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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wautii,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WGyyGAE Aldamar TyuninAdult (m)2,8195773
7Tg54AE Aldamar LachlanAdult (m)3,8387042
CXKVE(CXKVE)Adult (m)5,0989612
FP91k(FP91k)Adult (f)4,9769051
CKvho(CKvho)Hatchling (m, F)4,0828012
uOLAB(uOLAB)Hatchling (f, F)3,8648354
RUOYd(RUOYd)Hatchling (F)2,2176152
imoUw(imoUw)Adult (f)4,0008771
ATRE7(ATRE7)Adult (m)3,9538701
ASoMG(ASoMG)Adult (f)4,6609841
3djkQAL Nari MashkaAdult (f)3,9066831
daNFXdan who does the effectsAdult (m)3,4976201
sMYOkAL Narie ReiAdult (f)3,5607041
z9SagAL Nara IvenskAdult (m)5,0039062
brCzx(brCzx)Hatchling (m, F)3,4048040
Yi466(Yi466)Hatchling (f, F)3,3367800
iI6tJ(iI6tJ)Hatchling (F)3,3005992
7ARhdAM Grand Emperor LingAdult (m)3,8517302
orxGYAM Grand Empress JingyiAdult (f)3,5516591
Z9skbAM Princess FenAdult (f)3,0496741
VQawBAM Emperor ChenAdult (m)4,9199442
LCw74AM Empress BaoAdult (f)5,0439792
kjtHGAM Princess FangAdult (f)5,0129790
83mVWAM Prince YijunAdult (m)5,7681,0221
cjecaAM Prince ChaoAdult (m)5,1911,1502
VRxMeAM Scholar FuAdult (m)3,2247791
mMbHlAM Scholar DaAdult (m)3,2518211
BS10hAM Scholar HeAdult (f)3,2758151
XtEE2AM Scholar AnAdult (m)4,6661,0680
9TJeQ(9TJeQ)Adult (m)4,4441,0222
CdUbKAM 2nd Gen 1Adult (m)4,6969971
CIgKfAM 4th Gen 2Adult (m)4,5529591
GvWMNAM 3rd Gen 1Adult (m)4,5731,0540
SvrIiAM 4th Gen 3Adult (m)4,5329811
iAzTIAM 5th Gen IatziAdult (m)4,5279851
TKHMeAM 2nd Gen 2Adult (m)5,1641,0560
4GzvzAM 4th Gen 4Adult (f)5,2681,0321
By2jsAM 2nd Gen 3Adult (m)5,3839100
Ijt1vAM 2nd Gen 4Adult (f)5,1181,0994
5hWxbAM 6th Gen 1Adult (m)5,1461,1241
bydwpAM 4th Gen 5Adult (f)5,1731,1220
RfynDAM 3rd Gen 2Adult (m)5,0441,0951
dgPaKAM 5th Gen DogpakAdult (m)5,0291,0660
VPpdk(VPpdk)Adult (m)5,5739961
zeUuMAM 6th Gen 2Adult (f)5,0229611
ctTIkAM 5th Gen CatlikAdult (f)4,5099241
xdTQMAM 2nd Gen 5Adult (f)5,0409911
P5qm7AM 4th Gen 6Adult (f)4,9579640
Bgl85AM 5th Gen BiglatesAdult (m)5,0829691
XCUaqAM 4th Gen 1Adult (m)5,1171,0180
cfjCi(cfjCi)Adult (m)4,5369360
uh3r3AM 2nd Gen 6Adult (m)4,6789380
VmBtZAM 7th Gen 1Adult (f)4,4308731
Suk2fAM 8th Gen 1Adult (f)5,0099581
nIDbRAM 9th Gen 1Adult (f)4,2288821
QBo2gAM 9th Gen 2Adult (m)5,4571,1750
mKS17AM 10th Gen 1Adult (f)5,5161,1541
AyJt4AM Princess QingHatchling (f, F)2,9555984
C9564AM Prince HuangHatchling (m, F)4,0088691
8Xv7YAM Heir XinyiHatchling (F)2,5286150
