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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “vanillabean,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IK8XKJondar RebelscaleAdult (m)5,5046501
3TbHfJondra RebelscaleAdult (f)5,6244022
v3u36Double Your BlueAdult (f)3,1294966
UCkruFor Twice the BlueAdult (f)4,5928150
VipygNitwit RebelwingAdult (m)2,1324283
Xk9JUMerope RebelwingAdult (f)4,2231,1022
5JfUIJuxtapositions in BlueAdult (m)4,1729750
f62RKDouble Your StandardsAdult (f)7,0258540
VqLcfTwofer BlueAdult (f)5,1198310
JVws8Double Junior VarsityAdult (f)4,1798080
piUU6Unnatural OccurrencesAdult (f)6,7515730
Mtgn3Magic the Gathering the DragonAdult (f)6,7596751
6VP6jKiss My ApostropheAdult (f)6,3206551
996NBDuality RebelwingAdult (f)4,2387424
V1vsVDoublade RebelwingAdult (m)4,5517833
V975gShimmering SoraAdult (f)2,3383823
L6pwHGreen GazeAdult (m)2,7573062
GIcoGSobarianneAdult (f)5,5179221
Ko04HVanilla's Wind on the WaterAdult (f)4,4691,2902
aiJWhTwice As Green To Meet YouAdult (m)5,8196170
prW6NGreen at Night RebelwingAdult (f)3,1077953
AG1Q4Play That Funky Music Time BoyAdult (m)5,1526980
e7GFbFreaky OracleAdult (m)6,1641,0069
fEebl(fEebl)Adult (m)4,5779901
pq8mJAg EpochAdult (f)5,3329707
7n7szTimetwister RebelwingAdult (f)5,8091,1766
yuaBYHalloween Time MachineAdult (f)3,5067635
7KWZOThere's Never Enough TimeAdult (m)3,9698664
pMIGK(pMIGK)Adult (m)3,8761,0475
g7bx8The Stars Are LegionAdult (m)6,1029142
ddOTNStarborne RebelscaleAdult (f)3,8599602
xuHRST'Challa RebelwingAdult (m)6,3071,2228
DzbuEBlue Danube RebelscaleAdult (m)3,6307333
zFL4Zz'ConstellationsAdult (f)4,7409804
Q23gvA Wayward WindAdult (m)3,9559851
P55LnSolo SequenceAdult (f)4,0781,0170
2Mc8nAero SAltwedAdult (m)4,0087006
bxNnCWindbreaker RebelwingAdult (f)2,7906873
l0qeLoqeAdult (f)3,1334747
W43tCerebronAdult (m)3,82878710
1fi1DManifredAdult (m)4,9519931
ZxIL9Z'See Through YouAdult (f)5,3876161
98Lc4Clearly RebelwingAdult (m)4,8439035
XPN2OExperiences RebelwingAdult (m)3,6158062
Uf5y3Freya RebelscaleAdult (f)5,4971,0174
68e7RNot Quite NormalAdult (f)4,2218172
ZmYKEZ'MykeAdult (f)3,2837234
rzy0tOh Ruby BlueAdult (m)4,8799135
GyB5ZGygax RebelwingAdult (f)5,0499873
HzyDUAlcedine 2-1Hatchling (f, F)4,7289303
vnGQAAlcedine 1-1Hatchling (F)1,2206222
DOcfqDoctor GreenloveAdult (m)5,6445851
ydGfLYadgafalAdult (f)5,1736870
4uavyAuavyAdult (m)4,5877390
ypfOpPop of GreenAdult (f)5,8516201
jjmJiJiminy Cricket's DragonAdult (m)5,6966580
X24fJA Sparkling EmeraldAdult (f)5,4826840
TYelR(TYelR)Adult (f)4,5365802
ow32cPale MurmelAdult (f)4,5519201
cdELlCadeliAdult (m)4,2488395
VzKdpThe Only Lady Of BlueAdult (f)4,1928840
VRl6DRed Wings at MorningAdult (m)4,2928760
9ljQAFree Fall QuestionsAdult (m)5,2838590
gBGTZGibbitzAdult (m)6,6637362
29yMLOnce I Was SevenAdult (m)5,9176870
