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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wheeloftime13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UsZcpbeen-  Waiting here for evermoreAdult (m)2,2956073
NpPqZDeliverance from EvilAdult (m)7,5511,0547
YKCE7Key Lime Pie DergAdult (m)6,2371,0333
2bIhk(2bIhk)Adult (f)6,3791,0232
8NoDbF l o r i d u sAdult (m)6,7231,0927
w2qLv(w2qLv)Adult (f)8,3161,2566
AdDaI(AdDaI)Adult (m)5,5131,0114
LIfWI(LIfWI)Adult (m)6,5189173
JdoXY(JdoXY)Adult (f)7,8141,1585
2IUS5B o r  e a sAdult (m)6,4761,1974
340O4Uihehu ThuwedAdult (f)6,5161,2546
9JQwqBorealsAdult (m)6,6751,2262
Ee0TtA u  r o r aAdult (f)6,4951,1904
NkIzVAnd Ages Come  And PassAdult (f)6,6861,2146
dhfOcLeaving Memories That BecomeAdult (m)6,2871,0243
G1bAK(G1bAK)Adult (f)4,6399182
qRuKA(qRuKA)Adult (f)4,2418517
dchAkHaste theeAdult (f)6,1411,0484
TJqsF(TJqsF)Adult (f)6,6001,1462
jnnI1And time  can do so muchAdult (m)6,9381,1932
ZvdeKM a l e d i c tAdult (f)6,6761,2234
BAstl(BAstl)Adult (f)8,0351,05425
DHizTWhen the Age That GaveAdult (f)8,4641,0383
r29yjmore to myAdult (f)7,0101,1602
cVgP0Minty Fresh SolsticeAdult (m)4,8858996
hIE4mGerda BretinAdult (f)5,5138895
v8s6USolstice BorealAdult (m)6,1851,0284
TxcWCAnd Even Myth is Long ForgottenAdult (f)5,9331,0565
aNXGmZ e p h  y rAdult (m)6,5241,0905
EMAiN(EMAiN)Adult (m)6,5081,1165
42O9pVictory of the Golden CraneAdult (f)6,4621,0494
BSJWKthe broken-hearted  -- AllAdult (f)6,1359794
VBmu0of the sea -- Yes lonely riversAdult (f)6,5849971
X4l3xIt Birth Comes AgainAdult (m)9,1141,1634
SVTbY(SVTbY)Adult (m)5,3019084
XaEr1the heart'sAdult (m)6,3781,0141
IHph1(IHph1)Adult (f)4,6086681
VUNEv(VUNEv)Adult (m)8,0691,0202
vFeySNyxanosAdult (m)6,5021,0142
TYxd4been - Waiting here for evermoreAdult (m)7,3031,0402
ztJBlUihehu Rehoucaj ThuwedAdult (f)5,2319232
cOasX(cOasX)Adult (f)4,9928574
NHEBe(NHEBe)Adult (f)6,1661,0052
skYNd(skYNd)Adult (m)5,95496410
AAirE(AAirE)Adult (m)6,7461,0233
BBTn2And time  goes by so slowlyAdult (f)6,2511,0411
zDGhB(zDGhB)Adult (f)5,6287894
AKl94(AKl94)Adult (m)4,4418363
BtTK5(BtTK5)Adult (m)4,81187710
y873XTyche ArgentaAdult (f)5,8458795
CaTWuM a l f e a s a n c eAdult (f)4,8198792
3TDlz(3TDlz)Adult (m)8,7469466
4EwUWB o r e a l  i sAdult (f)6,7959205
0gqLm(0gqLm)Adult (f)6,7389372
pzax0they go - Thus evermoreAdult (m)7,7021,0223
CUHUb(CUHUb)Adult (m)7,3171,0978
X54Etally ofAdult (m)7,0509934
nBFRN(nBFRN)Adult (f)8,2421,1335
rpw56(rpw56)Adult (f)4,9739492
2nNXUOh  my love - my darlingAdult (m)5,2039163
