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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “uber1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vqxTT(vqxTT)Dead Egg000
Nh3cvOcarer CBAdult (m)3,0267040
PxRg0Kedelihar CBAdult (m)2,3765700
3JsNOPigoth CBAdult (m)2,6906070
zZoaIElaera CBAdult (f)4,9897001
WsM8wVasthar CBAdult (m)2,8377052
8jrEKClauneAdult (f)6,6955900
rj0RhLamars LAdult (f)7,0186070
uUODk(uUODk)Adult (m)1,9206252
rnljO(rnljO)Adult (f)1,8635891
vzfKZ(vzfKZ)Adult (f)2,6006460
DwfRm(DwfRm)Adult (m)2,5436440
Jl4br(Jl4br)Adult (m)2,4346550
LrS8r(LrS8r)Adult (f)1,9727251
3d9uw(3d9uw)Adult (f)1,9997531
9rmp3(9rmp3)Adult (m)2,3186121
CBO1C(CBO1C)Adult (f)2,6416521
deYG4(deYG4)Adult (m)2,3217580
DjgYQ(DjgYQ)Adult (f)2,2937530
g4pgu(g4pgu)Adult (m)2,3747080
UkiES(UkiES)Adult (f)2,4717000
CFgC0(CFgC0)Adult (m)2,5147611
SeXBC(SeXBC)Adult (f)3,94692314
mRiEV(mRiEV)Adult (f)2,0217670
UJhdj(UJhdj)Adult (f)2,1027820
DV6yB(DV6yB)Adult (m)2,0497780
v48Av(v48Av)Adult (f)2,0907870
NMqig(NMqig)Adult (f)2,0447610
XUYh7(XUYh7)Adult (m)2,1327520
HVCra(HVCra)Adult (m)1,8857430
ITUE6(ITUE6)Adult (f)1,8177160
UmNwk(UmNwk)Adult (f)1,8607650
IOega(IOega)Adult (f)2,0117150
8TAuC(8TAuC)Adult (m)1,4606230
YcyQc(YcyQc)Adult (m)2,5117050
PiQa1(PiQa1)Adult (f)2,7437600
QsUrv(QsUrv)Adult (f)1,6666650
LZaUM(LZaUM)Adult (f)1,6136790
IqEzk(IqEzk)Adult (f)1,6176500
gKfYy(gKfYy)Adult (f)2,3046762
ZTH2sUmelawia CBAdult (f)4,6678858
kYrn5Morgardred LAdult (f)2,6645952
sGNX1Soini CBAdult (f)3,1067381
whMRKHaalimwen CBAdult (f)2,2595973
ueutT(ueutT)Adult (m)3,3027046
l64HH(l64HH)Adult (m)1,7626550
2acNP(2acNP)Adult (f)5,5551,1171
oP92W(oP92W)Adult (m)2,7759033
kNdz3(kNdz3)Adult (f)1,9386241
rRPal(rRPal)Adult (m)2,1166830
1pnZCNarearak CBAdult (f)3,0017330
HYZsuSienidd CBAdult (m)3,0297390
UrbBiUmelamwen CBAdult (f)3,1057550
PE9rxAbaeni CBAdult (f)3,0107120
HLRzHZF-15Adult (f)3,0576051
0AZ0aAdwelaria CBAdult (f)3,3038682
g8e1hZF-16Adult (m)2,3946691
7Ic4xCarailot LAdult (f)3,1966161
ykCeNSineresh CBAdult (m)4,8888141
f7WIOUnithiel CBAdult (f)4,4567061
bp94VEshassin CBAdult (f)3,9127071
1Awi9Dinint LAdult (m)4,5975740
uVM5wLamargain LAdult (m)5,9396091
z5ab4Banenaria CBAdult (m)5,2936342
hkibqEdiranydd CBAdult (m)6,3116520
