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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “unbroken_halo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4cPtGHalo's Aeon Wyvern F1Adult (f)5,3321,1052
qz8fmHalo's Aeon Wyvern F2Adult (f)4,9458599
NWYI8Halo's Aeon Wyvern M1Adult (m)2,5596121
9GikKHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon M1Adult (m)3,4809921
o67jJHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon M2Adult (m)3,4611,0082
uq9V7Halo's Aeria Gloris Dragon F1Adult (f)3,5191,0020
Dqr1QHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon F2Adult (f)2,7017212
HV80KHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon HHatchling (F)2,5187620
1eDEAHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,7207512
rg6UoHalo's Aeria Gloris Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)2,7077631
gMpWvHalo's Aether Wyvern M1Adult (m)3,6929331
qLLCpHalo's Aether Wyvern M2Adult (m)3,7439350
3GrAbHalo's Aether Wyvern F1Adult (f)3,7439311
KzcBZHalo's Aether Wyvern F2Adult (f)3,8229171
iTGVBHalo's Aeon Wyvern F3Adult (f)3,7859351
amBLfHalo's Aeon Wyvern M3Adult (m)4,1739861
A8gDgHalo's Aeon Wyvern HHatchling (F)2,5946850
RPc9Halo's Albino Dragon F1Adult (f)1,99837039
jMVeHalo's Albino Dragon M1Adult (m)2,8913577
MmLyjHalo's Albino Dragon HHatchling (F)2,6106011
vkiszHalo's Albino Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)3,5536632
ZuJvdHalo's Blue Alcedine Wyvern F1Adult (f)3,1087841
WpIgWHalo's Blue Alcedine Wyvern M1Adult (m)3,9099084
SGRXrHalo's Alcedine Wyvern F1Adult (f)3,1708181
1sxZHHalo's Alcedine Wyvern M1Adult (m)3,0378170
HudvGHalo's Alcedine Wyvern M2Adult (m)3,9357742
3co9YHalo's Alcedine Wyvern F2Adult (f)4,2258020
XWgZIHalo's Alcedine Wyvern M3Adult (m)4,1457730
wj5JmHalo's Alcedine Wyvern F3Adult (f)4,4368431
92XMLHalo's Alcedine Wyvern HHatchling (F)2,9017141
OVxcqHalo's Alcedine Wyvern FHHatchling (f, F)2,9727490
TizBaHalo's Alcedine Wyvern MHHatchling (m, F)3,8507411
aUFRJHalo's Almerald Dragon F1Adult (f)3,6928861
hdiemHalo's Almerald Dragon F2Adult (f)3,6718790
ECYkQHalo's Almerald Dragon F3Adult (f)3,5397761
cJyX1Halo's Almerald Dragon HHatchling (F)2,5636431
lJjOJHalo's Almerald Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)3,2417671
eVsqAHalo's Almerald Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)3,2327961
PMqkGHalo's Amalthean Dragon M1Adult (m)2,6777232
JksCEHalo's Amalthean Dragon F1Adult (f)2,6837421
aXcOhHalo's Amalthean Dragon F2Adult (f)2,6757242
WMJ5wHalo's Amarignis Dragon F1Adult (f)3,5761,0322
ZqqtwHalo's Amarignis Dragon F2Adult (f)3,4749862
ADIJXHalo's Anagallis Dragon M1Adult (m)2,9839051
UDMN8Halo's Anagallis Dragon F1Adult (f)3,0719095
GVaRLHalo's Anagallis Dragon M2Adult (m)3,0078912
fPVhfHalo's Anagallis Dragon F2Adult (f)2,9658981
eMuswHalo's Anagallis Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)2,5467900
972RvHalo's Anagallis Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,4307945
jViusHalo's Anagallis Dragon HHatchling (F)2,1746091
UloFQHalo's Antarean Dragon M1Adult (m)3,9538092
Gr5SYHalo's Antarean Dragon F1Adult (f)3,9408371
nWTrZHalo's Antarean Dragon F2Adult (f)3,9228231
7z4T5Halo's Antarean Dragon M2Adult (m)3,9547860
uE8e4Halo's Antarean Dragon HHatchling (F)2,0044660
GpPx9Halo's Antarean Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)3,3447100
SDaYcHalo's Antarean Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)3,3107151
DmfYqHalo's Aqualis Dragon M1Adult (m)3,5629702
puOEuHalo's Aqualis Dragon F1Adult (f)3,5428960
