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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tsume12,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oXmOCB Oh what I'd DoAdult (f)3,52969610
4OeAKNot CB If I didnt have uAdult (f)3,4948893
sKkGbNot CB 2nd Gen Off the railsAdult (m)2,8468072
4lVHJPaul StranglesAdult (m)4,0476533
nZPb5Touk and TurAdult (m)4,1478280
KcjTAGuard And DefenseAdult (m)4,2946101
kac8eLighterFluidAdult (f)3,3527341
5LQZa2G Don't be reasonableAdult (m)3,5416409
VZN8CB Son of HorusAdult (f)3,70266421
6FSNdNot CB Honour the SunAdult (m)1,8618540
XZX8x2G - YellerAdult (m)4,8056382
lRbtn(lRbtn)Adult (f)3,6677320
YEA6RFollow Your LeadAdult (f)2,9137572
hGATQLead Me AlongAdult (m)2,9677721
cYSBWAll The Shaving CreamAdult (f)3,2187431
xiQH0Reenacting Your DeathAdult (m)3,8265572
T8d2D3G - FLufferAdult (m)3,8977211
GhKCf3G - SidekickAdult (f)3,0775182
ba8cnWorld DevouredAdult (f)4,0218490
gvUWZ2G Get outAdult (f)3,7936783
ikFBx2G too manyAdult (m)5,0701,0211
ORWhZI'm Locally FreshAdult (m)6,4929722
N1fjDWhat Happens If It DropsAdult (f)2,3866851
X6EReIt BreaksAdult (m)3,2878962
thYkOUnder The FloorboardsAdult (f)2,5437392
sQpi5All Around The World TwiceAdult (m)2,5107433
f4VYVHeadache You'll Never ForgetAdult (f)3,0086953
ak0kNSleep Like DogsAdult (m)4,9371,0120
ZtfhXToo proud hereAdult (f)5,1126662
kqydzCan't Dance To Joy DivisionAdult (f)3,0397493
FqCzJTHey Have A SPecialAdult (f)3,5536821
BdrN1Gigo Down LowAdult (m)3,8325361
41ac1We Missed ItAdult (f)3,7925451
W463X2G Work RelatedAdult (f)3,7456491
26gB12G Nothing PersonalAdult (f)3,5656061
T9kpXHow-Do You Like Me NowAdult (m)3,8245362
bbvCLAll Of The TicketsAdult (f)3,7435013
JBDkII Need To LeaveAdult (m)3,6135260
cz1EVRoffRaffAdult (m)3,0467691
SMAu52G - PullAdult (m)2,7405062
XUzqwPull The-TriggerAdult (f)3,1936387
7oF9BAll Of The KidsAdult (m)2,7296521
wJJEy4G - No ChickenAdult (f)4,1956694
nQuIG2G ZoltierAdult (f)2,7206563
V7Kgs2G ZigzyAdult (f)2,8046731
VGy3F2G Too much stressAdult (m)3,7947462
tS5ZWThe Great Beast AliveAdult (f)2,4066330
2Thn47G - Oh noAdult (m)3,0496063
ogeHwClear As  GlassAdult (m)4,7569561
twkGF(twkGF)Adult (m)5,0396412
v5TvBTajiti And TahitiAdult (f)5,4405990
sLj0hKillian KAdult (f)5,1505591
oEmQWSoulimanAdult (f)4,0426110
9ecgH(9ecgH)Adult (m)5,8086913
4t22Z(4t22Z)Adult (f)5,0231,0544
ZDClCB Rising AirAdult (m)1,9937341
IDXAK4G - All AloneAdult (f)2,8697981
8Ey95(8Ey95)Adult (m)4,3971,0541
RRpDl(RRpDl)Adult (m)5,8397235
3BZfO(3BZfO)Adult (f)5,2001,0542
ejp8ACB - New In TownAdult (f)3,7861,0026
ImED33G - Just Gunna Do ItAdult (f)4,6971,1956
