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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “valarr,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    XJwh(XJwh)Adult (m)1,69039780
    XSex(XSex)Adult (f)1,70439683
    vLXa(vLXa)Adult (m)1,69639578
    jrAa(jrAa)Adult (f)1,69947364
    DmGt(DmGt)Adult (m)1,015417109
    quEp(quEp)Adult (m)1,081394130
    FPGQ(FPGQ)Adult (f)1,132377132
    ekt6(ekt6)Adult (m)1,168403115
    BgdF(BgdF)Adult (f)1,27033094
    XwJo(XwJo)Adult (m)1,27333297
    KsMZ(KsMZ)Adult (m)1,26734383
    Ibnr(Ibnr)Adult (m)1,44843588
    k6cS(k6cS)Adult (f)1,54130595
    ZXEu(ZXEu)Adult (f)1,14635598
    yQPx(yQPx)Adult (f)784287111
    9EKY(9EKY)Adult (m)89227097
    t58N(t58N)Adult (f)1,943287103
    3XnW(3XnW)Adult (f)1,07440297
    xV2Q(xV2Q)Adult (f)1,53938646
    LRJh(LRJh)Adult (m)1,54838345
    sM6S(sM6S)Adult (m)1,52138949
    ghho(ghho)Adult (m)1,43538937
    IzMa(IzMa)Adult (m)1,36959245
    AwUT(AwUT)Adult (m)3,12462455
    chtu(chtu)Adult (m)91330442
    UG2K(UG2K)Adult (f)2,26428554
    GVOW(GVOW)Adult (f)1,49127745
    NUQJ(NUQJ)Adult (f)1,57236940
    PgyS(PgyS)Adult (m)1,76526148
    Wwnr(Wwnr)Adult (m)1,41129156
    2qLS(2qLS)Adult (m)1,63532364
    JLC6(JLC6)Adult (f)1,58443955
    B9oU(B9oU)Adult (f)2,25399240
    W27S(W27S)Adult (f)1,85527042
    4AKb(4AKb)Adult (m)1,84928738
    iCnU(iCnU)Adult (m)1,96223537
    uvWe(uvWe)Adult (m)2,26831818
    u3Qt(u3Qt)Adult (m)2,00223918
    HQKi(HQKi)Adult (m)2,18131518
    HIho(HIho)Adult (f)1,71732218
    pP7K(pP7K)Adult (f)2,42524316
    hvBX(hvBX)Adult (f)2,45029314
    3vHq(3vHq)Adult (m)3,40942017
    9CV8(9CV8)Adult (f)2,77137116
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