ZTAPcHalo's Aqualis Dragon M2Adult (m)3,5888990
BcYyKHalo's Aqualis Dragon F2Adult (f)3,4639180
WbkTdHalo's Aqualis Dragon F3Adult (f)3,6429410
urbNEHalo's Aqualis Dragon F4Adult (f)3,6429352
bMXELHalo's Aqualis Dragon F5Adult (f)3,5909290
O8oTLHalo's Aranoa Dragon M1Adult (m)3,8678662
ZnhjXHalo's Aranoa Dragon F1Adult (f)3,8808660
aNGWTHalo's Aranoa Dragon F2Adult (f)3,9048210
kXWM3Halo's Aranoa Dragon F4Adult (f)3,8968452
IbfJOHalo's Aranoa Dragon F3Adult (f)3,8848321
xM2NUHalo's Aranoa Dragon F5Adult (f)3,8558410
AQHp1Halo's Aranoa Dragon M2Adult (m)3,9278511
fxTVJHalo's Aranoa Dragon HHatchling (F)2,3635491
6jJXmHalo's Arcana Dragon M1Adult (m)3,6831,1180
dz6rKHalo's Arcana Dragon F1Adult (f)3,8201,1122
gljYIHalo's Arcana Dragon F2Adult (f)3,7891,1180
cNmiSHalo's Arcana Dragon M2Adult (m)3,7531,1020
s1GUhHalo's Arcana Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,8948961
zn75NHalo's Arcana Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)2,9439220
Cb4raHalo's Arcana Dragon HHatchling (F)2,3047871
AFOgHalo's Aria Dragon F1Adult (f)2,53643180
XaV2wHalo's Aria Dragon F2Adult (f)2,4256511
DdsWLHalo's Aria Dragon F3Adult (f)3,4198261
Oqbt1Halo's Aria Dragon F4Adult (f)4,8107350
PjdqzHalo's Aria Dragon HHatchling (F)1,1783861
FGMIXHalo's Arsani Dragon F1Adult (f)2,80833619
RbFZ0Halo's Arsani Dragon F2Adult (f)3,12533916
zlsPmHalo's Arsani Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,5818524
cn4ZfHalo's Arsani Dragon HHatchling (F)1,7937410
Japx0Halo's Ash Dragon M1Adult (m)5,0909870
EWKn7Halo's Ash Dragon F1Adult (f)5,1641,0170
QXyQFHalo's Ash Dragon F2Adult (f)5,1731,0020
jWQOxHalo's Ash Dragon M2Adult (m)4,3188531
5urEGHalo's Ash Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)4,3078411
NoXMVHalo's Ash Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)4,2968463
qvG0gHalo's Ash Dragon HHatchling (F)3,9167720
KOqvbHalo's Astaarus Dragon M2Adult (m)4,2389311
qg4o2Halo's Astaarus Dragon M1Adult (m)3,5227902
EykFXHalo's Astaarus Dragon F1Adult (f)3,7198433
aQu9zHalo's Astaarus Dragon F2Adult (f)5,6149812
UAjDlHalo's Astaarus Dragon MHHatchling (m, F)3,6688351
tnykpHalo's Astaarus Dragon FHHatchling (f, F)2,8856932
4ssq0Halo's Astaarus Dragon HHatchling (F)2,9006922
3Rw35Halo's Avea Pygmy F1Adult (f)3,0627050
EcEdIHalo's Avea Pygmy M1Adult (m)3,0347490
DPpw6Halo's Avea Pygmy M2Adult (m)3,0157410
vN5mNHalo's Avea Pygmy F2Adult (f)3,0387190
VkOKEHalo's Avea Pygmy F3Adult (f)3,0257510
dwqJgHalo's Avea Pygmy M3Adult (m)3,9088581
J3IimHalo's Avea Pygmy HFHatchling (f, F)3,4437871
t6ULCHalo's Avea Pygmy HMHatchling (m, F)3,4638061
nsyGXHalo's Avea Pygmy HHatchling (F)2,0535381
wKc2EHalo's Azure Glacewing M1Adult (m)2,4546590
DeAREHalo's Azure Glacewing F1Adult (f)2,6456412
nMdOEHalo's Azure Glacewing M2Adult (m)2,1485561
tava7Halo's Azure Glacewing F2Adult (f)2,6985911
P25SJHalo's Azure Glacewing HFHatchling (f, F)2,2456440
sEw7oHalo's Azure Glacewing HMHatchling (m, F)2,1976141
gZCZnHalo's Azure Glacewing HHatchling (F)1,9685820
wZaSwHalo's Green Baikala F1Adult (f)4,2778881
aYqYYHalo's Green Baikala M1Adult (m)4,2338972
SOo9LHalo's Green Baikala F2Adult (f)4,3128840
Lq2NxHalo's Green Baikala M2Adult (m)3,2337703
HHV9KHalo's Green Baikala HFHatchling (f, F)3,7317741
rPgavHalo's Green Baikala HMHatchling (m, F)3,8278110
7FX0YHalo's Green Baikala HHatchling (F)1,1682081
WDpDkHalo's Blue Baikala M1Adult (m)4,3458691
KmWo3Halo's Blue Baikala F1Adult (f)5,1308351
oSezdHalo's Blue Baikala M2Adult (m)5,1068493
w2yAZHalo's Blue Baikala F2Adult (f)4,7356782
