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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “waterdragon3,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0SJDFire Hell seAdult (f)1,8063613
bM526The Devil's NumberAdult (m)2,7748074
FCc0KSatanic SongAdult (m)4,4111,1347
09lTM(09lTM)Adult (m)7,3071,0232
kOKHm(kOKHm)Adult (m)4,5979402
5f4uy(5f4uy)Adult (f)7,1681,0591
vjtmnHade's RageAdult (m)2,4737724
QnXAQ(QnXAQ)Adult (f)8,3031,3216
UD507CB Tom and JerryAdult (m)2,6305951
q9CLMagical Dragon HorseAdult (f)2,1764269
zKVUEAttacuZAdult (m)4,66293714
iYQQZ(iYQQZ)Adult (m)3,1346022
AzZF4(AzZF4)Adult (f)8,8421,4545
gZcda(gZcda)Adult (f)3,1525741
dTgOP(dTgOP)Adult (f)5,2138353
r8iofFrost DutchessAdult (f)2,0098206
2nXcbF l a p j a c kAdult (f)4,80589917
6aEARJ a c k i e  F r o s tAdult (f)2,89778910
T2nfRJ a c k  F r o s tAdult (m)3,55094513
EMUV1(EMUV1)Adult (f)4,0575523
WJiip(WJiip)Hatchling (F)1,6472262
8Nw1O(8Nw1O)Egg (F)
KBINKBINAdult (f)1,42342011
PadBy(PadBy)Adult (m)5,2341,1733
BmvT9(BmvT9)Adult (f)5,7439802
hT2iP(hT2iP)Adult (m)5,8971,2292
ZpWiES T E P H A N OAdult (m)7,25882228
bRcza(bRcza)Adult (f)8,0908652
vC1BF(vC1BF)Adult (f)8,5449533
bfenW(bfenW)Adult (f)5,7821,2896
XVL5b(XVL5b)Adult (f)6,7111,1423
7Co5pI wish to be a checkerAdult (m)3,0719186
gPyGX(gPyGX)Adult (m)4,4651,6403
5DLlZ(5DLlZ)Adult (m)8,1071,0487
SJCGj(SJCGj)Adult (m)5,3026095
6YU0T(6YU0T)Adult (m)6,7971,0502
Z3fZY(Z3fZY)Adult (f)6,7509851
aPSe0(aPSe0)Adult (m)3,7358046
wtWWH(wtWWH)Adult (m)3,9358505
LJxXv(LJxXv)Adult (f)4,2439134
N0uDs(N0uDs)Adult (f)5,8781,0415
QxQpV(QxQpV)Adult (m)4,7068553
Kqsh0(Kqsh0)Adult (m)6,9371,4484
mU8Zs3G DrogonAdult (m)3,7356521
IPn7The First MagiAdult (m)3,6303223
f79b4The Second MagiAdult (f)3,9053939
2ZvfKThe Third MagiAdult (m)5,0026904
g4VZMThe Fourth MagiAdult (f)3,3424474
1Yrj9The Fifth MagiAdult (f)4,3666614
9MTmmThe Sixth MagiAdult (f)1,5886312
lz3K5(lz3K5)Adult (f)4,5821,2369
EXe6z(EXe6z)Adult (m)3,4426413
32tIVCH Mount AconguaAdult (f)3,23084010
fFJVg2g Mount TheraAdult (m)2,28076911
NZovG2G PB Mount St Helen'sAdult (m)4,5281,13616
NDUR32G H Mount AdamsAdult (f)5,4681,10110
CVRLsCB Mount CanlaonAdult (m)4,90764812
a0tBRCB Mount MerapiAdult (f)4,78166613
MMoIZCB Mount TolimaAdult (m)3,9441,24013
pPf1pTinKin Mount GalerasAdult (f)2,5697436
BJF0T3G H Mount MeidobAdult (f)5,3391,1443
SEb3p4G H Mount ArafiebAdult (f)5,1951,0802
VLray5G ST Mount JamalAdult (f)5,6011,1221
