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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “waynekoestenbaum,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vDp1uworthless mental architectureHatchling3,9643212
9XDJdand now im hereHatchling4,2203382
sbRoHimages i keepHatchling4,4753702
tWCbEsick with sorrinessHatchling3,6993292
9bo7sbe generous with empathyHatchling2,31930710
aLxX1necroneuronHatchling (f)4,1903821
m28Cejingles joyfullyHatchling (f)4,7999588
oS6gIwell i think youre beautifulHatchling2,1424504
uFjTyit just never fitsHatchling2,3104426
AiU2dperfumes and incense oilAdult (f)3,7084276
0RTheor the unknownAdult (m)3,6276635
BmU1Wmy nature to maximize sufferingAdult (m)4,0894746
UyZ5elovering aboutAdult (f)5,0383971
83OkUill miss youAdult (f)4,4894141
4DjvUand fill my kitchen with chintzAdult (m)4,2813951
4VIMialien of venusAdult (m)4,7544112
twxqcthe heart at the endAdult (m)2,7877414
5YuISi cant even hate you ironicallyAdult (m)2,8905143
rQ97Ayou my belovedAdult (f)2,8604562
ppF3ihe really looks like hes in loveAdult (m)3,2374282
D7tigpromise ill treat you so nicelyAdult (f)3,5214680
jNSmAi just wanna be in love with youAdult (f)3,8644992
zYJv7loves labour unionAdult (f)2,9574271
Thk5abut hope you put it in my handsAdult (f)3,5604851
sansYSANSY UNDERTALEAdult (m)6,4509764
PoErCand i dont think shes comingAdult (m)4,4354311
5kbrsjohnlock is endgameAdult (m)4,9414121
QEK4Ki will be viciously beautifulAdult (f)3,3984743
R2jJgequal parts vampire and cannibalAdult (f)4,0225241
VEpg8little last minute loveAdult (f)2,0574197
IFYLxdefinitely canon complaintAdult (m)3,5985153
LJeZ8oh to be to be to beAdult (f)3,2534111
w61EUprettybabyAdult (f)3,2944371
kLABjhomemade happinessAdult (f)3,5284192
ndeTTbut it would be so poeticAdult (f)3,6544542
NluG3seraphimicallyAdult (m)3,1974133
hS0uCleaping synthsAdult (m)6,6061,1843
0uXQSin love for the aestheticAdult (f)3,5444150
5mqSGif i can love that anymoreAdult (f)4,1714142
kFgfKyouve been in love you idiotAdult (f)3,9594172
WMidlsince i dedicate it to youAdult (f)3,4203385
deh0fthank you for the stripeAdult (f)3,7644312
i8PoSoh sweet thats normalAdult (m)4,1494541
hcj17wow i really know thineself huhAdult (f)4,1644602
S30v8you make me wanna grow oldAdult (f)3,8314192
5mbRLmuted electricAdult (m)3,4724131
KbKsAsing hero for meAdult (m)4,0264532
at6Eihermes on erisAdult (f)2,4207424
GEagOhopping through tulip fieldsAdult (m)3,0094351
KBPoVyoure all so lovelyAdult (m)6,3281,1204
VZCBadoe dogAdult (m)6,3121,1326
zdRjFtreat me like the god i amAdult (m)3,3814432
msJH3now that i live i can dieAdult (m)4,8678744
kO4Tqflexing fingers break backwardsAdult (m)3,6424921
NSy5Qlove and land and being thereAdult (m)4,2204832
IPMxapeaches and onionsAdult (m)3,3184503
ujy3ki am going to make you cryAdult (f)5,8491,1434
6JLETlove that sits with mittensAdult (m)3,4284373
yjKSKbeanie babesAdult (f)3,0024432
IXemRdoodles in marginsAdult (f)2,8904492
dAztptheyll know they deserve themAdult (m)3,7234753