6dwhRBlue Summer RebelwingAdult (f)3,3627751
LrCunAnagallis 1-1Hatchling (F)1,9162282
18GVBMyserereAdult (m)4,4377800
0eMSfKindness KillsAdult (f)4,3307650
qC9HAPeace Corps RebelwingAdult (f)4,9808343
DRDrqDarque BlueAdult (m)3,6978262
I11pfAquamarine AquariumAdult (f)4,6288793
019wmCobalt RebelscaleAdult (m)5,2619665
G4CHDGacha RebelscaleAdult (f)4,8959435
E3gegSAlt-Sprinkled EgegAdult (f)4,3507552
GE2fvGet to DragonAdult (f)3,6778071
1X4EsVtox RebelscaleAdult (m)3,6238065
qQXjIEloquence SequenceAdult (f)6,6855992
9ILV9Blame the TenorsAdult (m)6,5394751
AQc9VOctaves RebelwingAdult (f)6,3446201
yS6iBPuccini's ProdigyAdult (m)5,1815950
5bwYVThe Fat Lady SingingAdult (f)5,9646010
m6YegDido's LamentAdult (f)5,3295740
WBKvgOratoria RebelwingAdult (m)7,6926110
X72NTIgnore the LibrettoAdult (m)6,8565930
MmbYfLady VibratoAdult (f)7,3836130
fa5AbBlame the SopranosAdult (f)7,3986070
kE7CrOctave WarrantyAdult (m)7,3786080
rY7oNFigaro FlorentineAdult (f)6,2005514
q0PYUAllegria RebelwingAdult (f)7,3236410
ZbaqnZ'Manliest Pink SoloAdult (m)7,7146080
iI2gwBlame the AltosAdult (f)3,4487544
BTwruLullaby in NeonAdult (f)4,7497764
HWRHeLyrical RebelwingAdult (m)3,0075226
kRSkdPlotting an EscapeAdult (m)3,3677692
HhRfGPygmy PlaygroundAdult (f)4,0567144
kiJTiPygmy KeeperAdult (m)4,7759990
babpBRemains the DayAdult (m)4,0117002
9NhM7Gentle Giant RebelscaleAdult (m)3,7177062
MgH45Brazen RebelscaleAdult (f)2,9687141
9BGupAsh 2-1Hatchling (m, F)2,9844323
z03D2z'CoriolanusAdult (f)3,5968783
LB6m5Supernova RebelwingAdult (f)3,6588870
lZi7RHale-Bopp RebelwingAdult (m)3,6419091
e07hZCalamity RebelwingAdult (f)3,5268543
xfc0DErwin's LanternAdult (f)5,2618333
snkNOCobra Kai RebelwingAdult (f)3,6888104
S1ppiS1ppi CupAdult (m)6,6475541
boyFGBoyfriend BlueAdult (m)5,7425861
Mwey3Big NomAdult (f)7,1165830
A9d1cThou Shall Not FreezeAdult (f)7,0685980
Yj9zzThe Blue Heart of DarknessAdult (m)5,9016890
MjP3gJPEG DragonAdult (f)4,7736360
Qcn1mQuincemeatAdult (m)4,8286390
UQT9nUnto OthersAdult (m)5,2676340
GxrmUGreat GramophoneAdult (f)5,0676581
hih6nDoraboboraAdult (f)6,2198284
FMkrHLittle LatexAdult (m)5,5379222
myKwCBalloon ReleaseAdult (m)4,9701,0280
b9XZtLuscious LatexAdult (m)5,5336151
P0oyDYou'll Float Too RebelscaleAdult (f)6,7879866
92EMPBalloon 2-1Hatchling (m, F)3,6478223
JFMSjThe Hum and the ShiverAdult (m)6,0186890
nKn4JThe Test of the TwinsAdult (f)3,4128270
6eq8HThe Time of the TwinsAdult (f)3,8687572
Rak69The War of the TwinsAdult (m)3,5197362
ddu35Duality RebelscaleAdult (m)5,1036811
WtMMForum Name - vanillabeanAdult (m)5,04792218
CvKv9Discord - vanillabean5739Adult (f)4,0349897
qj1RfOpen to messages and DMAdult (f)5,4511,3763
U4a9JBreed requests - ask NICELY plzAdult (m)4,3404762
V9WlETrade group - 128248Adult (f)3,9906463
zsHFaSAlty group - 131669Adult (f)4,0294654
