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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “vamprah9588,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CmFsa(CmFsa)Adult (f)4,3995741
qqADE(qqADE)Adult (f)4,3605031
kFGG1(kFGG1)Adult (m)3,5984281
oKXLV(oKXLV)Adult (m)4,4074422
40TRO(40TRO)Adult (m)4,6624681
RdiaU(RdiaU)Adult (f)3,3574851
tWENj(tWENj)Adult (m)4,2997783
RGEgP(RGEgP)Adult (m)4,5975061
IaYSp(IaYSp)Adult (m)4,8065130
Du4Wu(Du4Wu)Adult (m)4,3637646
fiNov(fiNov)Adult (m)5,2948593
fCkVE(fCkVE)Adult (m)3,9776451
fR8B0(fR8B0)Adult (f)5,6709051
25mft(25mft)Adult (f)4,1087871
i6DIA(i6DIA)Adult (m)4,0783303
puNgO(puNgO)Adult (m)4,5343404
eO1QN(eO1QN)Adult (f)4,3603452
MPQWA(MPQWA)Adult (f)3,7263191
ANZnf(ANZnf)Adult (m)3,2885250
lhEKE(lhEKE)Adult (m)3,5684270
RmtJl(RmtJl)Adult (f)3,4034240
XDaDL(XDaDL)Adult (f)3,3954090
A7tda(A7tda)Adult (m)6,0337121
90RFg(90RFg)Adult (m)4,0936070
DwEdV(DwEdV)Adult (m)4,2806240
q4r69(q4r69)Adult (m)7,7595183
qQhE1(qQhE1)Adult (f)4,9003843
SBvCTThis is ten percent luckAdult (f)5,18298022
2fSsoTwenty percent skillAdult (m)4,05886220
HpiE3Fifteen percent concentratedAdult (m)4,71290020
NgFjqPower of willAdult (m)5,35986619
3AoWPFive percent pleasureAdult (m)5,38083310
27MXbFifty percent painAdult (m)8,1551,82719
vbMk5And 100 percent reason toAdult (m)5,6701,15523
5HNYWRemember the nameAdult (m)5,77787919
aPi7Shadow JumperAdult (f)3,17047352
FCqRG(FCqRG)Adult (m)6,7796572
1Fl6h(1Fl6h)Adult (m)6,6875673
0ZT93KareoAdult (m)4,9508506
T4DJoKidahAdult (f)5,56292619
Y3UWLadomudAdult (m)3,26448057
olltViniasAdult (f)3,16847352
B1iVSinomakAdult (m)2,78743122
jX28NDiggi'diggiAdult (f)4,70083921
kmCrv(kmCrv)Adult (m)7,5789117
SQ5KsItty bitty squeaks of hopeAdult (m)5,8755991
OvIJTSorokoroAdult (m)5,43388019
plXaKOceansnake Thuwed-faceAdult (m)4,49191114
ANTnOBlizeAdult (f)4,54386919
DO5cmEmBaarAdult (m)4,45788014
ObOqTFlam'encoAdult (f)3,35496212
5RYlS(5RYlS)Adult (m)5,7836046
QY3vSpring's GaleAdult (m)1,74538313
W8W4dMornin' BreezeAdult (f)4,32090413
vuqf5FinchieAdult (m)5,66789717
paoFIMOUSIAAA WHYYYYYAdult (f)3,75974620
m3c8v(m3c8v)Adult (f)7,5837342
DKZcQSir Integra Fairbrook HellsingAdult (f)6,36376513
GV9Wg(GV9Wg)Adult (f)9,2498645
WCDYl(WCDYl)Adult (f)8,7057573
AZjAv(AZjAv)Adult (m)10,7358312
APn3HI CAN SEE THE FU-TUREAdult (f)4,54085612
TgOcWKaoasAdult (m)5,5621,20213
JW0Wd(JW0Wd)Adult (m)7,7357965
FTt8n(FTt8n)Adult (f)2,1966691
KiPn7(KiPn7)Adult (m)6,0036432
4SXp4AngoranAdult (m)5,18286513
SX4Hi(SX4Hi)Adult (m)9,0198222
LkzwRareyAdult (f)3,18847448
dkBSjSiiriaAdult (f)5,11185830
aTG4L(aTG4L)Adult (f)5,58978914
iK65T(iK65T)Adult (m)7,8858183
X0W27(X0W27)Adult (f)3,09167920
CjcpHGuess where I shopAdult (f)4,72081413
qbv2H(qbv2H)Adult (f)7,8957981
07NkA(07NkA)Adult (m)6,3675722
n1Q9h(n1Q9h)Adult (f)6,6348553
tctL2(tctL2)Adult (m)5,1615963
GjNmPPerplu Didgering DargnoAdult (f)6,6941,13215
0RWqTGwendoylnAdult (f)5,18087916
2ICESGrockleAdult (m)4,33056310
QkCO3(QkCO3)Adult (m)6,7166372
XDcB2SeghaAdult (f)3,2725818
qHab8(qHab8)Adult (f)6,5826421
pUVUQ(pUVUQ)Adult (m)5,9785382
0RsWk(0RsWk)Adult (m)7,6426662
73SuNAlways CluAdult (m)4,3335216
WJ9C22Fast4YouAdult (f)4,53988915
K23VnDoppler Effect IAdult (f)3,53778611
adIeO(adIeO)Adult (f)6,41175114
s9gLVCorrosaAdult (f)4,46188811
GMv4p(GMv4p)Adult (f)9,3001,1164
iHFih(iHFih)Adult (f)2,6185063
58gPL(58gPL)Adult (m)5,27182017
ctHvHAlucard IAdult (m)4,16471618
5s5ePValentine Brother JanAdult (m)5,01195416
GXGVqValentine Brother LukeAdult (m)4,8115725
94C2SNess-eAdult (f)4,70394318
1R5BrLiopiAdult (f)4,9298355
tmdSOZiippyAdult (m)4,81294313
TLXcvI'll get my staffAdult (m)4,51689518
Mtr9i(Mtr9i)Adult (f)6,8056926
qSaWM(qSaWM)Adult (m)4,9983711
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