bCl7fParttur CBAdult (f)5,4956120
d89WuLegelad CBAdult (m)5,7108450
6PkpvElvuthiel CBAdult (m)6,6906330
SWr6CMerego CBAdult (m)6,6236310
F0cZYLothaunna CBAdult (m)7,0715691
tk7qFAdromaron CBAdult (f)7,1969587
zy1FRAnameshik  CBAdult (f)4,6815350
c73GrFebrildur CBAdult (m)2,4337011
IZ6Ne(IZ6Ne)Adult (f)2,5917020
m4YUx(m4YUx)Adult (m)3,0056820
r6X0i(r6X0i)Adult (f)2,4666120
U7RL6(U7RL6)Adult (f)2,5256310
RrQcX(RrQcX)Adult (m)1,9107031
vSXLw(vSXLw)Adult (f)2,2397061
jFos7(jFos7)Adult (f)5,9471,0871
CAOK9(CAOK9)Adult (f)2,1597101
dCj4a(dCj4a)Adult (f)3,3437071
bpLlm(bpLlm)Adult (m)2,6167012
5273t(5273t)Adult (m)3,7408252
MJn8s(MJn8s)Adult (f)2,1717070
Jtaxz(Jtaxz)Adult (f)3,5097060
S2UZC(S2UZC)Adult (m)2,3177060
heJLN(heJLN)Adult (m)3,3817062
DcNyx(DcNyx)Adult (f)3,2527022
w2qDG(w2qDG)Adult (f)3,0857030
9YVKA(9YVKA)Adult (f)2,5327041
FhkMi(FhkMi)Adult (m)2,3917060
m7aj5(m7aj5)Adult (f)2,7447021
X9A3H(X9A3H)Adult (f)2,7828060
WMB1K(WMB1K)Adult (m)2,0048040
BLqhU(BLqhU)Adult (m)2,0137820
YelPQ(YelPQ)Adult (m)2,4377420
oDV0M(oDV0M)Adult (f)1,6806580
H3rEXMorgaistan FHatchling (F)2,6094830
Nm5yaWomandAdult (m)4,6511,15423
PF8zkEtoar CBAdult (m)4,60181111
obVNFGweacia CBAdult (f)3,6857170
7NYqAYaua CBAdult (m)4,0797280
lv8SWRhirasa CBAdult (f)5,1017292
qYn1YqYn1YAdult (m)3,2027243
85uwr85uwrAdult (f)4,8148352
j4fb2Cotrem CBAdult (m)3,9397484
i7T3JChaseth CBAdult (m)4,1907894
OzPznAroimas CBAdult (m)3,9708023
bPlngAdweramma CBAdult (f)3,9158192
kd79CGammanil CBAdult (f)7,4861,0233
Tf6JG(Tf6JG)Adult (m)3,2737042
xIpLm(xIpLm)Adult (m)4,4868452
cCRWx(cCRWx)Adult (f)4,5638234
dF2r6(dF2r6)Adult (m)2,3517010
iD36o(iD36o)Adult (f)2,5345271
2OLmq(2OLmq)Adult (m)2,2688040
Ab81v(Ab81v)Adult (f)5,5821,1190
dUFwL(dUFwL)Adult (f)1,7696550
Doozc(Doozc)Adult (m)1,5268062
30CDO(30CDO)Adult (m)5,5531,0862
mZADw(mZADw)Adult (m)2,9029123
7wkLI(7wkLI)Adult (f)2,6195692
K5rXT(K5rXT)Adult (f)2,2916631
hxqPW(hxqPW)Adult (m)1,8778070
sHMBG(sHMBG)Adult (f)1,8668041
zTgzS(zTgzS)Adult (f)1,8948022
qBaNN(qBaNN)Adult (f)2,0168100
jFXYs(jFXYs)Adult (m)1,7878051
FMt9H(FMt9H)Adult (f)1,7138063
6p3kP(6p3kP)Adult (m)1,6318052
mCpO3(mCpO3)Adult (f)1,5028061
xLSXq(xLSXq)Adult (m)1,8418051
msG8w(msG8w)Adult (m)1,8608060
dv75q(dv75q)Adult (m)1,7808070