WBYmHalo's Balloon Dragon M1Adult (m)1,60451929
WDGUHalo's Balloon Dragon F1Adult (f)1,54628133
n5Z3Halo's Balloon Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,26638511
V2r36Halo's Bauta Dragon M1Adult (m)4,8367161
QxcFwHalo's Bauta Dragon M2Adult (m)4,9137251
y2CbxHalo's Bauta Dragon F1Adult (f)4,7817160
Cw9MsHalo's Bauta Dragon F2Adult (f)4,7006780
v8Xa4Halo's Bauta Dragon HHatchling (F)2,5965471
OQfRLHalo's Bauta Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)4,1996541
A4mJkHalo's Bauta Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)4,2236440
583OqHalo's Black Capped Teimarr F1Adult (f)7,8501,14815
4LQx4Halo's Black Capped Teimarr M1Adult (m)8,2321,15313
QGH3Halo's Black Dragon M1Adult (m)2,003302130
V0QaHalo's Black Dragon F1Adult (f)2,11931621
QPtsNHalo's Black Dragon F2Adult (f)2,36335218
4FmxsHalo's Black Dragon F3Adult (f)2,66341111
D3F9Halo's Black Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)1,66428722
pMPmHalo's Black Dragon HHatchling (F)1,08920215
OsChJHalo's Black Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)2,08631910
4ZzPHalo's Alt Black Dragon F1Adult (f)2,23893544
H2f4Halo's Alt Black Dragon M1Adult (m)2,01229325
bN8G4Halo's Alt Black Dragon HF1Hatchling (f, F)1,67276910
TEXdHalo's Alt Black Dragon HF2Hatchling (f, F)1,77430721
bbMuNHalo's Black Marrow F1Adult (f)2,26726417
M74FUHalo's Black Marrow M1Adult (m)3,41548312
FfGHMHalo's Black Marrow F2Adult (f)2,0517471
sHlB3Halo's Black Marrow M2Adult (m)2,0117051
t2WfiHalo's Black Marrow HFHatchling (f, F)1,7346896
cmFX6Halo's Black Marrow HMHatchling (m, F)1,6746292
dDxipHalo's Black Marrow HHatchling (F)9554102
3gH2YHalo's Black Tea Dragon F1Adult (f)3,00849316
8ZlupHalo's Black Tea Dragon M1Adult (m)3,06151015
2QrMXHalo's Black Truffle Dragon F1Adult (f)4,3261,0038
XzeHeHalo's Black Truffle Dragon M1Adult (m)3,4458471
FrI4mHalo's Black Truffle Dragon F2Adult (f)3,5568781
EduCzHalo's Black Truffle Dragon M2Adult (m)3,4758741
ittlZHalo's Black Truffle Dragon M3Adult (m)3,4628482
07IL9Halo's Black Truffle Dragon HHatchling (F)1,6222726
JUIvGHalo's Black Truffle Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)2,8707041
zJVojHalo's Blacktip Dragon F1Adult (f)5,0441,40110
gxKYXHalo's Blacktip Dragon M1Adult (m)5,1561,44312
56wKwHalo's Blancblack Dragon F1Adult (f)3,5589290
7quvsHalo's Blancblack Dragon M1Adult (m)3,8711,0001
jvHwZHalo's Blancblack Dragon M2Adult (m)3,3849102
YYFbeHalo's Blancblack Dragon F2Adult (f)3,8749531
Ds10jHalo's Blazeback Dragon F1Adult (f)4,3241,0200
Y02ecHalo's Blazeback Dragon F2Adult (f)4,2889991
rAZT6Halo's Blazeback Dragon M1Adult (m)4,3531,0220
SKnByHalo's Blazeback Dragon M2Adult (m)4,5131,0270
YhJrPHalo's Blazeback Dragon HMHatchling (m, F)3,6688872
WxPopHalo's Blazeback Dragon HFHatchling (f, F)4,0029303
0L95oHalo's Bleeding Moon Dragon F1Adult (f)2,6223178
UCa58Halo's Bleeding Moon Dragon F2Adult (f)2,39931310
YmFmtHalo's Bleeding Moon Dragon M1Adult (m)2,3015254
OhOm8Halo's Bleeding Moon Dragon M2Adult (m)2,07735614
WQ3BHHalo's Blue-Banded Dragon F1Adult (f)1,9367551
wb5cQHalo's Blue-Banded Dragon M1Adult (m)2,0177640
FkneaHalo's Blusang Lindwyrm F1Adult (f)2,61034118
6IfNcHalo's Blusang Lindwyrm M1Adult (m)3,0594807
B4WONHalo's Blusang Lindwyrm F2Adult (f)2,9669246
1kbDMHalo's Blusang Lindwyrm M2Adult (m)2,9999595
4TyE4Halo's Bolt Dragon F1Adult (f)3,3156771
GHkVPHalo's Bolt Dragon M1Adult (m)3,1966502
xplsjHalo's Bolt Dragon F2Adult (f)3,2956841
LrUz4Halo's Bolt Dragon F3Adult (f)3,3306650
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