NJifKyou put my love on topAdult (f)2,7104753
i75RjKILL CLAUDIOAdult (f)2,7794494
Iqy7Yhappy chinese new year losersAdult (f)3,5034883
7eXDgyou can be my valentineAdult (m)5,4011,1755
KtwzLlove that breaks windowsAdult (m)2,9214914
a3fnvall this desperation to be seenAdult (m)2,6874973
DL1W8love people til i get to know emAdult (m)4,1454733
PuqDuthe totally pointless effortAdult (m)3,1695293
yRR4Qsunflowers in your hairAdult (f)3,5555014
WM3iRangelina joellieAdult (f)3,6895435
ID4AXwelcomes into the worldAdult (f)3,8204685
HgJ41positive attitude punchAdult (m)6,2191,1393
PNtLwthen get to know me deborahAdult (f)6,0441,1084
fHK5Bnew worries just to spice it upAdult (m)3,5998844
6nry6the dead man inside youAdult (f)3,6414561
TZ2tysunbleached pony pastelAdult (f)4,5754202
oNyhgi aspire to hurtAdult (m)3,8583875
tA7Clvremya serketAdult (m)4,2303762
mKb8WbibliquecalAdult (f)6,5419903
9TUtHbioluminescedAdult (m)4,1703832
0TK9Nhewwo on earthAdult (m)2,8805974
BAaJwlight eater light haterAdult (m)4,0493882
4LE47talk about hidden depthsAdult (m)4,5733962
JqMl3no closer to leavingAdult (m)4,4328804
wnmKerule these weak and viciousAdult (f)4,6714122
ZdqVAed and the mountain goatsAdult (f)4,6698843
JkDkCsine whineAdult (f)4,1183854
ZSSp8like lovers dontAdult (m)3,9859005
g5D6Lso nobody told you im the devilAdult (m)4,2959003
pKYtirelive to recountAdult (f)5,2004111
HwtESwait this doesnt matter rightAdult (m)6,2614804
6cIdhlittle violent angelAdult (f)3,9203814
YAVFhi wanna be taught by oceanAdult (m)4,5864023
3mzfIi just think hes neatAdult (m)6,5901,1166
iS050the long slender spoonAdult (f)9,0277043
0PaGYshut up youre not evil IM evilAdult (m)5,2597223
SWj1lthe ambiguity backstabbed meAdult (m)4,1934272
2g0roi will straight up bite youAdult (f)4,3193943
ghOmMbe anybody that didnt love meAdult (f)3,5188713
DVAs2it was literally about himAdult (m)5,6231,1293
BOEsksoeske boeskeAdult (m)2,6586951
UQ4QTgonna break my teeth on ur skullAdult (m)5,4589994
lYUvti bite my thumb at you sirAdult (m)2,9507526
WnmSZi did that to meAdult (f)2,8208465
3gJHBthoughtful head nod broAdult (m)9,1459276
Env6vlets get lively with itAdult (f)5,9884853
4E4J6insigniesqueAdult (m)8,7956185
oM8TAto the moon i guessAdult (m)9,9341,4284
9cnq1how are you still scaredAdult (m)3,9095685
h2oYosorry that happened or congratsAdult (f)6,1504783
FP63San extremely earnest cartoonAdult (m)3,1855538
3Gm3kif you dont blink you leaveAdult (f)2,9075359
QQaH0id be poisonous if i couldAdult (f)4,4874074
ot4FAu   w   uAdult (f)3,9563776
B4B38i got vehicle proficiencyAdult (f)3,5395054
6bFbXhow neat of me i now noticeAdult (m)2,8294677
jisOHsiren of the sea shantyAdult (m)4,5603844
QARJZthe burn beginsAdult (f)7,2341,0238
gwLjXwhoa look its shut up timeAdult (f)3,7494864
OLOXrpain like a ringing bellAdult (m)3,9133851
2qewlim gonna kill youEgg (F)
6R7WGi cant take that guiltAdult (m)7,8421,0444
qTqM7keep my love sharp and cleanAdult (m)6,8681,1395
XblZGim a liarAdult (f)3,8473772
hK5GEhooves out everypony lets killAdult (f)2,4065384