7ikMz(7ikMz)Hatchling (F)1,7632312
KfIEVCB Keshian MintAdult (f)3,2528816
XIPjHCB Portador de la FlorAdult (m)2,6381,0835
DQXGq3G DP ALT MoonAdult (m)2,70370415
YZZvaCB Luna LaAdult (f)5,6691,1843
QBrYD(QBrYD)Adult (m)4,4071,0062
zuZsG(zuZsG)Adult (f)5,3881,1991
1SZ4u(1SZ4u)Adult (m)4,3268032
stP0CB AsteriscoAdult (f)2,1523615
FDJhIf you help meAdult (f)1,9584134
CTdkQOB Orion's HunterAdult (m)2,9758726
rC3kO(rC3kO)Adult (m)5,6648453
Unya1(Unya1)Adult (m)5,6391,0835
vK5xi(vK5xi)Adult (f)2,7056094
HqTKx(HqTKx)Adult (f)7,0139561
qs3eYCB Betelgeuse IIIAdult (f)5,2949087
qxLFt(qxLFt)Adult (f)2,3368463
DWZPH(DWZPH)Adult (m)2,3348303
AZ6W5(AZ6W5)Adult (f)5,8169403
X95gU(X95gU)Adult (m)5,9309133
IT4YE(IT4YE)Adult (f)3,0775953
0p9d3(0p9d3)Adult (f)5,5107512
g9Lp(g9Lp)Adult (f)2,0483526
ngbKz(ngbKz)Adult (f)5,6648082
IKEX7(IKEX7)Adult (m)4,4941,0254
RaKks(RaKks)Adult (f)4,0849462
wXLUb(wXLUb)Adult (m)4,9878042
Bbbyq(Bbbyq)Adult (f)4,0247912
gXfi(gXfi)Adult (m)3,3364064
YEOnImma EOn oldAdult (f)5,1204603
pDJr(pDJr)Adult (m)2,7854768
8McC(8McC)Adult (f)2,4113705
oQO6a(oQO6a)Adult (f)3,6557565
edS6v(edS6v)Adult (m)3,3787865
LGXNiMr Fluffly Pants of FluffykinzsAdult (m)2,9269247
gJLn2Ms Fluffy Pants of FluffykinzsAdult (f)2,4718875
U4NpMMama's GonnaAdult (m)4,78493726
b9sog(b9sog)Adult (m)2,5918114
cQ3IqDis name is taken trollAdult (m)2,9118316
8W7fjI iz a pink DorkfaceAdult (m)3,3087214
YcWHt(YcWHt)Adult (m)2,8485766
klICX(klICX)Adult (f)4,6797363
hAPQY(hAPQY)Adult (f)4,9437334
gmvBK(gmvBK)Adult (f)3,5358666
D1yQ2(D1yQ2)Adult (f)4,6621,0056
r2eDi(r2eDi)Adult (f)3,3476003
yDKH0(yDKH0)Adult (f)5,4117835
ciMBXEpic Gold VinesAdult (f)5,32691713
vYgLgThe Golden JesusAdult (m)6,64996413
wCovoSherlock's WifeAdult (f)5,09391511
dYYkG(dYYkG)Adult (f)5,1098643
2tlv3Lucky Number OneAdult (f)5,6871,10615
r39UKLucky Number SlevenAdult (m)6,0581,11319
rLv0nMetal StaplerAdult (m)8,05884415
nP1lL(nP1lL)Adult (m)5,1297234
IqZ7X(IqZ7X)Adult (f)5,9631,07822
bkF3K(bkF3K)Adult (m)3,7971,1476
dahvq(dahvq)Adult (f)5,3621,2295
QUI2GDeath PlentyAdult (f)4,9531,17010
zhR8Y(zhR8Y)Adult (m)6,3427797
quTx5(quTx5)Adult (f)6,2208113
zLmhOThe Head of ArrowsAdult (m)7,73597521
IkgPpGolden GuitarAdult (f)4,3921,05045
ZZYhNThe Golden MoonstoneAdult (m)6,6441,48629
qo2dyLung Ling SitheAdult (f)5,0761,04349
UcDYMWhite Gold NuggetAdult (f)7,07887731
dhkkKThe Tsunami's PowerAdult (m)9,28279716
sy3cLDitZeyAdult (f)5,28189032
wPF6iShimmering SinnedAdult (f)5,8471,04125