NnAWyLane is MeAdult (m)3,3845710
DKNWFNever-Again-With MeAdult (f)4,6665482
kJADQNevermore AgainAdult (m)2,3547120
SN5PXNot CB Data7Adult (f)2,5908762
Rr9JOCB Lung Tien LienAdult (m)3,0307522
EylD0Lung Tien-QuianAdult (f)2,3197171
zCQG5HandWashOnlyAdult (m)2,8937221
nWHjs(nWHjs)Adult (f)6,1097381
QZSAN(QZSAN)Adult (m)9,7407902
S5Rox(S5Rox)Adult (f)5,7577851
qmB4YThe Deepest JungleAdult (f)3,2557140
NgqZcGuilded BloodAdult (f)3,5816970
l02mWI Know  What You AreAdult (m)5,1225905
lNNTDAlpineGrooveAdult (m)5,1906620
MhDT0AllHoursOfTheNightAdult (m)3,1897320
fBfh7CB Blood Spattered WarrioirAdult (f)3,1048192
RZxWfDon't You Know What You AreAdult (f)2,9806171
0uZmmBlood And CurdleAdult (f)3,5536390
FnCzgScream N ScreechAdult (m)2,4896591
7ImMMXiang n XuAdult (m)6,0129930
ybKKC(ybKKC)Adult (m)4,5957460
t9BUc(t9BUc)Adult (m)3,5856161
kxTbICB VollyAdult (f)2,9787505
J9q7MWhat Are You Doing SoAdult (m)3,4996452
DqlsBAnd Trussssst In MeAdult (f)4,3828095
eAlVvLet Go Of Your Fear NowAdult (m)7,5961,2082
i2vL2Plenty YummyAdult (f)3,9697320
hzo6IHeart-Of GoldAdult (f)3,8946873
MEOLoSo Perfect TogetherAdult (m)5,4527091
UpFDCWedding PlansAdult (m)4,8229430
PdKzpBright  eyedAdult (m)5,1135701
kE9WU(kE9WU)Adult (m)6,2716624
wopfN(wopfN)Adult (m)9,5267940
ys8pF(ys8pF)Adult (f)5,4367083
nSetMSeiryuu RyuAdult (f)4,7187633
7XovJThundersclapAdult (f)3,9665850
mYIDKGod Of HammersAdult (f)3,2777630
qsHzYGod  Of ThunderAdult (f)3,6695523
oDiznWheres Your EyeAdult (f)2,5166660
vQ1v9GoddamnHelaAdult (m)3,5185661
BcSROKing  ThorAdult (m)5,9969740
TorsEThor's RagnarokAdult (m)6,0131,0140
81mpESuch A  HotheadAdult (f)3,9446801
ixbR0I'll Keep You ClosssssseAdult (f)3,4826051
TROA7CB Smell Of DecayAdult (f)2,8468442
ZoCTu8G - ClubAdult (m)2,7498571
REP2vOnlyAMotherAdult (f)6,4066657
iQGq33G - Play With FireAdult (m)3,0887803
2OerFCB - BFAdult (f)2,8026752
Bm1u1Illuminating GiftAdult (f)3,7585162
tfEhPToo  Good For YouAdult (f)4,0655262
xWd0WProud StanceAdult (m)4,6415690
RA1YwHonour Above AllAdult (f)3,7165190
AL5HiPassiveAggressiveAdult (m)3,9935842
4QXpUIn Your  LifeAdult (m)4,7599622
jwNEMLight Up The ForestAdult (f)4,5716500
c8OUy(c8OUy)Adult (f)4,1198001
h9Ge3CB - QuimblyAdult (f)3,0527514
4BF0RSuch LoveAdult (f)3,3745581
lpgF7Here  I ComeAdult (m)3,6145271
ABByZCBMaximusAdult (m)3,4878093
R8t8WCB - EquinoxAdult (m)3,6079602
RSF95Poor Sweet Little CubAdult (f)4,38088013
MACLfGot A DateAdult (f)2,3637751
ehxFHRegal Copper MaximusAdult (f)2,6087463
ks49yLord CanopusAdult (f)2,9386531
kWH3DLady ProcyonAdult (f)4,5415561
b7sGiBlazoned Star TrailAdult (m)3,9705391
vr7P1(vr7P1)Adult (m)3,6877290
