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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “wandering4ever,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TPkk5(TPkk5)Dead Egg111
DL9pmCB DL9pmAdult (m)6,8834683
fSyN5CB fSyN5Adult (f)8,4871,3773
w992KCB w992KAdult (f)5,1647394
wNJYoCB wNJYoAdult (m)7,6575172
ArF8TCB ArF8TAdult (f)6,2054691
54OcSCB 54OcSAdult (m)3,4038152
AHVPMCB AHVPMAdult (m)3,0808051
f0uWOCB f0uWOAdult (f)2,6638263
TMYx0CB TMYx0Adult (f)3,3427181
ZrxT2CB ZrxT2Adult (m)2,9465980
Uok7TCB Uok7TAdult (f)7,1541,10312
NJFNmCB NJFNmAdult (m)6,3661,0572
ynFxvCB ynFxvAdult (m)2,7016071
FZ8RJCB FZ8RJAdult (f)2,1895271
akUQ9CB akUQ9Adult (m)3,0108483
bsRkfCB bsRkfAdult (f)3,1118242
xZ4OoCB xZ4OoAdult (m)2,5846081
RA9fCB Rafael the FirstAdult (m)2,4139094
825VCB 825VAdult (f)1,7666212
inURpG2 inURpAdult (m)1,6146360
WPSeIG3 Sei's First SeIAdult (m)2,2976704
ka7TSCB ka7TSAdult (m)8,6951,7157
ylVBhG2 ylVBhAdult (m)3,1264175
hDP34CB hDP34Adult (f)4,0315251
9aO5aTOLD YOU I'M UNKILLABLEAdult (f)4,4571,0731
0rlsc(0rlsc)Adult (m)3,5146161
2xWDH(2xWDH)Adult (f)3,4396153
ef04U(ef04U)Adult (m)5,6731,0051
8H6Yo(8H6Yo)Adult (m)2,4415513
nR8K0(nR8K0)Adult (f)3,1997803
hJa30(hJa30)Adult (f)6,0051,0504
w3h86(w3h86)Adult (m)3,0055851
035iI(035iI)Adult (f)4,3161,1602
X7v6R(X7v6R)Adult (f)2,5856371
96KRw(96KRw)Adult (m)3,9004521
0srBMCB 0srBMAdult (f)5,5085681
HtczUCB HtczUAdult (m)5,7635570
ckFMNCB ckFMNAdult (f)5,6831,0841
TxqlbCB TxqlbAdult (m)6,0651,1213
dk47MG2 dk47MAdult (f)7,2298903
DRMOSG2 DRMOSAdult (f)6,8814881
UBrb4G2 UBrb4Adult (m)7,3575121
ZGHJgG2 ZGHJgAdult (f)2,4815681
g00Vd(g00Vd)Adult (f)5,0511,0463
8tUSz(8tUSz)Adult (f)5,1431,0171
uuoV4(uuoV4)Adult (f)1,9375961
xdFO1(xdFO1)Adult (f)2,4656281
fwMtdCB fwMtdAdult (m)4,0846791
K92euCB K92euAdult (f)4,0936780
0HwBUCB 0HwBUAdult (m)4,1446921
alCZYCB alCZYAdult (f)4,0646931
mwtMTCB mwtMTAdult (m)3,9196910
5h7suCB 5h7suAdult (f)4,6726990
5GEu8CB 5GEu8Adult (m)4,2496950
iAgOrCB iAgOrAdult (m)4,5837610
x4bafCB x4bafAdult (m)5,2467311
O9ZS9(O9ZS9)Adult (m)3,5672462
iisTA(iisTA)Adult (m)3,3714721
OixgUCB OixgUHatchling (m, F)5,2776992
di1juCB di1juAdult (f)5,1857900
FRNReCB FRNReAdult (f)5,1777711
vQP0rCB vQP0rAdult (m)5,0207681