69igoAnd time goes by so slowlyAdult (f)6,9921,0723
6mDPCAnd time can do so muchAdult (m)7,1981,0792
3AZiQHe Who Loves Peppermint TeaAdult (m)8,7331,1395
DYNyx(DYNyx)Adult (f)6,7931,1142
Kw5RDLunedoraAdult (f)6,8851,1092
vNgmc(vNgmc)Adult (m)3,8138424
kYvAi(kYvAi)Adult (f)3,8498924
MXe56from land and seaAdult (f)7,3571,1314
T0DZwSleeping FairiesAdult (m)7,3161,1452
uyBkY(uyBkY)Adult (f)2,5813744
R1EEd(R1EEd)Adult (m)8,1151,2405
bLV2gGod speed your love  to meAdult (m)6,9611,1343
lvoxH(lvoxH)Adult (f)6,7601,1183
3uakFAstraiyaAdult (f)6,8991,1666
k0cl8(k0cl8)Adult (f)6,9001,1882
AvHeK(AvHeK)Adult (m)4,3609213
6mS8nLeaping Amongst the StarsAdult (m)4,9199481
CMJTpSpirit of the Stars AboveAdult (f)4,3469191
3rg4YStraeonAdult (m)4,3999453
wgu2J(wgu2J)Adult (m)3,1144674
SwEDN(SwEDN)Adult (f)7,2191,0095
yf8mFNaval HymnAdult (f)6,9711,1022
Cc2vR(Cc2vR)Adult (m)4,2698934
iUdqnTrisha JoAdult (f)4,9339289
herAa(herAa)Adult (f)7,9761,1002
beetiBeloved By AngelsAdult (f)6,6091,0484
0zUifNyxatesAdult (m)4,7909254
CaybXOh my love - my darlingAdult (m)4,6529152
MBkfU(MBkfU)Adult (m)7,6541,15415
4bvXo(4bvXo)Adult (f)3,36749212
4Ii6l(4Ii6l)Adult (f)6,0711,0624
G2FeZBirth BabysitterAdult (m)7,8031,1758
93Ci2I  need your loveAdult (m)6,3921,0963
DFiaZ(DFiaZ)Adult (f)7,6581,0372
ksMfq(ksMfq)Adult (f)6,2659365
htJn0(htJn0)Adult (m)5,6878853
cTF3DJewel of BirthdaysAdult (m)8,6761,0466
SvQtV(SvQtV)Adult (f)8,0971,0163
PEZgQ(PEZgQ)Adult (f)8,2071,0394
QJ8AVSapphire BirthstonesAdult (m)6,0048691
PqVFw(PqVFw)Adult (f)6,0038874
5cn0m(5cn0m)Adult (f)2,4506002
AstI9A long  lonely timeAdult (m)8,3031,1474
gzeus(gzeus)Adult (m)8,4491,0475
LeTae(LeTae)Adult (f)8,1401,0581
PBNCPI've hungered - hungered forAdult (f)5,7358935
7NxgAI see fields of blueAdult (m)4,0716245
NpUrd(NpUrd)Adult (m)8,8981,0433
aEOla(aEOla)Adult (f)8,5691,0712
xuiR5Ode EttaAdult (f)6,9641,1554
xkt9J(xkt9J)Adult (f)7,7099445
8Mf0R(8Mf0R)Adult (m)6,6471,0496
ZAjyzLord  AstraeusAdult (m)4,8151,04510
CJu6HTeri's VirgoAdult (f)5,8991,0774
V7d2dRemember the Fallen HeroesAdult (f)6,1809453
bduGVdesire of a love-lorn maidenAdult (f)7,8801,0345
Rk3NgBlue Birth DayAdult (m)7,2651,0297
8UxoQ(8UxoQ)Adult (m)6,4089743
ne824Lonely  rivers flow to the seaAdult (f)6,5531,0105
UK9QxAre you still mine-- I need yourAdult (f)5,0666852
IoNe1(IoNe1)Adult (f)4,7528553
pMhRK(pMhRK)Adult (m)3,8207002
NaNeY(NaNeY)Adult (f)6,4361,0373
kkJ4v(kkJ4v)Adult (f)5,9267412
RoRYH(RoRYH)Adult (f)6,9261,1032
jDyjdyour touch -- A long lonely timeAdult (m)7,7771,2063
Sanyn(Sanyn)Adult (m)4,5499285