iAm8VAN Queen KentuAdult (f)3,8776783
41VsaAN King FaitenAdult (m)2,5435992
ENxs5AN Prince AratenAdult (m)5,1227522
ePR6JAN Princess AratuAdult (f)2,9845225
VdiSkAN The OutsiderAdult (m)3,5737152
q1ZY0AN Princess RentuAdult (f)4,9288583
8a9t8(8a9t8)Adult (m)5,7589801
vRon8(vRon8)Adult (m)5,6691,0041
X7g7iAN ZantuHatchling (f, F)2,6876382
WqY34AN AratenHatchling (m, F)3,3067770
TDQWOAN AratalHatchling (F)4,2287252
CUIhgAT Tare ArankaAdult (f)3,8708381
CpZC8AT Tare CsillaAdult (f)3,7837561
EUBlbAT Taro AntaresAdult (m)3,7997231
ndOLCAT Atare ErikaAdult (f)5,1047183
0o27TAT Atare IrmaAdult (f)4,7387282
QRqTEAT Ataro AcrabAdult (m)3,4737491
MxJUgAT Atatare AdaAdult (f)4,8358902
OAlprAT Atataro AcruxAdult (m)4,3919271
HJiEA(HJiEA)Adult (m)6,1121,0890
3DDIw(3DDIw)Adult (f)6,1771,1103
49HeI(49HeI)Adult (f)6,2971,1060
Cff8T(Cff8T)Adult (m)4,5959030
gVWL6AT Entaro AlcyoneHatchling (m, F)3,4247981
JyGreAT Entare AngyalkaHatchling (f, F)5,0288671
P4Dry(P4Dry)Hatchling (F)2,2446101
ZwpZdAR Harer Juju KoAdult (m)2,1956561
dTdYcAR Haress Kiki ToAdult (f)3,4198231
e0poYAR Haress Apap ToAdult (f)2,8466731
H4ofDAR Haress Bebe ToAdult (f)3,3016291
EuEu8AR Harer Eueu FoAdult (m)3,7406613
upqDdAR Haress Riri YoAdult (f)3,9167222
k8ZOHAR Haress Nana YoAdult (f)4,5579431
fu8MCAR Harer Lulu MoAdult (m)4,7109101
OvtXdAR Haress Epep BoAdult (f)4,8469210
PKQfG(PKQfG)Adult (f)4,7349561
2aAa9AR Youngster Yuyu WoHatchling (f, F)4,1957971
sElrp(sElrp)Hatchling (m, F)5,8931,0251
LH5tA(LH5tA)Hatchling (F)2,3956111
aDvtVArsaniou RozAdult (f)3,6448491
Ru8Ps(Ru8Ps)Adult (f)5,1741,0520
qmYJM(qmYJM)Adult (f)5,1601,0310
9zuXx(9zuXx)Adult (m)5,2271,0071
7UDyb(7UDyb)Adult (f)3,9698672
sh3zOAZ AndellisAdult (m)4,4911,1142
reSOnAZ TellandruAdult (m)2,6346282
EwXqmAZ RaolendAdult (m)4,2878373
b1QLvAZ TierresAdult (f)6,3921,0362
SyQ3BAZ RivezaAdult (f)5,6909400
bIaHl(bIaHl)Adult (f)7,2139130
SIPmq(SIPmq)Adult (f)7,2139100
FcPYS(FcPYS)Adult (m)4,1639461
Ingk1(Ingk1)Adult (f)5,2009031
kan4B(kan4B)Hatchling (m, F)3,6028871
WEHMC(WEHMC)Hatchling (f, F)3,2858083
yUrOK(yUrOK)Adult (f)4,0308091
XlFEl(XlFEl)Adult (m)3,4406961
CQ6J5(CQ6J5)Adult (m)5,0739041
cj7Ec(cj7Ec)Adult (f)4,5316691
ZPE1U(ZPE1U)Adult (m)6,3766950
ZTUAV(ZTUAV)Adult (f)4,0679113
7J0sO(7J0sO)Adult (f)4,2469502
7NGH6(7NGH6)Adult (m)6,9158610
mdxT3(mdxT3)Adult (m)4,5458951
B6CBY(B6CBY)Adult (f)4,4489002
UM3cB(UM3cB)Adult (m)3,3647052
FRXapBA Bee BeepAdult (m)2,6255952
WlYWf(WlYWf)Adult (m)5,5159033