QjroyCB QjroyAdult (m)5,2987822
Y9MELCB Y9MELAdult (m)2,1775740
FzMq8CB FzMq8Adult (f)5,2607472
GNcXtCB GNcXtAdult (f)2,6576171
HtWGxCB HtWGxAdult (m)2,3396251
uQCEpCB uQCEpAdult (m)2,4036210
EBfYN(EBfYN)Adult (f)3,9168543
rUoc8(rUoc8)Adult (m)6,9921,2713
Qf2NW(Qf2NW)Adult (m)2,4616253
M4Yef(M4Yef)Adult (f)2,1435192
iTh9s(iTh9s)Adult (m)2,6795804
MIPjo(MIPjo)Adult (m)2,5755722
s3SvJ(s3SvJ)Adult (m)6,9551,0718
1pbq3(1pbq3)Adult (f)6,9181,0435
aXOM0(aXOM0)Adult (m)2,6215501
nMC8ECB nMC8EAdult (m)3,5701,1744
e9LbMCB e9LbMAdult (f)3,2981,1342
GwiKbCB GwiKbAdult (f)3,4561,1471
WpaP7CB WpaP7Adult (f)3,4671,1211
djPEKCB djPEKAdult (m)3,3231,1042
njuldCB njuldAdult (f)3,4161,1482
p7a2ICB p7a2IAdult (m)3,4001,1421
mxGUZCB mxGUZAdult (m)3,0471,1073
lacM8G2 lacM8 pbAdult (f)2,1155159
WdTvIG2 WdTvIAdult (f)2,45056511
faiwKG2 faiwKAdult (f)2,3965387
g1JmTG2 g1JmTAdult (f)2,6965676
ZOFqNG2 ZOFqNAdult (f)2,9585706
mgXLJCB mgXLJAdult (f)6,8011,3541
Z9bOWG2 Z9bOWAdult (f)4,3061,1314
gT9UTG2 gT9UTAdult (f)5,6901,4204
T5MrxG2 T5MrxAdult (f)3,0635746
jpMjc(jpMjc)Adult (m)2,5296252
BEeCs(BEeCs)Adult (f)2,4496162
OCEqX(OCEqX)Adult (f)4,2475081
uWl1fL uWl1fHatchling (F)1,2512431
rGJuBCB rGJuBAdult (m)4,8711,2377
LNPpQCB LNPpQAdult (m)5,4971,1182
qvohFCB qvohFAdult (f)3,7397821
poL4zCB poL4zAdult (f)3,8178040
0UsBtCB 0UsBtAdult (f)3,0096120
zW7HyCB zW7HyAdult (f)3,3066851
1PPcjCB 1PPcjAdult (m)6,0801,0301
gk3J3(gk3J3)Adult (m)3,2659143
XIPlOCB XIPlOAdult (f)1,8806663
hC08qCB hC08qAdult (f)1,9736882
QUNC7L QUNC7Adult (f)4,4371,6024
LBwV9G2 LBwV9Adult (f)4,1181,3873
mju1GG3 mju1GAdult (f)2,9351,3142
eFwRXG3 eFwRX cbAdult (f)3,6079422
fMLxsG2 fMLxsAdult (f)5,0848265
JAQCKG3 JAQCK cbAdult (f)5,3791,1342
0MI1eG3 0MI1e cbAdult (f)5,4061,0483
X2pRn(X2pRn)Adult (f)2,2535671
MXSsx(MXSsx)Adult (f)2,3875722
lvgbf(lvgbf)Adult (f)2,9855920
uyIXQ(uyIXQ)Adult (f)2,9635840
eKQXc(eKQXc)Adult (f)2,7026294
VKAm8(VKAm8)Adult (f)2,4286064
p4zeA(p4zeA)Adult (f)2,6585449
46BMm(46BMm)Adult (f)2,5735595
v80SS(v80SS)Adult (f)2,9005927
nAYd6L nAYd6Hatchling (F)3,3059084
TnEQYL TnEQYHatchling (f, F)3,3849072
vzAV4CB vzAV4Adult (f)2,1916061
BoR8dCB BoR8dAdult (m)2,3026181
idYE6CB idYE6Adult (f)2,3046181
G36SGCB G36SGAdult (m)2,0636131
