)4,0139891
1pznn(1pznn)Adult (m)3,7009521
Sh4uj(Sh4uj)Adult (m)3,8079771
12GYi(12GYi)Adult (m)4,4569052
HnRVN(HnRVN)Adult (f)4,4538733
FuJAR(FuJAR)Adult (f)5,4429374
ZnxPnGleeFlameAdult (f)4,8271,2058
218VIJoyFlameAdult (f)4,8551,1752
Jl3ev(Jl3ev)Adult (m)3,3734061
RhCGk(RhCGk)Adult (m)3,6164230
FFGhh(FFGhh)Adult (f)3,4394000
M6ua0(M6ua0)Adult (m)3,5344470
LUWwR(LUWwR)Adult (m)3,3054261
QnMoy(QnMoy)Adult (f)3,6334270
eDZWo(eDZWo)Adult (m)3,5464311
UWy5C(UWy5C)Adult (f)4,4788134
QGlVtAnterean QuuenAdult (f)2,7467311
hr3IgAnterean KingAdult (m)2,8067260
3IcOEAnterean PrinceAdult (m)2,9047270
uFTTd(uFTTd)Adult (m)2,6917260
aHpcP(aHpcP)Adult (f)2,8927602
kaHaV(kaHaV)Adult (m)2,7125020
eXtBs(eXtBs)Adult (f)3,1148311
fPiie(fPiie)Adult (f)3,0205091
ssAIP(ssAIP)Adult (f)4,6121,0414
ViLYI(ViLYI)Adult (m)4,4721,0293
yzLkC(yzLkC)Adult (f)4,6101,0324
T60u6(T60u6)Adult (m)4,6001,0244
xh1NO(xh1NO)Adult (f)3,0505092
nn68r(nn68r)Adult (f)2,9825321
FiZ3j(FiZ3j)Adult (m)4,4737852
0PLbk(0PLbk)Adult (m)4,8369413
78N0i(78N0i)Adult (f)5,2269203
S1I36(S1I36)Adult (m)4,8099134
8dmoC(8dmoC)Adult (f)4,6589152
hXCvT(hXCvT)Adult (m)4,5034340
1LNDL(1LNDL)Adult (f)4,0233860
a2gCxSpooky  MagicAdult (f)4,0241,1333
gd8qkAll  the  MagicAdult (m)4,4261,1502
m9sOJSwift  MagicAdult (f)4,3531,1762
uA3c8Arcana MagicAdult (m)3,9681,0934
MZofCTricky MagicAdult (m)4,0841,1163
ViaBpDiligent MagicAdult (f)4,3291,1402
48mkfFull  of  MagicAdult (f)4,4001,1442
cXpTaMagic  MageAdult (m)3,6721,1282
RCPFVEnchanted   MagicAdult (m)2,6059163
fGowgMagic Gaia IIAdult (m)3,0708232
gAqkd(gAqkd)Hatchling (F)1,4131504
n5Aax(n5Aax)Hatchling (f, F)3,3428483
UXmmPrincess Girlie-GirlAdult (f)2,04084447
9xcDPrincess Spoiled OneAdult (f)1,46797036
YAAVKKing LyricAdult (m)2,4897231
07LAX(07LAX)Adult (m)2,3896721
Ipu41(Ipu41)Adult (m)2,7686554
6147V(6147V)Adult (m)2,5156581
WkwK0(WkwK0)Adult (f)2,5216372
EUjCh(EUjCh)Adult (f)2,7586702
J2BYM(J2BYM)Adult (m)2,5855190
dJDPtArsani GiftAdult (f)3,7109545
sOqLQArsani PresentAdult (f)3,4079252
WMUfRArsani Emerald IIAdult (f)4,4788362
THjKiArsani Valentine PrincessHatchling (f, F)3,0859064
WusTzLeetle Arsani ValentineHatchling (F)2,1235073
SS4hg(SS4hg)Hatchling (f, F)4,0148162
dYekaGentle  AshAdult (m)6,2371,1761
cQUGD(cQUGD)Adult (f)6,1401,1392
dQ1Ab(dQ1Ab)Adult (f)6,0921,1311
7QzF5(7QzF5)Adult (f)5,9751,1451
QyVbA(QyVbA)Adult (m)5,1378501
FLv0z(FLv0z)Adult (m)5,6918891
4kapr(4kapr)Adult (m)4,4508864
vi6g9Stellar BrightAdult (f)4,2799336
usO36(usO36)Adult (m)4,3659074
