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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “toofargone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
R4Jw6FrogmortonAdult (m)1,8166527
zxD1XFloi ArtistAdult (m)2,0296624
MJfELTalan Flet ChallengeAdult (m)3,5265969
Zri9jFlame of UndunAdult (m)2,3448644
G9O2UPeppermint SkinbarkAdult (m)3,0818471
XUeeZForlondAdult (m)4,1311,0622
l02dyForlindonAdult (m)4,9001,1161
04Xpm(04Xpm)Adult (m)3,0921,0207
LpChE(LpChE)Adult (m)3,8747148
qSBQY(qSBQY)Adult (m)3,1241,2066
T4QBQ(T4QBQ)Adult (m)3,0801,2016
0xzQB(0xzQB)Adult (m)4,6207063
4TTaU(4TTaU)Adult (m)2,8945722
Rm4KSLady Outsidergua TravianAdult (f)1,8346080
JRZdLLady Oooga Booga TravianAdult (f)2,0216381
TqBosLady Fredegar BolgerAdult (f)4,4001,0301
2FGcsLohanthonyAdult (m)1,7738473
RefH0FrecaAdult (m)1,8305893
5aquJ(5aquJ)Adult (f)1,9316432
GPCzz(GPCzz)Adult (f)1,8366263
L31iJ(L31iJ)Adult (f)4,20098110
gJ5kx(gJ5kx)Adult (m)2,6575471
qDqe8(qDqe8)Adult (m)2,5405402
yNC7H(yNC7H)Adult (f)2,4415942
97xxh(97xxh)Adult (f)2,3925650
kRFlb(kRFlb)Adult (f)3,2417105
A3298(A3298)Adult (f)2,1946522
8YbyV(8YbyV)Adult (f)2,0615556
coMNk(coMNk)Adult (m)2,2987024
oU22r(oU22r)Adult (m)2,3626911
Lb9fs(Lb9fs)Adult (f)2,7996033
oaqHS(oaqHS)Adult (f)2,2385582
RB5UClymene D AncientAdult (f)2,25856717
YTsbInachus D AncientAdult (m)1,94344510
PakDMoonlit Dorkface VampAdult (m)2,42451412
s1p0MimosirimAdult (m)1,23742133
fqWCNightina D'HennegelAdult (f)1,95045834
O9P4xMuderlisiousxAdult (m)1,67560021
YP0sDulais KaminariAdult (f)6,34998628
2sSTTStory Thor TravianAdult (m)2,5716840
RSsxfRastus Kevin TravianAdult (m)2,2955632
NGA6sLady RudohphusAdult (f)1,3386211
EchhDazedroyaltyAdult (f)1,9505193
CijVGheerboxlinaAdult (f)1,7134711
eZmXAdanlolAdult (m)2,9486001
inpmFTengwa ThuwedAdult (f)3,2851,12820
FNo7MBetegeuseHatchling (F)99545810
OO8jVStonebowsHatchling (F)1,53318312
YOFFAdventurinaAdult (f)2,5925687
G9NOTourquoise D AncientAdult (m)1,5074521
lLOc0lLOc0Adult (m)1,7486202
axVLvLady of the Fief De AnorienAdult (f)2,06266111
86kMOHost of ValarAdult (m)2,5136533
oUdQFLad BrownlockHatchling (F)1,37231328
0HjjMiss WhiplashAdult (f)2,2501,3276
ghF3iGantz I See You TravianAdult (m)2,1825660
3So7gSir Minas AnorAdult (m)1,8096407
YEPWBSir LhunAdult (m)7,5291,0964
VKWiULady GladdenAdult (f)6,4971,0702
Ttetsnowflake queenAdult (m)1,12978120
glcERock Crystal D AncientAdult (f)4,3451,2019
7G8hMaeve PearlAdult (f)2,3711,2837
12cNDWD DorkfaceAdult (f)9814264
Osd6Gnomie AnvilAdult (m)2,8495106
QR5YULucky AlduyaAdult (f)4,8381,44924
RgCLUValandilAdult (m)2,68065521
bF6DQEotheodAdult (m)2,27157416
SJpOFBladorthinAdult (m)4,14767416
FQaIdCelebrated GladeAdult (f)2,53855015
030D1Lady StonebowAdult (f)3,85134419
LoalOAzrieL -- natsuBoshiAdult (f)1,49055710
14R7TTony Rukbat TravianAdult (m)1,5766050
bn792Kingdom Under The MountainAdult (m)2,4685902
ylE5WHeaven's Mad RavenhillAdult (m)1,5455724
mzEEgFairbairn of the TowerAdult (f)5,5989751
CEZJcLady AnaryaAdult (f)1,4636613
hHGvDSir Ephel DuathAdult (m)5,2578948
5YiX8Banner of the Shamanic ArveduiAdult (f)1,9005363
8c4Z0King FolcaHatchling (F)2,5013807
mStjtAiden's 6th bdayHatchling (F)1,47929524
Bu3cP(Bu3cP)Adult (m)1,8676120
S6gSP(S6gSP)Adult (f)1,6606020
evHhZ(evHhZ)Adult (m)1,7596240
aanPh(aanPh)Adult (f)1,7016000
4TguR(4TguR)Adult (f)7,7261,0273
U7zOn(U7zOn)Adult (m)2,0906853
aiuXH(aiuXH)Adult (f)7,5541,0243
JCsSn(JCsSn)Adult (m)2,1307023
28RJB(28RJB)Adult (f)1,7646420
T9t7h(T9t7h)Adult (m)1,4526161
AKIkd(AKIkd)Adult (f)3,0517263
sS5qI am soooo BlueAdult1,5809234
sbxXLa FrogAdult6,0931,53633
HcKbKusuma D AncientAdult4,3531,37228
LW62La VestaAdult3,4121,75321
2hMSGolden Jacket D AncientAdult5,3111,30926
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