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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “unofficially0fficial,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FPSdnTsorou Thiraen CBAdult (f)3,4808221
ZtOHy(ZtOHy)Adult (m)2,8566951
13Y38Tsaraa Therid CBAdult (f)2,6726821
INVSwDespereaux Therin CBAdult (m)2,7168021
NR5WfTashal Therin CBAdult (f)2,8067102
ZSxCoTyrant Thirou CBAdult (m)2,7427452
CqOIETeskyr Thirou CBAdult (f)2,9657321
RsL1UTatran Thirim CBAdult (m)5,3731,0091
QuWFJAtaryt Thirim CBAdult (f)4,4919303
vFfUCTeivar Thirel CBAdult (m)6,0281,3632
jwt8OTarima Thirel CBAdult (f)8,1851,2522
IQxGZTehyra Thiraz CBAdult (m)5,9891,0112
VETzHTelyza Thiraz CBAdult (f)7,2251,4131
JpYxwTodant Thiron CBAdult (m)9,0781,6083
WFvkrTamsen Thiron CBAdult (f)8,5101,5554
d9soRV 1PBE Teims VHatchling (F)2,7366381
WK6FTAskael Thirou 1PBEAdult (f)2,4726272
gND9FJekhym 'D-Freaky' 1PBEAdult (f)6,0921,0573
4ZVH6Atrica 'H-Freaky' 1PBEAdult (f)7,8491,3126
eDdHyTevera 'Dovahrek' 1PBEAdult (f)5,7271,0594
Nc2VgTejoroh Thirou 1PBEAdult (m)2,9167812
Fh794Torinn Thirel 1PBEAdult (m)4,4318942
MBKaUKursta Thirim 1PBEAdult (f)2,8147041
XaV5WZorick Thiron 1PBEAdult (m)5,1239831
sBESpKortat Thiraz 1PBEAdult (f)5,1639801
puNCcSorida Thiraz 1PBEAdult (m)4,4359002
mQkAXSturge Thiron 1PBEAdult (f)2,8367461
Ih1piThoreau Thirimel 2PBEAdult (f)4,9331,0551
HNiMhAdiren Thirazon 2PBEAdult (f)2,7937251
0dUvHBobuwo Thirazon 2PBEAdult (f)4,0568811
4UsGVKorubi Thirazon 2PBEAdult (m)4,7238142
cNANqSussurus Azonimel 3PBEAdult (f)3,8429283
j7ny5Taribe H'Thirel 2PBUAdult (f)5,3639821
nsMA3Makere H'Thirel 2PBUAdult (f)4,7536692
2Kv0RVinyre H'Thirel 2PBUAdult (f)7,7851,2583
q20v7Quetov H'Thirel 2PBUAdult (f)6,7069925
xpcsOXipsco Thironel'rek 2PBUAdult (f)4,2968082
kuNmXDjekre H'Thirel 2PBUAdult (m)4,4396761
Rp5I7Repift Thironel'rek 2PBUAdult (m)4,4355971
rIiwhRwirle Dhe'thirel 3PBUAdult (f)6,5839972
KH6aoKhanao H'Thirazel 3PBUAdult (f)4,6826012
GMjbVGvibar H'Thirazel 3PBUAdult (m)4,3798002
7E4RHNenekt H'Thirazel 3PBUAdult (m)5,3116922
71rd8Srivet H'Thirazel 4PBUAdult (m)6,8011,0062
yz11qRyvhet H'Thirazel 4PBUAdult (m)4,5707103
T1ngbA- AmoipiraAdult (m)5,5177541
DSVW5A- ArenensisAdult (f)4,3888214
hXMBKA- BrongersmianusAdult (f)3,8318282
MznD6C- AbitaguaeAdult (m)7,7021,0182
oFxk6C- AlbiventrisAdult (m)5,4258451
3uuI6C- AntioquiaensisAdult (m)3,0655673
DR8lVM- AmethistinaAdult (m)6,8521,0143
xVsqTM- BoeleniAdult (m)3,1456082
v85T1P- EmoryiAdult (f)6,0018753
4rp6TP- AlleghaniensisAdult (f)5,4951,0125
rUU3GP- BairdiAdult (m)5,7048691
viUy1(viUy1)Adult (m)2,9466502
0sFlD(0sFlD)Hatchling (m)3,1055891