0lGIrThe Prowling BluesangAdult (f)6,58999530
POJrPThe Silver ShimmersAdult (m)5,78289229
l9lOnRainbow Moons of JupiterAdult (f)7,91878532
en3oODamike Vaun VinAdult (m)3,6821,08519
47YpBThe Silver WyrmAdult (m)7,3241,38715
o93B0(o93B0)Adult (f)3,5831,63511
jIfHY(jIfHY)Adult (f)3,3541,44910
IagQVWrong of the GendersAdult (m)3,87299351
K2bFHThe Bronze HunteressAdult (f)6,80681621
2DebmThe Butt of ArrowsAdult (f)4,5261,02019
cqL1AFelix of the Caar'sAdult (m)5,9551,03041
ejNKJ42 Mysfytts on a KiiteAdult (m)6,4441,22079
2tMzb(2tMzb)Adult (m)6,3688248
BjKzZ(BjKzZ)Adult (m)6,4401,0847
h8EQ2(h8EQ2)Adult (f)6,1438236
kWD5u(kWD5u)Adult (f)8,0721,0251
we2Jw(we2Jw)Adult (m)6,9301,1671
oUhbj(oUhbj)Adult (f)5,3561,2643
Er7iS(Er7iS)Adult (f)2,1577952
tPFBq(tPFBq)Adult (m)1,8876465
AA9Ln(AA9Ln)Adult (m)3,4128784
IEUUD(IEUUD)Adult (m)3,3381,0123
cvw1R(cvw1R)Adult (f)4,5979042
bUSobusOAdult (m)1,5853375
8FUENIt's a silent EAdult (f)1,3923863
hetJK(hetJK)Adult (m)3,1621,4783
QtpWaKaysruhiAdult (f)3,6611,3456
SCZ9r(SCZ9r)Adult (m)6,3031,1327
CfBws(CfBws)Adult (f)8,6631,2953
ZLf9OKiite MorauAdult (f)3,0231,1665
HGOtE(HGOtE)Adult (m)1,3623772
PQFJf(PQFJf)Adult (m)1,3313743
bYArz(bYArz)Adult (m)6,8211,0814
lqCvO(lqCvO)Adult (m)5,3789014
YqCug(YqCug)Adult (m)5,3258791
FmkPx(FmkPx)Adult (m)3,7278295
J2vwC(J2vwC)Adult (m)8,5721,3058
4JzH4(4JzH4)Adult (m)5,1887432
bx63t3G CH Hallow BloodAdult (f)6,8781,4402
8dOmf(8dOmf)Adult (f)3,7686201
uS06Z2G ClementineAdult (m)3,3626944
21xsi(21xsi)Adult (f)4,2176683
Yireg(Yireg)Adult (f)5,4711,1999
QXv64(QXv64)Adult (m)5,8101,35412
xcqxP(xcqxP)Adult (m)3,1071,0268
GAhYT(GAhYT)Adult (m)2,3246042
biMyv(biMyv)Adult (m)2,7158773
ZNyYo(ZNyYo)Adult (m)3,2448313
9CEuP(9CEuP)Adult (m)3,7439553
ZhpJO(ZhpJO)Adult (m)4,1671,07113
3kMjE(3kMjE)Adult (f)4,7399082
aamZw(aamZw)Adult (m)7,0469600
IcUxN(IcUxN)Adult (m)5,2989973
kwWhe(kwWhe)Adult (m)4,9851,0211
ffJcP(ffJcP)Adult (f)3,4467893
iTnm4(iTnm4)Adult (f)4,1827261
6tqQk(6tqQk)Adult (m)4,2917311
z9beD(z9beD)Adult (m)7,2621,0621
Xb6Jr(Xb6Jr)Adult (f)5,6657402
EtrmScorpio's VainAdult (f)2,0264123
QLRK2Virgo's BaneAdult (m)2,2788432
ISLee(ISLee)Adult (f)2,8445301
kgeB2Leo's RainAdult (f)5,1841,1459
lkcvTTaurus's PainAdult (m)5,3381,01910
y7SWEThe Bronzer's LoverAdult (f)3,6018295
bLsb62G Nara Prisma PBAdult (f)7,5561,1594
obpBJCB Emmett OttertonAdult (m)3,7675733
Ukyxx(Ukyxx)Adult (f)5,7161,1462
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