TlhfRNeedle Through The ThuwedAdult (m)2,3065550
AL9qv(AL9qv)Adult (m)2,7778680
phUQY13G Under RiskAdult (m)2,3505680
Qj17y3G Make An OfferAdult (m)2,8995240
Xb0e2(Xb0e2)Adult (m)3,4727951
xdn3f(xdn3f)Adult (m)2,7338560
Mj0Kx4G RunnerAdult (f)3,0475861
j9Woo2G Happy LifeAdult (f)3,1295450
c5XHH(c5XHH)Adult (f)4,0567162
t30jx(t30jx)Adult (f)2,7168690
I6HQj2G Living WreathAdult (f)2,5057051
8BZbM2G ScroogeAdult (f)2,6637222
fAE7S(fAE7S)Adult (f)3,9719750
2bkrb(2bkrb)Adult (f)4,2791,0241
q575uCB Cup Of Holiday CheerAdult (m)2,2909111
ovfdVCB BurningCheerAdult (m)2,3099142
33c7L2G SkydancerAdult (m)2,8127330
ptJ8G(ptJ8G)Adult (m)4,5291,0910
5dvJZ(5dvJZ)Adult (m)4,2321,0541
D2NCe(D2NCe)Adult (m)4,4481,0695
TLEms(TLEms)Adult (m)4,3411,0342
JeG2g(JeG2g)Adult (m)4,4911,0262
4DmJX2G Wise OneAdult (f)2,3695600
N73lj(N73lj)Adult (f)4,6861,1131
Vgq5M(Vgq5M)Adult (f)4,2801,0291
Jyfon2G Always LearningAdult (f)2,3896581
cYj2r2G So Kiss MeAdult (m)2,5306503
en72q(en72q)Adult (f)4,3721,0721
mBi1P(mBi1P)Adult (f)4,3001,0610
nK3vsDaddy  IssuesAdult (m)2,8087260
b3StrCall Me Big DaddyAdult (m)2,7217090
xO1NX(xO1NX)Adult (m)4,7441,1360
s1f4D(s1f4D)Adult (m)2,7729081
4bHev(4bHev)Adult (f)4,7767793
u2Smc(u2Smc)Adult (f)5,0418180
2nWp5CB WaveSkipperAdult (f)2,2416162
pOiTP(pOiTP)Adult (f)3,5667051
txn9UThe Man DownstairsAdult (f)2,7817213
Hov9mEddie Gluskin The GroomAdult (m)2,7987831
BGZWs3G - Trolling AroundAdult (m)2,9107902
yh0XJShining DessertAdult (m)4,6097960
jTBdw2G EvaluationAdult (m)4,1798412
wvHh9King ThranduilAdult (f)2,7267543
Gq8ZB2G - Left For DeadAdult (m)2,8996413
TIW4O2G - Swingin To The StationAdult (m)4,1046465
0dQGl4G - Don't Be WrongAdult (m)3,3768081
ja8m44G - Copy And PastAdult (m)2,7878091
nDkY3G - Lucky DayAdult (f)2,5957897
Pujv24G - Takin it OnAdult (m)1,4275470
raaPR2G - Ground of LiveAdult (m)5,5548661
vUJvEI'm Not ImpressedAdult (m)4,1806343
nZi0LK ByeAdult (f)3,76263710
ZzK4o(ZzK4o)Adult (f)3,9596863
qt4hm2G - White BackAdult (m)4,3927967
Sqwi82G - White DreamAdult (m)2,3316836
xx2cFDaydream Wishes And DreamsAdult (f)2,4458041
TwEcWDreaming Up In The CloudsAdult (f)3,7396223
m7ZqCB Light Up The DarkAdult (f)3,63562016
nkpDiDeep Diving SwimmerAdult (m)2,0617500
paYevCavern Depth SwimmerAdult (m)4,4758255
0JgMtToo Many ImojisAdult (f)2,4427262
eb8lzEat Your  Heart OutAdult (f)2,4657160
piwSpThe  ProposalAdult (f)3,2096607
BgM8K(BgM8K)Adult (f)5,5157092
FOsZd(FOsZd)Adult (f)2,9306426
uSeYW(uSeYW)Adult (f)5,4588741
DsIBhFlying KolthAdult (f)6,2161,0092
H6csB(H6csB)Adult (m)6,9971,1143
3eqWoDeadly HonourAdult (f)6,3566623
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