CF4XO(CF4XO)Adult (m)4,3679001
LcAUJ(LcAUJ)Adult (m)4,0997892
6SskaPatron of ThunderAdult (f)4,5397475
JiZlYPatron of IceAdult (m)4,8398802
T89bmPatron of MagmaAdult (f)3,2568592
chPMR(chPMR)Adult (m)6,0811,0592
OK6zUHas The PowerAdult (f)6,1638424
pl5OKououuu shineyAdult (f)6,0598492
JyzbUsnout snubAdult (m)4,9487793
vXdLIshimmershammerAdult (m)4,0728101
OhBoOsnubbabyAdult (m)4,2767412
5Zel8stomps u 2 death w my HOOVESAdult (m)3,4158241
s3uxnhey- im am KillAdult (f)5,0229397
5m9Beblasts you with forearm laserAdult (f)3,3028332
JIRPWDo Not Touch A MeAdult (f)5,5999624
kEdqIkills u no missAdult (f)2,7737183
oHHjG(oHHjG)Adult (m)4,3858662
YeYFf(YeYFf)Adult (m)4,0358342
l2INt(l2INt)Adult (f)6,8171,0494
KAbmc(KAbmc)Adult (m)3,8128961
BIR5i(BIR5i)Adult (f)4,4547422
22JHc(22JHc)Adult (f)4,3907541
eXWfT(eXWfT)Adult (f)5,2957832
12Znl(12Znl)Adult (f)4,6987375
FcLfX(FcLfX)Adult (f)4,0396863
XR8mH(XR8mH)Adult (m)3,4597351
iV7eq(iV7eq)Adult (f)2,8596341
JPOuN(JPOuN)Adult (f)5,1351,0193
yAA6b(yAA6b)Adult (m)3,3488402
l7B5q(l7B5q)Adult (m)2,5806113
qSe2D(qSe2D)Adult (f)5,1669163
9XlweShimmer of Hope CBAdult (f)5,3319612
sYJOl(sYJOl)Adult (m)2,9337695
x3a5J(x3a5J)Adult (m)5,6298103
A9hw1(A9hw1)Adult (m)5,4777982
CU1nfwhy am i made of starsAdult (f)4,4507322
l5KJT(l5KJT)Adult (f)5,5758330
FGehomaybe bc u suck is whyAdult (f)3,8406481
0r2Kw(0r2Kw)Adult (m)2,0825413
iwNfa(iwNfa)Adult (f)3,9927792
dP2iK(dP2iK)Adult (m)4,0247652
FfqA8(FfqA8)Adult (m)2,4856454
jSMog(jSMog)Adult (m)3,3576943
pjoruwire-motherAdult (f)3,0848522
8wk8lcloth-motherAdult (f)2,2256241
dfx4AAegithini AnalemmaAdult (m)7,7698393
eMpU9(eMpU9)Adult (m)3,4878021
lY24kDicrurida AnalemmaAdult (m)9,5409612
MBx5s(MBx5s)Adult (f)2,8627102
vLC5PHirundini PerihelionAdult (m)3,8456052
3x4GIHirundini AphelionAdult (f)7,8009957
7jcDPRhipidura PerijoveAdult (m)5,0708092
1LAFeHirundini EquinoxAdult (f)4,9849753
VIJYv(VIJYv)Adult (m)4,0607791
Rywbk(Rywbk)Adult (m)4,5007993
c97dV(c97dV)Adult (f)3,9267043
XqhWDEggbaby TirururiHatchling (F)2,5466112
EeVsw(EeVsw)Adult (f)6,5318922
Jgfon(Jgfon)Adult (f)3,0196671
oqq29(oqq29)Adult (f)3,1796502
9n4TI(9n4TI)Adult (f)4,5719382
5pDWY(5pDWY)Adult (m)2,4066871
SPX03Keldar CorvidAdult (m)7,3391,2383
5ug6uP- UncinataAdult (f)3,9158781
6kqS2P- PinasterAdult (m)4,9246841
MgBDKP- HalepensisAdult (m)11,0921,6544
nzNn7nzNn7 CBAdult (m)7,3909145
vFSKhvFSKh 1PBEAdult (f)4,5007034
jobA0last night i drove toAdult (m)3,2177380
eKRFXharpers ferry and i thoughtAdult (f)3,1657270
N7qLBabout you and there wereAdult (m)5,5901,0852
g0MUlsigns on the road that warned meAdult (f)3,2587210