yXKTv(yXKTv)Adult (f)1,8978120
hXl3x(hXl3x)Adult (f)1,7738040
oyMr7(oyMr7)Adult (f)1,4357821
9y78b(9y78b)Adult (m)1,4498020
Zh7ej(Zh7ej)Adult (f)1,5038050
5fYDV(5fYDV)Adult (m)1,7438040
b1q00(b1q00)Adult (m)2,9265471
pAe6y(pAe6y)Adult (f)2,6645021
1F4Cr(1F4Cr)Adult (f)2,6834921
fVFAD(fVFAD)Adult (f)3,9028071
ekAl1(ekAl1)Adult (m)2,6295851
hMgbL(hMgbL)Hatchling (F)1,6707981
DElw5(DElw5)Hatchling (f, F)2,0058073
llVtYAurelek CBAdult (m)3,5679251
lqUkAPlutokaw CBAdult (m)4,0701,0301
AGIYjAlcibiades CBAdult (m)3,5527741
UYfT6Simbawa CBAdult (m)4,3128501
8iuEATheradia CBAdult (f)4,2708331
bMsFVEowikathin CBAdult (m)4,2478161
qS9SDAceibwyn CBAdult (m)2,7225511
eWOVcAfareni CBAdult (f)2,8086031
AkfSSJerrawan CBAdult (m)4,1047512
WmOfpSevayrwen CBAdult (f)4,0197530
8u4DuLelich CBAdult (m)4,4787741
ebrbUEarambor CBAdult (m)4,5467790
NNxKhBelilmanduil CBAdult (m)4,5247810
YvXvuFayrith CBAdult (f)4,4287650
lQOvxReara CBAdult (f)4,5067682
BT5qbSeabrylla CBAdult (f)4,5997971
YBTXxCaliolad CBAdult (m)3,1997080
wkDgtGwelyan CBAdult (f)3,8846860
BpZzNAmebrilad CBAdult (m)4,2557610
UfF47Dingwen CBAdult (f)3,1709030
ufm8vSulonna CBAdult (f)3,6169340
VRcNbTaraldur CBAdult (m)3,8524980
iGD09Tinambor CBAdult (m)3,1556590
PfEaTNiryan CDAdult (f)3,4056820
IeNXPBrulla CBAdult (f)4,5468540
WdvQMAndnduil CDAdult (m)5,1888950
ypNs3Stux CBAdult (m)5,1709151
6YVeKBelar CBAdult (m)5,6111,0432
tcry6Calarion CBAdult (m)5,2018290
nz9orSheresasha CBAdult (m)4,1887031
NIdW5Sevardogord CBAdult (m)4,9461,6103
gMvm6Molot FHatchling (F)2,2894990
h3X2oAlgaustan FHatchling (m, F)3,2755830
WFl73WFl73Adult (f)4,38497115
SOIqfMardiga LAdult (f)4,30994921
VNnXsVNnXsAdult (f)5,0931,3779
WeFm6Giliwen CBAdult (f)4,3105491
89d9BVardosien CBAdult (f)4,6575792
vXAlpPreastam LAdult (f)3,5935561
Lm0FdLumria FAdult (f)2,9315202
CkTA1Aldrlos LAdult (f)3,8018002
hPc2WClaihad LAdult (f)2,6976052
rFG66Mardimesh LAdult (f)4,3541,0461
KkXFxNergul LAdult (f)2,0636632
dzaWsDinaint LAdult (f)2,0706972
09GVzFlargain LAdult (f)2,1427062
DuEOUDueou LAdult (f)4,1124862
SQPWwPercorgain LAdult (f)3,8134832
JNLwwMorgaistam LAdult (f)3,6464553
zzxCOTikki Mage LAdult (f)4,1444841
sGFwrDahamesh LAdult (f)3,6424521
HfcqMDriua LAdult (f)3,8304442
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