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    You pick up the scroll labeled “warlockc1411,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    5mvH(5mvH)Adult (f)1,1167819
    Zfaj(Zfaj)Adult (f)1,4865381
    kezR(kezR)Adult (f)1,4664971
    sIOT(sIOT)Adult (f)1,4854951
    Eon6(Eon6)Adult (f)1,13354312
    OS1N(OS1N)Adult (f)9074193
    H3Be(H3Be)Adult (f)1,4175793
    qrR3(qrR3)Adult (f)1,1624963
    Fw4I(Fw4I)Adult (m)1,0464551
    T4oF(T4oF)Adult (m)1,8216530
    1oxF(1oxF)Adult (m)1,5875840
    BAzS(BAzS)Adult (m)1,3465262
    63RA(63RA)Adult (f)1,2074841
    BFkm(BFkm)Adult (m)1,3755333
    cHdD(cHdD)Adult (m)1,4685221
    wAo2(wAo2)Adult (m)1,4925102
    PLfm(PLfm)Adult (m)1,6895962
    9oxY(9oxY)Adult (m)1,5265221
    NaX9(NaX9)Adult (m)1,6225380
    WWoQ(WWoQ)Adult (m)2,3836681
    2VYz(2VYz)Adult (m)1,6885191
    LXBt(LXBt)Adult (m)2,3536650
    1ZVB(1ZVB)Adult (f)1,2816963
    n1HG(n1HG)Adult (m)1,4507712
    wB8w(wB8w)Adult (f)1,0885321
    ityS(ityS)Adult (f)1,4527772
    pnuM(pnuM)Adult (m)1,3486731
    Pgtj(Pgtj)Adult (f)1,1946231
    pmjt(pmjt)Adult (f)1,3596621
    sbY2(sbY2)Adult (f)1,3146292
    WEjf(WEjf)Adult (f)1,5117081
    0uNA(0uNA)Adult (f)1,2356002
    F49P(F49P)Adult (m)1,3556462
    HqM7(HqM7)Adult (m)1,9048171
    kjvp(kjvp)Adult (m)1,4306600
    uXbS(uXbS)Adult (m)2,1128721
    GkYK(GkYK)Adult (f)1,7147511
    o3J5(o3J5)Adult (m)1,3027060
    CAZX(CAZX)Adult (f)1,3577340
    sTtf(sTtf)Adult (f)1,2676901
    i6sn(i6sn)Adult (m)1,3357190
    40MP(40MP)Adult (f)9095521
    0AdG(0AdG)Adult (m)9195601
    AJQW(AJQW)Adult (m)6214231
    m3iv(m3iv)Adult (m)9075792
    soSg(soSg)Adult (m)8965721
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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