B5UEB(B5UEB)Adult (m)3,2766501
tMYQu(tMYQu)Adult (m)5,8117861
zlyBj(zlyBj)Adult (f)7,3541,0384
cPjcP(cPjcP)Adult (f)5,6748741
Z0otz(Z0otz)Adult (m)6,7357422
YFZPj(YFZPj)Adult (m)7,3338840
PDvbz(PDvbz)Adult (f)7,0358801
EekZb(EekZb)Adult (m)8,1489320
5mzU2(5mzU2)Adult (f)5,4099821
q3CEZ(q3CEZ)Adult (m)5,1707411
u08cB(u08cB)Adult (f)3,4626461
BMKMt(BMKMt)Adult (m)3,3706331
j1FKT(j1FKT)Adult (f)3,1676471
wlRLv(wlRLv)Adult (m)4,5917181
xATKs(xATKs)Adult (m)2,6376533
d3O8m(d3O8m)Adult (f)4,5898790
E2Qdv(E2Qdv)Adult (f)5,7011,0350
HGVs3BL Katharo NychtaAdult (f)4,1198291
ZdAi8BL Katharo SkotadiAdult (f)4,6756682
vnjueBL Katharo YiosAdult (m)3,3457821
CZ3UUBL Katharo ExairetikiAdult (m)3,4767701
kuUt0BL Vromikos ApochrosiAdult (m)3,9707452
vska1BL Skia KoriAdult (f)4,5197172
d4Q6OBL Chalkos KatifeiaAdult (m)5,7859312
4k1S3BL Amigis MavrosAdult (f)5,3716402
JpzAm(JpzAm)Adult (m)6,4841,0621
Sbbta(Sbbta)Adult (f)3,9968030
bbhTF(bbhTF)Adult (f)5,5519860
fxaFD(fxaFD)Adult (f)4,7819521
2dRbi(2dRbi)Hatchling (f, F)4,5848112
5pag0(5pag0)Adult (f)2,1466392
CnE99(CnE99)Adult (f)2,2076081
lUTSA(lUTSA)Adult (f)2,3266802
SHsfS(SHsfS)Adult (f)2,3806901
QOGv1(QOGv1)Adult (m)2,4697091
CCnxR(CCnxR)Adult (m)2,1356381
ySxgX(ySxgX)Adult (m)2,2026481
KlnPC(KlnPC)Adult (f)4,5121,2180
jGRMl(jGRMl)Hatchling (f, F)3,5007991
GzYby(GzYby)Hatchling (F)4572452
oU2X2(oU2X2)Hatchling (m, F)1,9155981
Ogwnd(Ogwnd)Adult (f)2,7526030
QqWxl(QqWxl)Adult (m)3,5987521
euKFp(euKFp)Adult (f)3,6697341
tpHZ6(tpHZ6)Adult (m)4,3288702
LzQdF(LzQdF)Adult (m)4,4339301
X0sOL(X0sOL)Adult (f)4,6938271
n4acN(n4acN)Adult (m)2,5085912
GX66g(GX66g)Adult (m)3,1196611
nVl6aAimorragia SeliniakiAdult (f)5,1868991
3vPBrAimorragia DoryforouAdult (f)2,9875272
kDftZAimorragia LykosAdult (f)3,8026811
lnFHZAimorragia SkyloAdult (m)2,6376111
fANDc(fANDc)Adult (f)4,1887842
XZOBa(XZOBa)Adult (f)3,1686351
pAysG(pAysG)Adult (f)3,2596711
QU9ZL(QU9ZL)Adult (f)8,2039100
9kHXv(9kHXv)Adult (m)3,0416111
ozlCn(ozlCn)Adult (f)6,3651,0322
jsff6(jsff6)Adult (f)4,4037960
y9mZM(y9mZM)Adult (m)4,0276692
VaJfB(VaJfB)Adult (f)4,4187100
q44Q2(q44Q2)Adult (f)4,5506900
CRZxiZhaniiksiAdult (m)4,6277240
6dn3Q(6dn3Q)Adult (f)4,6126881
ubgu9ZhanniekAdult (f)4,6516741
nNuFg(nNuFg)Adult (f)2,8125962
7A5JR(7A5JR)Adult (f)2,4396300
E0pLa(E0pLa)Adult (f)2,3616141
EC3cj(EC3cj)Adult (f)3,5577160
8a2rN(8a2rN)Adult (m)3,5486900
xKewG(xKewG)Adult (f)3,5457040
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