0JOjYof stop signsAdult (m)3,9658481
DUd7Tthe speed limit keptAdult (f)4,3109711
sgSzcdecreasing by tenAdult (m)4,4848201
UXaUDas we entered a townAdult (f)3,3448291
Nan66about halfway thereAdult (m)3,7688782
0wsaUit was almost raining atAdult (f)4,3229370
bkKDIthe train stationAdult (m)3,2567381
IknXgwe put our hoods on our headsAdult (f)4,2619252
447Qcat the train stationAdult (m)4,2369551
xvxdZwe threw rocks into the riverAdult (f)4,4728551
a7nLLthe river underneathAdult (m)4,4579690
meGVCthe train tracksAdult (f)5,2719811
bcmQUand when the train came it wasAdult (m)3,9887911
t3IQRso big and powerful as itAdult (f)4,4048261
K6IVycame into the little stationAdult (m)4,5728482
1KP2Ii wanted to put my armsAdult (f)3,9378440
t7hDraround it but the conductorAdult (m)4,8048161
9eePFlooked at me funnyAdult (f)2,9817261
ch690so we had to say goodbyeAdult (m)2,6376172
CTXJuand leave the monopoly boardAdult (f)2,9167382
YTjahstill in the backseatAdult (m)3,1667311
ab5Gqwe took that nightmare left turnAdult (f)2,8117561
kNhmtto get out of town- ran into theAdult (m)3,0727811
NVQf1decreasing speed limits againAdult (f)2,8207351
eYwST(eYwST)Adult (f)4,0128681
r9FGdVV SECOND STAGE VVHatchling (F)3,1275431
CJOP3(CJOP3)Adult (m)2,8067492
C4VQt(C4VQt)Adult (f)3,4507001
3HanG(3HanG)Adult (m)3,7168532
8KrjS(8KrjS)Adult (f)4,2218433
lX75t(lX75t)Adult (f)3,8897991
yo7iAVV THIRD STAGE VVHatchling (m, F)5,0068080
KQ8du(KQ8du)Adult (m)5,3987891
yL47AAveras HolvesAdult (m)4,0117822
BCDOhBrilliant Meal CBAdult (f)4,5139231
QKhJostop this madness i am catAdult (m)4,6427122
fcXfj(fcXfj)Adult (m)3,6418772
MRZa2(MRZa2)Adult (f)3,9388672
ghSNh(ghSNh)Adult (m)5,4627603
HO3gT(HO3gT)Adult (f)3,0707312
cQ9Gz(cQ9Gz)Adult (f)5,9971,0682
WCgJc(WCgJc)Adult (f)4,1077701
4UXSO(4UXSO)Adult (m)4,2427831
RxOds(RxOds)Adult (m)3,7668971
qKAjr(qKAjr)Adult (m)2,9917061
YLxt2Goriba ArkhisAdult (f)5,4231,0162
racdN(racdN)Adult (m)3,4158341
aKGMK(aKGMK)Adult (m)5,5809150
TU8PC(TU8PC)Adult (f)2,4495940
DMtMR(DMtMR)Adult (m)2,5286080
vMHrQ(vMHrQ)Adult (f)2,7936492
k3pbiKepbii Arkhis 3PBAdult (m)5,7838352
tFQyBTefiua Arkhis 3PBAdult (m)5,9388333
DSyKKCuzkoo Arkhis CBAdult (f)9,5651,2803
XtTXK(XtTXK)Adult (f)4,1007593
oS5rp(oS5rp)Adult (m)3,4807371
DfO3S(DfO3S)Adult (m)4,7057822
2il57(2il57)Adult (f)4,9656625
uZrro(uZrro)Adult (f)6,4399792
5ubXR(5ubXR)Adult (m)4,1647811
2vf64ur magic sucks stop thatAdult (f)3,7586162
6erTm(6erTm)Adult (m)3,6067942
Ktavc(Ktavc)Adult (f)5,4939463
JRRXa(JRRXa)Adult (f)5,7309206
iJVVN(iJVVN)Adult (m)5,1269930
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