zyHw1ppl sure will like anything huhAdult (f)5,2517846
FzjRPhi i cant wait to know youAdult (m)5,8731,15712
cDZPjjoyluckpathicAdult (f)7,0511,19111
VnM6Coh my god i cant believe myselfAdult (m)5,2139612
iUnNLwe can make it so divineAdult (f)5,4269836
nQen0mostly im softAdult (f)5,1599744
zUPQxi like you i wanted you aroundAdult (f)5,44699420
gmsNAjust googled europe bad new guysAdult (m)4,0153781
RqbHComg wait love ew haha lolAdult (m)3,7833814
vVmBNbro wake up its the same damageAdult (m)3,9913822
v1oaDthis is a safe spaceAdult (f)9,8481,4485
a5yktfashionably late confetti botAdult (f)5,4521,16922
thEzFcaptain of the cutie clubAdult (m)4,7674342
0ZVqEhave some fizzy root beer friendAdult (f)4,4314072
Wjue7you look exceptionally 8-bitAdult (m)5,5811,0778
vdxiPwelcome to the lego partyAdult (f)5,3931,12310
T444yHI BABEAdult (m)6,4791,08911
jqCUiugh well somehow tomorrow comesAdult (m)4,7014173
pIkWHi should steal moreAdult (f)4,3964736
R91vbslowjam nomadAdult (f)14,4711,3717
WYiItits literally killing meAdult (f)4,7443904
GuhbZsome things are nice i guessAdult (f)9,4421,2933
2TIFHoh my god just close your eyesAdult (f)9,4811,3565
jndczitll pass in houseAdult (m)4,5963903
3WiQZwake up babe new egg dropAdult (m)3,5803851
px0piinvent newer better problemsAdult (f)4,2654365
7fJ68goodbye genderAdult (m)3,7053803
OHVnlits blong actually just blongAdult (m)5,0333942
PReE1how splintering of youAdult (f)2,8767003
DjOuShow did you grow so fastAdult (f)2,7996604
w9Pxrtime to lie to myselfAdult (m)4,9124173
YklpVi wish i knew everything no fairAdult (f)4,6864051
CztcByou could stand to cry moreAdult (m)3,8813644
Ip2VTmy sugarbooAdult (f)4,8483805
c0oYAwait a second oh no am i stupidAdult (f)5,2434041
KbIV8omg ill never get over how smallAdult (m)4,0233673
ApHEbi wanna be good soooo badAdult (f)3,9943764
37qQGi want to punch u in the cloudAdult (f)5,3153892
x0hCosirens echoing into your headAdult (m)4,8003833
tbmpYyou stay away from lilys palmsAdult (m)3,8303839
s8lvbhazy nothing soundsAdult (m)4,1283394
wXBx5unlearned how to cryAdult (f)4,6053696
oLEBtmight cross the street for meAdult (f)3,8913785
lkYultheres no short supply of valueAdult (m)5,7169882
n5mDRill skin my knee for you againAdult (f)4,3623903
96XCRpain youre not feelingAdult (m)4,1314014
qsey3sigh moreAdult (f)5,1979016
Edig1the dishonorable vesselAdult (f)3,8396568
eid0Dno memories of painAdult (m)6,9911,1064
qfITEsorry in powfu voiceAdult (m)6,1401,0143
S7rS6the spice girls of indian spicesAdult (f)4,0953426
eB4TMcome i will have theeAdult (f)3,6943316
DKUfAsimply stopAdult (m)4,2627984
jZqedugh i have school tomorrowAdult (f)3,5445432
W00drlil wooderAdult (f)4,7643898
jCa6Cradical bee colorsAdult (m)4,5374331
JYBwqpointless within pointlessAdult (m)4,0724002
A4UShgollumingAdult (f)4,3483901
vdC7Bi foresee that you will be dumbAdult (f)5,4209327
DDvmcwatched pot i guessAdult (f)4,0543412
zoBRnoh my god i have brainrotAdult (m)4,1044183
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