PS0Pj(PS0Pj)Adult (m)6,5611,1263
lHyPTMoondustingAdult (m)4,8369856
m70k8(m70k8)Adult (f)5,4029784
YQqumAlyceanneAdult (f)5,7361,0284
itd5QVirdis AequinoxAdult (m)5,3241,0052
KOhNE(KOhNE)Adult (m)5,1371,0232
2rH1eMistress ImperiaAdult (f)4,9899742
6LfPqMaster CauthonAdult (m)5,0761,0342
Z0myy(Z0myy)Adult (m)5,5318533
esqNg(esqNg)Adult (f)2,5075236
MPBDWGod speed your love to  meAdult (f)5,5448952
JdfyM(JdfyM)Adult (m)5,9579472
BtkG3(BtkG3)Adult (f)5,2468881
47nYX(47nYX)Adult (f)3,6277956
Sv6PjSteve IwinAdult (m)3,7157932
KIE8h(KIE8h)Adult (m)6,0859544
yi0dMLegendary LimeadeAdult (f)7,0499714
SiUAN(SiUAN)Adult (f)7,0461,0965
kJjoJ(kJjoJ)Adult (f)7,5641,0763
aUwDzGoddess accomplishAdult (f)7,0491,0911
gsm0pTouch of GeniusAdult (f)7,0881,0434
rLxEk(rLxEk)Adult (m)6,5389895
Dakes(Dakes)Adult (m)6,8071,0122
Qm3es(Qm3es)Adult (f)7,4451,0542
WxgBB(WxgBB)Adult (f)3,9507601
euxVFMaster LucaAdult (m)3,8587811
asaMS(asaMS)Adult (m)3,7027523
JNa2t(JNa2t)Adult (f)5,6048104
PTm3Q(PTm3Q)Adult (f)5,8508291
1oxwN(1oxwN)Adult (m)6,8039105
qaHVU(qaHVU)Adult (m)6,4209682
2nTOnAbigail LightstepAdult (f)5,7749172
127Yt(127Yt)Adult (f)8,5321,1593
iXSKU(iXSKU)Adult (m)7,3991,0501
A7IJs(A7IJs)Adult (m)7,4551,0771
uhoIZ(uhoIZ)Adult (f)4,7338541
3gJrq(3gJrq)Adult (f)6,6541,0451
YELrT(YELrT)Adult (f)6,5771,0561
7k4gt(7k4gt)Adult (m)6,2569522
ybjGS(ybjGS)Adult (m)6,1879392
cAFz3(cAFz3)Adult (f)6,6071,0891
XqFCx(XqFCx)Adult (f)6,8511,1090
Q1D55(Q1D55)Adult (m)6,8671,0850
tTcPQ(tTcPQ)Adult (m)7,3461,1311
7C934Gothic GiftAdult (f)4,95186626
3wHHQ(3wHHQ)Adult (f)3,3106693
vXyur(vXyur)Adult (f)3,6556992
BegZWNyxeusAdult (m)3,0227292
vq3BG(vq3BG)Adult (f)3,1097200
VWkdp(VWkdp)Adult (f)2,9887120
tv1SB(tv1SB)Adult (m)3,1727481
uzOey(uzOey)Adult (f)3,3606991
3S4QO(3S4QO)Adult (m)3,0206834
mA9S4(mA9S4)Adult (m)5,9891,0431
2MYQy(2MYQy)Adult (f)7,4301,1781
d0XRS(d0XRS)Adult (m)7,5181,2171
1amPA(1amPA)Adult (m)7,5811,2160
rpWFk(rpWFk)Adult (m)7,5601,1760
0eHcbLunara DoraAdult (f)6,3721,1473
1GxWF(1GxWF)Adult (m)6,2751,0856
nn0D5(nn0D5)Adult (m)5,6941,1624
Lir3lEurydice BurtonesqueAdult (f)5,4671,1252
EkQo4(EkQo4)Adult (f)6,1481,1552
5BbjkCOVID MasterAdult (f)4,6351,29910
Z6DNTHallucinogenic NebulaAdult (f)4,8381,0616
R3UNC(R3UNC)Adult (f)4,7051,0595
sv43G(sv43G)Adult (m)3,5097429
ILjLuLilith SamhainAdult (f)7,0961,3811
2LANR(2LANR)Hatchling (f, F)1,7272797
9RDZeThe Arcane PrinceAdult (m)7,3601,3575
oGHuY(oGHuY)Hatchling (m, F)2,1122603
lod3s(lod3s)Hatchling (m, F)5,3988243
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