miSr5(miSr5)Adult (m)3,9251,0642
rIEEs(rIEEs)Adult (f)3,9551,0822
v2p0u(v2p0u)Adult (f)4,4299864
RMsUH(RMsUH)Adult (m)4,2849504
E6kAD(E6kAD)Adult (m)3,5565483
VDVKB(VDVKB)Adult (m)4,2175004
vfkcC(vfkcC)Adult (m)2,5995731
fnbHC(fnbHC)Adult (f)2,6685941
n7OmS(n7OmS)Adult (f)2,0715533
vuIpL(vuIpL)Adult (f)2,1305530
Bwxv8(Bwxv8)Adult (m)2,4195912
z53eh(z53eh)Adult (m)2,7336040
SoU6x(SoU6x)Adult (f)2,9617829
H8bMD(H8bMD)Adult (m)3,5935043
Pd5PA(Pd5PA)Adult (f)3,3465023
p0T0a(p0T0a)Adult (f)3,1255175
ia5H2(ia5H2)Adult (f)3,02142610
hIxgkCB hIxgkAdult (m)4,4691,0403
kyaU3CB kyaU3Adult (f)4,6871,1121
MdOuVCB MdOuVAdult (m)4,5129831
CXjLRCB CXjLRAdult (f)4,5019571
BRtYZ(BRtYZ)Adult (m)2,0585532
fWG7X(fWG7X)Adult (f)2,9715721
KkLRDCB KkLRDAdult (f)4,7357201
yVCjBCB yVCjBAdult (m)5,6185911
Us0ojCB Us0ojAdult (m)5,6365911
mQIw3CB mQIw3Adult (f)5,5565961
WtxDt(WtxDt)Adult (f)6,3104701
EPFxPCB EPFxPAdult (f)4,6867103
ga45BCB ga45BAdult (m)5,0657132
7j4KNCB 7j4KNAdult (f)3,3316313
uxeyC(uxeyC)Adult (m)2,2295892
VchECB VchEAdult (m)1,72854611
SsuNBCB SsuNBAdult (f)2,0916130
K64tICB K64tIAdult (f)1,7916584
golX6CB golX6Adult (m)2,6796573
y4FwBL Wonderfully ColorfulAdult (m)3,0579164
xNqMrCB xNqMrAdult (f)4,7657393
vzROVCB vzROVAdult (f)3,9778482
69mECB 69mEHatchling (m, F)2,32769914
RoYCXCB RoYCXAdult (m)4,6517280
9eEQ2CB 9eEQ2Adult (m)4,6817340
OceJNCB OceJNAdult (f)4,5907322
zbHMaCB zbHMaAdult (f)7,9147021
ABZ6F(ABZ6F)Adult (m)4,3134602
mqOBp(mqOBp)Adult (m)3,2754142
FQeml(FQeml)Adult (f)3,0124342
cxXYz(cxXYz)Adult (f)3,3004372
hEhBl(hEhBl)Adult (f)3,6735203
TDDeoCB TDDeoAdult (m)7,7171,4683
OPxPfCB OPxPfAdult (f)7,0741,5343
pL3hvCB pL3hvAdult (f)6,9451,3325
5Pz3rCB 5Pz3rAdult (m)1,6795976
xMAcn(xMAcn)Adult (f)3,7639201
5JrWHG2 5JrWHHatchling (m, F)2,3693663
B8REL B8REAdult (f)2,1957959
UsdqL UsdqAdult (m)1,9617824
ESIDL ESIDAdult (f)2,10967511
D6cXL D6cXAdult (f)1,2005283
A083L A083 DorkfaceAdult (m)9235027
hMfqL hMfqAdult (m)2,8626326
sc7WhCB-- sc7WhAdult (m)2,5078433
mBKI1G2-- mBKI1Adult (m)2,3795392
qKH3RL qKH3RAdult (m)2,6045592
HhR9mG3 HhR9mAdult (m)5,9011,1205
KNQ1ZL KNQ1ZAdult (f)2,6116546
IG6N3CB IG6N3Adult (f)3,7126356
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