edW5YMy Thuweds - 69474Adult (m)1,7805422
OZTceSad To The CoreAdult (f)3,0394494
KCI3zOnyxia RebelwingAdult (m)3,1133644
YIdLXAs Above - So BelowAdult (m)4,4241,0050
bm0EiShadowstealer RebelscaleAdult (m)4,9638741
IofSuCascading Style SheetAdult (m)5,7478510
7HLEvThievesbloodAdult (m)4,8019630
xg4O4404 DragonAdult (f)5,6228461
lJg2lNightingale's Forgotten SongAdult (m)5,7659310
kg07VKygoreAdult (m)4,7978730
RD4weRadical RadawayAdult (f)4,2348250
sXR0IA Saxophone SoloAdult (f)4,8198001
9tcDANineteen in the AfternoonAdult (f)8,5116281
WTXTBForest of SoulsAdult (f)6,4746850
RD3H7R2Dragon2Adult (m)4,4377691
ePqikEpiquikAdult (f)6,1435950
koMNABlack F-2-1Hatchling (f, F)3,8397283
LapxBBlack M-2-1Hatchling (m, F)3,0375823
LB9T5Black 1-1Hatchling (F)1,5744392
5LvYLogaineAdult (m)4,61679420
bocnGAllurienAdult (f)3,8715118
rl4jZFlowers Grown From BonesAdult (m)3,6756565
8HnflA Delicate BlendAdult (f)2,8505035
pNXDGThe Finest BrewAdult (m)3,1874413
qoejzVanilla's Aren't You SweetAdult (m)4,7811,0422
vzwvi(vzwvi)Adult (f)6,3577670
ZQ11QZ'Quick BrewAdult (f)5,9248920
LNEyaTea on the LanaiAdult (f)5,9208880
uz2RCSipping SoundsAdult (f)5,3838821
OOUMYEarl Grey With CardamomAdult (m)6,2279031
5z4fmA Very Important Tea CeremonyAdult (m)4,5137750
qS7UWCelestial Spoopy ChocolateAdult (f)3,8178623
Fe3Tz(Fe3Tz)Adult (f)4,2944621
gLtScVanilla's Salty GoodnessAdult (m)3,9823533
WInudWinudAdult (f)2,3894084
CmUaSCarltonnAdult (m)4,2471,0380
Isk99FrisketteAdult (m)6,4936362
IkaQaBlacktip 2-1Hatchling (m, F)6,9488625
F2IMRBlack Hole of IlluminationAdult (m)3,1546961
zVJjLz'Tasty GoodnessAdult (f)4,8449311
tuQlGMore Tasty GoodnessAdult (m)3,4016820
3nv5FSpecial SeasoningAdult (f)3,9899894
SU216Thrice as NiceAdult (f)4,0179102
MH5V1Mushroom Medley RebelscaleAdult (f)4,2957875
Hrasf(Hrasf)Adult (m)5,0029241
oVMeiOvmeiAdult (m)3,4065455
oTTb7OttobaAdult (f)3,6847402
5IuM9Slumdog RebelscaleAdult (m)3,0338344
SUyim(SUyim)Adult (m)5,2678752
PULNzMorritanAdult (f)3,9394723
jAI5CVanilla's AndromedaAdult (m)2,6973624
7Ub4wBleeding Moon 2-1Hatchling (m, F)8,9509831
X2GCRVanilla's Gilded SoulAdult (f)1,5386084
0DMYLThe Secret Life of BeesAdult (m)4,9049191
kWrTKVanilla's Who Knows Your NameAdult (m)5,1911,1943
jvfREDetail-OrientedAdult (f)6,6527763
hkbXRInvestigators AnonymousAdult (m)4,5918061
GXMKUThe Stranger Beside MeAdult (f)6,2448032
jqSS9Acquiescence AnomalyAdult (m)6,2547970
PCXFpSupport GroupAdult (f)6,6957351
NhXeNCall Me IshmaelleAdult (f)3,7262983
G1BJLGhibli RebelwingAdult (f)3,7151,0415
ypF81Love in the Time of CholeraAdult (f)5,07898715
AvuTpAn Unknown Change of HeartAdult (m)3,0608801
vdEOKDancing PyrelleAdult (f)4,5229180
9F3RNPoison D'ArtagnanAdult (f)4,2706600
E6137A Quieter PlaceAdult (f)4,3026570
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