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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “usernamesux,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j41G(j41G)Adult (f)1,2385655
ERhF(ERhF)Adult (m)1,2375258
0WDC(0WDC)Adult (f)1,5446398
jWYS(jWYS)Adult (f)1,4307295
01Bo(01Bo)Adult (f)2,0211,0288
2jMQ(2jMQ)Adult (m)1,0455314
ILnj(ILnj)Adult (f)1,9667644
bOOx(bOOx)Adult (m)2,0181,0247
QPbr(QPbr)Adult (f)1,9649939
CQBg(CQBg)Adult (m)1,5496689
25BN(25BN)Adult (m)2,6925415
GXG3(GXG3)Adult (f)2,0955244
rF1O(rF1O)Adult (f)1,87772317
vo7U(vo7U)Adult (f)1,2375236
bmln(bmln)Adult (m)1,5977667
L2c4(L2c4)Adult (m)2,0268087
dfUA(dfUA)Adult (f)1,6017436
KpZH(KpZH)Adult (f)1,3906365
dVsE(dVsE)Adult (f)1,5796465
9EaK(9EaK)Adult (f)1,34251817
LH8t(LH8t)Adult (m)1,5277318
cYb9(cYb9)Adult (m)1,5847999
jjk3(jjk3)Adult (f)1,7928138
q2IE(q2IE)Adult (m)1,4257274
bGev(bGev)Adult (f)1,9468304
M8sl(M8sl)Adult (m)2,0348074
mupe(mupe)Adult (m)1,3036375
8gAK(8gAK)Adult (f)1,1445105
9r2q(9r2q)Adult (f)1,96277515
lhva(lhva)Adult (m)2,25585416
Fc1A(Fc1A)Adult (m)1,0334934
Bn18(Bn18)Adult (f)1,5817376
UWUg(UWUg)Adult (f)1,3826348
1jRW(1jRW)Adult (m)1,0655185
zXkM(zXkM)Adult (m)2,4311,01113
FHIn(FHIn)Adult (m)2,3921,0398
flrq(flrq)Adult (m)1,1114848
Y5kc(Y5kc)Adult (m)2,28687912
jJdJ(jJdJ)Adult (f)1,1475107
1SYM(1SYM)Adult (f)1,5996566
YaXK(YaXK)Adult (f)1,72180510
9NOO(9NOO)Adult (f)1,96080913
Ev2P(Ev2P)Adult (m)1,5396636
09xB(09xB)Adult (f)2,0358084
a5sz(a5sz)Adult (m)1,4286543
7rC1(7rC1)Adult (f)2,49298215
aMCN(aMCN)Adult (f)1,5856475
JtkI(JtkI)Adult (m)1,7857857
c4NN(c4NN)Adult (f)1,8598707
bx0L(bx0L)Adult (f)1,4756733
BaCT(BaCT)Adult (m)2,37599011
lYVf(lYVf)Adult (f)1,1144276
ka4l(ka4l)Adult (f)2,5261,04310
b1At(b1At)Adult (m)3,1101,1589
kvdz(kvdz)Adult (m)2,10082311
NTYL(NTYL)Adult (m)2,6621,0548
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