oPXyX(oPXyX)Adult (f)4,2678664
LO3Zy(LO3Zy)Adult (m)3,8379135
a3KzL(a3KzL)Adult (f)4,0429244
qQn3e(qQn3e)Adult (m)4,1719641
OY9Fi(OY9Fi)Adult (f)4,6331,0440
0ttns(0ttns)Adult (m)3,7659172
JTnIP(JTnIP)Adult (f)4,6498763
LnrSq(LnrSq)Adult (m)4,6898643
lziSS(lziSS)Adult (f)4,5148452
YHUlW(YHUlW)Adult (m)3,3137281
vBehR(vBehR)Adult (f)3,4427392
SxztX(SxztX)Adult (m)2,4016880
ZYT5w(ZYT5w)Adult (m)2,4016720
rrz44(rrz44)Adult (f)2,4246990
k3kE5(k3kE5)Adult (f)6,8099054
DH3Bn(DH3Bn)Adult (f)5,2651,0143
7vubf(7vubf)Adult (m)5,2741,0610
Sg49Z(Sg49Z)Adult (m)5,2629940
jYFjU(jYFjU)Adult (f)5,2771,0431
zSoNE(zSoNE)Adult (m)5,1801,0612
Gr52P(Gr52P)Adult (m)5,2101,0442
gRvMV(gRvMV)Adult (f)5,3098951
SQTFS(SQTFS)Adult (f)5,5289471
7mYpQ(7mYpQ)Adult (m)4,4419071
xYrsm(xYrsm)Adult (f)4,5138581
019NM(019NM)Adult (m)4,1778761
4U5B2(4U5B2)Adult (f)4,2728342
86DNi(86DNi)Adult (f)5,4009052
mPLJv(mPLJv)Adult (m)4,5648761
SKR3Q(SKR3Q)Adult (m)4,4148791
EsfL6(EsfL6)Adult (f)7,2041,0293
6Ca6BalloonDoggies QueenAdult (f)2,2591,70033
TqajBalloonDoggies KingAdult (m)2,2411,36427
pp9spThe Mrs ClausAdult (f)3,4879553
jvsr2The  Santa  ClausAdult (m)3,0669182
Fi8VF(Fi8VF)Adult (f)4,7368883
zk6bY(zk6bY)Adult (m)4,7088342
dcqnBalloonDoggies PrincessHatchling (f, F)1,80445232
oOLgBalloonDoggies BabyHatchling (F)2,4242958
NsqS4Now DasherHatchling (m, F)2,0176502
brrKrNow DancerHatchling (m, F)2,1648543
3lhBPNow PrancerHatchling (m, F)2,7088973
pG8FIOn DonderHatchling (m, F)2,5549224
atOSROn CupidHatchling (m, F)2,7949562
2MUNGAnd  VixenHatchling (f, F)2,8489230
7Ybn9On CometHatchling (m, F)2,5448970
MkSjFAnd  BlitzenHatchling (m, F)1,9348183
hIXCkTo The Top of The PorchHatchling (m, F)1,8998163
CCJleTo The Top of The WallHatchling (m, F)2,4637161
AOSShNow Dash AwayHatchling (f, F)3,8157213
VYnhbDash  AwayHatchling (f, F)2,5046675
Xi82cDash Away AllHatchling (m, F)3,4878025
aWohTRudolph Bright NoseHatchling (m, F)2,4238042
Y5gfpM E R R Y   C H R I S T M A SHatchling (F)1,1464442
clJ18BalloonDoggies PrinceHatchling (m, F)2,6026565
5guPg(5guPg)Adult (m)4,1484291
kqwsP(kqwsP)Adult (f)3,9344291
bsmjw(bsmjw)Adult (m)3,5004313
FSP0r(FSP0r)Adult (f)4,6814461
P5p5x(P5p5x)Adult (f)7,5311,0062
t3c6r(t3c6r)Adult (f)7,5851,0382
NnoYw(NnoYw)Adult (f)6,7471,0641
BucwWBlack Capped Teimarr QueenAdult (f)4,2621,3985
GXIFpBlack Capped Teimarr KingAdult (m)3,9471,4212
7u6fwBlack Capped Teimarr PrincessAdult (f)3,7641,3255
7zHrwBlack Capped Teimarr PrinceAdult (m)2,1279011
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